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Stephen King: 'Writing is hypnosis'

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The horror author says writing is a form of self-hypnosis and having a daily routine helps him fall into a trance.
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Jabuda Kan (4 days ago)
Nothing hurts my being quite like when books meet water
dan020350 (7 days ago)
i’m a bat, i like to listen
gotohellaaron (14 days ago)
Does he still write or did he retire? Gerald's Game was really good.
grey Wolverine (27 days ago)
I wonder if he seen Friday the 13th
Tanto Tanto (1 month ago)
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Alrighty Then! (1 month ago)
Listening to Stephen King is always an inspiration. Dale Manolakas, Legal Thriller Author http://www.dalemanolakas.com
james maselli (1 month ago)
An ebook exists as binary coded electrons.
Ex Oblivione (2 months ago)
He watches CNN. Nuff said.
Raven 222 (2 months ago)
I lugged 'Infinite Jest' around for years...never did get into it. I like DFW's shorts collections. Oh and 'This Is Water'. Of course I read all Mary's books too. 'Lit' is the only one I'm able to think of right now. She talked about their affair, in that one. I chose not to finish Margaret Atwood's 'Madd Adam' trilogy; after the first book I was shook. If you haven't read 'H Is For Hawk' it's a beautiful read, an excellent book. I read every Larry McMurtry book there is...the westerns are all unquestionably classics. There was another of his (Evening Star?) that was a truly great read. I got into memoirs, David Sedaris 'Me Talk Pretty One Day' and 'When You Are Engulfed In Flames' are really funny at least to me. I read 'What Remains' by Carol Radziwell about 7 times. Not only is it incredibly well written, much of it takes place on martha's vineyard, where I was born & raised. Bill Bryson's books never get old. I still read 'All Creatures Great and Small' series...by now I could deliver a calf. His books are treasures. My favorite Steven King book? 'The Stand'. The surprise of my life was how well done the movie was...really memorable, really true to the book, great actors.
Duration Ofthelamb (2 months ago)
Don’t drop that Kindle in the toilet.
MaNi s (3 months ago)
I love you Stephen king 💗
John Smith (3 months ago)
I have higher reading comprehension when reading paper books. I don't absorb as much when reading my Kindle. The trade-off is convenience, though.
Danthepatriot (4 months ago)
Why are you dropping books and kindles in the toilet STEPHEN?!?
sunsetbeach7 (5 months ago)
I prefer the physical book over the Kindle.
Pace Yrself (5 months ago)
Every time I go to the library or the local B&N, there are plenty of people there. I don't think the book's end is coming all that soon.
Matthias Neumann (5 months ago)
I really shouldn't have laughed that much but it surprised me.
KutWrite (5 months ago)
I thought: "Oh no! Stephen King watches CNN!" Then I saw who was doing the interview. :D
Winchestah (2 days ago)
KutWrite King enjoys fake news but his books are still good.
Nico G (5 months ago)
If you a drop a book in the toilet , you can fishing out and dry off an read it , if you drop your kindle in the toilet you're done.
Jeremy Jenks (6 months ago)
I've never heard of anyone reading Infinite Jest and I've never met anyone who's heard of it or DFW, I will keep searching though.
Everyday Hypnosis (7 months ago)
Couldn't be truer
Kristy Caldwell (7 months ago)
Stephen king is a coprophile, next time you read a SK book pay attention to how many times he references human excrement.
Richie Tv (7 months ago)
rockabillylaker (9 months ago)
I love Barnes N Noble and here in Los Angeles. they're disappearing quick. Borders is gone. Used to be all over the valley.
Dan Thompson (9 months ago)
No wonder he gets great fantasy stories, he watches CNN!!!!!!!!
MICHAEL WILLIAMSON (10 months ago)
The only part of this video I didn't like was his plug of CNN.
infamousmonster (11 months ago)
Sounds like Stephen King dropped his Kindle in the toilet.
