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We saw the first Hyperloop tubes in the desert

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Hyperloop Technologies has begun work on a Hyperloop test track -- the futuristic transportation system envisioned by Elon Musk. Laurie Segall reports.
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The Vanguard (1 month ago)
All the people that are about to be put off work 😐
Al woo (3 months ago)
this is such bull shit explain to me the engineering
John L Rice (4 months ago)
It's probably a good design, but lets give credit where credit is actually due since the concept is over 200 years old? Here's some info from Wiki pages on the "Pneumatic tubes" and "Atmospheric railways". Sure, the modern versions being worked on will likely have some differences and new innovations but I wouldn't say anyone who is working on this concept these days is having any impressive leaps of genius? ;-) "In 1799 George Medhurst of London discussed the idea of moving goods pneumatically through cast iron pipes, and in 1812 he proposed blowing passenger carriages through a tunnel" "Pneumatic capsule transportation was invented by William Murdoch. It was considered little more than a novelty until the invention of the capsule in 1836"
Jbaltus Stuff (6 months ago)
74 Thunderfoot fans disliked this video.
Alto's Music Lab (7 months ago)
what keeps the spitball from sticking to the straw?
InsaneBiscuits (7 months ago)
Are they in Mulligans ?
affilinet (8 months ago)
What if someone shoots at the tube?
Jordan (8 months ago)
Fuck White Brother! Santos Dumont is the true inventor of the plane!
Debt Free Living (9 months ago)
uh oh, I see more Mandela effect shit associated with this and CERN.
Max Mustermann (9 months ago)
Elon Musk is one of the coolest and iovative People in the world.
Jamas Ricktinbo (10 months ago)
This seems it will be very expensive
Christopher Malec (10 months ago)
Not new idea. It was a tv show in the seventies. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0064366/
jonharson (10 months ago)
You know what they say about idiot and their money...
Michael n. (11 months ago)
Im sorry... I stil dont understand how this would be better than magnalev.
LeoDaVee (1 year ago)
Maybe not now maybe it is impossible now with current tech BUT maybe in a few decades it is possible
Laura Schwartz (1 year ago)
This is completely ignoring the fact that travelling at those high speeds and turning is really hard, if not impossible. Also the whole tubes thing across a long distance is problematic
shhmh (1 year ago)
Laura Schwartz same thing was said more than a century ago about trains lol
Ebrahim Abdulla (1 year ago)
buy buy to airlines
Jay Chidiac (1 year ago)
I have on word for you : FUTURAMA
Clarence Green (1 year ago)
say "hyper"if you think it will work
smirkingdevil (1 year ago)
If the Alaskan pipeline leaks oil and requires massive amounts of maintenance, how the heck are these yahoos going to keep those track tubes sealed enough to maintain a vacuum? Also, where is the propulsion coming from? You need air to produce thrust, but they want to run trains in a vacuum. I guess a better question is how will they stop the train? Electro magnets? There goes your cost savings. Haven't these guys been to Japan or France?!
Bla Mcblason (1 year ago)
Its not a perfect vacuum, its just low pressure like you would find at maybe 40k feet. Id like to know the propulsion side of it too. Braking, why not use the air, air brakes and the ability to pump air in to the tunnel, maybe...
smirkingdevil (1 year ago)
+The diamond villager My guess is they haven't figured anything out.  Worse, they clearly have not surveyed existing rail systems and the challenges that exist.  Building a test track in the middle of Texas is one thing, but look no further than the "high speed" rail that is proposed from Los Angeles to San Francisco for lessons in political frustration.
Hentai (1 year ago)
"The diamond villager" >Minecraft >LMAO What happens if I get an axe, a gun or whatever and create a big ass hole in the tube? What, gonna fuckin reinforce it the entire way around? This is the perfect way to massacre a few thousand people.
The diamond villager (1 year ago)
smirkingdevil they are engineers, they probably already figured that out.
