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Best Phones To Buy at Any Budget [Early 2018]!

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Puls ▶ http://offer.puls.com/TechNinja ▶ dbrand http://ktt.ninja/2nADIaE Phones In Order Of Appearance ------ Moto E4 ~$100 // http://geni.us/lrBuK Honor 7X ~$200 // http://geni.us/ZYteh1n Moto G5S Plus ~ $300 // http://ktt.ninja/2nBYTcv HTC U11 Life ~$400 // http://geni.us/RHTwsb OnePlus 5T ~$500 // https://oneplus.net/5t My Unlimited Budget Picks --- Pixel 2 XL // http://store.google.com iPhone X // http://www.apple.com Puls --- Coupon Code TechNinja for $20 OFF Clips Used -- http://www.youtube.com/cannopsy http://www.youtube.com/Austinevans http://www.youtube.com/qbking77 http://www.youtube.com/androidauthority https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSOpcUkE-is7u7c4AkLgqTw Subscribe To A Ninja ▶▶ http://bit.ly/1JXcHPB ------- What Stuff Do I Use? (Kit) ▶ http://ktt.ninja/24xrZLd What Camera Gear Do I use? (B&H) ▶ http://ktt.ninja/294CiAI Music Created By @Iamrevolution // http://ktt.ninja/1SQWbGl Rap By ▶ James_C_L - Intro & KTTN Say It Again.

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Text Comments (438)
Nik Quick (20 hours ago)
honor 7x sucks!
marcus urso (1 day ago)
Banana Banana Banana
KT Forest (2 days ago)
banana banana banana
Doughnut Man (4 days ago)
that doesn't look like the g5s plus
SterFri0324 (4 days ago)
banana banana banana
Stuart Reid (5 days ago)
What if I want to miss a video?
jonathan mandouma (5 days ago)
13:27 it’s a11, not all😂😂
Seaya (10 days ago)
The best budget phones out now are Huawei Mate SE, redmi note 5 ai and asus max pro m1
Henri Hollebeke (11 days ago)
ZTE Axon 7? 300€
Seaya (10 days ago)
ZTE got shut down btw
Aviso 9 (11 days ago)
Good video
Sound is not in sync, The texts in the video were cut, the honor 7x has a 16+2 Camera setup not a 6+2..
Doogee Y6 is a way better choice for the first one. You can buy it on ali express for 110 bucks. 4 gigs of ram, 64 gigs of storage. Also has a fingerprint scanner, in a better place also. Camera is also better. Every aspect of this phone is better than that one. I don't have any real issues with your second choice, just that the second camera is probably fake, as is a popular scandal with budget chinese devices. For your 3rd choice I must say you really are a moterola fanboy. You can easily find a better phone at that pricepoint. You can find a mint s7 edge for 300 bucks on ebay. You can also get Google pixel xl or the pixel never opened at that pricepoint. Both have a snapdragon 820. For the mid teer price point, Xiaomi mix 2. Nuff said. Oneplus 5t is also a great choice, but it costs a bit more. Best phone is the Galaxy S9+ Apple is trash. Never talk about the iphone again. Google pixel 2 comes in a bit under the S9 and S9+ so good on them.
Chris Palmer (13 days ago)
Kevin, a quick question. I just watched this video and was wondering, for the $200 price range, what would be your thoughts on the NUU Mobile G3 in comparison to the Honor 7x? It looks like a worthy competitor in most every way. Thanks!
islippery bubbles (13 days ago)
My budget is $20
barry evans (17 days ago)
Banana banana banana
Tripp Nate (17 days ago)
Where are your ears??? lol
briar nolet sitee (18 days ago)
2:09 I won't get a phone without a fingerprint scanner 12:43 talking about how good face ID is and the iPhone x... no offense but you shouldn't be confusing me in these type of videos...
Marie (19 days ago)
should i get honor7x or p20 lite
Seaya (10 days ago)
I recommend getting the huawei mate SE instead of the honor 7x
Dejan Repinac (11 days ago)
Marie honor 7x
Grey Potatoes (20 days ago)
Im still on the LG G3. Is it time for an upgrade?
Jerrod Cooper (20 days ago)
What is so big about USB C?
Nikos Chatzimanolis (21 days ago)
what about honor 9 lite , its on the same price for honor 7x but full glass and double camera on selfie
Derek (23 days ago)
Damn you got a moon face lol 🌚🌚🌚
joel santiago (25 days ago)
🍌 🍌 🍌
Oneplus rocking 18:5 aspect ratio! Lol 😁 wtf!
