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Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumours, Leaks & Big Changes!

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Here's everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+. Lots of rumours and leaks about these two awesome phones with an announcement pegged for February or early March. Watch for the full low down! Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Text Comments (197)
Matthew Moniz (13 days ago)
Galaxy S9 best phone of 2018 or are you looking forward to something else?
Paul (4 days ago)
I’m sure it will be beautiful phone with a great camera that’s hamstrung by touch wiz, bixby intrusiveness and gets android os updates a year after the pixel phones do. Fingerprint scanner on s8+ and note 8 was terrible for anyone that doesn’t have hands like truckasaurus.
Adam Nelson (8 days ago)
therealestmc85 which phone did you hold? It did take a couple days to get used too.
Darryl Bass (10 days ago)
Matthew Moniz something else, I have the S8 so I'll wait for the S10 and DUAL SPEAKERS!!
THE ACE (11 days ago)
Phone Fanatic ur a fool 😂
Phone Fanatic (12 days ago)
You're a hardcore Samsung Fanboi cuz you got sponsored on some weekend fantasy trip with a buncha dudes. It's okay, man.
alby Reji (2 days ago)
which is your favourite phone in 2017?
Nyiko Lucky Mashaba (4 days ago)
Dual camera is also needed for both s9 & s9+
h1a8 (6 days ago)
I don’t really care about stereo speakers. Galaxy phones were always loud enough. Just keep the headphone jack. It’s far more important than stereo speakers and even water resistance.
Nick S (7 days ago)
they cant figure a decent placement for that fingerprint scanner can they? bet the nexxt complaint is that it gets the camera lense dirty
rosteriperse (9 days ago)
One year ago I bought my first iphone(iphone 7+) and that is the worst phone what I have ever had! My next phone probably will be S9!
KGA (9 days ago)
I want that T-shirt, Where'd you get it?
Honza Štěpán (9 days ago)
64 gb !?!?! Really samsung.....
Annihilator VA (10 days ago)
This better be good, me and my dad are getting this when it comes out!
Israt Ali (11 days ago)
what is the possible release date ?
Memer Michael (11 days ago)
Actually, the Galaxy S9 is rumored to have a 3200 mah battery. The S9+ battery hasnt been leaked, but considering that it's also a little thicker than the S8+, it should have 3600 - 3700 mah battery (but thats just my speculations).
Circuit sof (11 days ago)
sir edges make it different, and look like 3d ,such as images are popping out , so it's great , and I like idea of Samsung that they have implemented it but other's not. Samsung bought revolution in display category
Mohamed Vahedi (11 days ago)
I’ve never been a fan of S series although they are great phones. I will stick to my iPhone X and Note 8. I think in the world of Android, Galaxy Note is the only phone that feels quality, precision, beauty, functionality and have the best Android layout overall. Other Android phone are all 1 whole level below the Note series. iPhone also is killing it with the X. I am amazed by this phone. These 2 undoubtedly are the best on the planet. Love them.
curt2g1998 (11 days ago)
Hard to improve on a display in which you eyes can't see enough detail to a difference. You're eyes just won't notice improvement on a 5.7" amoled screen with 518ppi and that was their Note 4 display that came out in 2014. They're just running out of ideas. That's the reason for removing the hj, waterproofing, edge displays, 18:9 aspect ratio, etc.... None of those things are really needed nor do they even improve the user experience, although waterproofing can be useful in certain instances.
Mega Boy (11 days ago)
Galaxy S9/S9+ will be awesome phones despite being similar to the current S8 line with the design. Glad Samsung has finally listened and will move the fingerprint sensor in the middle. Great the S9+ will have dual cameras, though if only they add it to the smaller S9 as well, that way only difference between both devices are screen size & battery. If I'm able to get the S9+, I can give my Dad my S8+ since he's been using an LG G4 since it's launch. I do hope both S9's have stereo speakers (utilizing the earpiece), but we'll wait and see, unfortunately Bixby is still being added. :( What features do you hope to be on the new Smartphones besides embedded fingerprint sensor. Do hope the iris scanner gets better by being faster & usable in sunlight. Thanks Matt! Hope you get this. :)
THE ACE (12 days ago)
Man I really hope the exynos version of the s9 will be sold in Canada
Matthew Moniz (11 days ago)
Me too! Sometimes we get lucky and it does. The states always gets the snapdragon
Six X (12 days ago)
Happy with my S7 edge, but can't wait for the S9 if it really comes with stereo speakers!
