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Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+: Unboxing & Review

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In-depth review of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ with a complete hardware overview, software walkthrough, benchmarks, camera testing, battery performance and much more. Specs: CPU: Snapdragon 835 Octa-Core GPU: Adreno 540 RAM/Storage: 4GB/64GB + MicroSD Display: 5.8"/6.2" Super AMOLED QuadHD+ 1440 x 2960 Camera Main: 12MP f/1.7 OIS @ 4K Camera Secondary: 8 MP, f/1.7, autofocus, 1440p@30fps Battery: 3,000/3,500 mAh Misc: Bluetooth 5.0, Wireless Charging, Iris-Scanner, Facial Recognition Thanks for Watching! ▶Subscribe: http://goo.gl/UEhJs ▶Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DetroitBORG ▶Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DetroitBORG ▶Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/thedetroitborg ▶Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/DetroitBORG
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Text Comments (2425)
Billy Law (1 day ago)
you are the best,👍
Francisco Brave (6 days ago)
If I may ask sir, why haven't you released a in depth review of the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus although the two phones are I similar I am considering the 9 over the 8 so could you help a chap out
Franz 07LJW (9 days ago)
Is this Phone Waterproof? Please someone reply
Hungry SharkPro101 (6 days ago)
Franz 07LJW yes
Eazy Et (14 days ago)
I also gotta admit, besides how horrid my battery is, I LOVE the s8. Your video made me choose the s8 for good and my mom had one bit she broke hers. Now she has a s9 plus, just waiting on the s9 and s9 plus video. Hope to see more content from you man. You make the best videos and you go straight to the point in these videos. I also got a galaxy s5 from your video. 😁
Brenan Mikko Umbao (18 days ago)
The most detailed and comprehensive review of the Samsung S8. Such an avid fan of your reviews. Nice work, DETROITBORG! 👍
PSK Suryanarayana (23 days ago)
I like your video
Now this is a review
Lil Gypsy (1 month ago)
I want it but it cost so much
COOL (1 month ago)
Znek (1 month ago)
After 20 mins i whas like bro is this ever gonna end then i moved my cursor and i saw it xD
Lover Boy (1 month ago)
Do s9
Xtre4mKiLLer (1 month ago)
Video done in many segments? I see the battery going from 90% to 70% in seconds xD
Christian Mortensen (1 month ago)
I can't wait for mine to arrive! I'll get one on monday or tuesday! I've been an Iphone user since a couple years but the Galaxy won me over this year! 😍 Thank you for such an amazing video!
Hungry SharkPro101 (6 days ago)
Arsene Wenger getting Mine Next 6 Months
Arsene Wenger (1 month ago)
Christian Mortensen getting mine this Saturday
Ramarla Bennett (1 month ago)
I'm left handed so the fingerprint won't bother me
Mr L Music (1 month ago)
make s9 review please
rye rye 1765 Edward (1 month ago)
Im getting the samsung s8 soon
MzSocial Butterflyy (1 month ago)
I really enjoyed this video it was very thorough and very detailed. Im waiting for my GS8+ to come in the mail on Monday! I love big phones. Thanks again your video was the best thus far!
vinod Andrew (1 month ago)
i bought it 6month before its nice ,super ,with gear vr ,360 camera
Ben-kitty Jones (1 month ago)
Why would someone go and then print a picture of my face to unlock my phone? That just sounds odd.
DIVIE5H (2 months ago)
Waiting for the S9 review to drop!
Adipta Wahyu Ferdiansyah (2 months ago)
The best 40 minutes Video i've ever seen.
Martromuel Rosaria (2 months ago)
Where is your s9 vid
Johnny Palacios (2 months ago)
Very informative sir. 41 minutes well spend. Thank you for taking the time to inform us well.
Mr.Knapsack (2 months ago)
Im watching this on my s8+
nThor Espiritu (2 months ago)
Sir, Where is your tech review for the Samsung Galaxy S9 S9+?
Hassan imran (2 months ago)
Your Review is best I LIKE YOUR VIDEOS
Daniel Hutahaean (2 months ago)
DetroitBORG merupakan channel dari Amerika Serikat
Karem Hantoli (2 months ago)
You will see
Karem Hantoli (2 months ago)
Please buy galaxy s9 and s9+
Karem Hantoli (2 months ago)
Detroit the galaxy s9+ have dual camera
Sapana Shah (2 months ago)
which is best camera quality between samsung galaxy S8 VS Iphon 7 plus
Nowell Visoria (2 months ago)
Nice review very very deep. Review.... keep it ☝
Mathew Varghese (2 months ago)
My S8 stopped working all of a sudden just after 8 months, that too with very minimal usage. I have never installed or played any games in it, the only Apps I used most are WhatsApp, Instagram, Gmail, Chrome Browser and Google Maps. It didn't have any physical damage. I have immersed it in water only once and that too for under a minute. The only issue I had been facing was, the ear speaker was very low for the last few weeks, it was too low that I had to use headphone or put on speaker. On Mar 14, 2018, while I was just browsing Instagram, the App all of a sudden stopped working and automatically got closed. And when I tried to open it again after a couple of minutes, the phone got switched off and that was it, it never switched back on after it. It used to happen earlier, the phone used to get hanged and would restart automatically, but this time it never restarted back. I tried all the options, tried to connect it to a charger, there was no sign of charging, the red led light was not on. Then I tried to hold the volume down and power button together for more than 30 secs, still, it was not turning on. Thank God this happened during the warranty period, so Samsung agreed to get it fixed after I ship it to them. My Samsung S3 which I bought in 2012 still works good and I'm using it now until I get back my S8. The only issue is the battery is draining very fast, I even tried to get a replacement battery, but it was of no help either. The phone still runs on Android Kitkat, that might be the cause of the battery draining. Now I'll be having a second thought to go again for a Samsung phone going forward. :-(
Mathew Varghese (2 months ago)
Yes, I got it back after 5 business days, with all problem parts replaced including the LCD screen/ front panel. They provided a letter with all the details of parts replaced and the QC details done. Good that this happened during the warranty period. Wondering how much I would have ended up paying for all those parts replaced !! I feel this is one of a kind problem which is part of any electronic device and I ended up to be the unlucky person to get it. Other than that, the phone is a great one and good to use !
