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How I Set Up My Samsung Galaxy S9!

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Setting up the Samsung Galaxy S9 the Jared way! ASK Jared Q&A: https://youtu.be/0dWBFEOEFA4 Music Credits: Blunted Beatz - I Am https://soundcloud.com/bluntedbeatzofficial/i-am STALK ME ON SOCIAL! TWITTER: @theJaredBusch INSTAGRAM: @theJaredBusch My Nova Launcher Backup File: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12Tqs3oDNJ9YG9mgv4cQxv1gVIrzmZbXv
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Text Comments (814)
German P. (21 hours ago)
Cinema mode wtf it just makes me screen look like a yellow piss color.
Warrick Rhode (2 days ago)
You must be rich
Legendz Yt (2 days ago)
He made the one plus 6 much better
Jack Trebour (2 days ago)
Best video ive seen in a long time!!!
Gary Whitney (3 days ago)
You should use NFC mobile payments are great or at least they are in Australia
greenranger2482 (3 days ago)
Pretty nice icons can you mix it up with a power ranger wallpaper as well. I use SwiftKey it's comes with more better stickers and gbord and don't forget to use show box apk for better entertainment 👆👆
sumeet aaryan (4 days ago)
Samsung experience is far bettr than all other launcher out there !! Peace
Rajesh krishnan (4 days ago)
I like the wallpaper . Can you send me a link to download that wallpaper?
Anshuman Jain (4 days ago)
Just one question, he said asshole in the video right? So is this video monetized?
Siem van de Peppel (4 days ago)
Absolute madlad, i almost looked
xd dx (4 days ago)
Look at the thumbnail of this video carefully
h l (4 days ago)
Kevin Montanez (5 days ago)
Who the hell keeps auto factory reset after 15 tries? I'm not stupid enough to enable that because it's just a secret gateway for hackers, and people that you don't trust to gain access to your phone. You literally are just giving them a new phone which is stupid.
Nicky Jay (5 days ago)
Jared, fuck you. How stupid are you?
Joel Diaz (5 days ago)
i like you man. ur funny as all hell and i can see us cracking jokes over a drink but dam that wallpaper is uglier than my brother's gf. seriously bro.
Prabh Singh (5 days ago)
Best video ever and hilarious! Got yourself a new subscriber! Thank you!
Janey (6 days ago)
Omg you're fackin funneee! And u swear about as much as I do haha! Love it
ExTech (7 days ago)
I love the vulgar style. Fuck what the others are saying, you're actually fucking interesting to watch. Subbed.
Elvin Laird (7 days ago)
Can anyone tell me how to get that weather widget?
pretty logical info, thanks
J Murs (7 days ago)
Well fair play, Its just my observation here but I really think it's not a fucking Samsung that you want....! WTF have you created? the new Steve Vai Plasticine phone? 🤮
jack handy (8 days ago)
I loved this vid, but, HOLY SHIT, I just got my S9, am a simple guy and had to watch this vid 3 times and still don't understand it all. After this video, I know what my Dad felt like setting the clock on his first VCR.
ChillYeti (8 days ago)
wallpaper name? i like it xD
ChillYeti (8 days ago)
or is paint by studio929.. anyway xD
ChillYeti (8 days ago)
I find it.. pattern by heartthrob123
Myrex (8 days ago)
i love the wallpaper
asmr zeitgeist (9 days ago)
what is the name of that wallpaper, its nice
ImWTF (9 days ago)
please wallpaper link
Networte (9 days ago)
What is the exact name of that wallpaper? I need some of that eye candy dude!!
Sriram Sundarajan (10 days ago)
Fuck off
Benjamin Stratton (10 days ago)
Can someone tell me how to get that wallpaper without changing launcher?
Peter Low (11 days ago)
AWesome review and tips!
Gareth M (12 days ago)
Where did you get that oil like wallpaper from?
Ibrahim Mohsin (12 days ago)
I used to hate on the edge panel just like you, but forcing myself to use the apps edge for a couple of days made me appreciate it very much.
Ibrahim Mohsin (12 days ago)
Dude try using the edge apps panel..... Faster than quick switch and definitely faster than going back to homescreen or the appdrawer.
Weston Bryan (13 days ago)
Hah, you're cool.. How did I not know about this guy?
Chip Hammontree (13 days ago)
Damn Jared you have a foul mouth! I like it....sub!
Nughman Dar (13 days ago)
Hi that wallpaper is awesome can u send me a link? I already searched zedge can't find it? I jus got dat icon pack only. Many thanks!
I dont like gboard because is in Hd while samsung keyboard is in 2k. Sorry
Genadi Kirchev (14 days ago)
Anyone to help me with the wallpaper can't find it !!
Aboodi ElAbdullah (14 days ago)
loved most of it , but u r missing a lot without the edge function ... believe me , once you've gotten used to it , zou'll never wanna let it go
I'll be back bitches!! (15 days ago)
Your choice of wallpaper and icons is just fucking hideous however your attitude sucks and I like that.
undead Andi (15 days ago)
Download a black theme in Samsung themes
gameX 1423 (15 days ago)
Buys an high end Samsung phone. Disables and changes all Samsung features and uses really ugly replacement. What is the point then in buying a Samsung Galaxy?
medip (15 days ago)
Hipster faggot, just because it's your opinion doesn't make it the only correct thing. Go get cucked.
