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The ROG Phone is INSANE...

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The ASUS ROG Phone might just be the ultimate gaming smartphone. Trying the Razer Phone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn1mPhanb8Q Is the OnePlus 6 Worth It? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6De16RqJsrI Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan
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Chase Vineland (4 hours ago)
The port / dock is awesomely. This is what the future is. No more main computer or laptop. The dock would serve as an extension and backup system. And there will be “laptop” docks which will be just a dummy laptop with a screen, keyboard and battery all operated using the phones processing, video, and functionality features.
G-Money (12 hours ago)
MasterKM 47 (16 hours ago)
This phone is awesome, i know someone who has this its just cool especially for me because im a gamer and if only you could use PUBG MOBILE instead of free fire😂
Indranil Hazra (1 day ago)
Where can i buy it
PlainGames421 (1 day ago)
I'm one of these people to look at a peice of technology and instantly want it
Aaron CSC (1 day ago)
Ofc it shud be priced higher than 1k dollars..
Jazzoom Shibuya (1 day ago)
I watched this video by my razer phone... And I think I will buy ROG phone... 😬
AZS Gg (1 day ago)
1000 dollars+ welp, there goes my new phone
Phillip Rhinehardt (1 day ago)
I'm not paying 1000 dollars for no phone
Nikko Cedullo (2 days ago)
How much ?
ツInvertingly (2 days ago)
But where can i buy it
Roger Skagerström (2 days ago)
What both Motorola, LG and now Asus is missing - there are EXTREMLY few that's gonna buy expensive accessiories for a phone. Most people have the phones for maybe two years - then they buy a new one. That won't take those accessories. The dual display thing there looked cool - but who in their right mind will buy a 2-300 dollar accessory to their 900-1000 dollar phone? Just for the sake of gaming!
NO no no (2 days ago)
Where the Mobile legends Pro players at?? xD
Ryan Dundore (2 days ago)
If it was around 800 to 900 of consider it.
Phenom69ll (3 days ago)
Ugly youtuber tech till date
Edin743 (3 days ago)
WOW! Looks so futuristic 😍
Blake McGowan (3 days ago)
I play lineage 2 and i was gonna get the note 9 but im definitely holding out my upgrade till this
scotty thompson (3 days ago)
cool asus rog phone do you still have it austin
anime world (3 days ago)
Where can i buy this pleaseeee?
hyusoku Nimahs (3 days ago)
First Razor ,Second Xiaomi Black Shark, and then there's Asus Rog Damn
Dark Devil (3 days ago)
Fuck I phone buy this
Ishaan Das (3 days ago)
Guy bought for playing snake
Jay De leon (3 days ago)
Yo!dude rog phone is awesome I like the review you make on the new rog smart gaming phone I just don't know how much it I'll cost just hope it's not to expensive.
Mr. Sheepdog inc. (3 days ago)
I love it
Chair // CHair (3 days ago)
I really want it, is it out yet? And if so, where do you buy it?
NIKESH STHA (3 days ago)
it is always exhausting
Hajnal Endot (4 days ago)
Given that this thing's hypothetical performance tops that of the Switch, I'm wondering if, in the future, we can eventually diverge into most gaming being done on either dedicated computers or less-than-dedicated phones with the ability to dock and have controllers attached.
KVNG QUIN (4 days ago)
he plays free fire????
Ompharus (4 days ago)
Asus take my money already where is the phone lol
Ompharus (4 days ago)
When a phone is stronger than my first laptop lol ok
Rakesh Bayyarapu (4 days ago)
At the end of the day it's a worst video😂
David Chai (4 days ago)
Sorry. I see you MORE than the phone. CAN YOU FOCUS on the PHONE? Please...
Guppy (4 days ago)
I don't really get the criticism. It's nice this thing can make calls but you buy this because it's an incredibly powerful pocket size computer is what I'm thinking.
Luis Alcala (4 days ago)
Are the speakers better than the Razer phone though? Also, how close will this be to vanilla Android, no point in all this increase in performance if it'll come with a crap ton of bloatware
Bobby Setiawan (5 days ago)
But can it run madout 2 ultra settings ?????
No Shit23 (5 days ago)
Shoutout freefire battle royale
User Name (5 days ago)
The only thing I might play on it is pubg and that's it
Jimbo Fortnite (5 days ago)
He was playing free fire
Mao Zedong (5 days ago)
Why are you trying so hard to stay interesting Austin?
Ambetz (6 days ago)
rubbish design
Peter Chi (6 days ago)
tik kok ads
Justin Liu (6 days ago)
This guy makes me wanna punch him the face with his fucking intro
dj dabs (6 days ago)
No play snake 😂😂😂😂
Rowan Bremner (6 days ago)
What’s bad about the razer phone besides the camera? Just wondering because my friend has one and he seems to like it
Abhijit k (7 days ago)
Pls pls pla...give me this phone
Abhijit k (7 days ago)
Pls pls givee this phone pls....i am a big fans of yours....pls pls pls...give me this phone
Donovan Oakden (7 days ago)
But we're can u get it
wildreams (7 days ago)
It will definitely fail because it is going to be outdated in a year, and nobody would drop serious money on a niche hardware (accessory, phone, dock etc) that is going to be outdated in a year (this years iPhone is going to destroy it in performance, and next year's iPhone is going to destroy this years iPhone in performance; and this phone probably wouldn't even get next years android update)... And with nobody buying this phone, no developer is going to be optimizing their games for this device... Chicken and Egg. With no optimized games, this phone will be worthless, no gamers will buy this phone. This will fail a horrible death. Pity.
