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Podbike: recumbent tricycle surrounded by an aerodynamic body Dual-motor

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Developed by the Norwegian company Elpedal, the Podbike has pedals, but are directly connected to a generator. As the pilot pedals, the power they generate is electrically transferred to a pair of hub engines, one on each of the rear wheels. A removable battery pack adds some extra power, which enables a maximum electronically limited speed of 25 km / h (16 mph). The range of the battery is approximately 60 km (37 miles), although additional packages can be added in parallel to increase that figure. That said, adding more batteries will increase the weight, which is meant to be in the environment of 40 to 50 kg (88 to 110 lb) with a single battery. Currently, the Podbike exists as a prototype rolling chassis. The final product will also include a complete thermoplastic cover for better aerodynamics and weather protection, along with a full LED lighting system, and can accommodate an adult plus a child (or other load) on the back. It should even be possible to tilt the vehicle up on its backside, so it takes up less space when parking. Plans for the first full test units to be ready early next year, with a Norwegian launch that takes place in early 2019, and a European release planned for 2020. The price is estimated at NOK 50,000 (around of US $ 6,143) in Norway - including VAT and local sales tax, and € 4,600 ($ 5,361) plus taxes and shipping in other European markets.
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Тарас Хома (13 days ago)
Крутий автомобільчик. Я такий за 2000 -2500 доларів купив би.
See Nomore (16 days ago)
....4 wheels? WHY? ..OOOoo ..I see ..that makes it cost more! ..so don't sell it in the USA BECAUSE OF A MUST HAVE 4TH. WHEEL! ..CEO trying to sell this but does NOT include The US Market.. PUTS BRAKES ON SALES FROM THE START ..NOT SMART! ..THE PEOPLE WANT A GOOD AFFORDABLE TRANSPORT ...GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT! ..4TH. WHEEL ...GEESH! ..WORK ON IT!!
Podbike (1 month ago)
Hey, thanks for the mention and presentation! We are accepting pre orders on our web-page - order one and start looking forward to have the coolest bike in town :-)

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