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10 Android Settings You Should Change Right Now

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This video has been sponsored by Rhinoshield:- http://bit.ly/2hbvwd6 Do check out their sturdy smartphone cases and covers here:- http://geni.us/PDWHB We all have been using Android for a number of years now but there are a few secret and hidden Android settings and options that you must change for an enhance and secure Android experience. In this video, we show you 10 Android settings you should change right now. Video Walkthrough: 1. Number Row in Gboard Everywhere 2. Get Chrome Address Bar to Bottom 3. Hide Sensitive Content From Lock Screen 4. Get Rid of New App Shortcuts 5. Speed Up Animations To See Improve Performance 6. Google Play Protect 7. Smart Storage 8. Instant Apps 9. Power Button to Launch Camera 10. Enable Autofill service We are demonstrating this video using the Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 7.1 Nougat), Moto G4 Plus (Android 7.0 Nougat), Xiaomi Mi Mix (MIUI 9 on Android 7.0), LG Nexus 5X (Android 8.0 Oreo) and Google Pixel (Android 8.0 Oreo) Music: Dizaro - Summer Party https://youtu.be/DsGTuEP0yuI Check out our video gear here: https://kit.com/BeebomCo/beebom-video-gear Follow us on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/beebomco/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/BeebomCo Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/BeebomCo/
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Text Comments (1385)
Beebom (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot for your love guys, we're now a family of 500K+ members. A big surprise coming up for you tomorrow. Stay Tuned! 😇
Anuj Sharma (1 day ago)
Beebom plz tell me how to change font in Mi A1
Henri Soussana (29 days ago)
Md Musheer I
Ms Dhoni The Demigod (29 days ago)
hi!bees im ur great fan and my friends too.Niw i dont have build number in my redmi note 3 phone what can i do?
Saurabh Shinde (1 month ago)
Which icon pack ur using??
eastrun (6 hours ago)
wow..thank you. God bless you. i am amazed with the setting to put the address bar at the bottom.
Kevin Gomez (13 hours ago)
I love the rhinoshield. I have it on my note 8 and I had one on my iPhone 7+ They're awesome and keep your phone looking slim
Dushyant Gohel (22 hours ago)
Hi there, had updated all 10 in my new Nokia 5 great info Thumps up. But ha, couldn't find Rhinnosheild for my new Nokia 5.
biplab mondal (1 day ago)
Vardhan Rawat (2 days ago)
Hey give some more this type of settings for Android marshmallow
Peter Bustin (2 days ago)
Love your channel ! Thank you.
Bhanu Katakamsetti (2 days ago)
Bro how to install vivo launcher or mi launcher on other mobiles why don't you make that video please We all are waiting
Paul V (2 days ago)
Thanks for the info. Been a great help
Sugendran M V (3 days ago)
Md Abir (3 days ago)
What's the intro music?
Sean Sinclair (4 days ago)
What the hell is Gboard??
Kj Kunal (5 days ago)
Awesome settings
Aakash Prajapati (5 days ago)
In Mi A1 Phone Will Disable Instant App
Ankush Somani (5 days ago)
A no nonsense video..Thanks for the useful tips Sir.. But plz do something about ghost touch issue with Moto G4 Plus.. Any solution ?
Varun Kulkarni (6 days ago)
Really help full things !!!
PRAVEEN P R (6 days ago)
Krishna Pal (8 days ago)
Sir, how I make my device into a stock android version? My device is vivo y53 . But except useing google now Louncher.. Please say.
K Games (8 days ago)
I met your wife. Ugly eye's
NAYNISH LADKAT (9 days ago)
I liked these. Will change the settings soon..
Anna (10 days ago)
I don't see how people understand your words bc I sure don't. You eat half your words, and, was a foreigner myself, I wish you could slow down a bit so that I could enjoy your videos. No offense, just being honest.
Peter Jones (10 days ago)
Type this to get the chrome bar to the bottom the URL is not visible in your video
Hitesh Meena (10 days ago)
No built no. In mi note 4
Ignas Sungaila (11 days ago)
I like how he doesnt make eye contact with the camera when he films humself, allmost like he is reading a script or something
Sagarjit gogoi (11 days ago)
Great deal man! Loved your review. I went to the Rhino shield official website,but could not find any option for MI phones.
KILLER ANUP (11 days ago)
It's Awsm
JokeR8Greece (11 days ago)
OMG when did google add that number row option? I remember looking for that everywhere when I migrated from samsung note to a motorola but never found it. You just made my daily life better, thank you good sir!
Janis Krikis (12 days ago)
Fajitafalcon (12 days ago)
Who they fuk are you looking at lol
artsynova (12 days ago)
This seems to be a very good video, but to me he speaks too fast and for this I am having trouble understanding his accent. I really wish he would speak slower, I have listen to this video six times...
TheMiles009 (12 days ago)
think its back to the Kwik-E-Mart
Tito Hasan (12 days ago)
Love you...men
Abhijith Johnson (13 days ago)
instant apps not in my lenovo k8 plus help me?
four lenss (13 days ago)
он че косой?
astaism (14 days ago)
Great tips! Thank you!