JEET S (12 days ago)
I am waiting for s9. I will pre order it.I have s6 edge plus no sd card slot and no water resistance...need an upgrade
Timi Akinlonu (12 days ago)
I just want Samsung to only use Exynos chips worldwide and not Snapdragon cos very good features and much faster performance always get restricted and it's really annoying
Adam Nelson (8 days ago)
Timi Akinlonu I heard it's because the phone carriers don't support the exynos chip.
Craig Nelson (11 days ago)
They need qualcom for their CDMA unfortunately. Also I don't mind Qualcom chips. They are usually easier to root
Timi Akinlonu (12 days ago)
If Samsung decide to sell exynos to US as i think it supports CDMA then they can sell the Snapdragon variants to china and other countries that use CDMA
Matthew Moniz (12 days ago)
+Timi Akinlonu me too!
Simon Bossuyt (12 days ago)
Is it just me or is the audio a couple of miliseconds out of sync?
Rachael Jalloul (12 days ago)
Looking forward to the next LG V series phone. In general looking forward to see how the changes LG has made in its infrastructure will effect their mobile division. Also will be watching Google to see what they bring and how iPhone goes with the LG?? Screens. Could be a interesting year (or will end up being safe n boring one). I think Samsung is playing it safe with galaxy series.
NileshR12 (12 days ago)
Can someone please tell Samsung to bump up the amountof RAM on the regular S9 as well? 4 GB of RAM just isn't enough when the system & apps take up 2 GB, nearly 1 GB (678 MB) is Reserved on my S7. It leaves it with only 1 GB or less of RAM free most of the time. And it's been the same number for the past 2 years. It should go up now even for the regular S9. They shouldn't take this stupid Apple approach just to differentiate the S9 from the S9+. Their phones need a minimum of 6-8 GB RAM like the Note 8. And please, bring the IR blaster back so we're able to control our TVs, cable boxes, & Set-top boxes. Idk why they got rid of it 2 years ago on with the S7 onwards when the phones before that had it
Debra Dukes (12 days ago)
Matthew very much enjoyed but not sure yet because I'm still like the Device I have now.Thanks so much for sharing Deb ✌👍
akash kumar (12 days ago)
I wanna pre order!!
Smit_K (12 days ago)
Great video matt! My s8 plus is getting old😑
Christian Rea (12 days ago)
I'm pretty happy with my S8! I might upgrade if the S9 packs some killer feature, but otherwise I might just wait for the S10 (or whatever they call it).
Ngakak Guling (12 days ago)
hi matt,, i see stratocaster overthere,, mind entertain us a bit sometimes?
nelson Lxtech (12 days ago)
Well, we’re on 2018 and manufactures got spot making us as fools, 4gb of ram that’s not enough. If low Budget company can put 6gb or even 8gb of ram. Why big companys put 4gb ? So to everyone that’s gonna buy new mobile, android at least 6gb or better with 8gb and iOS well since optimization on iOS 11 gone bad you must wait a 4gb or 6gb iPhone to have good ram management
Tom Liu (12 days ago)
battery... I need nuclear power cell
Gr1zzly (12 days ago)
Fucking needed to click 6 times on this video to get an ad! I always do that for vids that aren't 10mins, because i think better short good vid than long annoying one
Since 1994 (12 days ago)
aaaand as expected iphone 11+ will obliterate it 😁
Calvin White (12 days ago)
I'm definitely excited for the s9 plus. I am still rocking an s5 so I might need an upgrade soon and get the s8 as that will come down in price
Kevin Davis (12 days ago)
Samsung needs to utilize their earpiece speaker for stereo sound media consumption, way, way past due. Also, 6Gb of RAM are table stakes to help cope with their endless duplicate apps and heavy skin. I’m looking at the S9+, as it looks as though it will solve those problems for the most part. A lot of my decision actually rides on stereo speaker output. Very nice video, as always, thanks.
