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Pixel 2 XL: Better With Time

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Check out the series of the Making of Pale Blue Dot here: http://bit.ly/2BPzNfJ This video is sponsored by Intel There’s only one true way to describe the Pixel 2 XL: polarizing. Since the phone’s launch a few months ago, critics and consumers have engaged in endless debate over whether or not it’s a competitive flagship. https://www.technobuffalo.com/2017/12/07/pixel-2-xl-review-different-opinion/ Music from Epidemic Sound. Start your free 30-day trial! https://goo.gl/ibDfse More tech goodness: http://www.technobuffalo.com Deals: http://bit.ly/1JMh2qc Follow us! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/technobuffalo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/technobuffalo Instagram: http://instagram.com/technobuffalo Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+TechnoBuffalo
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Text Comments (1094)
acedeal (2 hours ago)
Hi guys, this type c cable & adapter pack is on BIG sale! $4.99 gets 2 cables and 1 adpater! https://www.amazon.com/FOXNOV-Adapter-Braided-Charger-Aluminum/dp/B073JCPDBP
LuchaCabre INC (12 hours ago)
Phones have 8 month life cycles?
Kalpesh Patel (21 hours ago)
I want the pixel's Camera, The note8's screen, Os from the iphone and battery life out of a Xiomi Mi Max.
Alan Lawson (2 days ago)
I'd buy this phone if it weren't for the blue tint. Seems a bit of a lottery on how bad it is. otherwise it looks like a great phone.
Lotte Mertens (2 days ago)
Treat indication endorse moment whose close obtain fund battery away prisoner effectiveness.
Planty person (4 days ago)
Awesome video. I have the pixel 2 and I love it. It has a great camera and it is really easy to use. I've not had any problems yet. I have a website called www.plantypeople.com please check it out.
dchindian (5 days ago)
Love the Pixel 2 XL. Switched from a Samsung Galaxy S8+. #teampixel
10 minute meals (5 days ago)
Really want the 2 and 2XL to be a success so Google continue with future generations. Also hope they offer a dual SIM option in September 18.
Taylor Nguyen (6 days ago)
listen to the reviewer, this phone is created that you have to USE to actually appreciate it. And trust me, it delivers. Im using the 2 XL right now and i gotta say, holy fucking moly this is a good ass phone Software: on point Camera: fucking on point Battery: 6+ hours of medium to heavy use(trust me, i use my phone A LOT, and this thing cannot die on me, and i love it) Screen: dont let people spoil you with the blue tint issue. Really not a problem for me AT ALL. And honestly, im not that person where i treasure my money enough to bring the phone in the dark room just to look for a fucking proof on burn-in and blue tint 4 of those alone makes me want to keep this phone and avoid Samsungs as far as i can And if you really gonna argue with me about how 5T or v30 is a much better phone with less price, gtfo please, thank you
#Note8Is Boss (6 days ago)
Note8 pimp slaps the Pixel 2 so easily it's comical. The Pixel 2 is nothing more than a poor man's wannabe iPhone.
Chuck Watson (7 days ago)
The screen looks like ball bag before and after that update.
Leo (7 days ago)
If i were to point people for an android smart phone it’d def be one. My only issue is the speakers are a lil muddled compared to my iphone 7 which are louder. Other than that 9.5/10
LUIZ GUILHERME (7 days ago)
This wallpaper is from Google pixel 2?
CheapAssReviews (7 days ago)
Watching on my Nexus 5X :)
Kerolos Tawfik (7 days ago)
I love my pixel 2!
Phillip Choi (8 days ago)
Love the phone but the screen...not talking about the blue shift (very bearable) but the overall color accuracy is terrible. Friends are always asking me why my phone looks orange or green? Anybody else having this problem?
is the pixel camera worse than the XL ?
Daniel Huynh (9 days ago)
its ugly
Jimmy Morales (9 days ago)
Wallpaper please!?? Anybody?
Tony Dimaio (9 days ago)
My buddy just got this phone 3 weeks ago he's got burn in on the screen and the camera ain't all that!!!!!
