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defo one of my top shirt brands out there. Check out Cuts! cutsclothing.com/blumaan
Comment from : BluMaan

Whisky C
Wow buruk betul macam tahi2 ja 👍👍👍
Comment from : Whisky C

Rafaqat Hussain
What the name of your glasses
Comment from : Rafaqat Hussain

Still Benji
50$ for a plain white tshirt lol
Comment from : Still Benji

John Foster
Sliders are fugly
Comment from : John Foster

Da GingerBreadMan
First thing I noticed was his hair, it’s awesome. He made the Color work really well
Comment from : Da GingerBreadMan

Zahid Iftu
Who cares what style is trending. I wear a costume.
Comment from : Zahid Iftu

Fi kizzig
Why in the kitchen
Comment from : Fi kizzig

Trending Tv
Hi guys support me for fashion inspiration
Comment from : Trending Tv

Tristan Blackford
Wow, a 13 second add i couldnt skip followed by a 2 minute trailer i could skip after 5 seconds.. I guess its the end of the era of 5 second add breaks..
Comment from : Tristan Blackford

Premachandran Anjooran
I hope 90s loose fashion is coming back
Comment from : Premachandran Anjooran

Anil Kumar
Comment from : Anil Kumar

belly dance 2020
These Conscious Collection tees feature sustainable, heavier weight fabric with a premium soft feel. Each tee is made of 4 recycled RPET bottles and features fibers that are conducive to green living.
Fanny packs are made of lightweight, 100% spun polyester with a fully lined interior. Features an adjustable strap, durable back panel, back pocket zipper, inside pocket zipper, and three card holders inside.
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Comment from : belly dance 2020

Zozo zozo
2020 trends on dress is mask... nothing more
Comment from : Zozo zozo

DekuLevi 93
Question? what type of Logos are good for the sweaters?
Comment from : DekuLevi 93

I am not you
2:36 he tried but he can't 😁😁😁😁
Comment from : I am not you

Slider Waves
Comment from : Slider Waves

Im new to men's fashion and just trying to learn and already I like your videos better than the majority of other's because so many of the other dudes are just so douchey! They feel like they're more there to show off rather than share a passion for fashion
Comment from : fireball111121

Keith Hartz
Jordan Retros for life. Joe I never got into the skinny jeans and sweat paints. I beg all of you dont be afraid to switch it up, with the boot cut jeans or sweat paints. EST. 1980 39 years of experience in this category. I dont want to see your socks or ankles unless you are wearing shorts. TRY IT OUT guys. I even wear baggy jeans thrown over some Jordan 3s and 4s, I cant stress this enough wide legs with 3s or 4s. It makes you look bad ass. With a 300 plus dollar pair of shoes you are saying fuck Ill buy new ones and no you cant see my socks and ankles. Embrace this for a day a week you guys are gonna love it.
Comment from : Keith Hartz

Renaissance 6 10, 1856
Im in to pt’s and ocp’s
Comment from : Renaissance 6 10, 1856

M whatevs
Where can you get those stripes from ?🤔
Comment from : M whatevs

the complexion
Can you please go over men’s jewelry and picking men’s wedding rings and metals
Comment from : the complexion

Patrik Korda
Men´s fashion trends in 2020... all the trends that have been trends since 2016...
Comment from : Patrik Korda

i like style...
Comment from : TV.Bosslee

Sandesh Gawas
Ur hairstyle is good and the hair cut goes well with ur clothing dude.
Comment from : Sandesh Gawas

My instagram

Comment from : EL - ALLAOUI

Howard Alien
Hi, Joe
Comment from : Howard Alien

Nicholas Kimberlin
Him: hi, my name is joe.

My brain: JOE MAMA!

