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Mumbai slums get colourful makeover

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Mumbai's slums get a colourful makeover thanks to an organisation that aims to change how people perceive deprived areas in India's financial capital. Volunteers have transformed some 12,000 homes across four different areas of Mumbai. Artists have also created several elaborate murals as part of the initiative by non-profit group ‘Chal Rang De’. Mumbai's slums flood during the annual monsoon from June to September. Large areas of the city turn blue as residents place tarpaulins to keep out heavy rains. Chal Rang De has teamed up with a waterproofing company to lay special material that will prevent leakages for up to five years. Subscribe Now For Latest Updates- https://tinyurl.com/lbw8nze
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music gives life hope (13 days ago)
Good job , whole of India should be painted so that ppl hesitate to dump garbage , spit and pee in public places

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