Sharky165 (8 days ago)
Tony Dimaio Sounds about right, it's a horrible phone !!
townsjim (10 days ago)
Watching on my 2XL, by far the best and most reliable phone I've ever had.
anthony easaw (10 days ago)
got the Pixel 2 XL. This phone is fantastic, the camera is one of a kind super clean, I find myself taking pictures of anything!
Behind the Flatspot (10 days ago)
Kinan Jarjous (10 days ago)
I think the iPhone X will be my last iPhone before I switch back to android.
Sharky165 (8 days ago)
Kinan Jarjous Yeah good choice, but whatever U do, don't get Pixel, it's an overrated, overpriced pile of steaming dung !!
real4everh (11 days ago)
nexus was better
schalazeal07 (12 days ago)
I bought P2XL black but had to return it.. but I loved it!! Screen issue is ok it's just because of the audio problem but other than that camera is superb!!!! Waiting for Pixel 3 XD
Cung T. Thang (12 days ago)
I think you like iphones. Cuz you got iphone X haircut! 😁😁
Chris (12 days ago)
2 months.. 25% lifecycle? okay, wtf not looking to swap a phone every 8 months..
Mbuuqw Plays (13 days ago)
I'm getting the iPhone X in February but the damn camera on this phone is really tempting
Lando Soto (13 days ago)
I have the original Pixel XL and gave it to my girl, so I got the the Pixel 2 XL since it was released n I love it, I did had the Galaxy S8+ n I got sick of it. So yes I do love the Google line up.
Awesome Brotherhood (13 days ago)
Incredible Battery Life - Not the Best in the Market - But Incredible Battery Life
Bill Dineen (13 days ago)
I have the Galaxy S7 and when this whole screen thing about the Pixel 1XL first came out I went into the display settings and you have a choice of 4 display options, I switched it to Basic, which is the closest to being accurate. And Yes at first you are like this is completely dull and lifeless. I was only going to do a week with it and see how it would be. It's been a couple of months now and I can't go back to the other settings. Your photo's on the phone look better everything is just more accurate.
William Beck (13 days ago)
Love the videos! Weren't you going to do an essential phone review redo?
Sam Jung (13 days ago)
Notch hair style?
Undeadwolfy (13 days ago)
This was a very well done video even though I disagree with a lot of the points. Nice work Jon.
DaddytechEnt (13 days ago)
*the poor screen resolution and lack of a stylus are my reasons for not even looking twice at the pixel, the endless need for the stylus for signing online and email documents is the reason i went with the phone i have now which i shouldn't even need to mention at this point*
Manish Patwa (13 days ago)
Undoubtedly the best phone i have used till date.. Way Way better than shitty iPhone. Bluish tint can only be seen from side ways. so it doesn't bother me much. However while recording Video audio sound cracked up, especially in night clubs or concerts, which wasnt the case i iphone
Marco Pereira (14 days ago)
Bought it and love it! No regrets here so far! Love the Panda version!
Mark Gindi (14 days ago)
I stuck with the iPhone X this year. But next round, when they add IP68, wireless charging, and the pixel watch, I'll switch back to Android
Jeff Swanitz (14 days ago)
Moved from GS8 to GPXL2 and couldn't be happier. The edges on the SGS8 drove me nuts! Couldn't tough the damn thing without launching something. This is FAR more practical. I get the Galaxies are prettier, but they are not practical in my mind. I have huge mitts, so your experience may be different. Also, that pronounced groove along the edges is for the Google case. It locks into that groove quite nicely.
RoOs VS (15 days ago)
1:26 ......what did you just said man?
Josh J (15 days ago)
I got the pixel 2 xl. That camera is insane. Best phone experience you can ask for.
Mark Foreman (15 days ago)
my pixel 2 xl is hardware jank. already returning because of a defective fingerprint scanner, just like my old pixel xl. I still wouldn't trade it for another phone because the software is so good. i figure returning at least twice a year when owning a pixel xl. googles well about fast replacements.
