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Moto E4, 14 days later. Oh Wow!

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Text Comments (219)
Nicholas Vaughan (11 days ago)
has terrible durability
Ben Ives (11 days ago)
Can this e4 mirror to tv please
BryanThe Gamer42 (1 month ago)
G4 play was my second phone and the whole thing cracked. E4 is phone I am on now
rickofsteel (1 month ago)
I just got this phone as a backup it's fantastic, and how did you unlock it for $2
Quartrell Warren (1 month ago)
The moto e4 plus is better
Joseph (2 months ago)
so what did u use to unlock it ? link to thr site please ? and is it rootable ? simple mobile is what i need and rooted im looking to buy the huwaei sensa for 50 , galaxy j3 emerge or moto o e4 from boost..... Need it to run on simple mobile and be rootable... Please help im buying one today
Raphael Quaglio (2 months ago)
Great review. Short but full of useful details.
Charleen Corbitt (2 months ago)
I got the gold one for $9.00 at metro pcs with unlimited plan. No fingerprint scanner. But great for free or almost free. I love it
Big Daddy Pancakes (2 months ago)
got this phone for free
Darryl McGee (2 months ago)
I once owned the Motorola Moto E4 (Boost Mobile Version). I have since moved on to the Moto E4 Plus. I LOVE BOTH DEVICES! Both are great devices which perform smoothly. Battery Life is top-notch.
I got one.. no problems..good buy
flpmrtnz (2 months ago)
how do you remove the verizon apps?
jimmy o (2 months ago)
Thanx for posting!!!
Leah deGruchy (3 months ago)
Curious, what method do you use for unlocking? Great video!
Alex P (3 months ago)
The fingerprint scanner is faster than Galaxy S7 I been using
Saad Ahmed (3 months ago)
i am using this phone from last 2 months...great smooth working
FubarMike (3 months ago)
only downside is this phone will probably not get any android upgrades or security updates. As long as android 7.1.1 stays supported by the majority of apps things should be fine so maybe 2-3 years but then you can just upgrade to a new moto e or install a custom rom
Five10 (3 months ago)
FubarMike I bought it for $110, and I'll be replacing it in less than 2/3 years. Most people do the same.
Edgar Bravo (4 months ago)
This video made me unbox the e4 I have. Right now I'm using the Moto play and having a great experience with.
PsychoCPU (4 months ago)
Gotta say great review man. I picked up one of these while on vacation to replace my LG Stylo 3 when my fingerprint sensor finally gave out and I gotta say it's such a better experience than phones 2x the price. At this price point there is literally no other phone that comes close.
Aden skytalker (4 months ago)
In England I got mine £149
Conner Harkness (4 months ago)
Thank you for a very informative, quality video!
Charles Eads' (4 months ago)
Metro pcs sells the gold version
Charles Eads' (4 months ago)
I bought this phone brand new with metro pcs and I love it I ha e used Motorola before and I think it's a great and durable brand.
The Duke (4 months ago)
Hey man I have a question, I have a regular line on Verizon, family plan. Can I just get this phone and use it on my regular line or would I only be able to get a prepaid plan?
Ali Esko (4 months ago)
Hey J does it have adaptable storage 🤔🤔🤔
Ethan O'Neill (4 months ago)
can you put a tracphone simcard in it? tracphone uses the verizon network, so is the fact that the e4 is a verizon phone a problem?
Will Wheeler (4 months ago)
All the versions have a finger print scanner
SoCalDude805 (5 months ago)
eBay unlock codes are $2. Walmart still has it for $39.99 for in store pick-up.
Saul Sandoval (5 months ago)
How u keep.ur phone on??...i mean the screen doesn't go dark??..
Tim Gentz (5 months ago)
I purchased the prepaid $39 verizon version, bought the unlock code and it DOES NOT still work on verizon postpaid. To use verizon pospaid, it MUST be activated on a prepaid plan first.
Bravest Bullfighter (5 months ago)
Just ordered a silver one from Walmart for pickup. How does silver look compared to black? Or, is it a typo and it only comes in black?
Queenn Chronicales (5 months ago)
You are giving my life right now . I just bought this phone I love it. I wish I had bought the Plus model.
ItzzNigel (5 months ago)
The uk version is better because the back is metal and not plastic
Sherm (5 months ago)
good upload
Anthony Genovese (5 months ago)
great review boss!
