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NTV Property Show; precast construction technology

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Bestill Findrest (9 days ago)
Housing prices in kenya=over the top ridiculous. We need more affordable housing for Kenyans
Miami Arnold (20 days ago)
Ksh. 11 Million for such distasteful finishes? No thanks. The tiles, gypsum design, cabinets, doors, wall paint, need i say more? Thoughtful lights on the stair risers but wrong execution, blue LEDs' mixed with earth colors is the worst combination, plus the brightness will blind anyone going up those stairs. The structure looks nice but everything else takes away all the good points. consult an interior architect to help with the finishes next time, if you did so have him pay you your money plus compensation for misleading you.
Blacks vs Everybody (1 month ago)
Ugly color painting inside
jane gatto (4 months ago)
How can I buy one of this houses
Ireri Armstrong (7 months ago)
Spent major time on ads and less on precast.....and few kenyans afford 11m houses
tuforu4 (10 months ago)
i want to see her using a SHOVEL..

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