Ulf K Johansson (15 days ago)
I have had this phone for 2+ month and I ditto everything in this YouTube clip. I used to be an iPhone user for 7 years and will not go back. I bought my wife an iPhone X and not having a home button on it sucks BTW - I love the fingerprint scanner on the Pixel. The location at the back is so much better than in the front, and gosh it is so fast and accurate.
Craig Foucht (15 days ago)
Bought it and love the 2XL. I never thought a camera on a smartphone could ever be that good!! The quality of my IG shots went way up. Love the pure Android experience, and Google instant IM customer help. Also love the feel in the ✋.
redstang70 (15 days ago)
I bought it thinking id just re sell it because i got a good deal on it but its not going anywhere lol. Much prefer it to my s8 plus
Allan Cameron (15 days ago)
I got the pixel 2 xl a few days ago coming from the galaxy s8 plus. The pixel 2 xl screen is awesome and has nice colour. The BEST camera on any phone. I love this pixel. No regrets.
DieRunning1 (15 days ago)
I'm hoping pixel3 uses the same Samsung panel as the iphone X. Skipped pixel2xl and grabbed a note8. Loved my OG pixel
Dan Reed (15 days ago)
I've had the 2 XL for 5 weeks. I'll probably never go back to Samsung after this phone.
karthik bhandare (15 days ago)
whats the name of the track that's played as 3:02?
Dheeraj Bhandaru (15 days ago)
Can I get the wall paper?
Bramy Biantoro (16 days ago)
You should sue Apple man, they stole your NOTCH
Dead Pool (14 days ago)
Bramy Biantoro LOL. I think Apple's had the notch idea for a longtime before coming up with the iPhone X. U know the little finger tips/Hello booklet that contains how to use the device? The flap you use to pick up from the box to me resembles the notch when you think about. 😂
TX Tech (16 days ago)
Is that the iPhone X haircut
Hoggs Bosson (16 days ago)
Awesome phone
Varghese Mathew (16 days ago)
watching it on my pixel 2 XL!!
revanth bade (16 days ago)
I switched from an iPhone and this thing is amazing! I love it so far....from buttery smooth animations, clean and very smart AI, unlimited storage, fast charging (including the adapter in box. ahem!) and also, the battery life is spectacular for a phone of this size. I should talk about the camera, man oh man! there were instances where my friends with iPhone X asked me to click pictures instead of using their phones. Overall, a great package! Would totally recommend it 👍🏼
Mark Kemperman (16 days ago)
'The ridge'. Seriously? FFS.
Bent Christensen (16 days ago)
Have had the 2 xl for a couple of weeks now and I am enjoying it every day.
denver stapleton (16 days ago)
especially with the promo verizon has goin on atm ;)
poeglives (16 days ago)
Pixel 2 XL all day and the savings is going into the Moment case and their insane ultrawide lens. Enough left over for an external mic VS the Note. Vs the iPhone X, a Sennheiser mic isn't out of the question as that's a $600 nut on a two year contract with the carriers here in Canada.
Joshua Gall (16 days ago)
Can I just say... How does a screen have "natural" colours? Natural compared to what? By what metric do we measure accuracy? Is it just a balance of cold and warm colours? A "good" level of saturation? And if so, surely more saturated displays which look more appealing should be the new metric by which we measure accuracy
Devansh Bansal (16 days ago)
HELP!! My phone has screen burn in under the navigation buttons. ( I can't get it replaced) . Should I be worried.
William Richardson (16 days ago)
I love my pixel 2xl but I really do hate the fact that it hasn't got a headphone jack, I don't know about others but for me it's white inconvenience and I broke the one that came with the phone within a week of owning it.
