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BEST 2DIN Android 8 Car Stereo 2018 ! Installation + Review !

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Looking for a cheap and good Android 8 double DIN car stereo ? Then checkout the new XTRONS HIFI Systems: https://xtrons.co.uk/ ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ open up for more info ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more info about our AvalonMiners checkout https://www.cryptouniverse.at Interested in Tech! ►►► https://www.facebook.com/techmagnet/ https://twitter.com/techmagnet_yt Flo ►►► https://twitter.com/flokaheli https://www.instagram.com/flokaheli/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/flokaheli/ Steven ►►► https://twitter.com/flokaheli https://www.instagram.com/itxtutor https://www.linkedin.com/in/itxtutor/ Interested in ChinaDevices! If you want to have more information on products from China, then head over to our platform! You can register here for free, and i hope to see some of you guys there! 😃 ►►► http://www.china-devices.com Be a part! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music by : music (bought) - Epidemic Sounds Links marked with * are Affiliate Links
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Text Comments (72)
Said Oubenyassaf (3 days ago)
hello double din can work on volvo s60 2004 please ?
chad leimgruber (3 days ago)
2din??😂😂 Yo dumb ass you mean double din
HaLuNkE ST0NER (4 days ago)
Wow your english improved so much 👌👍
Dawid Ogiegło (5 days ago)
That Space Anal app on old unit... :D
Jeffrey Chung (7 days ago)
May I know what the model no of your Android 8 head unit ?
This head unit is shit. You can't have a touch ONLY head unit in a car, it'll take your focus away from driving. You need physical buttons for volume and songskipping among other things.
chad leimgruber (3 days ago)
TechMagnet steering wheel controls...
k3ntris (5 days ago)
This isn’t exactly limited to this headunit. You should have a look at Pioneer that also have touchscreen only buttons or even capacitive buttons.
Well then, didn't notice that part. Must have been angry and tired when i wrote this, i am sorry.
TechMagnet (8 days ago)
thats called steeringwheel remote :P
Tin Vračević (9 days ago)
You post nice content. I have subscribed to your channel :)
Martin Gasser (9 days ago)
Man kann einstellen, dass das Radio in den Deep-sleep-Modus schaltet sobald du den Schlüssel ziehst. Funktioniert wunderbar und bevor die Batterie leer ist schaltet sich das Radio komplett aus.
Mihai Stanciu (9 days ago)
Use double sided tape on the back of your license plate.
AutofanTSI (12 days ago)
Deiner Meinung nach das beste Doppel Din Android Navi? Kann man es auch ohne das ganze Zubehör kaufen? (reifenanzeige, kamera etc.?)
zeitgeist5050 (8 days ago)
Ja das gibts bei www.xtrons.co.uk auch ohne das ganze Zubehoer zu kaufen
dalva aditya (13 days ago)
Are you gonna sell the old unit ? Because im interested in buying it
kevan tice (13 days ago)
Great video. question though, can you install Android Auto on this head unit?
Lew775 (13 days ago)
out of topic ...but as continental europe how do you view the British ?? +TechMagnet
demonico123456789 (14 days ago)
Does it have HPF (High Pass Filter) I need that so I can push bass to subwoofer and save cabin speakers from bass destruction.
wdonders (14 days ago)
On my Joying Android unit (intel / android 6) , boot time is a non issue. It remains in sleep mode when the car is turned of, using only a few mA of current. If you leave your car off for a couple days, it automatically shuts down. Only then you have to wait 40 sec for boot-up when starting the car. Normally waking up from sleep to working order takes 2 seconds
zeitgeist5050 (8 days ago)
While the first boot up time does take longer on Android 8.0 units, the secondary boot up time is way less than 15 seconds. Joying, compared to the Xrons model in this video, is using a different, and currently not as stable, Android 8.0 solution. This solution uses what is often referred to as a ''sleep/deep sleep mode'' to control the secondary boot up time. This does use a small constant drain from the battery to achieve this. If you were to compare boot up time like for like than the Xtrons would win every time.