Chris Corley (1 year ago)
Paperbacks are better than digital. 📖☕😆
thehorrorgeek1 (1 year ago)
I want his glasses
katherandefy (1 year ago)
Well no. Your books are all on the Kindle Cloud. No worries if something happens to the Kindle itself.
1OOsmiles (1 year ago)
breakfest burrito (1 year ago)
lmao at the last thing he said
Gibbs Truth (1 year ago)
Writing and reading puts me into a trance. I love paperbacks so they'll always exist
Suzie Hope Vanidad (1 year ago)
2:20 yah yah
Graham Wellington (1 year ago)
Judas priest. Having to suffer seeing Biden and Clinton...........
nightmuffin937 (1 year ago)
My favorite Stephen King Novels 1.) The Dark Tower Series 2.) Insomnia 3.) IT 4.) Salem's Lot 5.) Pet Cemmetary 6.) The Stand 7.) Carrie 8.) Desperation 9.) Christine 10.) Cell 11.) Cujo 12.) The Skeleton Crew 13.) Cycle Of The Werewolf 14.) Night Shift 15.) The Shining 16.) The Dead Zone 17.) Thinner 18.) A Car from Buick 8 19.) Misery 20.) A Bizzar of Bad Dreams
MsArrington (1 year ago)
It really is a trance which is why when the ideas for stories hit me I HAVE get them out onto pages.
That last bit XD
SirCouchus (2 years ago)
Books will never die, as long as there's people willing to pay money for the physical copies they will continue to be produced. Just like vinyl disks are still around despite musical download being a thing that exists.
Blisslessly Aware (2 years ago)
'The book is the delivery system' - I've been saying this for so long. I love how down to earth he is.
brian lucore (8 months ago)
He could've also said "A book is just a collection of words". I suppose I prefer print but digital has benefits too. Never tried audio.
Windows Sucks (11 months ago)
I love my Kindle but I'd rather have the printed version..just watching the cover for a few seconds bring about feelings you can't get with e-books
M Toye (2 years ago)
Cool to see. So true for me, when I put pen to paper, the words, characters and story come to life.
Lorrie Smith (1 year ago)
BarNuun (2 years ago)
If you must drop your Ebook into the toilet... try to do it before and not after.
BarNuun (6 months ago)
....  too late, already.
amfe52 (9 months ago)
Before you flush or after you flush?
TheycallmeRisky (2 years ago)
well... he was right about borders lol
da Costa (2 years ago)
South Park taught me that this is advertisement.
Yay........... (2 years ago)
+André da Costa Best comment ever.
nofap bro (2 years ago)
With all the time he had to have spent in his life writing all of his books; where does he or did he find the time to read or do just about anything else?
Morgane Oghmanann (1 year ago)
+nofap bro - In more than one interview, he has mentioned he has read over 17,000 books throughout his life and has kept every one. In one video profile of him, they showed his personal library, I believe at his home in Maine. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves surround the room with a large, double-sided book cabinet in the center of the library. He and his wife explained that all the books on the built-ins had been read and that the center bookshelf/cabinet usually hold about 200-300 books - new purchases he hasn't read yet. Yeah, I'd call that a bibliophile. He also used to read books while he did his daily walks. Don't know personally how one can read while walking, but hey, he did it. He was actually reading a book during the walk where he was hit.
Johnny The Baptist (2 years ago)
Toilet analogy…NEEDED THAT.
Master mind money (2 years ago)
stay away from my woman stepen Aaaaaaaaa!!!!
Michael Datuin (2 years ago)
wow this ending makes me as mad as a man who thinks the world is ending and kills his son, then realizes the world isnt over.
Windows Sucks (11 months ago)
Have you read the Mist lately?
