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Huawei - AT&T deal is off, Triple Bluetooth Battery Life - Galaxy J2 Pro Official

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Text Comments (189)
JReid2K (5 hours ago)
With Lobbyists in our politicians back pocket I wouldn't be supprised if Samsung and Apple had something to do with this awful decision just to protect their sales. It's a shame because Huawei has great and innovative products. Glad I could pick up my Mate 10 on Ebay but the majority of buyers go through carriers that have limited choices.
浩子 (1 day ago)
America is a free country,I doubt it.China has opened the door many year.Apple,intel has earned so much money in China.It’s surely trade protectionism.I’m shamed of that.
j (3 days ago)
I don't think that Huawei have ever been caught spying on anyone. You would have lots of security researchers looking at their products.
Adrian Morales (3 days ago)
What I personally think ? Apart from realising that the Cold War isn't over, I was thinking that we should all do our best to get along with everyone on this planet, regardless of belief, age, sex, race, nationality and other such particularities.
Dennis Harris (3 days ago)
Sorry but the Racism comment is the stupidest thing I have heard you say. What phones aren't made in China? I will give you credit you tied the "republicans" into the racism quite quickly. I had no idea you are a moonbat
PRUIKKI RACING (3 days ago)
Claim is 50% accurate,i think. UScompanies lobbying protecting their own is the real reason. I think, wink wink
Maxim Mee (3 days ago)
isnt qualcolm a communist company ?
Wilson Lee (4 days ago)
Business & politics as usually...
ʝαcƙ ωooժheαɗ (4 days ago)
I think it has more to do with the US economy than politics
bonbon lee (4 days ago)
true all china companies are states own
UrAvgReviewer (4 days ago)
CES2018 a run through on my channel.... All the important things you need to know on my channel.... https://youtu.be/GcczFIeEWs4
TexasVet72 (4 days ago)
Racism? Really? Bandwagon much?
Anthony Wouter (4 days ago)
Huawei is everywhere now
bad65dad (4 days ago)
Yes spy software their country inside phones ordered by the goverment I've read about that last year.
Stoneysilence (4 days ago)
I'm disappointed that you brought racism into the reasoning of why the US government might get involved between Huawei and ATT. It just boggles my mind. If that is they case then why does Alacatel sell their phones via T-Mobile and ZTE via ATT? Or maybe more likely these committee people have info that we don't that says we should be worried about Huawei specifically. And wasn't it not long ago another Chinese phone manufacturer was caught skimming data off of users phones?
But ZTE is about to be banned next, tough that is not a big loss most ZTE phones are trash except that double screen one that one is a beast! :3
jaafar kassim (4 days ago)
Trump's Slogan #makeamericagreatagain, is really gonna hurt the country's economy in the next 5 years if he doesn't get impeached by then. I guess the country's solution is to print more US bills.
vinq (4 days ago)
I rather have the chinese see what porn I download instead of the NSA.
Kasim Hussain (4 days ago)
Kyle Morrell (4 days ago)
Huawei is a really good company. I had far less problems with my Honor 8 both hardware and software wise over the iPhone or the Galaxy
Ryqan F (4 days ago)
This dudes videos suck
cristian (4 days ago)
Today all huawei phones got more expensive here in Mexico!! !:(
THEBESTSGT (4 days ago)
Racism? I didnt realize you are a Libtard but now I know. Unsubscribed
Massimo O'Kissed (4 days ago)
I have a Huawei G7 and I assume the CCP knows everything about me. So in expectation of China taking over the world, I have good status on AliExpress.
Kevin West (4 days ago)
All Chinese phones have spyware. That is a proven fact.
KFC Franchises (4 days ago)
Oh yes, but let's have Oppo and OnePlus in America. Hypocritical politicians at work. Probably bought by Apple to say that
the one you dont see (4 days ago)
the issue and fear of being too dependent on lte is the same as its been since wireless g wifi. notice how Ethernet threwput is 54mbps and it still outperforms wireless ac 5ghz 750mbps. its the same reason why digital eather works or does not same respect for packet data if part is lost all is lost so what do thay do thay add binary redundancy the more you add the exponentially slower wireless connection speed becomes. that is why even one signal bar lost on youre $200ish smartphone results in not being able to stream in 1080p60hz.