james aketch (13 days ago)
What’s up guys Matthew moniz here
Jonas Hansson (13 days ago)
I love the headphone jack, and i use my Sony XB500's on a daily basis again now, old cans but they sound damn good
Simple Pixel (13 days ago)
please no sam-emoji
fato kh (13 days ago)
Samsung S9 very nice
Zak (13 days ago)
Besides all the hardware improvemens, I am hoping Google and Samsung will commit to project Treble for faster software updates.
anglosaxonbreed (13 days ago)
Bloat wear as apple fans call it . Is what I like so much from a samsung phone and the more the better .. I love you can scrole down a page with your eyes not your fingers. I love taking screen shot without touching your phone.. The bloat what apple fans call it does what iphones can do. If you want the most advance phone in the world by 3or 4 years over apple even apple x phones lacking and thousand pounds for old teck iPhone a joke and thats why its stoped selling. You be better buy samsung sg6 with VR than apple x phone. Iphone need some Hi teck or as samsungs critic call it bloat wear. The things iphone cant do. Now samsung making screens for apple for years the critics said the where rubbish to colourfull. You can ajust the colour dept on samsung phone unlike iPhone that come bog standard boring. Since iohone copied samsung reintroducing large screen . The now got more room to try and become more revolutionary instead of evolutionary behind sansung.. The more teck revolutionary samsung become the more people by samsung and the curved edges samsung sg6 killed the iphone 6 plus dead. The had to stop the production of the iphone 6 plus. The sansung edge just stop the iphone 6 plus dead. In fact iphones have not sold in quantity since. So bring on the hi teck. ( bloat wear to iphone fans) samsung we are loving it and more people buying samsung than ever.
Sayed Shabeer (13 days ago)
These companies don't make sth new! They just make changes and make that they could've done it four years ago. They're just circling us like bunch of fools.
Borat Sagdiyev (13 days ago)
Why don't they just use the Exynos on all phones?
Erika Martin Taylor (13 days ago)
I'm so conflicted! Samsung is knocking it out of the park with their displays, but the insane amount of bloatware is a deal-breaker. It kills me how many gigs are eaten up by Samsung's garbage apps on my S6 Edge. When I can finally afford to upgrade, Google or OnePlus tops my list.
Darryl Bass (10 days ago)
Erika Martin Taylor there's no insane amount of bloat and what little there is can be uninstalled or disabled. On my AT&T S8 there was only AT&T shitty apps that I uninstalled. Facebook is the only 3rd party bloat that was on it.
Marty S (11 days ago)
Erika Martin Taylor use bk disabler or root your samsung .
Kathleen Torres (11 days ago)
I agree. Last year I went for the s8 because hardware... But after just a couple of days, I was experiencing lag. I've always been a Nexus user it anything else close to pure Android. I don't think I'll jump on to anything with TouchWiz. I have a one plus 5t. Very happy with the performance and hardware.
NileshR12 (12 days ago)
Erika Martin Taylor It's all a part of planned obsolecense because your phone is over 2 years old now
NileshR12 (12 days ago)
Erika Martin Taylor If you get the S9+ I think you'd be happy with that
BehrGris (13 days ago)
Please don't get rid of the headphone jack
Borat Sagdiyev (13 days ago)
BehrGris It's confirmed, they wont
panatha tube (13 days ago)
BehrGris For a second speaker I could accept the sacrifice.