Austin Pieschel (1 year ago)
I hope these ugly tubes are not visible I hope they are under ground or something or at least along most roads.
Mathijs Frenken (1 year ago)
I think they use visual studio to program there shit. That logo is straight up stolen lmao.
Sfolter (1 year ago)
Thought the same thing although the new logo is not that similar.
Radu Miron (1 year ago)
We want transparency! I'd like to see the landscapes without having to bring my spy goggles with me.
shhmh (1 year ago)
Radu Miron you won't see anything at those speeds
wateri4 (1 year ago)
This won't work at all, look up the YouTube channel Thunderf00t to which he explained why this won't work.
Douglas Roulston (1 year ago)
ffs he didnt come up with the idea
TheLordIsMyStrength (1 year ago)
These are just some painted steel pipes lol.
brioan - (1 year ago)
so Tomorrowland is closer than we think?
erfho8y (1 year ago)
i sure as hell hope the real version of the tubes are gonna be completely transparent
Gnostic Light (1 year ago)
Elon musk makes me wet
Derpsider (1 year ago)
I just thought of a perfect second name for a good representation of this Project: *Hyperscam*
Vocoded Glasses (8 months ago)
Thunderf00t really isn't someone anybody should trust. He is convinced that fucking nuclear power is the future and that it is absolutely safe.
James Humphrey (1 year ago)
Derpsider ya this company may be shaky we need another company more solid working on this and some competitors. What a boon to our transportation infrastructure and the future !!! Elon musk - the 'man' .
Trump Did 9/11 (1 year ago)
i've seen the video posted by thunderfoot but would like to see what product comes up with this
b wilson (1 year ago)
I had no idea Mr Musk was so old. Idea was published in Pop Sci in 1914.
Crimson Harp (1 year ago)
ill be investing money into the stock market of Hyperloop. wait 10-15 years, get at least 100k back from spending 1000. maybe more. for all I know this is something to invest in.
Xaminer003 (1 year ago)
this company is just starter, one day a big baller is gonna come by create a company and improve everything and your stock will be worthless
moderndudeman (1 year ago)
I don't care about hyperloop. just send people to mars.
OpticsVision (1 year ago)
I feel like this solves the problem of pollution at least for transportation and shipping... All we have left to fix is energy XD
Michael Greenwood (1 year ago)
The Germans have already invented vacume tube travels. The Japanese Shinkansen maglev is already capable of speeds over 600Kmh. Envisioned by Germans and Japanese. Not by Elon Musk. Being born in only 1971 I guess he missed linea magneto elevation development technology in the early sities on account of the fact that he wasn't born. Hover trains as well have already been invented. In use in 1984 in Birmingham, UK, England.
dave oneil (1 year ago)
guiness is shit
marcysiek (1 year ago)
Elon Musk you are the real guy. Greetings from Poland.
santiago stream (1 year ago)
Holy Trash (1 year ago)
Get it DONE!
sak sezo (1 year ago)
it's about 0.34km/sec :O omg
Tim Wang (1 year ago)
Elon always provides and executes revolutionary ideas. Good luck. Constructing the hyperloop by the end of 2016 is aggressive.
potugadu (1 year ago)
This seems like a good idea for cargo transportation, at least for the initial few years. They don't need to worry about pressurized cabins, safety, etc required for human transportation.
zin boway (1 year ago)
something just seems off about it.
Steve Bogan (1 year ago)
they finally figured out how alien aircraft works
Michael Aitchison (1 year ago)
I was in Homedepot yesterday. I saw Hyperloop in action, right there at the return desk. Come on now, think. Remember bank drive up windows? They had hyperloop syystems too! You would drive up, talk to the teller via intercom, place your check in a small container, shut a door and WHOOSH! Off it went to the teller. Every Homedepot has a hyperloop system for documents to be shuttled back and forth between places on the floor and back into the back offices somewhere. It's pretty simple tech when you see it in action. Very exciting to think how fast its evolving.