Ikywt ootw (2 months ago)
Mathew Varghese Have you got back your S8?
Rosemarie Harris (2 months ago)
Love this video! Bought my S8 last week and o love this phone so much! Better than my S7 edge! Very clear with describing this phone!
Vince (2 months ago)
The more I watch this video the more I want to switch Samsung.....help I can't decide wether to get a Samsung or apple?!! 😱😩
Justin Geluz (2 months ago)
What is the difference between samsung galaxy s8+ single sim and dual sim besides having two sim card slot ?
Marcus (2 months ago)
You just can't do a better review than Mike, nice job. I am looking foward to the S8
Kresnik (2 months ago)
I really rarely comment on YT, but man, I have to say, even though eveyone else already did it...This is the best review I have watched on some tech product. I was convinced few days ago that i should go for S8 (over the iphone 7,8,X) and I have ordered it. But nevertheless, after watching your review, now I'm very impatient to get the phone :) I'll have to watch the review again, after i get the phone, to see all these possibilities again. Thank you very much for detailed review.
KC Smith (3 months ago)
What is the phone cover ?
MŲŅŃÀ THÈ ĎÉVÌĹ (3 months ago)
olivia4490 (3 months ago)
22 mins in and I can't stop watching. What sorcery is this?
Mahdi samnane (3 months ago)
https://www.amazon.fr/Samsung-Galaxy-Smartphone-d%C3%A9bloqu%C3%A9-Allemagne/dp/B06XJ49G5B/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1520787253&sr=1-2&keywords=S8 hello
Connor Kay (3 months ago)
Robert Casanova (3 months ago)
dude for me this was a tutorial on how to use my new s8+ ... great job!!!
Evan Hatfield (3 months ago)
i want to see a unboxing and review of the Samsung galaxy s9
Ali Khan (3 months ago)
i like this fone
He_He_ Boi (3 months ago)
Hello people. I am interested in one thing, can you tell me that there really is a difference between phones from EU countries and those not members of the EU? And what would be the difference if it did.
TheChillMan 21 (3 months ago)
Amazing video!!! Unbox the S9 & S9+ please!!!!!!! EDIT: It should be 1hr.
Mermaid MaryJ (3 months ago)
This was extremely helpful! I have always been an Apple nerd but I decided to go with an Android for a lot of reasons. I’m getting this phone tomorrow and I couldn’t be more exited now!
Mermaid MaryJ (3 months ago)
trainExplorer ive had it now for a few days and I'm in love!!
trainExplorer (3 months ago)
Mermaid MaryJ enjoy the phone. It is an amazing device. I am the same as you, I owned an iPhone before and ditched it for this
King Moba Gendeng (3 months ago)
give me the link, where you buy
naihanchin Kempo (3 months ago)
hate to say but that audio sucked
The fucking screen is beautifull
Extreme Nepal (4 months ago)
John Marley (4 months ago)
How do you change the notification colour? For example the Facebook icon is white
I'm going to get my Galaxy S8 midnight black in a couple of weeks I will get it on unlocked so I can use it on Metro PCS cuz I use MetroPCS my last carrier was T-Mobile
Steve Phillips (4 months ago)
WOW!!! Amazing phone, excellent video.
Darkon (4 months ago)
Awesome vid man Lots of info just waiting for my S8 to arrive so getting all the info i need to hit the ground running and your vid did that for me thanks.
MrDerpFace (4 months ago)
3:35 "The corners are rounded... ...looks really sharp" HOW THE HELL ITS ROUNDED AND SHARP?
Danish Isyraf (4 months ago)
i mean the battery
Danish Isyraf (4 months ago)
is themes make ur phone drain faster?
PrimeComander México (4 months ago)
Name of that wallpaper please??
FearTheUnnKnown (4 months ago)
How a phone camera goes from 16mp to 12mp, I'll never know
ST 321 (4 months ago)
“I’m going to take picture with giant Samsung phone. Giant Samsung phone also tiny Kia car.” *guy gets on and drives away*
Donovan Campbell (4 months ago)
I wish the Note8 would come in Arctic Silver.
