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OnePlus 6 Review: Right On the Money!

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OnePlus 6 is A+ for the price, a killer balance of performance and features. OnePlus 6: https://www.oneplus.com/6 MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD Intro Track: You Know by 20syl ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD Phone provided by OnePlus for review.
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Text Comments (8013)
Yalkın ÇIRAK (45 seconds ago)
Why don't they just call it 7?
Avery Moldovan (21 minutes ago)
Nick Glyman (1 hour ago)
That walking shot was super clean!
begic13 (4 hours ago)
It sucks that the OP6 is almost the same price as the S9 where I live, it's actually more expensive than say LG V30... I'd have loved to buy one, but there is no significant price difference from some other flagships that justify buying it...
George Vernadis (5 hours ago)
elephone p8...
xPandqGaming__ (5 hours ago)
OnePlus 6 = 7
It's Telestic (7 hours ago)
The answer is 7
Jay Rad (7 hours ago)
Bye bye iPhone 8 Plus! Just traded it to get the oneplus6 bad boy. Speed and freedom! Bigger better screen plus phone loads lighter. Can also wear headphones whilst charging! A must for PUBG lol
Ben Courtemanche (7 hours ago)
Rl babbby
Time To Thrive (8 hours ago)
Better than the S7 edge?
Royal Gaming (8 hours ago)
U played ultimate at the university of Minnesota?!?!
deogratius bwamitch (9 hours ago)
wallpaper link please
Bork Laser (13 hours ago)
Bruv i really wanna switch from iphones to oneplus but people i talk to everyday imessage me and i dont want to lose that. Messaging between android and iphones are slow through basic text and nobody wants to use an instant messenger. Idk what to do. Iphone is boring
Ryse Fiend (13 hours ago)
Oh my
Dsj (13 hours ago)
On Verizon so can’t even
Justin White (13 hours ago)
You play rocket league?
Erik Rodriguez (14 hours ago)
Dealbreaker. Nah just kidding
Akash S.U (15 hours ago)
don't know whether you will be interested to leave a replay for me. Anyhow i have got a question Marques Brownlee I am looking to buy a phone and my budget is around 590$ , so can you help me out with it
Arman Khan (15 hours ago)
Not a flagship killer.. But Value for money!!!
AFTERSHOCK 7582 (15 hours ago)
I feel like Honor 7x is better.... In some ways
Shripa Pradhan (17 hours ago)
ugh, I love how professional and aesthetic the videos are.
Chris Colmenares (18 hours ago)
Okay I need your thought and opinion on the brand new lg v35 thinq
Rio Horus (19 hours ago)
Is that a real nike shirt it's dope!!
Lopez 4 Life (20 hours ago)
Ugh notch
Jatt CLUB (21 hours ago)
You're the best Marques. Just saw ad of this video. I think there's no need for an ad too this channel.
Mark M (22 hours ago)
8G ram and 128G storage👍
Mark M (22 hours ago)
Definitely buying this phone
Emmanuel Geraldo (22 hours ago)
super review
the game master (1 day ago)
Is this better than the current phones on the market right now?
faizal zameer Khan (1 day ago)
Kindly comments on led notification and sound test with app update notifications
shubhankar munshi (1 day ago)
Is there an option too quick launch the camera from the power button
Giuseppe Trovato (1 day ago)
How do you compare its battery life with the P20 pro's one?
Kenny Polk (1 day ago)
All i want is Expandable storage on the oneplus phones
J M (1 day ago)
Heavily considering this phone now. Wireless charging? Who cares? I can't use the phone while its charging wirelessly; it's nothing more than an impractical marketing tool to make the phone "futuristic". Expandable memory would have been nice, but with 128 GB and 256 GB, that's already pretty hefty. Not waterproof? Who cares? It's not like I'll be in a pool scrolling thru social media.
Alhassan Moses (1 day ago)
Really love your review, now thinking of how to whip up cash to get one.....
Dj Dj (1 day ago)
Fuck you boy
Mauricio Figueroa (1 day ago)
Hey! When are you going to review the Nokia 8 Sirocco?
Sean Gerhard (1 day ago)
At&t keeps telling me that the OnePlus 6 won't work on their network. But OnePlus and other people say that it will. Any suggestions??
Navyforce06 (1 day ago)
This is literally an X and s9 combined
Carlos Izaguirre (1 day ago)
I wish sprint could use it
Sonny Capozzoli (1 day ago)
Rocket league?
Theodoros Nicolaou (1 day ago)
For some reason I keep seeing this video as an ad. It's one of the only ads that I would watch till the end :P
what the hell is this doing on my feed????? great video tho👍
TheNinjaMarmot (1 day ago)
$300 phones are not far from this. Some are better in some aspects. Wouldn't even class those as budget phones.
Calico one (1 day ago)
It equals 8
Zach Williams (1 day ago)
Please do a video of the law of diminishing returns for phones?
psputranoveka (2 days ago)
Can someone give me insight about which phone to buy? I love all the features in op6. Love how fast the phone is, the ram, proc, dash charge, how it looks etc. I think i will need the dash charge and the speed of the phone for gaming. But I got blown away by pixel 2 xl camera. I take photos so thats why. I know i want my op6, but the camera on pixel 2 xl keep tempting me. Its 766 usd for the 8/256gb op6 and 900 usd for 4/128gb pixel 2. Help me clear my mind lol.