Mark J. Diez (2 years ago)
Kindles in the toilet are less of a disaster than a book. Just re-order a Kindle, sync, your library is back. Hardly 'done'. I wouldn't want to be reading a book that's been down the toilet. Having said that, what are you doing reading in the toilet, filthy habit ;p
Lorrie Smith (1 year ago)
Welther47 (2 years ago)
+ladynottingham89  Okay hehe It's worth it for you then. But for me, not really.
ladynottingham89 (2 years ago)
+Welther47 It's like 22 bucks, lasts 2 years, and for me it's worth it. I'm the person taking the kindle to the bathroom, near water and things like that. I can be careless with electronics. I ruined a 700 dollar laptop that was less than a year old by spilling water on the bed. The water got inside and it won't turn on. I decided not to buy an accidental warranty that one time, and it was more economic to buy a brand new one rather than fix the broken one. Lesson learned. 
Welther47 (2 years ago)
+ladynottingham89  You pay for a warranty? Unless you are really accident-prone its not worth it
ladynottingham89 (2 years ago)
+Welther47 That's why you get an accident warranty with it. Just renew it every year. Don't get me wrong, I still love paper books better, but if you are like me, eventually you run out of space to put them in the house.
Peter Wood-Jenkins (2 years ago)
Yes like songs Vinyl recordings of songs stay with us longer than I Tunes poor quality down loads Digital is killing the art of song writing because morons force their rubbish onto a brain washed public Real Composers deserve to be paid for their work like any other profession Great Songs make great people as do the the works of Great Authors
J H (2 years ago)
I have a Kindle...but a book gives you are geography. It gives you a spacial recognition of where you are in the book and that is important to me for some reason. Not nostalgia, but I actually need to know where in the book is something so I can put it in order in my head. When I read in a kindle, the words end up all jumbled together.
Name (2 years ago)
I would like to see writers try an ongoing series like comic books but in novel form. Release a segment of the story every month like comic books or TV shows and have it ongoing. That would be interesting to see. We need to experiment more now that we have the internet. Stories don't always need to be long either, if the story is 125 pages make it 125 pages dont stretch a short story out into 300+ pages with fluff when theres not enough content. We don't need to print books out anymore to sell them. The other thing is you don't need to get into writing as a career. You can write as a hobby and still take it seriously. Everyone is so worried about being able to pay the bills with writing and being famous they forget to just get passionate about storytelling. I'm not a writer but I read a couple of hours a day and I'm excited about how the industry is going to be changing.
Dave B (5 months ago)
Serialized novels only went out of fashion fairly recently. King himself serialized the first Dark Tower novel. Each chapter was it's own "segment" that came out once every now and then until the whole thing was completed. I'm pretty sure George RR Martin's first novel was initially published the same way. Even if he didn't, his 1886 novel Tuf Voyaging is what's called a "fix-up", meaning that it's short stories that come together to form a novel. Meaning it was serialized, too.
KutWrite (5 months ago)
That's how a lot of novelists got their start. Charles Dickens, for example. Mark Twain also.
Booksworm Girl (7 months ago)
I love writers where I get the sense that they wrote it just for the passion of storytelling and not just for the money. But I'm also trying to write stories and if you ever tried that you will know that it takes up a lot of time and work etc Not everyone can even take time out of their daily lives to do that. And the work should also be rewarded in some ways. I still love the idea that there's the possibility to just write yourself out of poverty like jk rowling did.
Welther47 (2 years ago)
+littleripper312 Good idea. But I really dislike reading on the pc.
Guigley (2 years ago)
Great interview as always from Stephen King.
Louie Hannigan (2 years ago)
Favourite writer , his books are awesome
MomoTheBellyDancer (3 years ago)
Writing is hypnosis? That explains why I fall asleep every time I read a Stephen King novel.
CrossVlog (2 years ago)
+MomoTheBellyDancer he can be long winded at times, but he's great
kyle whitehead (2 years ago)
+MomoTheBellyDancer That's odd. I really don't understand that. The Stand and It, maybe, because they're seriously chunky books, but misery? Carrie? I guess we'll just never understand each other's views on the matter. 