Um in not racism you you look at the information the Chinese release they keep saying they spy on on their citzen
imflyaway (4 days ago)
*Laughs in OP6&OP6T*
LenNay (4 days ago)
it is obviously lobbying, look at tax reform that are for only the rich corporations. Look at tesla not being able to even open a dealership
jonah travisano (4 days ago)
Why would you even say racism ?the Chinese spy in their own people so there is some concern when you get a Huawei iPhone ...why jump to racism everybody is so crazy these days can’t do anything without being called a racist get over it...
ch1kusoo (4 days ago)
The political angle in the Huawei case is interesting. I have my own theory but one question that no one is asking, has Huawei fallen out of favor with the Chinese government? Remember, in China, "private companies" are not really private and the government has their hands in them one way or another. If Huawei is the biggest telecom company in China and if they have connections to the Chinese government, wouldn't the Chinese government make some phone calls to the U.S. government to set things right? Wouldn't Pres Xi be on the phone with Pres Trump? One thing to watch out for is whether Xiaomi will make it to the U.S. If they do, not only does that suggest maybe Xiaomi is the Chinese government's new favorite but also Xiaomi has done something that the U.S. government likes and security and privacy issues are ignored. What might that be? Well...how about the fact that Xiaomi will be purchasing Qualcomm chipsets in the future phones? (Huawei uses their own in-house chipset btw) Remember in that deals signing PR stunt when Trump was in Beijing a few months back? Xiaomi signed a deal with Qualcomm to buy their chipsets. The Chinese government was willing to put Xiaomi on stage for this little PR stunt but not other Chinese phone manufacturers.
Someone slept with someone and it didn't end well, that's why the deal fell through.
John Dow (4 days ago)
Seriously: fuck the United States government.
Bored Guy (4 days ago)
According to some nut cases, they believe that Huawei has a strong connection to the Chinese Military. Honestly, I hope the Chinese Military likes ebony porn.
Andrew (4 days ago)
The problem with Bluetooth headphone is not the bluetooth technology itself it's the Headphone. Try the bluetooth portable dac to connect to your hi fi headphone, with the same amp you will be hard pressed to notice the difference in sound quality. so when qualcomm increase the battery life by 3x it will be a game changer.
nicholas Akubariki (4 days ago)
Majority of the money apple makes from America is stored outside the country. Americans are so stupid , start loving yourself before America Then things will change
nicholas Akubariki (4 days ago)
The biggest security threat is in the White House in the house and senate. Russia today rt is allowed to operate in America . Americans its not jealousy why people might hate u it dumb shit like this. Selective outrage
The divine truth (4 days ago)
forget the j2 get the xa2
China numbah #1!
baked raven (4 days ago)
Fuck butthurt U.S.
ALL TIME LEARNING (4 days ago)
Good news thanks sir
INDroid (4 days ago)
Samsung is only alive in India just because a couple of years ago, they released those J series just at the edge 😂 Xiaomi, o+ and others were almost completely settled But if they'll keep on releasing that same device every time, it's not gonna work. Seriously, 1.5 GBs of RAM? What work would it do? Specially when you have your custom UX skin into it! (Better is anyone don't think to say "it's still enough for our parents" coz it's not. Facebook and WhatsApp applications will fix your parents
raptor2569 (4 days ago)
We are looking out for security in our great nation. Just playing that racist card is a weak excuse. It's funny how we throw that out so quickly without actually fact. So let's stick to tech talk thanks.
Bored Guy (4 days ago)
Shut the fuck up about all this "great nation" horse shit. We're a country full of idiots, I'm tired of seeing this "great nation."
eFasser (4 days ago)
Accusing company of ties with foreign intelligence isn't racism, you dumbass!