Evelyn Garcia (26 days ago)
I don't know whether I should get the Honor 7x or the OP3
Matt Barnes (27 days ago)
Budget means budget....micro USB has to be cheaper to put in the phone. Phone maker has to make choices for who is going to buy their device. NFC is the same.....
Black Rice (27 days ago)
ring, ring, ring. Banana phoooone!!!
Sykoorus (28 days ago)
i have to vote nokia 7+ for best mid range at this moment. feels amazing in hard and build quality is very legit, also battery life is great. and then the price and i have to say it's very nice
Brock Lee (28 days ago)
banana, banana, banana
ANDREI SAVA (28 days ago)
Dude,you forgot leeco le max 2 for 200$,snapdragon 820 bro and 1440p screen
No Life David (29 days ago)
S8 for for around 500$ on eBay
Leo Lion (1 month ago)
Oh and I think Samsung sucks as well I will never buy any iPhones nor Samsung products. All of it is trash
Leo Lion (1 month ago)
Banana 🍌banana 🍌 banana 🍌 great vid but you have to realize, at that price range, for the flagships we would be paying for quality. Now other companies price their phones around the same and the screens aren't doing the same thing. So that's not something that should be a setback for a phone that cost the same or in some cases more than a months rent...! If they need to, they can simply wait a little while longer and make sure that the issues are fixed before bringing out whatever phone in the future. And no offense but most of the popular YouTubers either get paid to sell or boost products, regardless how they actually feel about it, or just get it for free anyways. So either way it's a win win. But if the phone is crap and you convince a few people to waste their money and then they regret it, that doesn't affect you're Hussle... That's why some YouTubers get more views and have more subs than others it's that level of respect. And honesty for their viewers. They are blunt and aren't afraid to tell it like it is. Put the top companies in their places. They make millions/billions they can actually afford to put more effort into making better products. And I'm not an apple fan (#Androidallday) but even though I feel they cheat their customers in allot of different ways they do actually try their best to make something at least seem to have the appearance of quality. But I'm not promoting them I still think it's dumb to buy an Apple product. because again, they can afford to make their phones better but choose not to. Cause they prefer to have a big check rather than satisfying their customers needs.and putting the customers first.
ztev ifiorah (1 month ago)
Real talk
Gerard Johnson (1 month ago)
The best budget phones are going to be Huawei, ZTE, LG, Motorola, Samsung J series phones 1 +OnePlus phones Blu phones , Nuu Xiomi Nokia BlackBerry banana Banana Banana
teeblack06 (1 month ago)
Bananas bananas bananas
John Wren (1 month ago)
Banana🍌 Banana🍌 Banana 🍌
Bwian Bwelles (1 month ago)
he was talking about moto g5s plus but was reviewing moto g5 what an idiot. plus the screen was cut off and audio was outta sync who the hell is this guy
Robo Bear (1 month ago)
This is the first time I’ve ever watched this guy, that intro is bass affffff
Marko Polo (1 month ago)
Banana, banana, banana
SJGINC (1 month ago)
While you may not use NFC, I use it several times per day. Therefore, it is a necessity for me. I wish more phone reviewers would mention if a phone has it or not. 🍌🍌🍌
mc15cp (1 month ago)
Banana, banana, banana you just convinced me the iPhone is over priced the mention it again, and sucked me right back in to thinking its fair price for Apple fans. i'm just going to go off the grid till I can afford the 1plus 5T
Nick (1 month ago)
Not a hater but extremely low quality video. Random footage of other unrelated phones degrades the quality and meaning of this video.
christian bernardino (1 month ago)
Dude even when dojo is in shambles it still looks an awesome place to hang out and chill
Kapingiri Nakatoke (1 month ago)
Moto e4 plus, let's go, screw the e4.
Elaine Clements Finn (1 month ago)
Recently ordered a huawei se...does anybody know if sound is decent ???
Nrfa (1 month ago)
This is so funny considering that, I just watch you in a side by side comparison, between the Samsung S9+ vs. IPhone X. In the end you chose the S9+. Can I sense some contradiction here? It sucks to watch people’s videos for 15mins+, then the phone they chose over the other isn’t even in this damn video! Do you even know what the hell your talking about? Or. What you’ve said and chosen in other videos dumbass?
dylangotbeatz (1 month ago)
the s9 wasn't even announced when the video came out dumbass, pay attention.
Thelmalina (1 month ago)
Got it.. banana banana banana !
