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OnePlus 3 / 3T: 20 great tips and tricks

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Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring the channel. http://dbrand.com/AP If you want to dive deep within the OnePlus interface to find some sweet hidden features but don't know where to start then you've come to the right place. Here are over 20 different tips and tricks to let you know what the OnePlus 3 and 3T is capable of. ▶ Join OnePlus Open Beta: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/oxygenos-beta-program-explained.469761/ _______________________________________________ Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. Background Music: ▶ Sound EGO: https://audiojungle.net/user/soundego ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed
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Text Comments (282)
Nishandx De Zoysa (29 days ago)
I am hoping to buy a used oneplus 3T in 2017. Thanks for the video
Darshan Dani (2 months ago)
I own this device since 4 months. Still your video helped so much. Great work !👍
Darshan Dani (1 month ago)
Alistair Gongob No. Not at all !
Alistair Gongob (1 month ago)
Darshan Dani no lags or slowdowns bro?
aksuli1 (2 months ago)
Whoa, guy talked so fast.
Nick Bradley (4 months ago)
Where can a find this wall ?
B1tV3rs3 (4 months ago)
We're you using the 3 or 3t in this vid
Guida Online (4 months ago)
Just updated, gaming mode is not there. My menu stops at Recent app management... :(
Rajeev Koushik (5 months ago)
Soo.. why would one buy a OP5 over this? 🤔
adcinco 7 (5 months ago)
Why this 6GB RAM phone does not dial from contacts as a 50 dollars phones does?
Nathan Rieck (6 months ago)
Hes got a complete different skin thans my skin on the 3t midnight Black
Nathan Rieck (6 months ago)
How is he doing that with the arrow on the bar on the bottom of his screen
xEffectiv (6 months ago)
I ordered mine a week ago and can't wait to try all those tips! Thanks man, the phone looks great
Samuel Goldwyn (6 months ago)
why do i miss the oneplus labotory in my setting? could not find it
A& D (6 months ago)
Which launcher are you using?
Noor Hussain (6 months ago)
ZwhoHeBe929 (6 months ago)
I'm not seeing the option to enable the proximity sensor to wake via a wave. all there I can find is ambient display and lift up display. can someone point me to it?
UKzF MotionZ (7 months ago)
what is that launcher
Akshit Chawria (7 months ago)
How is ur home screen looking a bit different....?
djvnsdjkvnsfjsrhbgdh (7 months ago)
Why use the on screen keys if u can have keys underneath the display
etunil (7 months ago)
Very fast, to fast
Sohail Khan (7 months ago)
bro how to get gaming mode...I am not getting option of it
ramming goat (7 months ago)
How did you get the app drawer to be swipe on oneplus launcher?? Ive b een trying for so long to be able to get it like that without having to use nova or any other third party launcher
Rajat Kinger (7 months ago)
i don't see any gaming mode option in my phone...why?
Christina Troullou (7 months ago)
op3t, Nexus 6p or Galaxy S7?
Simranjeet Singh (7 months ago)
How did you change your icons and overall UI layout in app drawer (no. of apps in columns and rows) and of course Google search bar. Is it some launcher or settings with default launcher?
gwmax11 (7 months ago)
Ever since I updated to the latest version, the color I have my LED set to stays that color for half a second when charging then goes to default blue, there's nothing I can do to change or fix this...
Satheesh Thallapally (7 months ago)
I love some unknown tricks. thank you.
ma ma (7 months ago)
oneplus3 http://bluenik.com/1mY7 :D
Adib Al Azad (8 months ago)
Does your 3t have a screen tint at bottom? I mean is the bottom side of the screen a bit darker than the upper?
Samuel Goldwyn (8 months ago)
why do i miss my gaming mode on my phone?
Leanne Fernandes (8 months ago)
how do you increase the rows in the menu and how is the Google bar different also the favorite try is different
Jake Hennett (8 months ago)
Being able to stitch screen caps together is amazing. It seems so simple, but I haven't seen that in any other custom firmware options.
Vfire (8 months ago)
Watching it on my OnePlus3t
David Baudin (8 months ago)
Didn't know the Oxygen OS was so good all these features without having to root and flash a new rom
Bilgin Kaya (8 months ago)
one plus should make a phone with pen like samsung note series. it would be amazing. im still using my note 2 and i wont buy new note until samsung add 6gb ram but i think it will take a lot time so i can buy new oneplus phone
sidhant reddy (8 months ago)
Thankssss alot for such awesome tricks especially that advance notification 5 level control ones, I needed it desperately !!!👍👍
Amit Sharma (8 months ago)
Hey Android Police admin...do you care for the comments from your viewers...I don't think so as all of us asking about the source of Google search widget, icon pack, dual SIM icons layering etc. but nobody cares to respond....don't you think that somebody from your team should answer these questions. hope this reaches to a responsible admin or contributor for Android Police so that we may get a response.