Brandon Elbers (4 days ago)
Why does everyone assume the US Government is racist? Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. We don't have all the information on Huawei that the government does. They could indeed pose a security threat. I bet no one even does research to check if the concern is valid.
Jaafar Alawieh (4 days ago)
He said they might be racists... he's just pointing out that things might not be like they always seem... which is actually your point too
Unknown Person (4 days ago)
The US Government don't want Huawei phones in the US because they want you to buy American phones with NSA spyware.
Bored Guy (4 days ago)
Bloodling That's a retarded statement, we're getting spied on regardless of which phone brand we buy into, honestly, neither is better.
Bloodling (4 days ago)
Well, I guess its better than having CCP spyware.
Matt S (4 days ago)
Smart to not trust Huawei, not racism you bald dork, if they have intelligence that they embed spyware and we are sending back private info to freaking China commie gov't, then fuck Huawei, there are plenty of good phone options
herbfst (4 days ago)
What business interest? 99% of phones are made in China and purely because of the financial aspect in the open market.
herbfst (3 days ago)
brown bobby also note than almost everything "made in America" must not really be made in America because most line workers are not American going by your point about "well apple is made in Taiwan but because the people working there may be from other countries, that makes me right because not every single person is from China specifically."keep grasping on the few little things things that you think make you right" " Still stands that Most phones are still manufactured in china ( *some components may be pre-assembled elsewhere like every other product in the world).
herbfst (3 days ago)
brown bobby sorry dude. It doesn't change the fact that most phones are still manufactured in china. I am glad you.watched a random YouTube video explaining that some are made elsewhere as if that changes that facts that "most" phones are still manufactured in "china"
brown bobby (3 days ago)
you do some research, commie friend....what made it so easy for Samsung LG and Sony to move elsewhere is the fact that components inside phones are from other countries....Samsung LG Sony taking up more than 30% of market share isn't minoriry to free country's standard, commie.....with Apple being made by Taiwanese company..half of them are non-chinese that can move elsewhere anytime...China keeps making cheap phones with government support....Commie
herbfst (3 days ago)
brown bobby that's funny, the majority of LG production is in South Korea and sure, Samsung is starting to manufacture a lot in Vietnam but the majority of" all" manufacturing of phones, not just 1-2 cherry picked brands, are manufactured in China. Sorry homie quit lying and do your research.#fakenews.
brown bobby (3 days ago)
herbfst samsung lg sony are made in vietnam india...keep lying commie
LaviArray (4 days ago)
Actually the Samsung Level U bluetooth headphones are actually pretty good! Good sound quality and battery life goes 1.5 to 2 days for me. And priced $30 on Amazon!
fafa stalk (4 days ago)
HUAWEI is crap
Amakawa NG (4 days ago)
Just double standard, in case of China, it will be defined as protectionism
David T. (4 days ago)
Dude. I usually lovd your stuff, but you can't just cry "Racism!" with literally nothing to back up that claim. That's irresponsible journalism. Shame on you.
Amg lover (4 days ago)
lol amerikans
Dr. Jé (4 days ago)
People: The divided States of America owes China $ - don't your bill collectors skip trace and have your contact information....
Lica M. (4 days ago)
Huawei are trash phones👌😹
王中钰 (4 days ago)
The answer is very simple. HUAWEI uses its own Kirin chip instead of Snapdragon, Qualcomm can not make money from HUAWEI, so they assign some "puppets" to block HUAWEI. BTW Samsung also has its own Exynos processor, but they sell snapdragon versions in the US market
TechPimp (4 days ago)
This is bully AT&T doesn't deserve it you. Just try T-Mobile
ro pro (4 days ago)
Obviously, Huawei is being shut out because they're using their own Kirin SOC instead of Qualcomm's Snapdragon. Good old U.S. protectionism at it's best.
HD DG (4 days ago)
What a fuckin dick head. It’s about national security.
James T (4 days ago)
Good call USA, just doing what the CCP has been doing to Foreign companies for decades. About time 👍
Man Ki Kong (4 days ago)
Huawei was a state-owned military business. That's it.
