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The Property Show 20th May 2018 Episode 261- Investment Opportunities

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King Mener (25 days ago)
There is a lot of embassies around riverside .....which means the apartments were intended to cater to wazungu .......
Geoffrey Ndungu (28 days ago)
i usually want to download some of this beautiful episodes but its kind of locked.. why is that?
JesusIsMyLord (1 month ago)
Please show what the entire house looks like from the outside during the "Homeownership Journey" stories. Seeing inside rooms, chairs and tables is nice but not adequate. Happened last week as well.
kevin gathu (1 month ago)
its so satisfying seeing my property owners on property show.D-square realtors with you am happy
Pacific A. (1 month ago)
I used to watch the property show once in a while while in Kenya. Now that I'm abroad, it has become my favorite show; always looking forward to the next episode; sema kujipanga. Good job Nancy, keep it up.
Pacific A. (1 month ago)
Faith Delina Great 👍
Faith Delina (1 month ago)
Pacific A. Me too from Dubai
Patrick Mwangi (1 month ago)
Beautiful show... Well done . Thanks

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