Timothy Khoo (8 months ago)
Slow down....
GeneralGiant (8 months ago)
buttons. buTTons. buTTTTTTTTons jfc butt-tons come on man
ponczman (8 months ago)
What is the last Wallpaper?
NoOneCanFindMe (8 months ago)
can't find gaming mode, it's not there under advanced settings...can't find it when I search for it too
Sou Illuminat (8 months ago)
Are you running open beta 4? If not then that's the reason.
Nikhil Kamath (8 months ago)
i dont have gaming mode on my 3t. is that only available with the open beta?
DEATH (8 months ago)
Does the bootloader need to be unlocked to be on the open beta builds?
Evangelos 'gaster' (8 months ago)
Great video
Diosdado Madriaga (8 months ago)
I can't find the gaming mode in advanced feature,
Typical Dru (8 months ago)
Where is gaming mode? It's not there...
valdeze (8 months ago)
Sékou SIDIBE (8 months ago)
Very nice shots and the tips are all so useful. Write these comments now on my 1+1 so.. The 3T will be my next for sure.
Fabian (8 months ago)
I have the OnePlus 3 with Android 7.1.1 and Oxygen OS 4.1.3, in the Video, he could swipe up on the homescreen to see all apps, like this feature, think it's coming with the next Oxygen OS Update? Is it hard to get the beta Oxygen OS? Don't want to reset my phone or something like that, but would like to have the beta Oxygen OS
Enzo Bishop (8 months ago)
What is that search bar from??
Manish Siroya (8 months ago)
how can get internet speed in OnePlus 3T
Trueno Ong (8 months ago)
I can't find the gaming mode on my OnePlus 3T :( I'm on OxygenOS version 4.1.3 and Android 7.1.1.
H_E'Z (8 months ago)
Trueno Ong because its on beta still
Sara Vanan (8 months ago)
whats d icon pack name
Wilson Chong (8 months ago)
And use a black theme for better battery life.
Achal Devrukhkar (8 months ago)
What's the Google bar you're using? Also, what icon packs would you recommend?
HAXX Gaming (6 months ago)
Achal Devrukhkar candycons
Kawal Singh (8 months ago)
sir, what the function of "OEM Unlocking" ?
Zach Mills (8 months ago)
could you list everything you're using to make the phone look how it does please.
lilmario0 (8 months ago)
Your watch fits your hand perfectly.
Allu Ajay (8 months ago)
sir oneplus 3T phone my phone is automatically changing wallpapers what can I do please help me sir
Andres Ergui (8 months ago)
esa carcasa ya no tiene clase. y tu manga de reloj también es vieja. Traslate this Messenge. gratings from Argentina.
fabutrash (8 months ago)
Good video. I love this phone.
Vikram Kuril (8 months ago)
nice video but I already knows this all feature ..
pat 1 (8 months ago)
how do I get an app drawer like that one without Nova
pat 1 (8 months ago)
thanks bro
Wilson Chong (8 months ago)
pat 1 Download the OnePlus launcher from APK Mirror.
Wjk Ko (8 months ago)
i am using one plus 3. but i dont have gaming mode in my phone.why! Nice video.
Sou Illuminat (8 months ago)
What software are you on? If you are not on Open beta 4 then you can't have it yet. He mentioned it in the video.
slartybardfarst52 (8 months ago)
Gaming mode seems to have gone in update Nougat 7.1.1
aniket khot (8 months ago)
what if i want change app design look? is it possible to change if yes then which apps ?
Pau Gironès (8 months ago)
What's the launcher he's using?
Aditya Agarwal (8 months ago)
dude, how do we get the Google assistant on the OnePlus 3t? I hv upgraded my phone to Android 7.1.1 oxygen os 4.1.3 and do not hv the Google assistant
Jonas Carlsson (8 months ago)
"keepable of"? 😂
I need some PROTEIN (8 months ago)
Please review the samsung a5 2017
Frost Jack (8 months ago)
Seriously I feel so bad now that I'm currently studying China and was looking for a good smart phone with medium budget, eventually bought OnePlus 3T. However, the system operation is way different than the ones that are being sold around the world(Except from where i bought it). First off no Google operating system on the phone, no OnePLus Laboratory with the notification settings as mentioned above, no Battery Advanced Optimization, no Gaming Mode as well. And last but not least is the screenshot setting as said in the video, which is very cool and disappointing at the same time.
Bike Race Top (8 months ago)
Ok I really have been looking for an answer to this question for quite some time now, and I couldn't find any clear solutions. I'm rooted and have TWRP recovery, does the Open Beta remove all of that or can I just flash it? I'm really new to root so I'd like for someone to show me around and help me ya know
Bike Race Top (8 months ago)
hey um i just flashed the rom and i lost twrp. do i just re install it and then re flash root because u said i shouldn't lose it...