Mike S (6 months ago)
can it work as a_hot spot to give a tablet internet connection
Average angry American (6 months ago)
just picked up the e4 plus from Best buy for 59$. Well worth it.
UnderDe Gunn (6 months ago)
You sold me. Got one. Thanks for the help.
Andres De Toledo (6 months ago)
men anyone knows what launcher is he using? or if you can answer Jwiliams, what launcher are you using?
Michael Mendoza (6 months ago)
Andres De Toledo go to settings>display>display size and put in on the smallest option.
Andres De Toledo (6 months ago)
do you know how he did to put 5 icons layout instead of four?
Andres De Toledo (6 months ago)
thanks bro!
Michael Mendoza (6 months ago)
Andres De Toledo stock launcher
Evans Mwangi (6 months ago)
Is this phone dual sim or single sim ?
durrani badar (3 months ago)
Evans Mwangi I am using it. it has double sim
Trey Bowman (7 months ago)
Will this prepaid phone work with straight talk? Need to know before I go buy one of the moto E-4. Please get bk with me asap. Thank you.
Anita Castillo (7 months ago)
How do you put in the emojis  ?
Muzzamil Ahmad (7 months ago)
in asia loud speaker is on back and they put crappy meditek processor
Veedo C (7 months ago)
it doesn't get band 12 like the unlocked version though
S7at Blakk (7 months ago)
do not get metro PCs vrsn I have it and it's good and all but no fingerprint scanner
clubjobros (5 months ago)
Yes you can
S7at Blakk (5 months ago)
ImRIckJames I've never had a finger print scanner :( they just seem really cool man lol
ImRIckJames (5 months ago)
why so cops can pull you over and all they need is your finger? pin is wayyyy better.
Gavon Marlow (5 months ago)
S7at Blakk yeah I have that one and I wish it had fingerprint scanner
TheLatelycrew (7 months ago)
how do you do call forwarding? or accepts wifi calls..i have no reception where i live and im missing all my phone calls, cant find a way to forward the calls to my house phone and/or connect wifi call
RagingTiger (7 months ago)
Can you please tell where did you unlock it?
Christopher Blakley (7 months ago)
Thanks for the tip on buying it at Walmart cheaper.
J (7 months ago)
can i unlock even if i don't have Verizon?
Cole Rolfson (8 months ago)
How do you unlock it?
Andydoesitall (8 months ago)
Can it be opened for Boost?
newfnshow031 (8 months ago)
u would buy this for 120 if you already had the moto g4?
crashhat69 (8 months ago)
That's basically an upgraded version of the 1st gen moto g
oobie2b (8 months ago)
"Gold version"?  Get some quality gold paint for plastics and a good clear coat. Pop off the back and make it happen! I would like a clear cover so I can watch the electrons flowing! LOL :)
Rico NextLevel (8 months ago)
Yes it works on Verizon post paid accounts
Matt Hew (1 month ago)
not without using it for a month pre-paid first
Drazen Tor (8 months ago)
I have the G4 and its a great phone for what it is but damn that E4 looks better and for the price I'll end up grabbing it too
Dillon Fava-Wiggins (8 months ago)
Does not work for Verizon post paid. Just tried it, got the code from link. Works great. Just not on Verizon.
lion jojo (8 months ago)
Good video that part makes it funny the chip SHIT lol.
Gene Brusko (8 months ago)
How can I unlock my Verizon E4? Please help
skaybaltimore (8 months ago)
I've bought 2 at Walmart (1 unlocked so far) and 1 completely unlocked from Motorola ($125 + tax). And while the fine gold of the "real" one is nice, I actually like the Verizon-locked-unlocked phone better. Verizon made a couple of nice changes (i.e. It gives the option to show battery percentage in the status bar without having to install a separate app to do that; the fully unlocked "stock Android" from Motorola does not have that option. And the Walmart/Verizon shows 4GLTE in the status bar even when WiFi is on. The Motorola "real" phone does not. And I like the way the phone app is configured in the Verizon phone better.) Plus, it's $90 cheaper. And it works just as well. And with a case on you can't really see the pretty "fine gold" anyway.
skaybaltimore (8 months ago)
There might be a caveat when it comes to the Verizon locked phone. It is supposed to be very limited as far as which non-Verizon carriers it'll work with. I have Consumer Cellular/AT&T and that seems to work okay. No problems. I bought the ones from Walmart figuring if worse came to worse I'd have an extra battery or two and mp3 players with great battery life. But when I got the "real" one after having had the Walmart ones to play around with for a week or so I really did prefer the Walmart ones, but only because they worked. They might not work in every case. But hey...if it doesn't work, all you're really out is the $2.20 for the unlock code [mobunlockingmaster on eBay] and you can return your Moto 4 to Walmart.
