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The Property Show 2016 EPISODE 138 - High End Properties

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On the property pick of the week we focus on a variety of high-end prime properties in great locations. What next in the odd hours when your lights go off, we features alternative energy for home emergency and back-up lighting - As we highlight Aberdare hills unique 18 hole golf course. The Appetite for serviced land is on the rise with most developers selling land with value additions. As we begin the year many people are asking - what should we expect to shape the property market in 2016 and how do we see it unfolding. I’ll be addressing that later in the show. Kenya Power and Orange enhance customer experience and enjoy the show
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Text Comments (24)
Ken Karuti (2 months ago)
what is the color painted on the walls
obarelida (4 months ago)
property in kenya is way too expensive and the finishing is always so bad
irene Matt (21 days ago)
True not worth the price
John O (1 month ago)
obarelida how is the finishing always bad?
Penny Stang (5 months ago)
32 mil not worthy it i buld mine
charley peixe (6 months ago)
Golden visa available Spain........................https://www.facebook.com/HouseMotel-159843214768528/
? Ahmed (1 year ago)
The figures are crazy and beyond. if you build from scratch your own private house of 3 storey building consist of 9 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and two sitting rooms will be down to 4million as many did let alone these 3,4 5,.... crazy tag. I wander who's on his right mind pays such when citizens are earning for survival?
? Ahmed (1 year ago)
These folks have been swiming poverty for so many generations and now that they just got start-up, they just want to be rich so fast by all means. A!
rosy rozy (1 year ago)
? Ahmed 32 million is a big joke, i cant even give 10million.
how can ilook the propaty show houses in mombasa?????
Natalia Mugure (1 year ago)
but I love the show
Natalia Mugure (1 year ago)
I love these houses but I'd rather build my own home 32million I can build myself a mansion hahaha n still have my very own compound
ven wangechi (2 months ago)
no need to waste 32 million while its a lot you can build your house and some rentals elsewhere kenya ni kubwa. property in kenya are so dem expensive.
Hurricane Khalifa (1 year ago)
@nancy we need to see your house
Ismaasha Ismaasha (7 months ago)
Hurricane Khalifa AS a couple days to check out 2345ttyyufkkki! You have
Natalia Mugure (1 year ago)
Hurricane Khalifa I agree
Alfred Kipruto (1 year ago)
As a marketer am really driven by these show.thanks property show
Irene Mulindwairen (1 year ago)
I really enjoy watching this show. Very inspiring.
so beautiful
Sam kamau (1 year ago)
What makes one unit worth that much...
Kenneth Maiyo (2 years ago)
amazing show always following it
Osundwa Wanjera (2 years ago)
Can't imagine how exorbitant these prices at
Masters Thika (2 years ago)
I enjoy the show very informative.
Eddy Roy (2 years ago)
This show is very informative

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