AWESOME INDIA (14 days ago)
dekh kha raha hai
chno capili (14 days ago)
hahaha loving the messaging now
chno capili (14 days ago)
well done very useful
Slide show jimmy (14 days ago)
Great video you guys are awesome
Himanshu Sharma (14 days ago)
There is no instant app tag in my settings.
Hassan Ali Anees (14 days ago)
Thanks Man
Teo Xin Yue (14 days ago)
Akshay Umariya (15 days ago)
You are super cute
IT's VJ (15 days ago)
IT's VJ (15 days ago)
U r blind
IT's VJ (15 days ago)
Slanted eyes
Rogue_4TW (16 days ago)
fore the first one i write the numbers in words
So he said android and he is using Iphone ( 0:50)
Sudhanva A SAI (16 days ago)
Beebom pls make us know some instant apps
Saurav Timalsena (17 days ago)
PLZZ teach me I didn't find smart storage and power button to launch camera and address bar to bottom in chrome
Monody Anime (17 days ago)
What phone is he usin
브라이언 (17 days ago)
Wallpaper on the thumbnail pls????
Shashank Sase (18 days ago)
Hi team I want to stop the shortcuts for newly installed app (Oreo) in updated playstore.
Nightmare Gamer (18 days ago)
This is what i call a quality video
Lil' Devil (19 days ago)
Hey.... Pls tell me how to block sites on Google Chrome
Roun Dair (20 days ago)
I can type fast without that special keyboard,thougtu, I use another keyboard., called swiftkey, you can get it on the Google play store.
Arun Gupta (20 days ago)
Awesome tips - especially the Chrome address bar at the bottom!
Abhinav Shubham (20 days ago)
Can't use Instant app 😶
Fabian (20 days ago)
*Because of #2:* I have the notification setting "show all" checked, and when I want a notification of an app to not show, I'll go in the apps settings and mark as sensitive only
Steel in a Nutshell (20 days ago)
The Indian english accent is just hilarious XD
Vinay Kumar (21 days ago)
How to make auto call answer mode while using earphones? In Nokia 6
farrukh hashmi (21 days ago)
good work
I'm me Sami (22 days ago)
Bro how can I access 5x to my vivoy51L model phone
Pritamkumar Kapare (22 days ago)
How to enable that pixel style navigation keys?
nayon roy (22 days ago)
My Android version only 5 point😂..How to settings camera in power button? Plz ans me
Saikat Mondal (22 days ago)
Really informative
shaikh nisha (22 days ago)
Yeh sab to pata tha mujhe
Andie Aranjo (22 days ago)
I like the chrome tweak
Lil' Devil (23 days ago)
That smart storage feature is not in my phone
Crazy Clown (23 days ago)
*Rhino Shields are shit, do not buy*
Crazy Clown (23 days ago)
*Can u indians stop defecating in ya streets u filthy pigs*
Teal nexxia (23 days ago)
Im sad. The first thing i noticed about him was a lazy eye :( i hope he wasnt bullied for it
nushanth saravanan (23 days ago)
how to update android 6 to android 7 in oppo f1s ??
Singularity Raptor (24 days ago)
Instant app not working for me
Zawad Abu (24 days ago)
You are great boss...... But threre is a problem,, i cant get the instant app option in my android 7.0
bilocasa1 (24 days ago)
Motherfucker..bloody indian sucker..i need glasses to see what you doin...your finger is like a spider...guugel
METECH FUNTECH (25 days ago)
how to add emergency contacts on android
METECH FUNTECH (25 days ago)
how to add emergency contacts on android
METECH FUNTECH (25 days ago)
how to add emergency contacts on android
Chintan Suthar (25 days ago)
Thanks for this information...
Tayyeb Amin (25 days ago)
Hi what about https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ntsoftaaps.tayyeb.advscicalc this is one of the best free available android scientific calculators for students.
Korat Boby (26 days ago)
I love beebom
Jasu Basheer (26 days ago)
Nice, superb, fantastic
Krishna Chitragar (27 days ago)
Tq beebom
cosieathome (27 days ago)
Good one!!!
Tech Plaza (28 days ago)
Ur osum
mdfouru (29 days ago)
Dude. Put the camera in front of you, now way off to the right. Oh.... Wait. Nevermind.
Xxlity- Mobile Legends (29 days ago)
Just chilling
William91W (29 days ago)
Always Indian
rockyd57 (30 days ago)
Can understand about half of what he says...
Nikhil Shrivastava (30 days ago)
I like you mr sinha
SHUDHANSHU RAI (30 days ago)
Hey how u got the Oreo update in Moto g4 plus..is that official rollout?
Abdul Hameed Khan (1 month ago)
But I can't find instant app option please help
Abdul Hameed Khan (1 month ago)
I have android version 7
Abdul Hameed Khan (1 month ago)
Hi beebom
PHONE TEC (1 month ago)
Your video is awesome bro . Plz tell me how to increase phone storage Plz tell it in new video My phone is vivo y21L Android version 5.1.1
mohammad arshad (1 month ago)
I double twist my mobile for camera on my Moto g4 plus
CREATIVE AFFAIRS (1 month ago)
Hanan Khaki (1 month ago)

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