Keith Norris (4 days ago)
All about money
omar SW (4 days ago)
Huawei is great, been using huawei ever since 2014 never got dispointed plus it asks my permission for everything
taengplz (4 days ago)
The huawei concerns are not unfounded for those that think it's about racism and they've have been caught in rights violations already esp in china
D.V.S.Sandeep Reddy (4 days ago)
I don't know y India isn't concerned about Chinese phones which rule the Indian market. May be it could be a problem with the US.
shahreif taylor (4 days ago)
The funny thing is that phones like Samsung and apple all have spyware in them. Google is constantly siphoning information with every video you watch purchase you make and website you visit. I think we can all agree privacy on the internet doesn't really exist. So yes in the grand scheme of things this isn't about protection its about money. Huawei offers high quality phones at better prices and their presence in the US would hurt Samsung and apple. Its as simple as that😎
shahreif taylor (3 days ago)
brown bobby im not on either side im just calling it like it is
brown bobby (3 days ago)
shahreif taylor keep crying chinese....
Aliex Fishing (4 days ago)
What the f racism?? What thr hell??? I'm unsubscribing from this shit channel right now, bye
Leandro Valderrama (4 days ago)
I hate huaweii. They updated my phone to oreo and it started glitching and battery started to train and turn off. Told me to reset my phone and send it in for testing and said they couldnt do anything to it. Fuck that company!
Jeff Blue (4 days ago)
What the hell is a Huawei?
MoonyD911 (4 days ago)
Also why would anyone want to buy the Samsung phone given that you can get great budget phones at the same price with better specs. 1.5GB of ram is pretty bad imo for 2018 smartphones.
brown bobby (3 days ago)
MoonyD911 keep crying chinese
Thats bullshit af.. Starting to hate murica because there is literally alot of stuff to hate for them..
MoonyD911 (4 days ago)
Pretty sad that Huawei is being shut out of the US market. Feels like their afraid of Huawei taking market shares given that they offer a superior product for a lower price.
Philip Chen (10 hours ago)
brown bobby no evidence huawei breached US laws only accusations. By contrast Google is clearly unwilling to abide by Chinese censorship laws - even if you Westerners don't agree with them.
brown bobby (11 hours ago)
others are "allowed" that's why Huawei is not allowed in the US for the same reason...anything else to say?
Philip Chen (15 hours ago)
Google had been allowed in China before. The reason they are kicked out is because they don't want to abide by Chinese laws. Other competitive companies like Apple are still allowed.
MoonyD911 (3 days ago)
brown bobby everyone knows about the great firewall of China. Hahaha.
brown bobby (3 days ago)
pretty sad Google is being blocked in China...feels like they're afraid of google taking market share in China
shubham patil (4 days ago)
Racism at its peak
Shihabuddin Ahmed (4 days ago)
Donald Trump administration's policy to "Make America Great Again".
Keith Thomas (4 days ago)
Racism? Seriously? Against Huawei? A company whose security issues and intellectual property thefts have been reported on for over a decade?
Daniel Moore (4 days ago)
When I tune in for tech news, I expect only tech news. This guy crying racism is about as SJW activist as it gets. Needs to not comment on politics. I've got other great sources for tech news that do not insert utter garbage into reporting, so I'll just unsubscribe here.
Aaron Cross (4 days ago)
Racism? There have been multiple instances of industrial espionage and backdoored chips/software for decades. They have about zero copyright law and knockoff everything. Top it off with lowering their tax rates to zero just after we drop ours to encourage businesses to come back. They have always been a difficult ally at the best of times. That's being kind. Russia is the scapegoat while China is the biggest threat. The SJW retardism is strong and could have stayed in the closet with your communist manifesto, queefy britches.