Reasat Mahmud (13 days ago)
I see no point of a Galaxy S9+ when the Note devices are similar in size and also include the stylus. It makes the Note line less appealing for many since the S9+ will be far cheaper when the next Note comes out.
Reasat Mahmud (13 days ago)
Personally, if they included truly wireless earphones in the box, I would actually prefer that they ditch the headphone jack. I feel like if Samsung ditched the headphone jack, this is how they'd do it.
myproject13 (13 days ago)
Great Stuff.. Very informative as Always 😁✌️
UNBOXINg dude (13 days ago)
grate video
DestinToBe05 (13 days ago)
Mehhhh I'll wait for the S10 it'll be a more of a significant upgrade for my s8 plus considering it'll be a two year difference not just one or I'll wait for the note 9
Brian Mosley (13 days ago)
If Samsung has dual speakers than I would get it for sure
Yannis Fraselle (13 days ago)
I'm just a little afraid that they downgrade the S9 galaxy a bit too much compared to the + version. And the S9+ is a bit too big for my hands I think 🤔
404 Not Found (11 days ago)
Koushik Bhovi (13 days ago)
What's the target for this year bro in YouTube
AAR HD (13 days ago)
Happy with my Galaxy S8 Plus and as far as my priorities on a smartphone go, this one is getting the job done. S9 won't be that much of a deal breaker to me.
Jeremin Carrington (13 days ago)
But if Samsung decided to remove the headphone jack in favour of stereo speakers you'll still bitch about it people don't how to be contented with what they have smh.
D- Sean (13 days ago)
I have the s8 since the summer, never slows down. And reviewer's made vids with 8.0 oreo and it was just as fast as the note 8
Az Am (11 days ago)
gg ez I'm wondering which phone u have and how many Samsung phone u had ?
Fairy Liquid (11 days ago)
D- Sean few more days and it will start to lag like all Lagsung phones 😃😃
Az Am (13 days ago)
D- Sean same here bro
Just Fruit (13 days ago)
ah N (13 days ago)
Mr. Moniz, I am thinking of getting a MSI GE72MVR 17 inch laptop at Best Buy with a I7-7700 nvidea 1070 12 gb 1 tb hdd 126 ssd 120 hz screen for $1,599 is it worth it? What is your opinion? Or would a MSI GE73VR be better? I love watching your videos. Thanks
Just Fruit (13 days ago)
better buy pc but if you can't the laptop its good
Ben Wright (13 days ago)
So when Apple releases a phone with the same design as the last, all the samsung fans come and bash them and say how terrible it is, yet when Samsung do it, it’s fine. I see no comments even talking about it
Adam Nelson (4 days ago)
When Samsung keeps the same design for 4 years I will start to complain.
Ben Wright (11 days ago)
Memer Michael I’m talking about the video where he said there wouldn’t be a change in looks, whether that is true or not does affect what I said
Memer Michael (11 days ago)
Because they changed the design..? The S9 will have a noticably smaller bottom bezel, and the whole phone will be a little smaller overall. Its not a change as big as lets say the change from the iPhone 8 to the X, but it definitely isnt *the same* as the previous model (unlike the iPhone 6s, 7 and 8).
Ben Wright (13 days ago)
Az Am Not a completely different front, a few things were moved. If we are going into tiny details, then the 6 was a big redesign from the 5s, the 6s was an s update so didn’t change, the 7 had waterproofing and the 8 has a glass back
Ben Wright (13 days ago)
Az Am Have you ever seen the iPhone 5? It’s not very similar to the iPhone 6. However the IPhone 6 to iPhone 8 look basically the same
Waves- (13 days ago)
Most upcoming high-end phones will probably not sell well. The reason is the massive hike in prices and the little features they bring. They gonna have to stop releasing new phones *every year.* Very few people will buy a new high-end phones. A slight camera or screen enhancement won't cut it for $1k to most people. Literally all high-end phones from the past 3 years are still incredible phones ( Nexus 6p, iPhone 6, Galaxy 6s...etc.)