Android Update Pakistan (4 months ago)
Hexa Pole (4 months ago)
If I had the chance to own this, I can die in peace.
samljer (4 months ago)
"they have the same resolution, but because the s8 is a smaller screen it has a higher pixel count" this sir, is false. it has the SAME pixel count, but a higher pixel density or higher PPI (pixel per inch)
Richard Morris (4 months ago)
Full glassed phone?? Dumb! Back glass CRACKED the 2nd day I had it. Only was kneeling down with it in back pocket with NOTHING else in pocket then Pop!! Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!
Chicken Nugget (4 months ago)
Im 12 And I Can Reach My Galaxy S8+ Fingerprint scanner 😞
Li Li (4 months ago)
i love you , man, i have problem using S8, i buy it from amazon two month ago
Aidan Cyrenne (4 months ago)
I want this phone since the design and screen are amazing, but I also love the apple ecosystem and I don’t like Samsung’s software... ugh... also thinking about 8 plus, but I can’t decide
Baki Daki (4 months ago)
higherlive46 (4 months ago)
Best Samsung galaxy s8+ review ever, really well done I didn't get bored at all
deha ve bera celik (4 months ago)
NinjaVoyager123 (4 months ago)
Watching this on My IPhone SE, Makes me want to switch back to Samsung. Who else wants to switch?
TheChillMan 21 (3 months ago)
My dad is planning to get me an S9+. My V20 is going to upgrade.
UltimateR1 (4 months ago)
Greianz no one
Creative playing (4 months ago)
Your videos are really informative and really well done I watch them all from start to finish keep up the good work mike
Linus_Bustamante (4 months ago)
Can you give me your s8? Please I didnt even Have a Phone.
Linus_Bustamante no
Kevin Campbell (4 months ago)
What a review!... now i know everything about the Samsung s8, I'm sold on it. Thanks man.
Kena Troll (4 months ago)
Watching this while waiting for S9 Plus. Next month!
Tevo41 (5 months ago)
Have Samsung got faster with there updates. I’m in the UK.
The Homey 08 (5 months ago)
Good phone
LLTTF Vlogs (5 months ago)
Now this what you call a phone review. Nice job dude.
Tevo41 (5 months ago)
This phone or the google pixel 2
Tevo41 (4 months ago)
I got the S8 i liked the design
UltimateR1 (4 months ago)
Pixel is newer
Kj Zeus (5 months ago)
Tevo41 this phone
The RedMist (5 months ago)
To be honest I don’t give a shit about the camera in my opinion if a camera takes pictures then that’s good. to me The phone it’s self is the reason I buy the phone the display is the one that gets me the most like holy shit it’s gorgeous LOL
Lawrie Wilson (5 months ago)
Great review Mike, but could you speak a little slower, yeah I know it is a long Video, but as a new user my head spins trying to take it in lol
Noor A Jannat Neelima (5 months ago)
this video made my day! haha! and also You are a Cutest Person!
bliss X (5 months ago)
The battery is amazing. I've been gaming and watching Netflix since yesterday. The battery last about a day in a half including short breaks and sleep.
bliss X (5 months ago)
I wouldn't say the fingerprint scanner location is a con. It's actually way easier to use then everyone leads on🙄. Never touched the camera yet
Deandre Nunez (5 months ago)
This Video Just Wanted Me To Get This Phone
hafizur rehman (5 months ago)
Its....which colour ????
Enrico Stimpson (5 months ago)
How can I win a Samsung Galaxy S8 plus
Spencer Knox King Neloms (5 months ago)
Nice ass phone and video
jomin j thachankary (5 months ago)
Which is the best? Iphone 7 plus or s8+
Jacob lowe (5 months ago)
Guess who got a s8 for 100 pounds and is fine
Sir Dusky (5 months ago)
God I fucking hate modern smart phone dimensions. They're all either too big in general or have the width-to-length ratio of a dildo. Can we just have a high end Android with a sensible shape?
Everytech Luis (5 months ago)
What the hell man... YOU DID THE GREATEST REVIEW OF S8 OF ALL TIME...I LOVE YOU. Edit:thank you for the heart you're my favourite :♡
Dora Nicolas (5 months ago)
I'm getting my s8 delivered tomorrow. Thank you for the great in depth review.
Pew Light (4 months ago)
Dora Nicolas what do you think about the phone ?
Gamer 6482 (5 months ago)
Wooooohhhhh a long review time to get some snacks and blankets, and head to my bed
Hammy Cats69 (5 months ago)
I really want either this or the note 8 but worried that I will end up with a faulty phone like my note 4. My phone is draining battery like mad. It gets to 35% and then cuts off even though it says 35% left on battery. It counts down from 35% within seconds battery is dead and switches off. So bit worried that same thing will happen with s8 plus or note 8. PS: My screen bleeds too on my note 4. My screen is light pinkish and got no help from Sansung. 😠😠
Rafic Abdallah (5 months ago)
kel 3omrak teshrab mnl sa2ye

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