Atlas (15 days ago)
Got a 2017 Honda Accord Sport, think this unit would fit if I used this? https://www.amazon.com/Metra-99-7804B-Installation-Display-Vehicles/dp/B0049MT4P2
TechMagnet (15 days ago)
yes should work
FubarMike (15 days ago)
why the f*** do they not just software update the existing unit. I see this so often with android stuff especially tablets. So android is not free it's the cost of a new nearly identical device
TechMagnet (15 days ago)
they also got a new chip. PX5
Stuart McGuire (16 days ago)
Velcro for number plate!
tankdog03 (16 days ago)
just root it and use a custom rom.. there is root for these now!
tankdog03 (16 days ago)
just root it and use a custom rom.. there is root for these now!
tankdog03 (16 days ago)
u don't need an extrinsic obd2.. you can buy any from ebay for like $5.. I bought like 6 of them a few years ago and gave them to my friends for Xmas gifts..
TechMagnet (16 days ago)
yes but they didnt work well with my unit. Had to replace it
tankdog03 (16 days ago)
Ing. Petr Studnička (17 days ago)
How Xtrons can sell 2din Android units in EU without homologation (E-mark on the body)? It's illegal to sell and to use.
Ing. Petr Studnička (16 days ago)
No, I mean Ex in circle where "x" is number depends on where the homologation was made. For example E1 is homologation made in Germany. 2din unit belongs under automotive, so CE mark is wrong and probably fake.
TechMagnet (16 days ago)
you mean CE. I think Ive seen a CE logo. Atleast a sticker
Fuzkyn FK (17 days ago)
why you didn't specify anything? head unit model? extra things you used...
TechMagnet (16 days ago)
I did, also they only have one universal one. In the first videoe on our channel you can see all things exactly used.
Roman Kolinek (18 days ago)
Hi there, greetings from your Slovak neighbour! :) Just few comments: PX5 is a type of CPU, it's the 8-core version, there is also a lower-end version with 4 cores that's called PX3. It's mostly in Android 7.x headunits - probably even in the old one you were replacing. Also, this headunit should have deep sleep feature as mentioned in the comments below, like the Joying units. It's probably somewhere in the system/car settings menu. That should shorten your boot time to like 2-3 seconds until the music plays. And no batt. drain. This feature was already in Xtrons' units with Android 6, so I believe they also have it here. Xtrons was actually the first "brand" that introduced this in Android stereos. For the rear camera, I would suggest to get one that fits to that license plate light, they also keep some LED, so the plate is still lit up, but there is also a camera. I hope they make one for 147 too. Or maybe based on dimensions, you can fit one for a different car. And so you can have "normal" license plate holder/frame. And one last tip, they now make Apple Carplay/Android Auto adaptors for these units, so you can control your phone/music through your stereo screen, Joying actually makes them integrated in their headunits, so you don't even need the adaptor :) And btw, Austrian 3G/4G prizes are high?! They always compare our data tariffs with yours, because yours are extremely cheap! :D
Kittichai in Thailand (16 days ago)
I have a similar headunit similar to yours. Please can you tell me how to find that deepsleep option? Does it use battery power while on it?
TechMagnet (16 days ago)
Hi There ! Woops alright didnt look too much in the specs, thought it has a mediatek chipset. Yes I found it. pretty cool and fast boot :) For the license plate i now just screwed it down, not sure if that is legal but who cares :D I've installed androidauto apk yesterday, need to have a closer look at it. So far the headunit is good, but display is way too bright for my taste also dimmed and somehow the lights don't light up. I guess i forgot to wire the illumi wire. "high", maybe 20-15€ a month. Not sure if that is worth it for me :D
Nick Bruce (26 days ago)
You also should try stereo from ATOTO. They have 2s reboot and Dual Bluetooth.And it is more affordable .
Nick Bruce (26 days ago)
wow, thanks a lot for your reply.Yes, ATOTO is also Android system. I have installed several units before. All of a Android system unit will take 30s+ for first cold boot. But ATOTO 2s reboot is frequently used. It always in standby for daily use. Anyway, hope you can also try ATOTO and compare with this one .
TechMagnet (26 days ago)
reboot is fast aswell. but cold boot takes long. how fast are they ? they wrote me an email, need to check it out.
joy santod (28 days ago)
No more cap? Lol
joy santod (28 days ago)
TechMagnet you look better without the cap. The only makes you look like a kid
TechMagnet (28 days ago)
joy santod only if bad hairday 🤣
Rezkaermanda Mrezka (28 days ago)
the technology is very steady and makes it easier for the driver
TechMagnet (28 days ago)
Rezkaermanda Mrezka or louder
Lars loves Tech (28 days ago)
awesome...just upgraded my soundsystem on the mini cooper pushing a phat bass tube and awaiting some tweets and mids..just have a single din sony head unit which i got on the cheap has NFC and connects via bluetooth and their app works supprisingly well on android didn't want to chop the mini up with a 2 din unit as installing one of those or even getting one that pops out and converts just isn't viable in this car a single din is enough for me as all i am interested in when driving is extreemly loud music...especially the bass...HAHAHA
TechMagnet (27 days ago)
Yeah 2 DIN in a single DIN car just messes up the dashboard :D active subwoofer or what ?