MomoTheBellyDancer (2 years ago)
+kyle whitehead I tried to read all his popular ones, but the only one I ever finished was Salem's Lot. I stopped all the others at the half-way mark, if that, because they truly just bored me to tears.
kyle whitehead (2 years ago)
+MomoTheBellyDancer First of all, insulting someone's work with a snide remark isn't critique. Second of all, Justin Bieber isn't for us. His purpose to the record companies is to cater to little girls. And you can hardly equate pop music to popular literature. And I just don't see how he is long winded. He tells the story and keeps it moving, taking the necessary detours to establish character. I don't see how people come to the conclusion that he's long-winded. Which books of his have you read?
MomoTheBellyDancer (2 years ago)
+kyle whitehead You don't have to be an author, let alone a best-selling one, to critique someone's work. Also, popularity is not a measure of quality. If that were true, Justin Bieber would be one of the best singers on the planet. I just find the guy is to be damn long-winded. It lulls me right to sleep.
kaploon (3 years ago)
The moral of the story- don't read in the bathroom.
Nuthology TV (3 years ago)
Great interview! This is great advice for Authors!  I've just published a book about dealing with various bias related obstacles, ' Nuthology Pser 400 Bias Index: And the Secret Capsule Of Talents” . I always read books on paper  but there are many people who enjoy them in electronic form. The pudding is ultimately on the story and the talent not the delivery media used.
Cory Louis (3 years ago)
STEPHEN KING!!!!!  kept me alive during high school :'( 
HENJAM48 (3 years ago)
The Story!
dmeachy (3 years ago)
I love the smell, the look, and the memories that are evoked when I am reading a book, placing the book down for the night, and eventually putting the book away in my library where a mere glance of it will help capture some memory during the time I was reading it.  But, as King suggests, it's not the medium the book is presented but the story itself that is important.
Debi K Baughman (3 years ago)
Just saying thanks, for your comments there.  I am wondering how books in the virtual world are going to feel?
Kilburn Hall (3 years ago)
THE DEMISE OF THE PRINTED BOOK? Stephen King gets his crystal ball out and predicts the demise of the printed book... Stephen King: 'Writing is hypnosis' http://writerscircle.com/2015/01/stephenkingwriting.html Don't drop your kindle in the toilet. We used to call it being in the groove instead of writing hypnosis. But King is absolutely correct about brick and mortar stores going the way of the dodo. Ebooks are here to stay, making the competition for everyone, including King, that much harder to break out.
Travis M (3 years ago)
Travis M (3 years ago)
There is no point in buying a kindle. Books have always been meant to read on paper. There  is no satisfaction out of reading an e-book.There is no satisfaction in turning a digital page  or reading a book on a screen! Paper books survive without electricity  and can be read regardless of electricity. ebooks can be destroyed or inaccessible if the electricity or battery or power goes out. I will never buy a kindle,ipad or an e-book.there are so many reasons why paper books are better!
Quinn Gray (24 days ago)
if the only reason you enjoy written literature is the corporeality of the paper, then you have little real appreciation for it
kobo fan (2 months ago)
I disagree. Ereaders like kindle and kobo use e-ink so the screen looks like paper. You can read in complete darkness, you can carry literally thousands of books without feeling any weight, the battery lasts over a week so you don't need to recharge everyday like a phone, and ereaders are waterproof now. It's the best invention for me, as an avid reader :D
Mansur Şamil Güngör (8 months ago)
You are just fetishizing book as an object, the paper. But as King said, book as an object is just a delivery method, it delivers the story to the readers. You obviously don't read a book to appreciate a good story, you just enjoy the experience of reading text on a paper book. And there is satisfaction in turning a digital page, just like a real page, if the thing that satisfies you is getting deeper and deeper into the story by each page turn, rather than the motion of turning a paper page. Accessibility-wise, it is not even a comparison. You can access your entire kindle library (can be thousands of books), or whatever store you are using, from all your devices, anywhere you want. You don't need to carry heavy slabs of paper to read a book on a trip or whatever. There is no point of considering the battery going out, because most e-readers have really long battery lives, it is very unlikely that this will be an issue. Actually, lack of electricity is a bigger issue for paper books. Since they don't have built-in lights, you will probably need electricity if you want to read at night, unless you are in a situation that you can use candle light or something. But if your e-reader is fully charged, you can read for weeks with the built-in light, even if you have no access to electricity.
