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Apple make fun of Samsung vs Samsung make fun of Apple

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Let watch Apple make fun of Samsung compilation with Samsung make fun of Apple. This video made from apple vs Samsung commercial 2017. Many people ask that why does Samsung make fun of apple. This is really samsung trolls apple x about shape to the human head. Samsung humorous. @Follow Us Subscribe Now: https://goo.gl/TWRRMZ Facebook Page: https://goo.gl/1iddSn Google Plus: https://goo.gl/iiD465 Thanks For Watching DR Tech Video
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Text Comments (1194)
inspireGoo! (4 months ago)
which one is the best???
Kelly’s Animations (19 hours ago)
inspireGoo! Samsung
Ahmed Hawari (21 hours ago)
DR tech I prefer apple
Misko Samec (1 day ago)
inspireGoo! Apple
Sam Weaver (1 day ago)
Samsung is. Way better
Mare ツ (2 days ago)
Tori Williams (1 hour ago)
Doesn't anyone else hear that yelling and hacking in the back on the second ad or am I crazy?
apple ınc worths 900 billion dollars and the most expensive company in the world their base is 6 times more expensive then the 6 entire huawei companys
Scott Béla (8 hours ago)
Why is apple still competing? It’s obvious that Android is 10 times better in literally every category and yet they still use the stupid chargers and overpriced price tag
XxOMGItsBunnyxX (12 hours ago)
im an apple fangirl, but i have a samsung tv so what do i know
James Axiel Maguire (13 hours ago)
Both companies are the best but They shouldn’t make fun of it so they won’t prevent war
Michael Kolapo (13 hours ago)
Gosh!!! Samsung is so vicious. "You like to whine". I personally would choose a Samsung over an iPhone any day.
Ray Churcher (16 hours ago)
lol little do iPhone users realise that it is actually a generic Samsung :-)
XxBanna girlxX (17 hours ago)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed Samsung used Apple in their ad
lloyde turner (18 hours ago)
im a fanboy of both so this just annoying, i have the most expensive tech from both companies and use them everyday,.
Ahmed Hawari (21 hours ago)
Guys I prefer Apple
Harry Fox (21 hours ago)
They stole the watch idea from Apple
Harry Fox (21 hours ago)
Samsung had its bad moments with the explosions and all but now there going strong
PokeTuber (22 hours ago)
This video was uploaded on my birthday
ALLEN CLASH &MORE- (1 day ago)
*Scroll down at your own risk*
Chan Dararith (1 day ago)
ha ha ha it so funny
Sam Weaver (1 day ago)
Samsung all day
Bakugo (1 day ago)
Samsung for the right reasons.
Silver Skilo (1 day ago)
Watching on iPhone x
dado-vita (2 days ago)
Dumbass fighting over which phone is better EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN OPINION some people like apple some people like Samsung, that’s it
i like Apple i kinda dont like Samsung (No Offense Samsung Users)
Toast (2 days ago)
Was that grant o brian?
Shane Edits (3 days ago)
I'm team apple
LinLinH_GamingPC GG (3 days ago)
i watching on my iPhone 8 Red Product. 💕😁
Drift King (3 days ago)
So true bout the Samsung bombs
Aronn Garcia (3 days ago)
The truth is normal people don't care about what the phone can do and what it can't .,what they care about is the brand of the phone and iPhone is the brand that most of the people wanted to have.,
LOL OUT LOUD (3 days ago)
Samsung is the best phone and bigger screen than the apple but in rom apple is the best
Mr creeper Mr creeper (4 days ago)
I like iphone x
Who that laughing cuz its creepy
Evas Kikriki (4 days ago)
How retarded u have to be to add this laugh witch is so annoying that it makes it unwatchable...
SpeeDFire CZE (4 days ago)
now apple blow up so first scatch is ... so funny :D
Hussein Ali (4 days ago)
What's the name of the music at the end of the video?
Brendan Figueiredo (4 days ago)
Most idiotic video
Samsung > Apple
Flash703 (5 days ago)
Innovation borrowed from iPhone.thats why they make them screens and stuff
Lutfi Majid (5 days ago)
i hate the music
bloxgamer 153 (5 days ago)
Samsung phones explode so get a life buy apple
dumplingnice :p (5 days ago)
Im watching this on ma iPhone X......MY SECOND FWEAKEN ONE CAUSE IT AINT WATER PROOF!!
Powerking X (5 days ago)
Apple definetly won the battle between the 2 but its hard to tell wich ones better
oğuzhan kaya (5 days ago)
Sorry but if Samsung is better than Apple why do they sell refrigerators
Loshiy (5 days ago)
what is that fucking backround laugh nshit you got you good?
Obi Wan Kenobi (5 days ago)
Now I hate more samsung.
PHUAH CHENG YONG (6 days ago)
I have saw the model of the new iPhone 9 it's pretty cool looking
weatherevan HD (6 days ago)
Ps Samsung runs on android so thank android
David Park (6 days ago)
Honestly, the X looks cool. I really love the notch. But Apple is too expensive, and Samsung is really worth it's price.
Zoki Tv (6 days ago)
Let's all look at Samsung no not there phones that would not ever exist if they didn't copy us but there tablets look stupid
Zoki Tv (6 days ago)
8:58 ever hear of air drop?