Kebab 360 (1 year ago)
I'm disappointed by this. i thought it was something new but after reading about it.... its just a maglev put in a low density tube... :/ its like me attaching a tooth brush to a toilet and say its a new invention lol. all the technology is already there, it just take liars with cash to make them. ps the reason why its incredibly fast is because the vehicle is a POD and not a whole Train lol.
piece of potato (1 year ago)
what! 2020
k33mch33 (1 year ago)
The technology comes from Esthar City since 1990s
Whit Well (1 year ago)
If there is an emergency, there's no way to stop it and get out.
D Yar (1 year ago)
+Whit Well Yea like airplane
Jeffrey Lebowski (1 year ago)
lol thinking of futurama
Weli Hassan (1 year ago)
Forget about scenery. You will only see it blurred shit going wosh wish woosh
Kyle Owen (1 year ago)
I will support this geniuses an very real transportation!!!
Citizen Brain (1 year ago)
I came up with this concept back when I was in the 7th grade in 1979. What took you so long, Musk?
Nima Mirzaeian (1 year ago)
+Citizen Brain Some guy knows how to take the stage and collect some capital for his idea. Actually, the best ideas are dying in the mind of their creators.
Tien Ha (1 year ago)
Concerned about safety from crashing or terrorist attack Great idea
Terry Rodbourn (1 year ago)
How come they don't say anything about stopping in the Hyper Loop?
"Once you've eliminated friction and created low pressure in a tube, it take just a tniy bit of energy to moove at incredible speeds". Agreed, but that doesn't make meeting the conditions free of cost. The low costing speed here is the consequence of a very energy eating process. And what about the "tracks" construction costs ? What about environmental cost ?I can't believe how much money is beeing poured in a project with so many unsolved issues and unanswered questions. This all represents to me another aspect of what our society has become. A reign of superb and terrific images and ideas, looking over the horizon with a heart pumped up with hope and faith in humanity. In the meantime, half of the planet starves, has no access to clean water, and the former 1st power has turned into a profit machine, feeding from wars it created. Total disconnection of reality. I just saw on the FB page of Hyperloop a enthusiastic guy from Lesotho proposing his collaboration for free beeing answered that Hyperloop staff is paid with stock options.
El Bottoo (1 year ago)
in other words, hyperscam. lol@stock options, those things will be worthless since it will never take off. those employees will realize they been workin as a slave few years down the road.
Murdoc Niccals (1 year ago)
once you say uber is behind this its bad news
james daley (1 year ago)
what if you get stuck?
The Beast (1 year ago)
Yay if its 2020 i might try to get a seat beacuase i graduate that year
MrIzzyDizzy (1 year ago)
well clear theft of ideas but i dont mind -just admit it. evaccuated tube transport has been designed for a long time. but if it takes this version to get it going - its still a great thing. i ran across the idea in zeitgeist addendum in 08 - and it was old then.
Window Tint Pro (1 year ago)
bring it on!
Los Tacos (1 year ago)
JIHAD TUBE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
luis alvarez (1 year ago)
eeeewwww they´re drinking guiness in this video
Kevin Harris (1 year ago)
Forget Trump or Clinton, Elon Musk for president!
Explosive Brooms (3 months ago)
*Forgets he was was born in South Africa
Jakisuaki (1 year ago)
+Kevin Harris No no, if he was president he wouldn't have time for all the fun groundbreaking awesomeness that is SpaceX, TeslaMotors etc.
TheVsb321 (1 year ago)
deplorable M (1 year ago)
Nice idea but I wouldn't be surprised if these companies proposing to build it are ponzi schemes loking for funding.
narkatameister (1 year ago)
SanFranciscoBay (1 year ago)
2:25 "The top 15 cargo ships in the world pollute more than all the 1 billion cars in the world combined."
comet3bc13 (1 year ago)
That's O'Donoghues pub on Baggot Street. The trad musicians usually sit there.... actually I would much rather hear an evening of science and technology talk than the hi-diddly diddly music!