Bigrich 439 (29 days ago)
You should have gotten the stereo from Joying they boot up fast and then go in deep sleep mode so it won’t boot up every time you turn on the car.
Leon Kernan (11 days ago)
They'll also overheat and die within 6 months.
zipeee1 (27 days ago)
My joying failed after 6 months from cracked solder joints--heating/cooling cycles.. My previous android unit LCD failed after 2 years. The 2 previous Windows CE units I had never lasted more than 2 years before that. I've heard a lot of similar complaints about these generic chinese head units not lasting over time. I'm trying a Pioneer now with android auto.
Bigrich 439 (28 days ago)
No. The stereo turns everything off wifi, bluetooth and every thing else. I think 24 hours have to pass until it shuts off completely then when you turn the car back on it boots up but the one i got boots fast under 30sec. The brand Joying upgraded the new models with 4 gigs of ram and a faster processor so boot up time will be faster and the operating system will be run smoother. I'm a truck driver and my car sits for two weeks I never had my battery drain.
TechMagnet (29 days ago)
don't they drain alot from the batterie then ?
AwesomeShitCentral (29 days ago)
Gibts nicht am 26. bei Xiaomi in den ersten 10 Minuten alles für 10€? Ein Grund mehr Mal runter zu euch zu kommen. (Andrang wird wahrscheinlich extrem sein, dass nur wenige wirklich profitieren können. Aber naja :) Probierst du auch dein Glück Steven (Stefan)🤣?
TechMagnet (28 days ago)
fuck viel zu voll !
TechMagnet (29 days ago)
Ich bin fix dort am samstag :D mal schauen wieviele kommen hahahha
Andrea Mitchell (29 days ago)
4:10 i have a cheap elm OBD BT adapter it works ok but like you say these things have no power off , that is not good it drains the battery too bad they do not make it with a wire you can connect to the switched ignition wire so it only comes on when you put the key in
Andrea Mitchell (28 days ago)
i was also looking into making my own head unit but most people are using nexus 7 for it , not sure i want a nearly 6 yeah old tablet as a head unit either ,plus i do like having a physical volume knob i know it could be added to a home made one but probably a PITA at leadt with a nexus 7 you can have custom roms and boot animations ,root xposed etc.
Andrea Mitchell (28 days ago)
yeah i have the business CD i was looking into just a bluetooth type thing like the grom bluetooth , my 6p does enough i think yeah they seem seem pretty bad no root and i doubt GA works on them plus like you say a sim is too much i would need to connect it to the hotspot anyways connect to hotspot and get less features than on my phone
TechMagnet (29 days ago)
was never a fan of those factory looking ones. Had one in a VW passat and it was super shitty. Do you still have the standard headunit ?
Andrea Mitchell (29 days ago)
no i haven't but i was told that it can drain the battery and i sometimes go a while without driving the car so i always remove mine when not in use i was hoping you drove an e46 3 series i want to get a factory looking Chinese android head unit for mine but i really do not like any of them
TechMagnet (29 days ago)
did you measure how much they drain ? cant be more than a few mA right ? Well yes, the one with the button didnt communicate properly with the ECU and the headunit. waste of money :(
GoldPlays (29 days ago)
Ein Wiener :D
TechMagnet (29 days ago)
fix oida :D
Stefan Schacher (29 days ago)
Great video. System more worth than the car ? :D but who cares
Steve Williams (16 days ago)
TechMagnet can you find out if the unit region free for sim cards? In the two videos you didn't cover that cause if so i live in the U.S. i have one cell that i pay for and the other is a corporate phone that i dont pay for but i have unlimited data wondering if it could just put it in?
TechMagnet (29 days ago)
hahahha probably equal XD
Banana Joe (29 days ago)
How much is it ? I wanted to buy a pioneer but its 899€ lol
Jason Morehouse (13 days ago)
i'm not a pioneer fan, i prefer Kenwood. but pioneer is not shit, far from it.
TechMagnet (29 days ago)
maybe bit better amps... but for me not worth the extra $$$
Stefan Schacher (29 days ago)
never buy pioneer, its shit

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