Bike Race Top (8 months ago)
Евгений Кондратьев true. I accidentally deleted the os on my phone and got scared shit less because it wouldn't boot up into os anymore obviously but instead boots up into TWRP so I finally figured it out I literally just had to re install ROM lol.
Hank Hill few days ago I bought new phone OnePlus 3t and right after shop I came home and rooted and instelled new ROM and so on... don't be afraid to do something with phone. It is very hard to make a brick from your Android
sabbir siddique (8 months ago)
Does it get the google assistant by default or did you have to get it by the beta version?
sabbir siddique (8 months ago)
Damn it was there all this time, I just had to enable it from the Google app.
makeit ra1n (8 months ago)
by default. change language to US if UK isn't working
David Oriakhi (8 months ago)
google search widget? like the exact one (not getting the same one with vizorg or pixel widget
Sunny Deva (8 months ago)
Where do you get this Google bar
Gagandeep Gary (8 months ago)
how did you got that network bars... up and down.. like parallel to each other how??
Arun Sivaramakrishnan (8 months ago)
Has the beta update introduced the new launcher?
Raghav Khosla (8 months ago)
I'm running this latest version of Android on my oneplus 3T. I'm not a beta tester though. I was wondering why Google Assistant is still not on my phone despite running the latest version of Nougat. What am I doing wrong? Are there some steps involved to activate it?
uttam koirala (8 months ago)
how to change google search icon
unTamed (8 months ago)
icon pack?
CZARNYEU (8 months ago)
Interesting Tips. Regards from my channel Guys
Aneesh Ch (8 months ago)
how is your Google search bar looking like that?
DEPLORABLE_ JOE_TRUMP (8 months ago)
I would own a oneplus 3t IF it worked ON VERIZON IN AMERICA,!!! smh. 😠😠
J. Morris (8 months ago)
DEPLORABLE_ JOE_TRUMP that's the main reason I left Verizon. Not being able to use any OnePlus phones was a no go for me
Neel Parikh (8 months ago)
can you tell me which tempered glass did you use? :)
Charlie Oysab (8 months ago)
Where can i find the raw images i shot
ronald lazar (8 months ago)
Have you tried Nugget7
software already updated to 7.1.1 and OxygenOS 4.1.3 on my 3t when i'm trying to install the beta version its showing that it will update to OxygenOS 3.5.3 can anyone explain that please ?! if that one is older version or i'm doing something wrong.
Maliq Ali (8 months ago)
where can i get the Google search widget featured in this video??
Hoggs Bosson (8 months ago)
Great phone, except for low light camera shots, just terrible.
Mihail Karageorgiev (9 months ago)
Double SIM card icons in status bar?
Ananda Bibek (8 months ago)
yup, didn't work. someone needs to find out how it was done
Mihail Karageorgiev (8 months ago)
Ananda Bibek Tried, but wo success
Ananda Bibek (8 months ago)
Mihail Karageorgiev enable demo mode in dev options
Mihail Karageorgiev (8 months ago)
Watch at 2:19. Status bar, next to WiFi icon.
NotARealDuck (8 months ago)
weird, mine are next to each other
Shayaan Abbas (9 months ago)
Just bought a oneplus 3t. Very helpful video!!
Shayaan Abbas (8 months ago)
u have to update it to nougat
android gravity (8 months ago)
how can i get google assistant on op3t??
Deves Agarwal (9 months ago)
which mobile launcher is this
Denis Covricov (9 months ago)
Thanks for tips... 😈👍
Vishal verma (9 months ago)
anyone know about the icon pack shown in video ??
TECHNO officer (9 months ago)
how can we get the dbrand skins here in Nepal?
Mikail Salim (9 months ago)
The app drawer, appears like one on the Pixel phones, how did you get that? I'm on 4.1.3 stable/non-beta version.
Thomas Moroney (8 months ago)
H_E'Z (8 months ago)
no need to wait till ota download here http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/oneplus-ltd/oneplus-launcher-2/oneplus-launcher-2-2-0-0-170414173919-ed278d7-release/oneplus-launcher-2-0-0-170414173919-ed278d7-android-apk-download/
Mikail Salim (8 months ago)
Sesha Gopal thanks for the info. Looking forward to the new update. Love the new drawer design
Sesha Gopal (8 months ago)
You get it in the new updates, that's beta version It will be out for us in the 7.2 update
Thomas Moroney (8 months ago)
i would love to know how he got that in the stock launcher
Sir SPeakz A Lot (9 months ago)
In a world where every how-to-video is shit we already know. I call these - *things you can traditionally find in the settings.* We need to push it to the next level of showing us things that'll actually blow our minds (3T's fingerprint security & fast charge). Get with the times folks,.... get with the times. P.S. Customization is for lil' bitches. Flagship phones ship by default what would be ideal for the user in mind, just use it.
Cupito (9 months ago)
What's the name of the game in video?
Leo Vince (9 months ago)
why i don't have the gaming mode option in my oneplus3t? i am android 7.1.1 right now.

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