Amy Casta (2 days ago)
I HAVE THAT phone!!!!!!!!
the zombie guy (2 days ago)
Shannon Stroupe (2 days ago)
Wow, I really want this phone:)
Jaweed Shah (2 days ago)
Is op6 having multiple user option?
Swagking efi (2 days ago)
Samsung is still better
Nightbot (2 days ago)
Narwhal spirit (2 days ago)
What a gross car in the background
Chuky Xora (2 days ago)
I found it funny when he say this phone has a headphone jack
SolaveiMiami (2 days ago)
Rocket League!
Alo Ola (2 days ago)
Obviously they sponsored your dumb ass yet again
Kristopher Parnell (2 days ago)
I’m getting mine shipped ere by tommorow or friday
Neil Reginald (2 days ago)
What launcher are you using?
Suvam Kris Rko (2 days ago)
Watching on my brand new Oneplus 6 😍
Slow Motion (2 days ago)
HeisenBerk (2 days ago)
Samsung s9 or op 6 or xiaomi mi mix 2s I cant decide help
Christian Olivares (2 days ago)
Is it competitive with metro pcs
Aadil Ahmed (2 days ago)
Are you sure that it's not water resistant
Harshit Jain (3 days ago)
Wireless charging is stupid its not worth it plus the iPhone X charges slower than my moto g5 plus which is ridiculous.
G. Murph (3 days ago)
I need this. My phone has 10% battery life after 1 hour of screen on time. HELP!!!
Christian Figueroa (3 days ago)
i bought a new s9+ for 600 at bestbuy :)
Sanjay Wilson (3 days ago)
Apart from the money s8 plus OR oneplus 6 ! Which should I choose?
Chubb Rock (3 days ago)
Hey Do A Give Away On Oneplus 6 Will Be Really Great
Marian (3 days ago)
Sa te fut in gura nu pot sa ascult o muzica ca te aud pe tine
Ruskie (3 days ago)
“Starting at $530”
David YX Liu (3 days ago)
这款手机就是一款中规中矩的水桶机 This phone is just a perfect model of a cellphone that perfectly balances all functions and price . No surprise No innovation. That's all
Devasheesh Sharma (3 days ago)
please do a honor 10 review and oneplus 6vs honor 10 review
MC Peppers (3 days ago)
I refuse to buy a phone with a stupid fucking notch. Hopefully Samsung doesn't fuck up their next flagship.
Kevin Chen (3 days ago)
grey duck
Cyril Santos (4 days ago)
Love the intro. Awesome review, as usual! 😁
Sitaram Mahavar (4 days ago)
Sitaram Mahavar
demian martínez (4 days ago)
Rachel Suhasini (4 days ago)
Rocket league back there
Jewish Person (4 days ago)
No sd card and the notch put me off to this, I'll stick with samsung. Plus there's the godawful camera on the oneplus... then there's no waterproofing... yuck it's too little, for too much money. 400 and ida bought it. You're moving into the 500 dollar plus range where if you have 500 for a phone you have 800. Might as well get a much better samsung device.
Pseudocode (4 days ago)
Nice review, thanks for the great level of detail!
Chin Aik (4 days ago)
i wonder how xiaomi mi 8 gonna go up against one plus6 tho
Ziyad Rox (4 days ago)
Watching this on the OnePlus 6
AciRaw Morph (4 days ago)
Only problem with my one plus 6 is speakers and audio jack experience. And I am scared of dropping it.
MegaFlame Dinero (4 days ago)
Iphone X Now this,What has this world really turning to
doyoueven (4 days ago)
Overpriced for not having the feature to expand the memory.
Otto Paasivirta (4 days ago)
Should i change to oneplus 6 from basic s8?
Otto Paasivirta (4 days ago)
Can you switch the order of the basic buttons on the front?
Aky Yadav (4 days ago)
Coupon code for one plus 6 purchase to avail 3 month extended warranty. 9XL2-E49RRT-BLABNS
goku546686 (4 days ago)
Literally looks like a LG g7 clone
Deedeedee137 (4 days ago)
I'm currently using a Samsung galaxy s7, but I'm thinking about upgrading to one of the newer phones soon. Would you say that the camera is as good as the s7's?
Pi (4 days ago)
Who tf actually uses wireless charging???
Seth Cooper (5 days ago)
that energy response cotton pale negotiate destination profit whom let their naturally bunch
Sammy Pack (5 days ago)
24 see rocket legae in background on tv
Ertan Dacić (5 days ago)
You should give us Xiaomi Mi 8 (Explorer or only Mi8 edition) review and compare "Right On the Money" feature.
Sai Suraj (5 days ago)
Hi Brownlee.. please review mi 8
CraftGod 123 (5 days ago)
Almost same as p20 lite
Ultimate Ldrago (5 days ago)
Yay!!!marques plays rocket league!! It was running in a tv in the background
Kaushik Kumar Bora (5 days ago)
529 *BUDGET*
Kaushik Kumar Bora (5 days ago)
529 *BUDGET*

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