Jaafar Alawieh (4 days ago)
Aaron Cross oh so now russia is the scapegoat and china has always been the enemy? Lol just like eastasia and eurasia
Choda Boy (4 days ago)
"Chinese" is not a race, so racism has nothing to do with the topic of Huawei and other Chinese companies performing corporate and national espionage. The People's Republic of China is governed by the Communist Party of China. Spy Software Found Preinstalled on Lenovo, Huawei, and Xiaomi Smartphones | Business | chinese regime | cybercrime | The Epoch Times — https://www.theepochtimes.com/spy-software-found-pre-installed-on-lenovo-huawei-and-xiaomi-smartphones_1748900.html Chinese-authored spyware found on more than 700 million Android phones — https://www.cyberscoop.com/android-malware-china-huawei-zte-kryptowire-blu-products/ Former CIA boss says aware of evidence Huawei spying for China — https://www.reuters.com/article/us-huawei-security/former-cia-boss-says-aware-of-evidence-huawei-spying-for-china-idUSBRE96I06I20130719 Former CIA chief has seen “hard evidence” of Huawei spying on behalf of China — https://www.phonearena.com/news/Former-CIA-chief-has-seen-hard-evidence-of-Huawei-spying-on-behalf-of-China_id45500 Former head of CIA: Huawei engaged in espionage for Chinese state - CSMonitor.com — https://www.csmonitor.com/Technology/2013/0719/Former-head-of-CIA-Huawei-engaged-in-espionage-for-Chinese-state Huawei Spies For China, Says Michael Hayden - Business Insider — http://www.businessinsider.com/huawei-spies-for-china-says-michael-hayden-2013-7 Investigative Report on the U.S. National Security Issues Posed by Chinese Telecommunications Companies Huawei and ZTE - https://intelligence.house.gov/sites/intelligence.house.gov/files/documents/huawei-zte investigative report (final).pdf Huawei-Cisco Tests China's Respect for Property Rights - IEEE Spectrum — https://spectrum.ieee.org/at-work/innovation/huaweicisco-tests-chinas-respect-for-property-rights Huawei probed for security, espionage risk - CBS News — https://www.cbsnews.com/news/huawei-probed-for-security-espionage-risk/ Huawei spied, US federal jury finds • The Register — https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/05/19/huawei_spied_us_jury_finds/ Jury awards T-Mobile $4.8M in trade-secrets case against Huawei | The Seattle Times — https://www.seattletimes.com/business/technology/july-awards-t-mobile-48m-in-trade-secrets-case-against-huawei/
Bored Guy (4 days ago)
Look at half of these non-reputable sources. Ffs.
branded (4 days ago)
Never trust the communist china .
静水丨流深 123 (4 days ago)
My first college writing class taught me that populour sources are not confidential and qualified for siting. It is just like if I tell you that you should stop using toilet paper because CNN reports an article that tells you that it is detrimental to your butt......
Keith Thomas (4 days ago)
Choda Boy THANK YOU! It's $#it like this that makes me wonder why I'm still subscribing to AA.
Landon Gonzalez (4 days ago)
Lol privacy when that existed on the internet
Asterisk (4 days ago)
Considering how often Chinese phone companies have been found to be blatantly taking data from their phones I understand the concerns. Don't get me wrong, still happens here but over there it seems there are no restrictions.
Aaron Cross (4 days ago)
Asterisk Because there aren't. They basically have zero copyright law and knockoff everything you can think of. The "racism" crack in the video was stupid as fuck. I'm wondering how Samsung and HTC suddenly lost their ethnicity and went hit. China is anything but an ally and never has been. We dropped our tax rate to encourage businesses to come back, they in turn drop theres to zero to keep companies along with making them sign agreements. That's all a person needs to know about their intent.
CRAKIZGOOD (4 days ago)
Racisim ? It's simply greed .......
rogeh marbi (4 days ago)
Great video!! Now, it'd be wise to get some sleep..