JohnACalero (13 days ago)
Waves- most people don't buy phones every year and most people don't cara about specs. Only, people like us, that are up to date with technology, are so critical and change phones rather frequently because we want the latest and greatest. About price, it might be a big deal in many countries, but not in the US, since most people pay them by installments and the US is one of the biggest markets.
Nelson Pagan (13 days ago)
Nice video! Where can I find the wallpaper used on the thumbnail? Please and thank you.
Saleh Alwardi (13 days ago)
like Android but I can't make the switch to it because I'm afraid of the laggy experience of most Android phones btw great video keep up the good work Matt
Kingz Leez (10 days ago)
Saleh Alwardi wow, so your iPhone doesn't lag?
MR Platinum (13 days ago)
In other words same as an 8. Ill keep my s7 edge still running great. Oh and ps matt i love that guitar on the back wall. What brand is it?
Kingz Leez (10 days ago)
blue773404 I also have it, think I'll wait for the note 9
blue773404 (13 days ago)
MR Platinum Yeah i have the s7 edge also, i do wanna upgrade but i want something new and groundbreaking
just Q (13 days ago)
Of course is the best display phone, but I'm with xiaomi phone's.
Nawi _ (13 days ago)
Well.. waiting Pixel 3 tho.
Eddie Perkins (13 days ago)
I don't think companies should move to no headphone jack until 1. There is a nice selection of usb type c headphones 2. They create a new jack same size with more power. 3.They add 2 usb type c ports. One port for charging and one for headphones. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN SACRIFICING CONVENIENCE FOR WIRELESS People who want wireless act like they have to use the jack because its there. No you can still use bluetooth headphones. I shouldnt be forced to do what you want. If we lose the jac you still get your bluetooth but i lose my wired connection. Not fair
curt2g1998 (11 days ago)
Mohamed Vahedi They've been making phones future proof for a while. I bought a newer Note, but I keep my Note 4 as a backup and sometimes I wonder why I don't just switch back. They've improved performance and features, but nothing that justifies a $800-$1000 price tag.
Mohamed Vahedi (11 days ago)
Eddie Perkins Yeah I get what you say, but fair or not fair, they will all follow what Apple does and will eventually remove the headphone jack so you will either have to stick with your old phone forever or just accept the change and move forward. GL
curt2g1998 (11 days ago)
Eddie Perkins Exactly.... unfortunately, you are making entirely too much sense.
Flavius (12 days ago)
Biiig congratulation for this comment! A wise man has spoken!
David hunsinger (12 days ago)
Agreed. Or at least put a regular audio dongle and a charging/audio dongle in the box
Ishwor Bastakoti (13 days ago)
Hi lots of love from nepal💗
Lucy Medeiros (13 days ago)
Horizontal cameras on the back with fingerprint sensor underneath would probably be a better look imo.
Eddie Perkins (13 days ago)
Im not getting the s9. The durability is shit. Screen was destroyed from 1 drop at the hip. Fell right out my pocket. Never dropped it before. Meanwhile my lg v30 has survived a beating. Fell off the treadmill onto the belt and launched onto the concrete garage floor. 0 damage
Mohammed Yaseen (12 days ago)
juicy boi I think he meant that he dropped s8 on the floor.
DreeTheGodd (13 days ago)
Nigga what?
juicy boi (13 days ago)
Eddie Perkins what how can you say that the s9 durability is shit it isn't even out yet and how can you say that you dropped it out of your pocket when its impossible for you to have it.
I doubt they will use 9. Might just call it 10 or something else.