Oriell Bernal (15 days ago)
What's the app for wallpapers
FruityPebs (15 days ago)
Delta is the best icon pack on the google play store. The one he uses is fucking hideous..
eric kwakye (16 days ago)
Hey I like ya videos simple
Mārcis Lazdiņš (16 days ago)
Dude why the fuck you even buy samsung galaxy s9 you use like 5 features from 100
But i also love you bro
EIF916 (17 days ago)
what a troll
4g63mark (17 days ago)
AWESOME commentary, and BADASS looking setup. 👍👍
As fast as you talk makes me feel like I'm on acid.
RandomNavySEAL (18 days ago)
Im gine with everything except those fucking icons, what the hell
Dragon killer (18 days ago)
Kys you are fucking annoying
Evans Anderson (19 days ago)
Wow so much hate coming from you,
Courtney P (20 days ago)
Google Gboard is the BEST
Ujjwal Vishwakarma (20 days ago)
You're gay..your choice of wallpaper and those icons .and you say Samsung's launcher is funny !
Saini14 TV (20 days ago)
JDWHIT$ (21 days ago)
Edge is cool! Easy access to your websites, reminders and more. Its cool! Use it!
thomas tassle (21 days ago)
such a West Coast hippy
Federico Sancin (22 days ago)
Cool videoo!! 😍😍
T.Alie (22 days ago)
The way you literaly set up your galaxy is how I've set up mine since the s7 edge. Even your thoughts on bixby and those stupid advanced features😂😂. Edge lighting is cool tho.
Wrath Oftitans (22 days ago)
Now I change my mine . Guess ? I am gonna buy fuking Nokia 1100 man. 😐 1St buy s9 2nd delete all those fuking apps 😂😂 crazy Ass 0 😂
Yousef Al-khalaf (22 days ago)
Where da hell did u find the developer option
DOGSNEAK PS4 (23 days ago)
What is the name of that wallpaper ?
BLUR4ZZ (23 days ago)
The edge panel is awesome it has a calculator, compass, ruler, and flashlight with different settings, and device maintenance panel with is useful if you maintain your device instead of leaving every single app open for no real reason. lmfao why'd you sound so douchy about it though? Also depending on your S9 model it can have an fm receiver which means radio without internet, I have it on mine, but you need a third party app to activate it, it's great imo.
Bylechi !! (24 days ago)
Do the same video with an iPhone!
MaYank Verma (25 days ago)
Can u provide this wallpaper link I love that so much😍
un known (25 days ago)
can u send a link of that wallpaper super nice
S Eeles (25 days ago)
bxActions. Makes the bixby button actually useful. I do much the same as you but I kept the Samsung launcher, I've honestly got no issue with it, and I don't need the backup and restore of another launcher because I don't have the luxury of having more daily drivers than hot dinners. I also use folders in the app draw. Anything else just looks messy and makes my eyes burn :)
James Papp (25 days ago)
This was hilarious and literally told me everything I needed to know as a iPhone user to switch to the S9 lol
Ansari steel (26 days ago)
My s9+ is in black background & I can't find where can I turn it off plzzz help me
Kishan Starboy (26 days ago)
Why buy a Samsung phone if you don't like anything about their phone?
Ross Lemon (26 days ago)
Do you have to cuss that much?
ja m (27 days ago)
what a shitty set up.
Lachlan Callander (27 days ago)
How do I find developer options
Armor UP (27 days ago)
Just got the S0 plus. I was able to follow everything except turning the bluetooth to the latest version. I cant get to developer options from the settings in Bixpy. How did you do that Ive watched it several times bu that window isn't there for me. Thanks and good video for setting up a new phone.
Still Noob1 (27 days ago)
The back button is on the wrong place!!
Muhammad Adil (27 days ago)
Your explanation is on point! keep it up mate...
Danny Floyd (28 days ago)
This guy has nice language, usually a sign of low IQ.
Som Yadav (28 days ago)
2:00 Nice WiFi SSID
Vinu Perera (28 days ago)
Can I get the wallpaper?
gamer dash (29 days ago)
What the fuck you made the phone look really damn ugly
Meichelle Spirit (29 days ago)
Would be nice if you slowed down or told us how to get into the developer options
Abhishek Rastogi (30 days ago)
how did you enable the developer options ?
Retroflection (30 days ago)
Disliking for making me lose the Circle Game in the thumbnail. 👌🏻
Christian Ljungberg (1 month ago)
The edge panel on the phone is like my favorite feature. Suprised you disabled it
Reiad Ahmad (1 month ago)
Whoa! Your phone is now pathetic!
J AC (1 month ago)
Okay. Nice color grading. Nice studio setup. Nice beard nice tatt. But bad puns. Lol good video man. You should make another video for Note 8 as I couldn't found in your channel.
Afzal Md (1 month ago)
How to get the developers option ??
Zoheir Abla (1 month ago)
Why would you buy a Samsung device if you hate every single feature with Samsung's name on it? Would you buy an iPhone if you hated all of what it can give you?
Zomblo (1 month ago)
anyone have the wallpaper?
George Jorgensen (1 month ago)
most of these videoss are too fast,, but yours wins the fast contest. Do you think you could talk any faster.
Siva Kumar Reddy (1 month ago)
Super video bro I like it very much
Harry Olufunwa (1 month ago)
Foul-mouthed, funny and informative. Whew.
Sean Chris (1 month ago)
Too colorful. Change to more simpler one.
Leonel Ortiz (1 month ago)
Wallpaper name?
Vishal Chaturvedi (1 month ago)
Nova launcher is so fucking Bad
Saravjit Kadyan (1 month ago)
I think Samsung icons are better than iOS and stock android
David Taroyan (1 month ago)
Dude... You are f-en awesome. Got you channel on my feed and glad I did
Jaymin Patel (1 month ago)
Does anyone know how to put mobile data on the notification panel?

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