Ijam Zai (7 days ago)
This is the best gaming phone 2018..... But I still don't know the price of the phone!
gamer boy (7 days ago)
its amazing
Glock Lock (7 days ago)
U are truly full of shit!!!!! Quit ur job
Capt. Shadow (7 days ago)
Is ROG phone waterproof?
TommyJLion (7 days ago)
That Camera button thing was always there in SONY
Maya Durand (7 days ago)
Sweet limitation dance whether curious tale attractive vehicle laser indicate vitamin.
Taran Singh (8 days ago)
Clearly your U got paid for this Andy u should have to be honest with us
Jessica Suzanne (8 days ago)
I have an LG Rebel 3 and it's awesome! It has 16 gigabytes; the camera quality on it is pretty good; I can transfer my apps to the SD card and it's running Android 7.0 Nougat 😁😁 I love it
Dan Duncker (8 days ago)
i rather have a cheaper phone and my switch phone for net connection for the switch and the switch to play real games not just some mobile games
Rod Ven (8 days ago)
I wanna see a video about The ROG phone vs The Razor Phone
Fence (8 days ago)
he spends most of his time "at the end of the day"
I think when it comes out it will be >$1,200.. But the price will slide to <$800 in 2 months because... Nobody ever buys an ASUS. It is a brand famous for it's low quality!
Garrett Osterhoudt (8 days ago)
When they make a phone that has steam support I’m down
Shido Itsuka (8 days ago)
I'm gonna force my dad to buy me this
Sourabh Mazumdar (8 days ago)
This phone is totally fab.
zidane cs (9 days ago)
Which is that game
mithul gunasekar (9 days ago)
broo is it released...???
Mus T (9 days ago)
This thing has more io than the 12 inch macbook
Little Talk (9 days ago)
Is it coincidental that unbox therapy's video ends at the same time as this one?
Luke Beauchamp (9 days ago)
It's no Xperia Play
Robert Paugh (9 days ago)
I mean the Razer phone was pretty cheap for what was offered when compared to something like the note 8. This looks cool but the price is probably gonna even make the note 8 price look small. If they manage to get this into the same price range as the Razer phone to the note 8, that's gonna really show Razer and Samsung up.
Monomanian Distream (9 days ago)
did he say 512GB of storage?
Kenneth Kuijpers (9 days ago)
*But can it run doom?*
Tanner 9905 (10 days ago)
If it’s 800+ dollar phone I’m just going to get the Razer phone.
Saravanan K (10 days ago)
SyKoBoy (10 days ago)
How much?
Cristian Mora (10 days ago)
Can It Run Roblox Fortnite Tho?
Mario Ibarra (10 days ago)
Didn’t know Austin likes J Balvin
dream Reu (10 days ago)
but can it play crysis 3?
thebellboy (10 days ago)
still rocking my iphone 5...
Arash Oskouei (10 days ago)
Problem is, it is not Android One.
AngryFish 5 (10 days ago)
How or when can I obtain this phone :v
Raz ابوعصا (11 days ago)
But, Can it run Crysis?
Naz (11 days ago)
*But can it play Crysis at Max settings?*
Oltrop (11 days ago)
Did you get a chance to test the camera in this phone Austin??? if so, how does it stack up?
after effect (11 days ago)
Meanwhile , People seeking for Fortnite to play in gaming phone
Avinash Singh (11 days ago)
even if it goes for $1200 I'd still buy it. it looks really cool.
mark shasteen (11 days ago)
I think you should send me one when they come out! 😁
Malik Makki (11 days ago)
This phone will replace your pc
Mr thik Mr (11 days ago)
What muy
Mr thik Mr (11 days ago)
What money
Harris Tengku (11 days ago)
Yea *but can it run CRYSIS??*
Christopher Bohling (11 days ago)
Install Windows 95 on it and play Doom
Hey guys this is Austin and this....is my penis.
Calvin Berkley (11 days ago)
Can you play Fortnite?
Adam Peterson (11 days ago)
if only the put a gaming controller on the twin view dock... Since this is just in prototype device, maybe they'll release it in both android and Windows core OS along side surface andromeda and Dell Januss.
BobZOMG1984 (12 days ago)
*but can it run crysis?*
yellz_da_rippa06 yt (12 days ago)
How did u get it
Masterkjx Games (12 days ago)
It's been copied by a iphone 6 plus and Samsung s9
HAO HJ科技 (12 days ago)
In Taiwan?
White Green (12 days ago)
fyi if the camera is the same as zenfone 5, its dxomark rating is 90
Raj Devan (12 days ago)
This whole channel is a joke

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