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How I got into eight Ivy League schools

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Kelly Hyles is seventeen, a cheerleader, and deciding between Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT and others. How this ambitious teen from a small village in Guyana got where she is today.
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LeBron James (6 months ago)
"How I got into eight Ivy League schools" - cuz ur black LUL
Afria Ahmed (6 months ago)
She is a decently smart black woman from Guyana. The question is 'why would she not get in?'. She actually she said she was the only black student there. I'm so tired of praising these people when there are many Asian boys, white boys, add white girls that get rejected though they were just as qualified(if not more) because the college wanted 'diversity'.
Deborah ` Oyebade (1 month ago)
Afria Ahmed lol is not here fault yet high school didn't put efforts into recruiting people of color
Crowdfund77 (2 months ago)
He got in to the 21 schools she applied for including all the Ivies, that's why they are praising her. When you do the same perhaps they will praise you... Jealous Racist!!!
Jason Young (4 months ago)
You know she was in the 99 percentile on the SAT, had a 4.6 gpa , and did tons of community service projects.
Garth Marc (8 months ago)
Daniella M (10 months ago)
Gi what? Did she try to say Ghana or what.
xX Courtney Xx (5 months ago)
Danielle McCart it’s Guyana
Sophia Smith (11 months ago)
Murmad Man (11 months ago)
She took advantage of affirmative action meant for the slave descedants of African American....not impressed
Tiara Mitchelson (10 months ago)
Murmad Man jealous mf,,sounds like you never graduated 5th grade u dumb F,,,
Hoi Hoi (11 months ago)
Murmad Man funny how she mentioned people like you in the video.
oh gosh (1 year ago)
I want to get in good schools but i ended my freshman year at a 3.7 with no extracurriculars so i need to work harder later ugh
guyana squad
Daniel Irambona (1 year ago)
These kinds of stories just motivate me to study harder. I love stories like this!
anisah roawan (8 months ago)
Daniel Irambona ME too!!!
Drunara Barber (1 year ago)
You are so smart girl! Keep your head held high. You will beat the odds!
Shelby Jean (1 year ago)
Brooklyn new York is the like the main place to go If your an immigration coming to the us lol. literally my whole family immigranted from Haiti to here. hopefully I am able to get into my dream college Columbia like her.
Saturn Star Studios yeah a lot of my family live in Brooklyn either Brooklyn New York or Florida, but I live in Texas
Saturn Star Studios (1 year ago)
Shelby Jean Right? I live in Brooklyn too all immigrants come here😂 (not being rude just saying)
Diehardliberal (1 year ago)
Republicans hate Black school students
Diehardliberal (1 year ago)
Never trust Whitey
Diehardliberal (1 year ago)
Most Conservative support Dylann Roof and him killing black people at church
Maddie (2 years ago)
Bright lady. Congratulations !
Chris (2 years ago)
Shiiiit I barely made it into cal state smh lol
GibsonOfAGun (2 years ago)
I don't know how I feel about this.
No Tea No Shade (2 years ago)
Jam Jam (2 years ago)
Yay they fired Jerry!

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