Morayo (1 month ago)
banana banana banana
Khaii Syz (1 month ago)
mi a1?
Yashar Zamharir (1 month ago)
Banana banana banana😂👌🏻
Ronald Hmielewksi (1 month ago)
banana, banana banana
Kevin The Tech Ninja (1 month ago)
There it is!
Dakota Neff (1 month ago)
Stop promoting Huawei/Honor. They work with the Chinese government to spy on US citizens. Look it up.
Dario visconti (1 day ago)
Dakota Neff lmaoooo
Jakan Pierce (1 month ago)
If there were any bananas, how many bananas were there? The answer is three bananas! (see what I did there) ;)
chace ross (1 month ago)
Mike Somers (1 month ago)
Banana, Banana, Banana....LOL
Fisher (1 month ago)
What! What about the LG G6?!
Valentino Nguyen (1 month ago)
Xiaomi mi a1???
Artifacts187 (1 month ago)
for a minute i thought the dude had not ears......
angelo palmer (1 month ago)
The honor 7x drains battery particularly when you get to 15 percent
Miracle Fan (1 month ago)
Banana banana banana
A Ali (1 month ago)
how do people use iPhone it is so restricted like you can't do anything.
The Jokr (1 month ago)
I don't trust pulse...
anafilipamar (1 month ago)
Banana banana banana
Paul Calabrese (1 month ago)
Banana...Banana...Banana... :-).
Jeffrey Bozko (1 month ago)
Xiaomi note 5 :)
NoahPlaysGames (1 month ago)
Why is most of this video taken from other YouTubers?
shan3 (1 month ago)
Kyle Shady (1 month ago)
THE ONE PLUS 5t IS NOT UNDER 500 i dont understanddddddd why does every YouTube channel say it is????
mmm7761 (1 month ago)
Bannana x3
Utt van darn (1 month ago)
Kevin!!! Can you advise me a phone for let's say heavy gaming (fortnite mobile will be released in few months) for around 400$ but not more. 4gb ram would be great
Cath O'Reilly (1 month ago)
thanks, this was helpful :) Banana, banana, banana :P
Ale (1 month ago)
banana banana banana!
Marissa Jhingoree (1 month ago)
Honor 7x Beats Everything 🤘😚
Andre Gori (1 month ago)
IT sucks
Delano Scott (1 month ago)
Irfan Hameed (1 month ago)
10:18 "18:5 aspect ratio"? What were you smoking?
Jan Danzel Lardizabal (1 month ago)
I screwed up I bought the J7 pro. I guess I bought a phone too early 😐😩😫🤧😓😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
MusicLaughFun (1 month ago)
banana banana banana
Kushothe (1 month ago)
Xiaomi Mi A1 > Honor 7X
Shyam Devadas (1 month ago)
Kevin, now that Huawei is worrisome in terms of security, what would you see as a good ~$200, non-risky Chinese phone?
Mayonnaise (1 month ago)
10:15 Wait.... 18:5 aspect ratio? lol
Rhyonar CROSS (1 month ago)
Why not the Elephone U Pro for $500
danvar249 (2 months ago)
what's the difference between honor 7x and huawei mate 10 lite?
Harrie de Peer (2 months ago)
“Now it does have some premium things like a fingerprint scanner, which is loved by many people. I won’t get a phone personally without one.” And you have bought the iphone x? 😑
mohd shaheer (2 months ago)
Banana banana 🍌
ReadyRedRed (2 months ago)
Banana Banana Banana. 🍌🍌🍌
Donlonte1 (2 months ago)
Banana banana 🍌
Primetime Media (2 months ago)
The Honor 8x is a great buy for that price point.
TheShawny6970 (2 months ago)
Adri h9 (2 months ago)
kevin the techhnigger
Theo Leander Simonsen (2 months ago)
Banana banana banana
Jerwin Salcedo (2 months ago)
Huawei mate 10 is better than honor 7x...for some reason
XcluEzy 7 (2 months ago)
banana 🍌 banana
kaustubh dandkar (2 months ago)
🍌 🍌 🍌
jason Wiltjer (2 months ago)
Asian Chocolate (2 months ago)
I already know how amazing the honor 7x is but let me ask... honor 7x or honor 8??? (BTW in my country they're the same price and the 7x has 4 gb ram and 64 gb storage)
3SecondKiller (2 months ago)
include xiaomi a1?
janoy Daley (2 months ago)
Banana, banana, banana okay
Tanner Pinney (2 months ago)
Great job on your intro! Looks trick!

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