Travis M Yes.! I own both. kindle while I cant carry many books. everything has its benefits. nothing is plainly good or bad
Morgane Oghmanann (1 year ago)
+dmeachy - I agree the story and talent is infinitely more important than the delivery system, (and I love that I can carry an entire library via e-books when traveling -YAY-) but if the delivery system is not 100% accessible to me all the time, or the content of that delivery system can be taken away from me after I have purchased it - been there before I wised up - then the story doesn't get TO the reader. To an avid story-lover, not acceptable.
Griffith Harland (3 years ago)
"Writing is 'Continuity and when  your printer runs out of ink,  you do not stop writing to in stall another cartridge!!"
Eletria Biswas (3 years ago)
+Griffith Harland no i mean like i type on a word document and if i print it out while im still working on the story i'd go back to edit and just waste paper
Griffith Harland (3 years ago)
+Nicky Tesla"I have very little idea what you're talking about??  Bad eyesight makes a writer print out sections every so often.   600 pages is a lot of work to keep shuffling like a deck of cards"  
Eletria Biswas (3 years ago)
why would you print out your book while your still writing it what sense does that make
AbleAbeStudios (3 years ago)
Great interview   ...GO!!!
Carrie Writes (3 years ago)
What a wonderful guy. I love hearing about his morning routine.
Greg Johnson (3 years ago)
His daily routine to get into a trance was drugs and alcohol. He has had several interventions and most of his work was done under the influence.  This is like Kate Moss the coke addict giving diet advice. (which she does.)
kyle whitehead (2 years ago)
+Greg Johnson He had one intervention and that was all she wrote. He was clean after that. Learn what you're talking about. And by the way, drugs and alcohol don't equate to talent and don't act as enhancers of talent. That is just the excuse of the talentless. He wrote his worst work at the peak of his drug use and his best work came before and after. "Carrie, The Stand, Salem's Lot.) And stop being a judgmental asshole. If America had less people like you they might actually get somewhere and get rid of this "war on drugs" nonsense.
AMOraha (3 years ago)
He's clean now. Go read "On Writing", he writes all about it.
TheMeanGreenGoblin (3 years ago)
King has admitted that when he made the movie Maximum Overdrive he was high on coke pretty much the whole time.  If you haven't seen the movie go watch it.  It definitely shows.LOL
barbellbender15 (3 years ago)
I really hope paper books never become obsolete. Reading electronic screens for too long gives me headaches, and it's just not the same.
E-ink screens are very easy on the eyes.
kobo fan (2 months ago)
Use e-ink screen, it's like paper...I read everything now on my kobo aura one...what I like about it is I can read even in complete darkness, and no need to carry anything heavy. You can store thousands of novels inside.
The Gaming Cathedral (7 months ago)
I agree, I never read books on screens. It's just not the same without holding the book in your hands and turning the pages yourself.
Kell Brigan (8 months ago)
Or Kobo, etc. Also, make sure you're reading without any screen lighting on.
Elduram 1 (9 months ago)
barbellbender15 I get headache to.
Serge Soucy (3 years ago)
he's right, I started writing a story, kept at it and then.... for about 2 weeks that's all I did.
Marcos J Pinto (3 years ago)
"If you drop your kindle in the toilet, you're done".  Not quite. You will most probably have to buy a new kindle. But your book is preserved. That is, your right to read the content you paid for is safe and all you have to do is download it again. Oh, you did not pay for your ebooks? Oops.. :-) 
kyle whitehead (2 years ago)
+Marcos J Pinto Yeah, buy another Kindle. It's only a few hundred dollars, right?
Charles Smyth (3 years ago)
You could buy another Kindle, I suppose :-) Even without that, Kindle is also available via an an app or via your web browser 
Fuzzo Frizzbeebot (4 years ago)
And I always thought hypnosis was a hippo with bad breath Learn some'n every day
Irish Englishman (4 years ago)
haha i actually dropped my zombie survival guide in the toilet and dried it off.