Kenny Lilipaly (13 days ago)
My s8+ is just as smooth as on day one but i factory reset it after every update tho
Zero Sami (13 days ago)
Who are the idiots that want to get rid of the headphone jack More choices are better you morons And brand royalty is for schmucks
juicy boi (13 days ago)
Yet another great video
juicy boi (8 days ago)
gg ez but he did it great
Fairy Liquid (11 days ago)
juicy boi he just sat there talking about rumours lol great video 😂
ChroLLO LuCiLFer (13 days ago)
Kenny Lilipaly (13 days ago)
Is it worth to switch from a s8+ to the iphone 8 if you never use ios
Just Fruit (13 days ago)
iphone it's shit bro i have s8 my syster have iphone 8 but i don't like the iphone i like s8 more but it's your oppinion andoird it's better for me
juicy boi (13 days ago)
Kenny Lilipaly do not change to iphone 8 trust me
Tech Thusiast (13 days ago)
In terms of design, I believe it will be similar s8. It will be different and most likely fingerprint reader under the glass on their 10th anniversary ala Samsung Galaxy S10 or X. Still I will be getting the S9.
Jon Trimmer (13 days ago)
Had an S8+ and got bored of the Samsung UI pretty quickly, even Nova Launcher didn't convince me to keep it. Can't deny that Samsung hardware is beautiful but the software just doesn't do it for me. I'm more than happy with my Pixel 2 XL and can't wait for the Pixel 3. Happy new year from the UK Matt, looking forward to more great content in 2018 :)
Casey (13 days ago)
If we hang on to those ports(Headphone Jack) we will never be able to move on to wireless future
Mohammed Yaseen (12 days ago)
Casey Its not about moving to the wireless future, but making sure the transition is smooth as possible.
Ikjot Singh (13 days ago)
Hey Matthew I bought an Asus rog strix gl503vm hero edition laptop with a GTX 1060 and 100% sRGB 120hz ips display a week ago. To my surprise it doesn't have g-sync or Nvidia Optimus.
Endye (13 days ago)
hey matthew ur vid quality has 1440p its amazing liked and subbed!!!!!!!!!!!!
Endye (13 days ago)
I Have been your subscriber since a very long time i am so super happy that you replied to my comment i never thought you would reply thanks for replying by the way great video!!!!!!!!!!
Matthew Moniz (13 days ago)
Thanks man! = ) Welcome to the channel!
Aditya Thorat (13 days ago)
Notification Squad ✌🏻
ApplepieFTW (13 days ago)
These phones will only be suitable for 2-handed use; too big. Also like you said, the edges are a useless gimmick and only decrease usability and are nothing but an annoyance. Also, we definitely need the jack; wireless alternatives are either insanely expensive, have bad battery, or bad sound quality; usb-c alternatives effectively don't exist.
THE ACE (12 days ago)
ApplepieFTW I find the edge very useful I use it every day on my s7 edge helps keep my home screen uncluttered and I can still reach my most used apps with a swipe from the right amazing I love it
juicy boi (13 days ago)
I have the edge and i personally think its really nice i use it a lot and it looks cool Also they are not only suitable for 2 handed use the s9+ wil be but the s9 you can use it with one hand easily unles you have really small hands.
Lover Of Tech (13 days ago)
S9+ for sure. That 4GB ram life on android phones is the worse for performance over time
Lover Of Tech (11 days ago)
Phone Fanatic yea man Brandon is a good friend of mine. I’m based in London so we got to catch up briefly when he was around. Yea dude is a made talented cinematographer for sure and not many people can do what he does, definitely not me🤣 and his iPhone X review was too dope, great storyteller when review tech👌🏿
Phone Fanatic (11 days ago)
Lover Of Tech Lol Is that Brandon Havard I see in the vlog? If it is, he’s one of my fave TechTubers cuz he gets YouTube and is very talented. He understands that YouTube is a video medium and has a lot of creative visual content and his editing is excellent—he doesn’t just sit in front of the video camera and talk like lots of TechTubers do. Plus he’s embraced the widescreen mode to fit ‘17 smartphone form factors and beyond. I loved the intro to his iPhone X review, as did MKBHD.