Comment from : Nicholas Kimberlin

Julius Gorbach
What is the name of the shoe at 1:32?
Comment from : Julius Gorbach

Don Draper
anyone who spends over 30 bucks on a shirt [that isnt bullet proof] is legit an idiot
Comment from : Don Draper

Ritish Behera
He looks similar to Charlie puth...
Comment from : Ritish Behera

One Fashion Guy
Good vid bro!
Comment from : One Fashion Guy

Dilip pokhrel
Please make a video on boys summer outfit who have long hair
Comment from : Dilip pokhrel

Dario Urbaez
My guy... that blurr effect.... NO! Please stop using it... thanks
Comment from : Dario Urbaez

Mido Mizo
king11.redbubble.com Now King's designs on Redbubble .
Comment from : Mido Mizo

Yung Manong
I see that self isolation handlebar mustaches are en vogue
Comment from : Yung Manong

Blacker Panther
Men don’t wear sandals...
Comment from : Blacker Panther

Sliders, the jail birds fashion choice. They look so stupid.
Comment from : Sandesign2

Waleed Amun Brown
I live in New Zealand where men only really have a few shops to chose from and most of the time the styles or prints of the clothing can be repetitive and old styles are always recycled. I just feel like there is not much of a variety. Like every now and then you'd walk past someone wearing the same t-shirt or just by seeing the style of clothes you can see where they bought it. I feel like most of the shops here cater to like teens-young adults but no middle ground for older guy that want to look good without seeming overly casual or formal. So yeah I guess it's how you wear your items or yeah but doesn't fix the other problem. So I've found happiness shopping online as there is so much more variety.. thanx for the fashion update, always like to know what's trending :)
Comment from : Waleed Amun Brown

Vicky Sontakke
Nice bro, from india
Comment from : Vicky Sontakke

Myla Cuenco
Is he gay?he looks like one
Comment from : Myla Cuenco

Rick Sanchez_C138
Has anyone told you there is a badger sleeping on your head?
Comment from : Rick Sanchez_C138

Roland Seper
Yes indeed, I have really enjoyed this look and style. Great work on the video. Now I have to get ready to hit the club again both this video in style and then Delta Parole - Wasted Music Video that I had watched before this again since every night out I rock out to it first goes stunnin smooth, motivated me to be the man tonight. What are any of you other beautiful peoples hit the club songs?
Comment from : Roland Seper

Retinol Beauty
Comment from : Retinol Beauty

My Oh So Handsome Life
Blumaan knows his stuff. Love the trend picks for 2020! I’ve even just created a YouTube channel to follow my progress. I have a few videos up. I would love some support/feedback so hit subscribe and check it out. 🙏
Comment from : My Oh So Handsome Life

Comment from : 赵钰

You looks crazy,Alex is more stylish than u
Comment from : NAFIZ IMTIAZ

Red Aces
Light up light sketchers will you light up my world
I like your sketchers do you like my Gucci shoes

Comment from : Red Aces

м¡кнค¡ł ૯ઽρ¡ทѳઽα
4:45 shoft
Comment from : м¡кнค¡ł ૯ઽρ¡ทѳઽα

Mason IRL
They’re just called “slides” bro
Comment from : Mason IRL

Janna Justiniano
i’m here for my boyfriend🙄
Comment from : Janna Justiniano

see what happened
Comment from : see what happened

see what happened
Comment from : see what happened

see what happened
Comment from : see what happened

Dude no offence but your hair’s pretty cheesey and outta date, the contents good though
Comment from : coconudz

Jacob Seymour
Jose the type of Zuniga... oops, sorry.
Comment from : Jacob Seymour

Nipram Pankhuri
I am a woman and I am watching this to see if the guys I know are updated about fashion or not .
Comment from : Nipram Pankhuri

Dan’s Healthy life style
Great 👍 tips man I like this content. Thanks
Comment from : Dan’s Healthy life style

Man most of these tips requiere the weather to be cold... I ain’t trynna be all sweaty 😔
Comment from : ThatGuyTech

Shawn Spradling
Most common 2020 trend I’ve seen is “relaxed”. Wide leg trousers, oversized shirts, elongated jackets/coats, and just altogether relaxed silhouettes.
Comment from : Shawn Spradling

glorietta eroy
Comment from : glorietta eroy

rezz potato
4:47 what pants is that
Comment from : rezz potato

Suhaib Hassan
You only advertise for goods
Comment from : Suhaib Hassan

Yes Indonesian
Comment from : Ferdiankev3

Sagar Rahat
Folexin is made with natural ingredients and is used to support healthy hair.

