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Comment from : ĀVREE EVANS

Sean Wilson
Hey I love this site. It helped me become a more confident man. What I will say is your style depends on where you live in the US. What works in LA doesn’t work in NYC or New England
Comment from : Sean Wilson

Matthew Finis
Does he realise that the watch doesn’t work?
Comment from : Matthew Finis

Sleepy Shibu
I like how when I'm looking for videos for tips I can use for my own personal style,

This guys videos pop up, almost 100% of the time attracting the type of viewers that are very obviously insecure and overly try to be better than everyone else.

Imagine spending all of your time trying to look better than your friends, only for them to not like hanging out with you. Haha

Comment from : Sleepy Shibu

jamie reid
The dude is 40 and he looks like a tool I wouldnt take style tips from him, guys like him are the reason dudes are walking around in sweat pants with short douche bag beards and denim jackets nuff said women dont like the douche bag look
Comment from : jamie reid

Bug's 10s
fuck roger
Comment from : Bug's 10s

Jon Premosch
u lost me at those earings bruh.
Comment from : Jon Premosch

Comment from : Thorfinn

Shame to wear that junk watches
Comment from : Roman

꧁Ángel Santana ༄꧂
interesante video, gracias
Comment from : ꧁Ángel Santana ༄꧂

5:37 😂😂😂
Comment from : Starfall

Jake Triem
I love mvmt watches and I have a few and when I saw him get sponsored I was super happy but it hurts me when I hear vicero
Comment from : Jake Triem

shubh upadhyay
Sir...my thighs are big , i most wore straight regular fit jeans please make a style video with straight fit jeans
Comment from : shubh upadhyay

Dressing School
For Amazing Outfit Ideas
Comment from : Dressing School

xxxtentabletop 17
Lol packs of young men 😂😂😂😂😂
Comment from : xxxtentabletop 17

Abd Ar Rahman
The best I found was on eBay and I got mine. www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193115464415
Comment from : Abd Ar Rahman

Muscle Man
I'm confused on whose been tying their shoes going over rather than under when tying the bow?
Comment from : Muscle Man

JimmyNeel Everett
Thanks for complementing my shoes😉
Comment from : JimmyNeel Everett

Wesley Cason
Turns out I already did that thing with my shoe laces
Comment from : Wesley Cason

Diego A. Tirado
Comment from : Diego A. Tirado

Nolan Martel
6:29 when she asks where
Comment from : Nolan Martel

Daniel Martinez
is there a list of similar channels for men?
Comment from : Daniel Martinez

Carlos Uzcategui
I recently discovered alpha m videos! I like you very much but thank God videos are short, you are annoying, don't yell man!
Comment from : Carlos Uzcategui

I have a very important question. What do you wear if you was going to longboard for a while?
Comment from : Otaku_Nier

Tarun Nathani
great video. thanks for sharing. guys, if you want to know about styling tips about Indian Ethnic Wear, do checkout my video www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti_bWc0r94M&t=346s which i'm sure you all will love. Cheers!
Comment from : Tarun Nathani

Talha Bashir
There is always something new in the market but there are always some basic style tips as i found here.( sabflix.com/2931/10-style-tips-for-men/). Can you make a video on such basic tips??
Comment from : Talha Bashir

Therealcrisisplan 1028
Watch is not even ticking lol
Comment from : Therealcrisisplan 1028

BZ Ent
Tip 11. Don’t be a loud mouth, don’t be yelling. Talk softly and confidently.
Comment from : BZ Ent

No Apple Watch right ? Lol damn ima miss wearing it 😒. Wear it everyday. Guess I could just wear it at work and the gym
Comment from : Lincoln

845 Dreamz
Smoothest transition I’ve seen on #7 .. earned a subscriber lol
Comment from : 845 Dreamz

Warrior_Kris 17
Why wearing a watch? I don't understand this.....out of 10 people 7 are wearing watches....why to be just another one in the mass?
Comment from : Warrior_Kris 17

nothing better than an automatic seiko
Comment from : Doug

Eric Jones
How could someone not like this dude? It’s impossible to watch him and not be in a good mood.
Comment from : Eric Jones