John Strutz (1 year ago)
Ad loads fine video doesn't was just about to subscribe too...
Jeevaggan Ramanathan (1 year ago)
Won't the Einstein's special theory affects the designs of the capsules at the low pressure and the speed of the sonic.????
Nikolay Halachev (1 year ago)
2018 will be raedy
Tim-J.Swan (1 year ago)
2:26 "The top 15 cargo ships in the world pollute the world more than all the cars in the world combined. That's a billion cars." I wonder if governments spend even 1% on trying to reduce pollution from those 15 ships than they do on the cars.
mashmash (1 year ago)
poor beers... noone drank em
James Stewart (1 year ago)
2:25 That is bullshit. I like the hyperloop, 80 percent of transportation related emissions are coming from the tractors used in industrial animal agriculture. All transportation for cargo and people combined is 14% of global emissions while the methane and nitrous oxide emissions form corn and soy fed cow feces accounts for 69 percent.
James Stewart (1 year ago)
+Schwerner there is 6 percent of industry/power generation also.  Just to clarify the 80 percent is 80 percent of the 14 percent.
Millar (1 year ago)
Brilliant addition. That all adds up to 100%.
MisterOwlz (1 year ago)
4 to 5 years? That would be cool
Mikelange Ngakala (1 year ago)
futurama rip off
Martin Stensvehagen (1 year ago)
anyone suddenly want gunnies?
junysz (1 year ago)
I honestly wish them all of the best, but I wonder ... what oil industry giants will do, to slow it down/stop it?
Cakeofdestiny (1 year ago)
+junysz Thats actually the main issue in my opinion too. Oil companies have tons of lobbyists and bribed government officials. If it weren't for them, we probably would have already had by now a system like this (or one that provides the same benefits) years ago.
GeLogiForce (1 year ago)
Is it save?
Brad Pitt (1 year ago)
To replace shipping companies, it would need to go through the sea, how the hell do they hope to achieve this?
daniel tabrizian (1 year ago)
+Brad Pitt You lower a tube in the water with no regards to water. There are pumps to pump out the air anyway so im sure with a little mod they can pump out the water rather quickly too and just mopping it afterwards and collecting all the fish shouldnt be too much trouble for the perks your getting from it
TheEEStudent (1 year ago)
This is the way to the stars! Now someone with the vision, the ambition and the courage is needed to construct a hyperloop all the way from NY to LA - then go a little further: With a constant acceleration of 1.6G over a distance of 4200kms, escape velocity can be attained. You'll need a vacuum tube, a forward moving electromagnetic surge to pull the cart and basically that's it. Could be done for the price of a train ticket per launch. And that hyperloop will repay itself real fast, as many ppl would like to be able to travel from NY to LA and back in under one hour. Could be done even faster. I know this isn't the original design, as Musk didn't plan on pumping out all the air. But it's the best design. Only prob is that in order to do that, America needs another Kennedy at the helm..
TheEEStudent (1 year ago)
+daniel tabrizian Mmm.. Yup, but if they want to actually implement it, they'll need 4 tubes, two to each direction with inter changers between the pair. Cause they'll need one tube for extreme speed and one different tube for acceleration/deceleration, since they'll need multiple stations and the cart won't stop at every station with passengers on board. The inter changers will enable the system to work even during launch - the fast tube will be evacuated, all carts will be shifted to the slow tube and after the launch will be returned to the fast tube.
daniel tabrizian (1 year ago)
+TheEEStudent Good job
RecordTrance (1 year ago)
So if freight will also be moved by this hyperloop system, that also means that 200 million truck drivers that move freights over the road on the interstate will lose their jobs. ?