Fino Deligero (4 years ago)
put books in tablet... write in tablet... there are programs, that pronounces the  words and read the story for you while you are reading it with your eyes(Natural Reader), 2 way learning, with headphones you can do that inside the library without noise... i dont think tablets now a days gets flushed in a toilet... its easy to share via networks.. with networking company like google, wikipidea, FB,etc.. every story is saved.. a little more graphics and the idea is concrete.. can be seen... and can be heard.. few analog sticks or wave of the hand to control it.. it will be like magic
kyle whitehead (2 years ago)
+Fino Deligero I'd rather own a novel. When you buy an Ebook you're paying to access the file, you don't actually own anything. I'd rather feel the novel and see the novel.
zero49 (4 years ago)
This guy has the weirdest neck I've ever seen.
Michael Billington (4 years ago)
I couldn't agree more about writing being a form of self hypnosis: One of the great pleasures of writing fiction is, I think, the opportunity to go to another place in your mind, interact with some fascinating characters and simply enjoy them.
Arab Katib (4 years ago)
Don't blame me (This is a warning). As a Muslim, AAAAND? As an Arab, (and because, maybe, because being a none-American, perhaps), I couldn't help but notice this; @ 0:57, "Watch CNN".. Yeah.. right.. I believe you, The video is provided by CNN.. hmmmm.. Well, maybe because we, as none-Americans, (and Arabs mainly), we hate CNN by default, and because we consider it "the enemy news source", (the enemy *biased* news source), I couldn't help but say.. "payed"... Paranoid? Maybe.. Wrong? *NOPE*.. ... Why am I saying all this? Nothing really... just fruit for the thought I guess.. But honestly, that was my observation AND what I've noticed, the first thing that grasped my attention. I was doing some research on writing when I came across this video.. But, this is nothing new, "we pay you (or market you?), you say this"... simple as that..
Kristy K. James (3 years ago)
Fish it out and dry it off?! Um....yeah. Not! If I drop a book in a toilet, that sucker is going to find itself in the trash immediately. Fortunately, none of my books - Kindle or otherwise - will ever, EVER see the inside of a bathroom.
Andre Giannone (3 years ago)
+shoutsatpigeons24 Ewww!!
shoutsatpigeons24 (3 years ago)
Come on, sitting on the loo is one of the best places to read, surely?
Kristy K. James (3 years ago)
+Andre Giannone  You and me both. Just the thought of touching a book that's been in a bathroom would make me want to throw it away. :D
Andre Giannone (3 years ago)
I agree. I wouldn't take a book to the toilet in the first place it grosses me out. Lol
Ehh Embb (4 years ago)
Nice plug for CNN at 1:00
Loved the way the video just...ended :) Was actually quite funny.
Obadiah Shaftesburg (4 years ago)
I have never dropped a book in the toilet. I have however been travelling with 8 books in my over-heavy luggage and realised the one I really wanted to read was back home. Thank God for the Kindle.
JabberCT (4 years ago)
Sorry Stephen, but if i drop a book in the toilet, its done lol. I'll buy a new one before i dry it off and touch it again.
infamousmonster (11 months ago)
Well, why not let the library decide that...
slut4berniesanders (4 years ago)
i'd rather pay for a new book than a new kindle though...
Literarysource (4 years ago)
The window, a short story by my own , read for you
justin mcarthur (4 years ago)
your done lmao
SIMKINETICS (4 years ago)
Writers & writing are fascinating!  The value of writing is found in reflection; that is that the best chapters, paragraphs & sentences can be tested & perfected for coherence, economy, logic, originality & relevance before being shared.  This discipline in writing often extends to speaking, both of which benefit from sharing thought from a clarified mind.  Evolution has uniquely given us complex language that we are remiss to ignore in our betterment.