As i said don't dress to impress dress to comfort your testes
Comment from : xdNegan

Peter Sveter
lol the watch doesnt even work
Comment from : Peter Sveter

Dean William
Even when I look good
Comment from : Dean William

Dean William
What if my friends look better than me?
Comment from : Dean William

yuda rechtshafer
I like your videos a lot, but the fact that you like watches dosn't mean that they are necesery, do you have research to suport you'r claims?
Comment from : yuda rechtshafer

Jhett Personal
Tbh I don’t understand all the hype around ripped clothing. Ripped jeans, ripped T-shirts, ripped jackets ect. It doesn’t make you look stylish, it makes you look scrappy.
Comment from : Jhett Personal

Mayur Agrawal
alpha m mood is not good here..he definitely had a bad day here
Comment from : Mayur Agrawal

Riv.632 Hiram
Lol a week later roger got’em
Comment from : Riv.632 Hiram

Ntombi B Ngema
What happened to his eyes 👀
Comment from : Ntombi B Ngema

Vamoose Streaming
Lady you have to check this out

Comment from : Vamoose Streaming

if you want a nice watch buy a fucking Rolex
Comment from : Remy

My problem is that my body fees small for my age(20), i work out to put on some mass, but still... and that i think is my biggest problem in choosing clothes and size for me. Any tips? And thank you
Comment from : RadenMT

Zach Zimmer
How to look like a square 101
Comment from : Zach Zimmer

I am an un-stylish animal
Comment from : fehrf....

Watch Me
Without Shoes laces looks better
Comment from : Watch Me

Boris Bolshoi
I think some of the new smart watches look better and cleaner than old man style watches. Sometimes I feel way overdressed with a 'proper' watch on.
Comment from : Boris Bolshoi

Matty BeaZt
He sounds drunk at 0.5 speed😂
Comment from : Matty BeaZt

Azawad Toumast
I Want to look better but not than my Friends
Stupid title
Don't compare yourself with anybody specially your Friends
Like please so that he will see

Comment from : Azawad Toumast

I like how he said not to be afraid of coming out of your comfort zone and that you shouldnt just dress like the other dudes just cuz theyre the other dudes. that was actually really motivating
Comment from : Alex

I get called gay for dressing nice :l
Comment from : Alex

AutoKids offroad
Going too far
Comment from : AutoKids offroad

Vaden Zen
Yeah Roger....stop following me LOL btw my name is actually Jim
Comment from : Vaden Zen

😂😂😂😂😂 why is it that those men fashion influencers on YT always shout!!!?? Lmoa
It's always this overly aggressive, slightly abnoxious ram-down-your-throat kind of vibe. 😂😂😂
Chill dude!!

Comment from : LoveofVelvet

Jason FFXV
3:39 I wasn’t even looking at your watch until you pointed at it
Comment from : Jason FFXV

Pouya Smaeilpour
Talking a bout man fashion with earrings go fuck ur self dude
Comment from : Pouya Smaeilpour

Guys to know how men's should dress up like our channel

Comment from : VIRAL VIDEOS

Vipas Vyas
I rubbed tiege hanley on my bicycle last night. Today i found a harley davidson in my garage.
Comment from : Vipas Vyas

Jewelz Precious
Nice video it cxan helps alot
Comment from : Jewelz Precious

mallenipalli goutham
Tbh this dude knows how to make a youtube video !!! That's rare talent in my view
Comment from : mallenipalli goutham

Brandon Miller
Yeah, everyone dresses the same where I work. Haha. I’m in the military
Comment from : Brandon Miller

Shareem Middleton
Still cant believe shark tank didn't believe in you
Comment from : Shareem Middleton

Brian El-Khoury
Waw first time on dumb ass vapid youtube.
Comment from : Brian El-Khoury

bhupender kaur
such a great video 😄👍 love it
every man should watch....