RecordTrance (1 year ago)
+Supernir true. - maybe one day no one will ever need to work, and the machines will do everything for us. which also means, we wont need currency in the future because everything will be done by robots. which means humans will have 24 hours of free time to do whatever they want. - Maybe help another country from starvation eventually. Maybe most of us can pitch in NASA and build a spaceship in 24 hours and fly to pluto or even a different galaxy altogether. I see a Star Trek moment here. Where one of the episodes was talking about Humans not needing currency any longer. They now concentrate on evolving as a species. :) Maybe even invade other planets :) Star Wars Anyone ??
Cakeofdestiny (1 year ago)
+RecordTrance Yes, the same way they will probably lose their jobs in a few years (even if it wasn't to the hyperloop) thanks to autonumous driving. If we kept saying " but they'll lose their jobs" for the things that robots and computers do today we would have accomplished nearly nothing. Thats the way of technological advancement, and people need to accept it.
daniel tabrizian (1 year ago)
+RecordTrance Yes, natural selection bro
Dom Jenkins (1 year ago)
This is great but right now they are just talking city to city travel. We need this thing to be able to connect across the country. From Ca to NY.. That would be a game changer.
Dom Jenkins (1 year ago)
+Supernir damn oil companies always getting in the way. Hopefully they wont.
Cakeofdestiny (1 year ago)
+Dom Jenkins Wait for it. The shorter 600 km line needs to be built before a huge 4000 km line. I'd guess around 2030 if some oil lobbyists dont fuck it up.
jona jon (1 year ago)
I think I may have heard of this idea before and it was thought up in the 1950's.
Teemu M. (1 year ago)
I hope the market of transportation gets crazy, because the hegemony of the big oil doesn't want to budge.
Bob45000 (1 year ago)
When it breaks down, how far do you have to walk to get out of the tube? 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers?
voicetube (1 year ago)
This is definitely exciting. Would be very cool to see something between Los Angeles and San Francisco (as I understand it, that is being considered). Dallas to Austin and/or Houston would be cool as well.
DeprecatedLuke (1 year ago)
by 2020 the humanity will be dead
Tibiafreak (1 year ago)
Elon musk really needs to get a nobel prize or peace prize I think
Bernd Lauert (1 year ago)
One idiot with a gun and your blood will boil.
Miguel Pereira (3 months ago)
Bernd Lauert Yes because you definitly wait 3h in airport security...lol
Bryce Inman (1 year ago)
+Bernd Lauert What kind of Airport do you go to xD, plus a single bullet hole wouldn't do to much, you would black after the first few shots as is, and your blood wouldn't boil either, we have this thing called Skin that is rather effective at preventing that lol
Bernd Lauert (1 year ago)
+Batman Do you want Airport security checkin times to ride a friggin train? Wait 3 hours for a 30 min ride to vegas after work?
Hyperion (1 year ago)
+Nice Things what? its true, its happened to astronauts a few times and they all lived, however their was an incident where 5-6 people went from 7 atmospheres to 1 in a split second and one of them was literally ripped to pieces.
Fernando Perez (1 year ago)
+Hyperion ''not a big enough change'' ._.
Noob Noob (1 year ago)
Low Pressure Club
dft (1 year ago)
People can put oil and gas pipelines on a sea bed. It is a piece of cake to install them in a desert.
Crystal Whitewalker (1 year ago)
The future is in Japan this is a step behind
FullFledged2010 (1 year ago)
It might take very little energy to make it move ,but what about sucking all the air out of those tubes? And how does the de/compression works in the first place? I'd say making it reach 700m/h is the least of their problems...
SpaunnGaming (1 year ago)
+FullFledged2010 air locks at stations most likely
Leaf dogparkmayor (1 year ago)
Mark Brand (1 year ago)
Elon musk DID NOT come up with this idea- it's been around for decades. Just google it.
know U (1 year ago)
i wanna get information through their videoes but to my sadness i can catch only half of what they say...

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