Diane Miller (16 days ago)
It's a shame that all the initial bad press happened, as it has caused many people to miss out on this fantastic phone. And now all these reviewers are walking back their initial reviews and saying, "But wait a minute! I love this phone!" Which is what the end users were saying all along... As soon as I heard that the whole screen thing was being overblown, I went to a Verizon store and ran the demo on the Pixel 2 and 2 XL side by side (post-Nov update). I much preferred the 2 XL's screen, and immediately (went elsewhere and) bought one. The Nov update loaded, and the screen is fantastic! I prefer it to the eye-numbing hypersaturation of the Samsungs. It's bright enough that I keep it at 22-30% most of the time, unless in the sun. Speakers are wonderful! CAMERA not only ROCKS, but photos look beautiful blown up on the computer. From what I've seen in comparisons, colors are way better than those taken with the Note 8. Even with my DSLR along on mountain hikes, I often take my shots with the Pixel. It's just that good. The phone is FAST, SMOOTH. I think without a skin, you don't need as much RAM. Samsung is known for poor RAM management anyway, so they need to beef that up just to be on a level playing field. Battery life is amazing. I've gotten 2.5 days with some still left. And BTW, no bloatware! What did come on the phone can be deleted. But I haven't. It's all good Google stuff. I no longer have Verizon apps bugging me to death all the time. And I have full functionality that was built into the phone. Verizon didn't disable anything, as they have on previous phones (so that they can try and rook you into buying their own garbage, or trick you into using excessive data). Even when it boots up, I see "Google," not "Verizon." I never even loaded the SIM card. Not to mention that Google made transferring what I wanted from my last phone an absolute breeze. Saved a ton of time and headaches. This phone is amazing. Shame on the reviewers who just needed something to gain attention.
JT Blackford (16 days ago)
Is it worth upgrading from an original Pixel XL?
Sharky165 (8 days ago)
JT Blackford No, don't do it !!
Gilson Reyna (16 days ago)
Joshua Gomez (16 days ago)
What qualcomm 835 device has the best battery life? Ty :)
Sharky165 (8 days ago)
Joshua Gomez YW ! 😁
Joshua Gomez (8 days ago)
Sharky165 thanks
Sharky165 (8 days ago)
Joshua Gomez Samsung Galaxy S8 Active
mikldude (16 days ago)
Too many missing features it should have as standard , to damned expensive , and overhyped .
John Wick (16 days ago)
I blow everyone's mind when I show them the pixel2xl people are truly ignorant to how amazing it is follow me on Instagram to see pictures J0HNWICK ...SIDE NOTE THE PIXEL DAYDREAM EXPERIENCE IS MIND BOGGLING!!!!!! 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼
I’m a IPhone user and I’m really in the Apple ecosystem but the Pixel 2 sounds convincing and don’t know if I should but one or stay whit apple...
hows 'bout it (16 days ago)
Love my Pixel 2 XL - only two things I wish it had: 128GB standard on the XL and better front facing VIDEO recording. Otherwise color shifting screen doesn't bother me (other OLED phones have it too), Back Camera is amazing, super fast and smooth even on mobile network, finger print sensor is accurate, tough, and overall great phone.
Alexander Stone (16 days ago)
mrs okay criticize cook death each statement permanent until record tall.
Pia marquez (16 days ago)
Will switch my ipx to these phone!
Yousef Gaffary (16 days ago)
I have an S7, I'm leaving Samsung for this because, even though Samsung does the screen better and has wireless charging, after 2 years of having it, it's turned into an utter lag fest. Also fast charging just straight up stopped working.
cody litwiller (16 days ago)
I love my pixel 2!!
Anmol Virk (16 days ago)
I want to buy it but its budget and not the screen thats holding me back. LOL!
Trashy Tuber (16 days ago)
Need that Wallpaper
Ben Zvikler (7 days ago)
sski66 (16 days ago)
I think videos like this are a must, in these times where reviews are rushed out after a week consumers need tech sites to revisit the initial reviews after a month or two to really judge a phone, bravo.
jacques joel Juan (16 days ago)
Micheal DeSanta
Top of Everything (16 days ago)
Anyone noticed notch on his head?Cause I did😂😂
Elijah Waite (17 days ago)
Screw mercari
Brian Pvp (17 days ago)
Boy your hair line be looking like the I phone ten
C. P. (17 days ago)
2 words describe the way I feel about my Black 128 gb Pixel 2 XL... HELL YEAH!!!!