James Webb (8 months ago)
Good points...didn't know all that.  Makes me even more satisfied getting the Verizon one.  Unlocked & using on Xfinity Mobile service.  Love it!
ekoms108 (8 months ago)
One button nav and split screen apps are real game changers for me.
Nathan Flamand (8 months ago)
My parents had verizon for 6 years. But the bill is like 500/mo so we had to switch to sprint. I don't like sprint personally, but it gives us 5 free Moto E4's, so im fine, it'll be my first phone. Plsu we payed 500/o and it was too expensive so i wouldnt be able to get a phone unless we switched bc it would be like 800/mo and, well, we feel like paying 800/mo
mercury theman888 (7 months ago)
Nathan Flamand the same thing happened to me
BIG1TOWER (8 months ago)
Bought this phone yesterday its a great buy. The performance is great. I think I will stick with the Moto line from this point on. Best bank for your buck.
Debra garland (4 months ago)
moto g 5 pluse moto g 5 pluse
Debra garland (4 months ago)
BIG1TOWER moto g 5 pluse
Dat Mass (5 months ago)
SGDevotee If you can increase your budget to 200$ then I strongly recommend you get the Huawei p8 lite 2017 or the honor 6x they're amazing phones and so much better than the e4 and the e4 plus. The camera on the e4 is terrible
SGDevotee (5 months ago)
I'll tell you what. I have the Moto E 2nd Generation! I've used it for three years! Only paid $40. Gonna upgrade today to this new one! Motorolla/Lenovo is QUALITY!
Gavon Marlow (5 months ago)
Dat Mass I've had it for a month and still it's great
Lu-Hiep Phan (8 months ago)
I bought mine yesterday from Target for 40 bucks to use as a trap phone (#FlossyCarter). Very light form factor with good ergonomics. Super smooth operation. Fast fingerprint reader (especially compared to my N6P). The Target salesperson told me that it will work on Verizon postpaid, which is what I have, so that's good. However, I don't know if I need to do anything special beside just pop in my SIM. After 4-5 hours of use, I feel like I should have bought the E4 Plus version, which is going for 100 through Target. But for 41 bucks after tax, this phone is a steal! Thanks J. Will!
Zoran Cvetkovic (5 months ago)
Does it really have gorilla glass 3 protection?Is camera really good even with 8mp?
Jimmy Nguyen (8 months ago)
adoptable storage?????
Jimmy Nguyen (8 months ago)
bizzarrogeorge thank you that works!! Have a nice day.
bizzarrogeorge (8 months ago)
Jimmy Nguyen I don't know if this is the answer you are seeking, but I purchased a 64 GB micro SD card, and turned on developer options, then selected something like "force app migration to external storage" and now I can move every single app I download to my 64 GB card. Prior to fiddling with developer options, it would only store apps on internal storage and the only things you could put on external were files and photos.
Junito Lopez (8 months ago)
All Verizon phones are unlocked. You don't have to buy unlocked codes. The question is, does the phone have all the necessary bands? At worst, you will only get 3G. Verizon made a deal with FCC, all their phones should be unlocked, I do it all the times. If it is Not, call customer service, and remind them of their agreement.
Junito Lopez (8 months ago)
It will work on post paid but Verizon won't allow it. You have to wait either 3-6 months.
No Name (8 months ago)
Another good video J Will. Thx for keeping us updated. Got mine yesterday. 40$ and did the unlock. An amazing deal I think. What carrier would you recommend? I inquired Republic Wireless BYOP but they said this model wasnt compatible ...even tho they sell the e4 themselves. Also, do you know how to remove the verizon bloatware apps?
rkgsd (8 months ago)
It's got the same battery as the Lenovo Phab 2.