Kline Games (4 days ago)
US with the BS to only lobby there own shitty phones... There is no F** bad security if it's coming to US .. Business Noob is how you call a lot of the US Company's
Bored Guy (4 days ago)
Kline Games legit every phone in the US Market is imported, do you know what you're talking about?
taka shiru (4 days ago)
omg the j2 pro is straight from 2014 ahahaha
tom domagalski (4 days ago)
Scott Davenport that's all good. Just please don't name it "PRO" lol
Landon Gonzalez (4 days ago)
taka shiru Ohh well of course if you are searching for a bang for your buck then yes this isn't the phone for you idk what phone you have lol it's impressive that it has 3GB ram
taka shiru (4 days ago)
Landon Gonzalez don't be like this. It's not that either you have this shit phone or you buy the 1000$ pixel 2. I have a 150 phone with 3gb of ram
Landon Gonzalez (4 days ago)
taka shiru it is usable tho it's does what a phone does of course it as the friend above said these phones are for people who ethier don't care about specs or can't afford a 1,000 $ phone tho the second point is debatable
Scott Davenport (4 days ago)
taka shiru To you an me but to say someone like your grandmother your grandfather say a 12 or 13 year old girl or boy actually getting their first phone to a lot of people it won’t matter to them and that’s the point I’m just trying to make that’s it to the average consumer with the average user they do not really care about internals specs they just want to phone
Ian Lee Gonzales (4 days ago)
The shoe is now on the other foot. Chines government has been harassing American companies for decades. Just look at Apple, Facebook, Google & Uber
Bored Guy (4 days ago)
Jason Denton right.
Jason Denton (4 days ago)
Yh because apple is banned in China right? Olus google is not “banned” just blocked, they chose to promote anti government news and were warned yet never backed down thats how they got blocked.
Hrishikesh Pawar (4 days ago)
Samshit j2 pro :3
shawn s (4 days ago)
I don't understand
Gulshan Tirkey (4 days ago)
I love Headphone jack😘
1yedMonster (4 days ago)
Politics are ruining the consumer experience
brown bobby (3 days ago)
same thing, it Google wasn't about business, why would they let it but made it die out slowly by putting limitation on certain functions...we all know what china is now....so it won't work anymore
1yedMonster (3 days ago)
brown bobby again... If this wasn't about business and instead was really about national security then they wouldn't allow them in the US period. BUT they do. They just make it slightly harder to get them
brown bobby (3 days ago)
say that to communist party who controls just about anything....China is a country ruled by a single party or dictators who can go so far as to demanding data from any chinese companies....why would anybody risk their people's data being sent to communist party? China is different from the west or any other free countries....wake up people
1yedMonster (3 days ago)
Pablo how is it making it safer? It's not like they banned them in the US. You can still import them. If they wanted to make it "safe" because they're a "threat" then you would ban them from being imported
LenNay (3 days ago)
correct, just for this I will go buy a huawei and not an apple iphone
Albert Mkhwanazi (4 days ago)
Ro Bert (4 days ago)
Huawei is good
brown bobby (3 days ago)
But others are better..that's the problem
ACanOfSpam (4 days ago)
+girlsdrinkfeck no both are very good products
girlsdrinkfeck (4 days ago)
then its shit ,samsung best
ACanOfSpam (4 days ago)
+girlsdrinkfeck no
girlsdrinkfeck (4 days ago)
good if ya a pooor chink
9Lives (4 days ago)
Racism? Oh well it would have to be racism, not protectionism, trying to keep your market for yourself mixed with genuine and real security concerns. Now the dictionary definition of racism is : prejudice, discrimination against another race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. Mmm so where’s the racism? Easy woke SJW word to throw around though, especially in tech circles.
Pepperpot (4 days ago)
9Lives Ah the good old answer to everything these days Racism ‼️ Next thing you know they can’t release a phone unless a trans black disabled muslim has had at least 50% more design input than any white straight males 😆
9Lives (4 days ago)
R T I bought the Mate 10 with a little trepidation over security, I have given it multiple scans though how much use that is and turned off any data transmission to Huawei. I don’t do online banking on my phone and use a vpn. I’m so sick of racism and liberals trying to divide society with this nonsense. When will the tech industry grow up and behave rationally, god I hope James Damore takes google for a massive amount and drags their disgusting views through the mud.