Lover Of Tech (11 days ago)
Phone Fanatic have to agree again dude and I am a person in my latter years I tend to judge an OS more based in the out of box experience/features than having to tinker as well. Great talking man. Head over to my channel as well I do a lot of camera test and comparisons there as well👌🏿
Phone Fanatic (11 days ago)
Lover Of Tech I haven't messed around with Samsung phones since the Note 4 which is one of my all time fave phones cuz removable battery, plus unlocked bootloader on T-Mobile version. Android and iOS are both good, but both very different philosophies in fact opposite philosophies...Android = open natured and iOS = closed natured. It sounds like you know what you are talking about. I just don't have anymore time to tinker and I think iPhones have less headache. But you can definitely tinker and soup up your Android phone to your heart's content (been there done that). I also prefer iOS's aesthetic/design language over Google’s Material Design language as well as the User Experience on the X is next level shit, even though it's still an iPhone which can be boring since you can't customize or get under the hood like you can with Android. S8 is my favorite designed smartphone ever just edging out the iPhone 4. It's so sleek and futuristic. Just gorgeous to look at and also the feel in my dirty palms, lol. I agree, I get app reloads all the time on my X, but I never reboot or close my apps since they're sandboxed. The newest beta releases after 11.2 are ultra stable for me. Anyway, enjoy whatever phone you use since they're all kinda great these days.
Lover Of Tech (12 days ago)
Phone Fanatic so in reply to your edited comment about the spilt screen mode by Samsung from 2012 on the Note 2 and beyond its really down to preference and you have mad valid points to why it didn’t work for you. On the flip side it’s what made me love skinned Android compare to stock and still why i prefer it over google stock android. I think over the year samsung have perfected it and with the new infinity display on the S8+ and Note 8 it works so much better with the screen sizes
Parth Desai (13 days ago)
samsung is doing a good!
Lemuel Gonzales (13 days ago)
Im gonna wait for note 9 😊😊
Marco Bairos (13 days ago)
For some reason I don't get too excited for the S phones. I do get excited for the Note phones though. The one phone I'm most exciting for is the Pixel 3
THE ACE (12 days ago)
Robert Squyres how can u buy a phone like that I just don't get ppl say the software is amazing but the phone can't even hold apps cause it only had 4gb of ram the screen is bad it has no headphone jack and it doesn't even come with headphones in the box. Ik ppl say the pixel camera is real good but still how does it not have a dual camera and they asking for $900
Nouman Pervaiz (12 days ago)
I'm on the same boat. Returned my pixel 2 xl due to the horrible color shifting, it just was too noticeable. Returned it and got a oneplus 5t. Very very happy with it!
Borat Sagdiyev (13 days ago)
Marco Bairos Hope they ask Samsung to make their displays
Robert Squyres (13 days ago)
Marco Bairos Oh, my mistake. Yes, the first gen pixels have better screens than the pixel 2's. 👍
Marco Bairos (13 days ago)
Robert Squyres I have the Pixel 1. I've never had the Pixel 2 or have ever used one
Ahmad Mohamad (13 days ago)
Was just looking for this and it popped up in my sub box, perfect timing :D
Matthew Moniz (13 days ago)
Woohoo thanks Ahmad!
Aniket Rai (7 days ago)
*Galaxy S9 is really gonna be the next Android Beast*
Az Am (13 days ago)
yes off ourse
Aniket Rai (13 days ago)
Snoke Little faggot stay in yo lane
Supreme Leader Snoke (13 days ago)
you have 2 accounts and voted yes on your own poll. indian dog.
mjmbk (13 days ago)
What’s up Matt!
mjmbk (13 days ago)
Matthew Moniz everything’s cool...sitting back and enjoying the vid 😁. Happy New Years to you and the fam bro
Matthew Moniz (13 days ago)
Hey man whatsup! How's everything?
Ouma Shu (13 days ago)
keecefly (12 days ago)
Ouma Shu 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, ....
Ouma Shu (12 days ago)
What do you mean zero?🙂🤔
keecefly (12 days ago)
Ouma Shu Zero!
Ouma Shu (13 days ago)
Love all your tech videos....so much info.....keep it up man....make more video in 2018

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