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Viktor Kamenov (October 20, 1998) - Professional gymnast known for his competition work in the Street Workout and Freestyle categories. He is recognized for winning first place at the International Burningate cup in 2016 and for winning multiple National Championships throughout Bulgaria, Russia, and China as well. I started training Street Workout at the end of 2012. At first my favourite tricks were handstand and muscle up. Later i saw the crazy russian statics legends like Kuznetsov and N1K, and my new goal was to get to their level. At 23th July 2015 i participated in SWWC 2015 Moscow and got 7th place just doing statics, with almost no dynamics. My new goal was to get my dynamics to good level and continue doing hard statics, which were my first love. Street Workout is my life. I cant imagine living without it. My favorite trick : maltese, 540° Best tricks: 11 Hefestos from Back Lever, 9 Full Planche press to handstand, 4 Maltese Full Planche press. ★ LIKE ★ COMMENT ★ SUBSCRIBE ★ SHARE FOR MORE VIDEOS: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=barfamily2011 Viktor Kamenov: ★ Instagram: www.instagram.com/viktor_kamenov/ ★ Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCLNUgoV7t47kRN8KpLHK5GQ/ ★ Facebook: www.facebook.com/viktor.kamenov.37/ PLAYLISTS: ► Sport Motivation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmw9rXTuLboDbX9O8U1zAm8pfGiwmc-3L ► Workout, Calisthenics: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmw9rXTuLboCBzw0fnKl0tKmu8vciNXme ► Bodybuilding & Fitness: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmw9rXTuLboBXEYX0WDCov4Iq3wIGrFn3
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Text Comments (65)
synth4tk (2 days ago)
Whats the song 8:15?
Bobkata TM (3 days ago)
Damiano Russo (5 days ago)
Where is your name ?
Max Hey (5 days ago)
Amazing upper body but really small legs, but if you do street workouts that’s what you gotta have
Th3_R1s1ng Shadow (6 days ago)
Th3_R1s1ng Shadow (6 days ago)
I am from Bulgaria Аз съм от България
Sean Tan (6 days ago)
You corrected the russian part, now the gymnast part in the description 😂😂
Gabriel Hanzo (6 days ago)
Name of music?
Julio Herrera (6 days ago)
Fuck it, very good.
Tushar G (6 days ago)
Wtf yo
*COOL BRO!* _join to my chanel, if you work hard too!_
Nikitaaos (6 days ago)
Join to you, cool taining!
de ku (6 days ago)
Victor is Bulgarian
sabahat farhat (7 days ago)
WOW ❤️👍👍
Lucas Manriquez (7 days ago)
Nikolai Angelov (7 days ago)
He is bulgarian
Little Hunter (7 days ago)
This nigga is a Bulgarian
Natalia Cristea (7 days ago)
I like thi,s
Dinesh Kumar Das (7 days ago)
I also wants to learn calisthenics 😍
arath35 (7 days ago)
To żaden kalistenik, to profesjonalny gimnastyk.
Mehmet Kepur (7 days ago)
(viktor kamenov)*
supreme squad (7 days ago)
Yo what
6:39 wtf biceps
Chry Mochen (7 days ago)
One of the best 👍
DioNysiuM (7 days ago)
King Death (7 days ago)
Planches are going famous day by day
ᄇᄒᄉ (7 days ago)
my roll model
Diego Soto (7 days ago)
xX_DarkBG_Xx ™ (7 days ago)
He is from Bulgaria...
RAVI RASSCAL Ravi (7 days ago)
I want to learn this typ of exercise
Đạt Văn (7 days ago)
Music ??
Dimitar Yanulov (5 days ago)
He is bulgarian
Georgiy Kryukov (7 days ago)
levitating skills
xpayforthewinx -_- (7 days ago)
Kann net mal Ein Klimmzug wegen Wachstum macht ich kaum Rücken
《Icarus》 N64 (6 days ago)
ComboTheSkill MuxCraft Versuch es mal mit Bodyweight Rows ;) Auch negative Klimmzüge sind eine super Sache
Георги Коев (7 days ago)
escanor l (7 days ago)
Es búlgaro
david thomas (7 days ago)
He would make a great gymnast
Dr Weisheit (7 days ago)
His arm bones will break before he is 30
Sean Tan (7 days ago)
First of all he's Bulgarian, second of all he's not a gymnast
Amar Munaev (6 days ago)
Sean Tan locks like a gymnast to me
azeliusz12 (7 days ago)
DominO (7 days ago)
Carmen Ramirez (7 days ago)
Bagus Dwial (7 days ago)
He's Bulgarian LOL
Harry Manolov (7 days ago)
Wtf bro , he is bulgarian
Awesome, I want these trainings but i dont have contacts, can u Plz help me
Erkan Kemal (7 days ago)
INTAZAM MURTAZA KHAAN u should watch dominic sky

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