R T (4 days ago)
9Lives Everything is racist. It's the current year/s. Nevermind the history of IP theft that China has built entire economic zones on. Or the history of Lenovo, ZTE, etc. What is even more disturbing is that Huawei is thought to be doing far more insidious stuff. The kind of relationship that Kaspersky is thought to have with the FSB. Or at very least, operating in a country that requires you to do some things in the name of patriotism. Like funneling all your customers incoming data through government nets.
HerrBratwurst (4 days ago)
can just go to Xiaomi, oneplus and get the spywares there. not difficult. it's the damn CPC, they can do whatever they want.
deadliner (4 days ago)
Get some sleep, Jayce.
Ahnaf Mahmud (4 days ago)
I liked the Weekly4 title better
ninjakid164 (4 days ago)
Huawei is trash ....
tom domagalski (4 days ago)
ninjakid164 I had two of their phones, a midrange nova 2 and now a mate 9. There isn't much negative I can say about either considering their prices. Honestly they are worth more than what you can get them for. Anyway, what is not trash for you?
ninjakid164 (4 days ago)
tom domagalski no trolling when it’s the truth
tom domagalski (4 days ago)
ninjakid164 your trolling worked
Prasanna (4 days ago)
J2 isnt very good lol...
Henry Ijeoma (4 days ago)
It's all politicking. Samsung know that they'll lose customers if Huawei comes to the US
brown bobby (3 days ago)
But the us don't want shitty chinese phones...china tries so hard to sell stuff to countries they hate so much
Christopher beltran (4 days ago)
Henry Ijeoma lmao no apple
girlsdrinkfeck (4 days ago)
doubt that ,samsung users know china phones suck shit in comparison
Srikanth Varadharajan (4 days ago)
Ikhwan Arif (4 days ago)
Well, Chinese phones do have spyware, even mainland Chinese acknowledges this, but yeah it's US protectionism mostly.
mikldude (1 day ago)
R T Nothing would surprise me mate , having said that , would we expect our respective countries intelligence agencies to be any less industrious ??? As im sure you like myself would be well aware of just how clever these guys are at snooping on any communication device if they really want to . I mean really , if anyone wants to be secure from electronic surveillance of big brother or other interested parties , best to take on the caveman lifestyle out in the boonies right now 🏕 with no modern electronic gizmos , even then the buggers are probably watching you stalking your dinner 🏹🦃🍗 near your new cave home via sattelite .
Ikhwan Arif (3 days ago)
Luka M Buddy, that article was over a year ago, even AA did a video about it https://youtu.be/FIHwOjQNa9U Chinese phones having spyware is widely recognized, especially in Asia. Chinese consumers have been reporting it for years prior. It's not a mere allegation. With that said, I don't have a problem with Huawei phones, I bought one for my brother and he's enjoying it. My only advice is, don't buy Chinese phones if privacy is a major concern. Peace man.
Luka M (3 days ago)
Ikhwan Arif interesting article. Thanks. But I think it is Propaganda becuase of two reasons. 1. It's an American written article. 2. It was posted on the day Huawei announced a coming partnership with AT&T
Ikhwan Arif (3 days ago)
Luka M This is one of the notable instances of Chinese phones having spyware. https://www.androidheadlines.com/2016/11/entry-level-android-phones-reportedly-sending-data-to-china.html
Luka M (3 days ago)
Ikhwan Arif evidence?
FutureCars (4 days ago)
Bluetooth battery thing will be great as phones are giving up audio jacks
FutureCars (1 day ago)
We should not i'm just saying that it's a good thing i have bluetooth earphones which last 6-7 hours max with this new technology it will be around 10-12 that's a huge difference
mikldude (1 day ago)
FutureCars some of us live in hope that some manufacturers will hang on to the head phone jack regardless . the dedicated headphone jack is a convenience feature , there are going to be times when you need to charge your phone and bt ear phones at the same time . and at this time the headphone jack still does have the best qaulity sound , and ear buds suck i might add ! why should we compromise because some phone makers want to save a buck by deleting the 3.5 mm headphone jack .

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