Comment from : bhupender kaur

Muhammad Nasim Akhtar
Jeet indian bengali hero looks exactly like you.
Check it out
Jeet indian bengali movie actor

Comment from : Muhammad Nasim Akhtar

لقيمات معرفية
We want Arabic translation plz
Comment from : لقيمات معرفية

Remy Bronzy_McGrady
One thing I've learnt about these videos, if you want to look better than your friends, then your not happy with yourself... Stupid Frecken videos!!
Comment from : Remy Bronzy_McGrady

unknown sailor
try checking out empirecollection.co.uk/ to look trendy and employ some of the fashion insights
Comment from : unknown sailor

Asura Heterodyne
Dude, I'm a closeted trans guy researching how to dress as a guy. This video was not what I was looking for. It was kinda better.

This chucklehead is so loud and obnoxious, he's almost funny. Disappointed that this wasn't what I was looking for, but glad that I saw this spectacle of a man. I've never seen a guy that so solidly screamed "east cost of the United States".

Comment from : Asura Heterodyne

Ethan Sevier
“You guys need help”💀💀
Comment from : Ethan Sevier

I'm still not sure that this isn't Charlie Kelly's youtube account.
Comment from : mark

johnpaul manzanal
Fuckshit you talk to much non sense ,
Comment from : johnpaul manzanal

Cyrus Siegel
Comment from : Cyrus Siegel

Debamitra Roy
You're so boring
Comment from : Debamitra Roy

Adam Carlson
I subscribed when I heard: avoid trends. Following trends seems shallow and pointless to me
Comment from : Adam Carlson

Benny Drowner
Jesus fuck man, why are you yelling?
Comment from : Benny Drowner

Why he scream
Comment from : Blood-Force-International

Fahad Islam Mahe Michelle
Why do people like ripped denim. It makes you look like a poor hobo and is weird. But I don't want to be rude just asking : why do people like ripped denim ?
Comment from : Fahad Islam Mahe Michelle

Crazy Luo
Ima be looking fresh af but still ugly lol.
Comment from : Crazy Luo

TURKI Aljrees
You talk too much mate
Comment from : TURKI Aljrees

Nunya Bizniz
I think everything a man wears for form should have a function and nowadays watches don't have a function your phone does that .
Comment from : Nunya Bizniz

Citizen eco drives make me happy
Comment from : X R

A pack of saggy pants
Comment from : TheAvirus

:/ my legs are too short for fancy, nice looking pants.
Comment from : BN97

funny factor
now i m watching alpha its like a tv advertisement,he just promoting products thats all..
Comment from : funny factor

Anyone ever tell you that you look like Patrick Dempsey?
Comment from : NasirAlly

What’s with the thing in your eye
Comment from : Dequeesha

Peter Smith
Bold of you to assume that I wear clothes.
Comment from : Peter Smith

What if you fat?
Comment from : BrianSharma'89

The Architect
This is my first time watching you, i am 22. What do you mean by “fundamental items”. I may be an idiot and this means stuff like boxers, pants, jeans, tshirts, button up shirts etc but id appreciate a clarification
Comment from : The Architect

Radthad Extras
oooh no😂😂i disagree so so much
Comment from : Radthad Extras

Junior Mafia
What do u guys think of non-gaudy chain link bracelets?
Comment from : Junior Mafia

ethan cain
wym essentials
Comment from : ethan cain

His watch is out of battery
Comment from : VeloceMC

Jan Alistaire Ferrer
I Afraid to wear something that i like because if wear that! I look like a walking Bamboo Stick
Comment from : Jan Alistaire Ferrer

Enrique Ferreira
4:46 that watch is not working
Comment from : Enrique Ferreira

Don Straw
What's the ring with the M he's got?
Comment from : Don Straw

Real men, especially ones who consider themselves "alpha" never refer to themselves as any kind of "slut." Earrings are also an alpha male don't.
Comment from : 1flybyguy

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