TheNitrohp (7 months ago)
rkgsd Lenovo fap 2 lol
J D S (8 months ago)
Great video bro, I have one important question however, compared to the Moto g4 and 5, is this phone way smaller? Is it as asmall as the first moto g, because I am not into the bigger cell phones they are just not as easy to carry. thanks
yeyoeddy (8 months ago)
Do you recommend this one over the Moto E4 plus?
ekoms108 (8 months ago)
yeyoeddy the plus has a HUGE battery. But if you can grab the regular at 40 I say it's the better deal
Robert Leal (8 months ago)
So you can unlock this Verizon phone and can you use it on At&t?
Jay R (8 months ago)
Where do you get the unlocked code? Thanks
Hell2Pay (7 months ago)
Jay R Yup can purchase codes on eBay. Just type unlock codes Moto E4.
jd0g75 (8 months ago)
That's what I wanted to know 👍
Grewtion (8 months ago)
Voice just like flossy carter lol
Grant S (9 months ago)
Amazing deal for $40. Definitely can't complain at that price!
keith brown (9 months ago)
Just you said in video again works on all carriers..have you tested it with Sprint ? Thanks
Jon Jackson (6 months ago)
I use it on Sprint, yes, it works
It's2chilledTV (9 months ago)
For $39 that’s a steaaaaaal and just $2 unlocks yeaaah
JustAFatGuyInTX (9 months ago)
How'd you unlock it for $2? Most places offering unlock codes go over $20 usually.
bizzarrogeorge (8 months ago)
JustAFatGuyInTX on eBay. You pay $2, the guy emails and physically mails the unlock code. You get the email pretty soon after your payment clears, with instructions. He mails the same thing so there is no question that you received what you paid for
Patrick King (9 months ago)
I can't find it on walmart's website, is it store only?
dDesirie (8 months ago)
Patrick King target also has it for 39.99. but I think tommorow is gonna be the last day. So hurry up.
wingman g (9 months ago)
Anybody try for tracphone
My coworker and his wife absolutely love it, based on my recommending it. Thanks to you and Donovan.
Craig S. Sanders (9 months ago)
Jwill - If you have Verizon Postpaid, they make you buy a month of prepaid service and activate it on the prepaid service, before you can use it on your postpaid account. Greedy on their part, for sure!
Tony Pazo (9 months ago)
Monster devices
Tony Pazo (9 months ago)
Moto E4 / Plus both monster devices for the perfect price I was able to pick up both the E4 and the E4 Plus both and unlocked both for under $150 lol love it! ✌️😎👍
FireMedic1111 (9 months ago)
Got one because of your videos , got it unlocked am using it on cricket... I was planning on using it as a backup but I like it so much I've been using it as my daily driver... I can't believe I have less then 45 dollars in this phone ...
iTechUOutGuy (9 months ago)
And try out the app NextRadio! This gives you free music streaming! Data Free on any device that has the FM chip. People are saying none of Google phones have a FM chip! The Nexus and pixel phones I speak of! My lady has the LG V20 and she can use this app without touching her data for fm radio! 😨💪
iTechUOutGuy (9 months ago)
Nice! Thanks for the update
T. Frank (9 months ago)
Great buy! Definitely enjoying it.
cynthia reynolds (9 months ago)
You bought it for $39?! I bought mine from Amazon & I had some credits & I paid $70. Now I'm pissed. TY for the heads up. Amazon is getting a return.
Lil Swampy (2 months ago)
Git it today for $130 at target
nobody u know (4 months ago)
I got mines for $60 (wal mart)
cynthia reynolds (8 months ago)
Or you could sell it to someone who has Verizon for $45 & make a few bucks. lol
cynthia reynolds (8 months ago)
The different carriers operate on different LTE bands or channels in common parlance, some channels overlap which is why JWill can use T-mobile on his Verizon version. Both are using LTE Band 4 channel. The unlocked Amazon version has about 3 times as many LTE Bands (channels) as the Verizon version & is guaranteed to work with any carrier. Some people luck out with the Verizon version in their area & can use it with another carrier. Some people may not have that kind of luck.
