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The Property Show 6th Aug 2017 Episode 220 - Mixed - Use Developments

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Lovely Day (5 months ago)
The houses are beautiful but the prices are ridiculous!
Adnyl O'Connor (7 months ago)
Hello universe... greetings from Chicago... Please if you could develop an app... so one may download and look and plan... otherwise Nancy and crew always look forward in seeing what's new... I didn't mean to rhyme... have the best day!😍😎😋😉😀😆
TinMuli (9 months ago)
Nancy, thanks for running these property shows, they are very informative, inspiring and well done.
Said Ali (10 months ago)
How much does 4 bedrooms house cost in Nairobi?
lifes entertainment (8 months ago)
Said Ali depends on location, reach me in emuhinyu@gmail.com can help you find one that fits your budget
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER (10 months ago)
Great show, it motivates me to invest. Thank u Nancy
Jakatu nice (10 months ago)
am also in dubai. hopefully will own too
alex don (10 months ago)
thank you nancy and the propertyshow kenya team a wonderful show .

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