Nick Makadia (17 days ago)
Nvr moving to any Galaxy or iphones.....#pixelforever
legendp2011 (17 days ago)
25% through it's life cycle. I plan on keeping mine for the next 4 years (like I did with my 2013 moto x)
Drake Dodson (17 days ago)
I'd be shocked if, for the average person, 2 months marks 25% of their phone's life cycle. Even people who upgrade more frequently than the standard consumer often upgrade once a year, not every 8 months. I can't be the only one who was entirely thrown off by that.
Sri Hari (17 days ago)
EvilPlaya (17 days ago)
Note 8 is the king of all phones. If you are in the market for a $900 or above phone -> Note 8 is the way to go Period. Amazing camera, screen, features.
Jason Saw (17 days ago)
The speaker distortion is an issue. I am still getting it even after I got my second unit. Fk you google
Thai Dang (17 days ago)
I want one with the snapdragon 845
Neftali Ventura (17 days ago)
I have the panda 2XL and I love the phone. No more boring IOS to look at everyday with the inability to make any changes to my home screen or anything for that matter. After reading the comments, I used to be an iPhone head, and man, do apple sheeps really hate on google. Like the hate is soooo real. Idk why anyone with an apple phone hates so much.... maybe because they're afraid of the truth.. Pixel is better? Every time I see anything pixel related, there is always that one Apple sheep bashing google with terrible facts and super subjective views. My phone choice is based on preference, like I don't use wireless charging for anything, and I don't see myself using it either. I sleep, wake up, before i jump in the shower i charge my phone, come out and already 60+% better then it was in just 20-30 mins. wireless charging will take forever and definitely in today's world not practical at all. #justsaying
Aaron Curry (17 days ago)
Iphone 8 plus FTW!
Ryan Hayes (17 days ago)
I've owned it for a week now. I love it. The screen is something you will never notice. The camera is amazing for sure, it takes the best portraits for now. My battery life is usually quoted around 24 hours at 100%, but I do use YouTube a lot on my phone. I rarely use battery saver mode, because it's not needed. However: this phone is NOT quick charge capable. It takes 2 1/2 hours for 0-100% charge. However, with the battery life, I seriously doubt this ever affecting me or the other smart phone users of the world. Honestly, this phone probably won't be beat by any other company for a few years. Google knows what they're doing.
A H (17 days ago)
The color shift is BAD. Viewing angles even worse. It reminds me of a 2012 AMOLED display, because no AMOLED displays today look that bad.
kbalaz (17 days ago)
I saw many, many reviews. I ended up pulling the trigger and getting the 2XL despite what everyone was saying about the screen. I need reading glasses for up close so I'm not going to see finite details everyone was talking about. I love the screen, I don't use the saturated color mode because I find it too cartoonish and hate it. I like the boosted mode. The phone just flies through everything and the camera is great. I am on day 3 with one charge and still have 51% left at 6pm day 3. I don't notice the blue shift at all or any other things that were mentioned. Day to day usage, I absolutely love this phone and 100% satisfied with it.
weatherlover1 (17 days ago)
I have the pixle 2XL and I love it. I don't really care about the design as I have it in a full protective case. Love the screen love the battery life love the camera its a great phone.
Allan R (17 days ago)
I had Pixel Xl 1 & now Pixel xl 2, I also own a iphone x and the camera on the Pixel 2xl hands down beats the iphone x With activating developer options and changing the 3 animation settings to .5 The Pixel xl is blazing!!! I have had an issue with Iphone Ios for years, and I still do. Very cumersome to use, although this is much improved. John I have been a follower for years and always appreciate your reviews.
Idrees Siamak (17 days ago)
Jatin VK (17 days ago)
Jon's hairline looks like iPhone X notch 😅
Jose Fale (17 days ago)
Can someone share the wallpaper?

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