108Dax (4 years ago)
I read a lot more now that I have a Kindle. Books can be bought instantly, they are cheaper, I can make notes across books that are organized well, book reviews are easily available, all my books are with me and it reads easily. Books are fine, but e-book readers are awesome. Very versatile.
manthasagittarius1 (4 years ago)
And if you do it right, your characters will start to boss you around. This is a sign that you are tapped into what's normally below the conscious level, and it's a priceless state.
manthasagittarius1 (4 years ago)
Once. It was the Harvard Lampoon's send-up of The Lord of the Rings, called "Bored of the Rings." Yes, OK, I was reading in the bathroom and for those who never do that, bully for you. It was the lampoon of the Mines of Moria scene, as the monster, in a Villa Nova shirt madly dribbled and feinted passes. "Aieeeeee!" cried Legolamb. "A ballhog!!!"
John Smarr (4 years ago)
Books and bookstores will always be here Mr. King. The day that bookstores go the way of blockbuster or the dinosaurs, and vanish from the landscape of America, is the day that this country loses it's soul. Kindle will never replace the smell of a new book
John Smarr (4 years ago)
i guess your right, didn't mean to sound like an a-hole; but does come off naturally.
Andrew T (4 years ago)
he never said Kindle would replace anything. He also agreed with you. The first thing he says is: "Books will always exist. . ."
Mexlycan Filmico (4 years ago)
The Shinning was better in film than the book. Just my opinion.
Sergej Todorović (1 year ago)
only good thing from the movie was: "Heres Johnny" everything other is just crap
kyle whitehead (2 years ago)
+Mexlycan Filmico The movie was a complete disgraceful cash-in. It had none of the heart that the book had and Jack Torrence was a monster from the start in the film whereas in the book you cared about him because you saw that he was fundamentally a good man trying to do right by his family. Not to mention Danny Torrence's acting was downright vomit inducing and all Wendy Torrence did for the entire film was scream and cry.
In Hoc Signo Vinces (3 years ago)
Let me guess: You watched the movie before you read the book.
Broadway Baby (4 years ago)
The movie was 'okay' but it was a bit of a disappointment mainly due to the fact that Stanley Kubrick did do a great job in directing it but he cut out some of the most important facts out of the book (e.g. the uses of alcoholism that Jack Torrance was supposed to possess and how Stanley had changed how 'The Shining' was meant to end). Oh, well. I guess every adaptation from a book to a movie is different from the book itself.
Ada Wong (4 years ago)
The movie was a shame to Mr. King and his original intentions with the book. The Shinning was absolutely never intended to be a run-of-the-mill horror movie.
Timmy Robinson (4 years ago)
hahah! yeah I agree 100%. Misery is another one I enjoyed immensely - and quite a bit more than the movie (despite it being a classic). The only story by King where I can actually recall enjoying the movie more than the novel was probably with 'The Mist'... which is kind of weird because that seems to be one where most people thought the book was far better. With SK's stories, some are better than others - but his characters never fail to be unique and always show raw emotion.
Chief58fan (4 years ago)
Always prefer to read King's books over the movies. Makes his characters so real, describes what's going on in a way that no movie could. Reading Misery one night (1:30 am) only one up, garage door open & screen door too for air. Only light on, sat at the kitchen table, heard 2 my hubby's friends pull up on dirt bikes. JUST got to where he's out of his room & she's coming up the road. W/out thinking I turned out the light & hid behind my couch! Don't think I'd done that watching the movie! LOL!
SANCTUARY (4 years ago)
My thoughts exactly. I can honestly say that I admire his writing, but his politics are very backwards.
BohistaNordica (4 years ago)
I have never dropped a book in the toilet in my whole life. Have you?
Stoogemeister420 (4 years ago)
i want to fuck his neck fat
Johnny Showbones (4 years ago)
Infinite Jest, boom. What a fantastic book.
itsjustthatawsome (4 years ago)
You can read, or you can sit there, thinking about the shit you're taking. Which sounds better?
Lisa S (4 years ago)
Mr. King was right on the money about writing being a form of self hypnosis. My God, you completely give yourself over to that alternate realm when you are writing the story.

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