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$180 PC? ASUS Chromebox Review

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Tweet #IntelInspire to enter! http://bit.ly/1hpsKHm Do you think the ASUS Chromebox CN60 is worth it? ASUS Chromebox CN60: http://amzn.to/1WhyiKN Click to Subscribe! http://bit.ly/SubAustin While Google Chrome OS has been around for years only recently has the game been stepped on both the software and hardware side. With lots of great Chromebooks already out ASUS is now tackling the entry level desktop PC side with the new Chromebox CN60. Outfitted with an Intel Celeron dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD it makes for a surprisingly solid web browsing machine. Twitter http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan Google+ https://www.google.com/+austinevans
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Ravi Iyengar (8 days ago)
When you realize the keyboard and the mouse (G710+ and I think similar mouse) costs more than the computer....
Rob Swift (17 days ago)
Rob Swift (17 days ago)
DOWNSIDE: no downloading games or anything really
Rob Swift (17 days ago)
plus, its virus free
Rob Swift (17 days ago)
IM watching this on one!
That voice Sounds so small 2018 anyone XD wait I saw DOGEEE
Neon Blue Night (27 days ago)
Dose this have Bluetooth
James Kingsford (2 months ago)
His t shirt Minecraft creeper
Ghostwalker CIA (2 months ago)
How to turn your Tv into a "Smart Tv" good for entertainment but not for gaming. What did you expect from a 180$ mini Pc?
potodoh (2 months ago)
Watching in 2018
mr_death47 (2 months ago)
Daniel P (10 days ago)
mr_death47 what
Utube Freak (2 months ago)
I pay 16$ for 20mbps
Koda (2 months ago)
Utube Freak I pay $30 for 100mbps
The Magical Mario (3 months ago)
You had an intro?
ItsLucas (3 months ago)
oh god... that intro
arghya mitra (3 months ago)
keep ur 180$..install linux for free...why on earth chrome os do exsits
Lucca Bimbati Borbi (4 months ago)
Austin Evans WOW!!What an evolution!!!! Glad of your videos now (2017)!😄😄
mike b (4 months ago)
Chromebox has a network jack that would cost around $20 to add to a Chromebook but for he added portability and use if the power fails I think the Chromebook is the better buy. The box is more easily upgraded but I will still take the Chromebook.
NarvaezTube/Productions (4 months ago)
What is Austin’s intro song called
Trenton Trahan (4 months ago)
AndrewEathan (4 months ago)
minceraft shirt lol
Cris P (4 months ago)
Your audio capturing device recorded your voice sounding like $h!/...so robotic
Trolling Inc. (5 months ago)
more io than macbook pro
Hugo Hoenderboom (5 months ago)
what monitor are you using in this video?
Hecc (5 months ago)
Can it run minecraft?!
MrSaim _XD (5 months ago)
Chalva Cohen (5 months ago)
PVZLuka (5 months ago)
Lol my school has thease
Shippydiscover (5 months ago)
My god my school computer lab has 30 of these..sheet
I am Harry (5 months ago)
Its like the windows mac mini
can this pc run mc and rec and edit
Anshu Pandey (6 months ago)
Just look at the internet speed of austin.
Tech Star (6 months ago)
Raspberry pi is better
Mage Enderman (6 months ago)
You could definitely run Moonlight/Limelight or Liquidsky(in the future since right now it only has an Android and windows version but I'm sure a chrome version will come out in the future)
FuriousDiamonds (7 months ago)
Pheara Lim (7 months ago)
Does Chromebook get virus?
Koda (2 months ago)
Pheara Lim no
LeMans Electro-Light (7 months ago)
A new cpu from Intel should be called Intel Inspire :)
isedb (7 months ago)
but can it run crysis?
Blehmaster (7 months ago)
you could just get something like the dell inspiron 11 3000 non touch 2gb model for the same price, and it runs WINDOWS
slime techno (8 months ago)
minecraft shirt
Tyler Greeno (8 months ago)
Still more ports then a Macbook
Ilovehoovers (8 months ago)
im using cloudready (chromium os) on an early 2008 macbook
Shimul Shaikh (8 months ago)
100 Mb/s!!! Damn.
John Nguyen (9 months ago)
Another advantage that the Chrome OS has is no product key. Yay! You don't have to deal with annoying notifications like on windows.
MaL3K_XD (9 months ago)
Who is watching this in 2017 ?!
Killjoy's Gaming (9 months ago)
would steam work well on this?
Zeus Martin Sajol (9 months ago)
this thing definitely worth it instead buying a laptop you have this machine for 180$ it worth it
Zeus Martin Sajol (9 months ago)
this thing definitely worth it instead buying a laptop you have this machine for 180$ it worth it
Matt Anderson (10 months ago)
I have this computer. I upgraded to 12G RAM and 128G SSD and now I run ChromeOS sometimes, Windows 10 pro sometimes, and linux sometimes.