skaybaltimore (8 months ago)
The Amazon phone is totally unlocked for all carriers and carrier frequency bands. The Walmart/Target $39 phone is locked to Verizon and requires an unlock code in order to be used on any carrier other than Verizon. Plus there are a couple of relatively minor differences. The unlock code on eBay from mobunlockingmaster costs $2. You message the seller your IMEI number and in around 30-60 minutes you receive an email with the unlock code. A few caveats: 1. If you get the locked version the first thing you should do, before even turning on the phone, is take off the back and remove the Verizon SIM card. If you turn on the phone with the Verizon SIM card before you have an the unlock code already in hand I've heard it can make problems. 2. If you want to get the best of both worlds with an SD memory card get the best one you can find (SanDisk Extreme) and use the Developers Options "trick" that will allow you to have apps and their data loaded onto the SD card (since the memory is really pretty limited on the E4) without having to format the card as "internal/portable" memory. Formatting a memory card as internal memory on a smart phone has a lot of unwanted side effects. Using the Developers Options trick circumvents this. You get the desired results without the unwanted hassles. The "trick" is as follows: Go to About Phone, go down to Build Number, and (I'm not joking here) tap the build number 7 times. (After 3 times you'll see a countdown that says something like "In 4 taps you'll be a developer, in 3 taps, etc.) After the 7th consecutive tap a little thing will pop up telling you that you're now a developer. It will place an option line in your settings that wasn't there before. It's called Develop Options. Tap on that, go down almost to the bottom, and tap "Force allow apps on external". Try to do that as soon as you get your phone, and install your high quality memory card a.s.a.p. as well -- like even before you turn on your phone. That way, hopefully all the app updates that a new phone goes through will place apps and data on the card instead of your internal memory. 3. Depending on your carrier and the bands/frequencies they use, you might be able to use this phone with your SIM card, or it might not work. There's still some confusion about this issue. If worse comes to worse, and it won't work on your carrier, just return the phone to Walmart or Target and all you're out is the two bucks for the unlock code.
One Kxng (9 months ago)
Moto E4 Plus is dope, you can walk into Verizon and buy it.. The reps knew about the E4 but had no clue about the E4 plus lol
waldron richard (9 months ago)
Hey j question for you. Does the E4 have a gyroscope for 360 content. Please let me know, it's something that should be standard now.
Daniel Thomas (9 months ago)
I've had this phone for almost a week ,actually I purchased two to unlock . This phone is an amazing buy . I have zero complaints . Also good flips on eBay once unlocked lol
Anthony Cooper (9 months ago)
My headphone jack does not work on mine but for 45 bucks I'm good
Daniel Thomas (9 months ago)
Great video man
jamkur (9 months ago)
The E4 plus and G5 and nearly the same price in the UK. Which one should I get?
Quentin Thomas (9 months ago)
Another thing I have the US version of both phones as well.
Quentin Thomas (9 months ago)
jamkur I've owned both phones and as far as everyday use you really won't be able to tell any difference from a UI or chip set point of view Motorola optimized the software so perfect/little that the phone runs just a smoothly as any other phone. But as for the E4 plus you get a bigger screen and I've been getting on average of 10 hours of screen on time. I also think the speaker on the Moto g5 is louder than the E4 plus.
Deathstroke 87 (9 months ago)
jamkur g5
CV Tech (9 months ago)
Motorola/Lenovo hit a home run with the E4
CV Tech (9 months ago)
I used your method of unlocking on my Verizon E4 and it worked perfectly.
CV Tech (9 months ago)
WARREN ELLIS I kinda doubt it, because when you switch phones on Boost you have to enter the Dec number and if it ain't in their system you won't be able to activate it.
WARREN ELLIS (9 months ago)
could you use the unlocked verizon on boost mobile
Tony Healy (9 months ago)
Great video J...I'm about to grab that E4 Plus with the 5000 mah battery. Battery life will be insane
Tony Healy (9 months ago)
Jouz gotcha
Jouz (9 months ago)
Tony Healy The lag has to do with the bigger screen in combination with the low end procesor. I think the E4 is a better buy IMO.
Tony Healy (9 months ago)
Jouz it's $99 so I would expect a little
Jouz (9 months ago)
Tony Healy People are having lag problems with that phone. Good luck with that.
JSantana319 (9 months ago)
Best $40 phone you can buy now. I'm waiting for my case to arrive for the camera bump. Phone works great on Cricket. With T-Mobile the lack of band 12 hurts a bit since that's what I get here with them. Fingerprint reader works faster than the iPhone 6 and the camera like you mentioned are fantastic for the price.
Joseph Erickson (9 months ago)
Gray video love the j will

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