‍Professional formula for visibly radiant, strong, and beautiful hair.
‍Supports your hair’s natural growth process.
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Comment from : Sagar Rahat

zivals salon barber
You buy in indonesia..?
Comment from : zivals salon barber

Velister Vaz
Sliders ❤️✌️
Comment from : Velister Vaz

danny pham
wow , you so hot hot hot and handsome guy , uh , you look 👀 so sexy guy dude , hey guy , nice to meet you guy , we love to see you more guy , ok , had a wonderful day ok guy , cool , hello handsome booboo , yeah 💪💕👍👉🏿😂
Comment from : danny pham

ngl you dont know how to dress
Comment from : GangBlud

Shaun Morgan
Is this really 2020? Looks more like 1996
Comment from : Shaun Morgan

Matthew Woolf
Is your shirt in this white or off whjte
Comment from : Matthew Woolf

תומר דיין
you dont look like a boomer anymore happy for u
Comment from : תומר דיין

Christian Brennen
Thought those Cut shirts were cool until I realized they're $50 for a t-shirt.
Comment from : Christian Brennen

K. SharkyBot
I guess is time to drop that dough in those red October’s yeezy slides 😂
Comment from : K. SharkyBot

Just my opinion but brown hair would suit you more than this no hate you still good :)
Comment from : Toxic

Marshall Cohen Carter
Joe: Sliders

Comment from : Marshall Cohen Carter

Mr Independent7
So no Jewellery? Not even watches?
Comment from : Mr Independent7

Juan Mateo Londoño Arias
What hairstyle do you have in the thumbnail? What hairstyle does he have in the thumbnail? Anyone?
Comment from : Juan Mateo Londoño Arias

Luca Trippitelli
what size is the white long sleeve shirt you wear in this video?
Comment from : Luca Trippitelli

NotSambit PUBG
will corona virus cause my hair to fall???????
Comment from : NotSambit PUBG

Jordan Leach
The minimalistic black and white with the platinum blonde hair, leather bomber and Military boots/Chelsea boots is a style I want to try and pull off this year
Comment from : Jordan Leach

Ooff the look with the boots
Comment from : KaiK96

checks cutsclothing website ----> sees prices -----> slowly drags his mouse and closes the newly opened browser tab
Comment from : Eccthelion

Randy R
Just bought his original meraki it’s so amazing I recommend it
Comment from : Randy R

Kazuto Kirigaya
Honestly I think the hair looks even better like this, the contrast is super nice
Comment from : Kazuto Kirigaya

Dude I need all your hair lengths for the front back side mid back it’s literally the best looking haircut you’ve had honestly
Comment from : Darkening

Who give about the trends in 2020's? Nothing new or exciting in fashion after 2010's...
Comment from : Peace

Keith Paterniti
I don't know if I'll ever be convinced sandals are ok outside of a pool/beach area... And definitely not with socks😎
Comment from : Keith Paterniti

gautam khattri
Make a summer outfits video for 2020 ..cause summer is coming lol
Comment from : gautam khattri

Hasan Zikry
Does Joe in You(Netflix's) is copy your style? You're really loookalike.
Comment from : Hasan Zikry

nataniel Depaz
bro i think im passing on the new trend kind of lame and sucks
Comment from : nataniel Depaz

Joey Russi
This guys hair is nothing like what is trendy now
Comment from : Joey Russi

Manj Kr
Big fan BRO'
Comment from : Manj Kr

That haircut is probably the best!
Comment from : MellowdyGaming

Dean Chayongco
What do you think abt chest bag?
Comment from : Dean Chayongco

legend grandpa
Bro you look like the taller and cooler version of Josh Hutcherson
Comment from : legend grandpa

The Time Limit
Aye man I’m from Indonesia and i also have the same Exact sliders like you do hahahahaha
Comment from : The Time Limit

Zak Asis
Bro your hair is fire here, I think you should keep it looser like that
Comment from : Zak Asis

One of the best hairstyles you've ever had imo and more natural. And looks even more awesome with the black roots growing in.
Comment from : wingwmn217

memo Ordonez
Hey JOE let’s do more budget breakdowns do head and shoulders
Comment from : memo Ordonez

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