Fedor Amuricano (10 months ago)
Why is your WIFI so slow??????
Christian Kyrmse (10 months ago)
It's worth it if you get linux
Donger (10 months ago)
lolz 150mbits for 6$ here :D
unkown creature (10 months ago)
Intel is the grandfather of pcs your lucky Austin
Aquakey 98 (10 months ago)
can it's 802.11n wireless card be upgraded to 802.11 ac ?
Alex (11 months ago)
guys im gay kappa
Samuel Burke (11 months ago)
your network is 100x faster than mine :)
William Marin (11 months ago)
NICE JEFF (11 months ago)
wow austin has changed a lot......
Master of The Game 734 (11 months ago)
OMG, HE'S WEARING A MINE CRAFT SHIRT!!! #Stereotypical Mine craft nerd, #Making fun of people is fun
SRAVAN S (11 months ago)
It looks nice than intel nuc!
Tinashe Gumbe (11 months ago)
Perfect setup would be awesome if you bump up the RAM by 2GB or the processor to a quad core either way still awesome 😊
Mynameis longer (1 year ago)
Best shirt you have ever worn
SURENITY ! (1 year ago)
With My $200, I am getting a 2009-2010 Mac A1228 3.06 Ghz
DLStudios (1 year ago)
Definitely gonna buy it
DLStudios (1 year ago)
Or a ausus laptop
Jonathan Bruffaerts (1 year ago)
Minecraft t shirt...
Jakob Alves (1 year ago)
They have these computers at my school now cause some idiot installed memz on 12 computers
DeSo_LatE SSD (1 year ago)
Looking to play cyrsis 3 at 4K 120fps+
can it run the witcher 3 60fps ultra settings? i think it does since i can run minesweeper at 15fps and thats a very demanding game
Luca Loda (1 year ago)
No, not worth it. Buy a raspberry pie if you need only to use a browser. Save 150$
What's the intro song?
Random Shit (1 year ago)
sholy sit! that is some high end specs right there!
Random Shit (1 year ago)
5 inches! Thats half an inch smaller that my cock!
tippytapmaster vlogs (1 year ago)
Might as well buy a phone.
peter berard (1 year ago)
xbox oneface (1 year ago)
xbox oneface (1 year ago)
Frosty_Puffz (1 year ago)
I think its a great Idea for schools using that kinda thing
Ahmed (1 year ago)
I have the same tee
TheCrazySullustan (1 year ago)
get a chromebit. its cheaper and does the same thing
Kmaddex73 (1 year ago)
I bought the Dell version of this device and I love it SO much! only problem is I can't see a comment section when watching youtube videos. I can't comment. AND actually CAN'T SEE ANY comments at all using this device. I have to grab my iPad or phone to comment on YouTube videos. that's inconvenient. please reply to this comment if you have a solution to this problem. thanks everyone
Pickle Chan (1 year ago)
200 dollars is too much for a box with a browser
SighBorg (1 year ago)
#IntelInspire Pax allows gamer's a place to go for meeting new competitive gamer's and challenge them also pay new games, We enjoy the time there because its based on the things were good at and also do 24/7 well for some of us. Pax East is a good place for gamer's to enjoy there time and not have someone call them a geek or something because everyone around you is a geek and Pax also lets you express that geekness inside of you(I don't think geekness is a word), That's my opinion on Pax East
SighBorg (1 year ago)
Who are we supposed to send out #IntelInspire thing?
xxx_ swager_xxx (1 year ago)
dat minecraft shirt
DDDust (1 year ago)
this might be good for collage.
Blue PickleOG (1 year ago)
The Decimator (1 year ago)
Once you put Linux on it, you can install steam and play games
Zane Roote (1 year ago)
When Austin had a intro
Debojit Acharjee (1 year ago)
i want to know what you do after you review the items? do you buy such items only for review?
oshawott98 (1 year ago)
Its worth it!
GameExplosion (1 year ago)
Its like mac mini.
Gumbo Plays (1 year ago)
Can you play rocket league on it?
Mc. Wortex (1 year ago)
not for the price
Magic Spirit (1 year ago)
Its worth it 👍🏻
Sufjo Joseph (1 year ago)
nobody love me
Aigoo Koreaboo (1 year ago)
That's true
Sufjo Joseph (1 year ago)
fuck  me
EmeraldAnthony (1 year ago)
how do you get angry birds?
Losttimer adventure (1 year ago)
#intelinspire  love everthing
Room Four (1 year ago)
Don't get it fucken bad
Einari Ihalainen (1 year ago)
can it run minecraft in ¹fps?
ALIENMARINE (1 year ago)
ie ei it cant run MC. it doesnt have java
FlameDog67 (1 year ago)
Yes definitely worth it

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