Starpopman2-ROBLOX (6 days ago)
I am. Apple Fan boy for life idc about Samsung and there sketchy phones
Tome Krslovic (6 days ago)
Iphone is best for mee
Francesca Ludovica (6 days ago)
Vishal Karbhari (6 days ago)
iphone x best only one and anytime samsung flop
Nathanael Terita (7 days ago)
Go to hell samsung
Dali Vanwyngarden (7 days ago)
Note the difference.. samsung is totally retarded. 100% carbon dioxide is used to produce shit like galaxy. Apple released some environment footstep handout. Samsung nothing at all. Maybe they don‘t have enough children in those mines...
Dali Vanwyngarden (7 days ago)
Those spots from samsung are just poor... Btw. wirelesscharging is retarded. But. The thing is that you have to connect the wireless charging station aswell with a wire. Buy znap andit is easy.
Ali shan (7 days ago)
Iphone is shit who agree???
Clear Venus57 (7 days ago)
Android is for broke niggas
Srg NightFire (7 days ago)
Samsung is the future
vhen sonn (8 days ago)
i hate android
MoheThe Thinker (8 days ago)
Gave my mom a s6 and she says she can't even get another phone other than a Samsung. Now she's mad at me because I upped her standards. Ma I gave you a 600 dollar phone a thank you would be enough.
MoheThe Thinker (8 days ago)
But don't apple phones explode too?
iiDylan (8 days ago)
June 2007...
Sunny Brown RDX (8 days ago)
Sam's it sucks.......
Alex Rodriguez (8 days ago)
0:49 no shit every phone can catch on fire. If Apple made that commercial their stupid and dumb and are afraid to admit that Samsung is the better company.
FlaminBerry (8 days ago)
Why would Samsung make fun of apple meanwhile Samsung copies Apple ? The iPhone X came out first with the vertical camera then stupid Samsung came out with the Galaxy 9 with the vertical camera as well like DUDE STOP COPYING APPLE THOTS
Deepak Muni (8 days ago)
That background music is fucking irritating
Grace A (8 days ago)
Iphone sucks samsung is the future😄
iphone is way better than samsung, samsung stole iphones idea in 2010 with their junk phone
Natsuukoo (8 days ago)
I was at the Mall the other day and was gunna check out a store named infinity (reseller of apple products) and when I went there, the Samsung store was literally in front of it and the samsung store has A LOT or customers compared to the reseller store of apple...
Natsuukoo (8 days ago)
Maybe because they think it's not the real apple store, who knows?
Sniper Gamer (9 days ago)
🍎 apple
Boboguybro //lel (9 days ago)
Ty for the ear rape at the end
Fran Flores (9 days ago)
Samsung the best
angel vroege (9 days ago)
ALWAYS apple
Jawad Khadra (9 days ago)
That laugh tho XD
Cheek Snatcher (9 days ago)
Samsung for poor people who want something to last cause they don’t have money to buy another one apple are for those with money and have money to spend on super fancy and stylish phones and half of y’all matter fact none of y’all can’t talk I bet y’all lowkey use to or were a iPhone user and if not I bet you had apple earphones at least once connected to y’all nasty androids 😂
Cheek Snatcher (9 days ago)
Did they really have to add the laugh that’s so lame bruh 🤦‍♂️
Mr. Bunny (9 days ago)
Apple has better tablets than Samsung
Hexilicious HD (9 days ago)
Galaxy tab s was absolute SHIT I got one on release. 4 months later it was really slow and charging and a week later it stopped charging. We took it to Samsung and they said they can fix it for £80... just to replace the charging area...
VANAM 4 (9 days ago)
Which music was that...??
Akaki Gamer (9 days ago)
Fucking video
Leodyson Robles (10 days ago)
The best phone for me includes: Features of samsung Software of apple The things samsung have that apple doesn’t have or samsung can do but apple can’t Vice versa For short the best phone for me includes the best things the two phones have Couldn’t they just collab for one, or maybe two best phones that they could ever create🤔
Leodyson Robles (10 days ago)
Ps: Im watching this on my iphone 8 plus but im starting to think that samsung is better🙄
killerxhunterz (10 days ago)
Fotis Pandos (10 days ago)
the all new galaxy s10 , You can change the way it explodes!
Sword Gota (10 days ago)
The thing is that apple was first and Samsung and all that shit copy cat them, same thing with the first apple computer 2 weeks later the other companies took apples ideas
Jan van den Born (10 days ago)
I went to galaxy its the best disicion I have Made this Month 😂😂😂
Shiver Shock (10 days ago)
5:00 Grant from CollegeHumour!
Purple Kokonut (10 days ago)
Bruh Apple has wireless charging
Trucks Y Mas (10 days ago)
Imzirkka Lol (10 days ago)
Galaxy is just really competitive apple doesn’t care
King Mai (10 days ago)
Oh wait but didn’t apples stocks fall after their facial unlock failed in a presentation?
Lujain Musthafa (11 days ago)
The thing i hate about iphone you cant delete photose
Tech Genius RK 22 (11 days ago)
Hansne wale ko guuu poti tati khilao
Faran Azeem (11 days ago)
Samsung is better than Apple
Battle Master (11 days ago)
The thing is the only Samsung phones that caught fire was the note 7
Piglet Gaming (11 days ago)
At least samsungs software works.
ANDROXY (11 days ago)
IPhone = fake n gay
Kenshin Jerusalem (11 days ago)
Someday, Samsung will fall and IPhone will rise
Priyanshu Gupta (12 days ago)
MOHAMMED FAYYAS (12 days ago)
business enemies
Angela Rozen Aguirre (12 days ago)
And here I am, using Acer.
Frank Torres (12 days ago)
Dudes haircut is top notch!

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