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How to mine Bitcoins 2018 - Avalonminer 821 Tutorial

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Video tutorial/guide showing how to start mining Bitcoins from home with the new Avalonminer 821: https://www.cryptouniverse.at * ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ open up for more info ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more info about our AvalonMiners and our mining rigs:https://www.cryptouniverse.at Interested in Tech! ►►► https://www.facebook.com/techmagnet/ https://twitter.com/techmagnet_yt Interested in ChinaDevices! If you want to have more information on products from China, then head over to our platform! You can register here for free, and i hope to see some of you guys there! 😃 ►►► http://www.china-devices.com Be a part! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music by : music (bought) - Epidemic Sounds Links marked with * are Affiliate Links or sponsored links
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Text Comments (37)
Lisa Edrick (13 hours ago)
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Chris Jones (13 hours ago)
wow sounds great.
jojimat9 (3 days ago)
Redmi Note 5 Pro launched in India with SD636. Phone looks kool and the pricing is OK
ItsRelx (3 days ago)
Who else used to be subbed when this guy did Minecraft hacking lool
smart crypto (5 days ago)
lendex coin is the best
Tech Will Rule (7 days ago)
Can it run on solar panel???
TechMagnet (6 days ago)
depends. if you have buffer batteries yes. but you need alot of power 24/7
kelly shea (7 days ago)
But how long will it take you to make back in the cost of new equipment x4
J B (8 days ago)
Invest in Beanie Babies, at least you get to keep the doll
kelly shea (7 days ago)
Invest in Cocaine, blackjack and hookers
TechMagnet (7 days ago)
J B haha good one :D
Spartakpc shanazirov (8 days ago)
TechMagnet can you make more video about maze alpha battery test ??? And more ???
Tha Drez (8 days ago)
Mine Bitcoin with a TechMagnet 🤣
Oxmon (8 days ago)
Mining bitcoin is damaging for environnement and economy: -High metal extracted ressources cost -High CO2 cost for extracting and making hardware -High Energy Cost for just mining what is useful only as investment and almost never used an actual money.
kelly shea (7 days ago)
TechMagnet (8 days ago)
yes exactly, and i really hope that bitcoin will evolve and go a future way with new code implementations, otherwise this is dead end.
iVan f-Rank (8 days ago)
I think the "bitcoin train" is gone now.. so this "click bait" wont be that efficient any more. --> back to the roots. :)
Deshawn Saunders (6 days ago)
Nathan Tiemeier Damn, I hope your right dude.
Nathan Tiemeier (6 days ago)
When you have the senate on board and Arizona working to allow paying taxes with btc..., it's not going anywhere. Might want to read up a little bit. ASICS for some algo, gpus for altcoins. Crypto is here to stay.
Deshawn Saunders (6 days ago)
iVan f-Rank I know right?! :/ I wish I know about it back in the early 2,000s. Eretheum is still going strong though.
andy kuckes (8 days ago)
This is so wrong it’s funny
Thomas M (8 days ago)
What do you think, will it go back to 20k ? I don't want to purchase now with this low value
Joseph Weaver (5 days ago)
Buying low is a better idea than buying high
Django Groen (8 days ago)
Thomas M trust me. It's the best time to buy right know. I will go even higher than 20k. Trust me
VaCLoser (8 days ago)
Tech Onely (8 days ago)
good choise
asok mithran (8 days ago)
I from India tell me the best GPU Under 23000₹ pls!
Thomas M (8 days ago)
dude gpu on bitcoin is stupid
TechMagnet (8 days ago)
it makes no sense to mine bitcoin with a GPU. You can use nicehash with gpu's in your budget, thats probably the best profit.
asok mithran (8 days ago)
For mining Bitcoin
asok mithran (8 days ago)
For mining dude!
TechMagnet (8 days ago)
for mining or gaming ?
TechMagnet (8 days ago)
So well forgot to tell you my earnings: 45TH at home , 4800W -> 500$ per month after electricity costs. With current low btc value ROI takes long, so lets hope it spikes up again :)
IronicallyVague (16 hours ago)
4 units = 45th ps & you only generate $500.00 a month in profit?
Banana Joe (8 days ago)
Well the GPU shortage is only partly caused by cryptos, memory is a bottleneck now !
TechMagnet (8 days ago)
well yes, but also the chips are getting more expensive and the whole cryptohype has definitly driven up the prices.
Stefan Schacher (8 days ago)
Great that you guys are using ASICS and not GPU's
TechMagnet (8 days ago)
There is no way for GPU mining for bitcoins since asics arrived lol

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