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The LG G7 has a Big Problem.

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The LG G7 has a release date of May 2nd. It's specs are coming soon too, but first - the LG G7 has a very big problem... Sources: Android Headlines: https://goo.gl/qChP5Z Android Authority https://goo.gl/nB6Wdz The Verge: https://goo.gl/34N6nc 😄 Subscribe (IT'S FREE) 😄 : https://goo.gl/pLg6fE It would make my day if you could also follow me on: 🌈 Instagram: https://goo.gl/OUqBBa 🐦 Twitter: https://goo.gl/EFhwqL 😊 Facebook: https://goo.gl/Aluzl1 Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: Amazon US: https://goo.gl/3yS2aP Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/gvrsGZ My Filming Gear: https://goo.gl/5HKrBp
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Text Comments (1287)
Ghaith Alom (7 hours ago)
Sorry but whose music is the one at the end of the video ?
Rohit Gupta (10 hours ago)
M C (13 hours ago)
Notch = asshole
Royce Barber (21 hours ago)
And why the heck is there a fat black bezzle at the BOTTOM?!
Royce Barber (21 hours ago)
The side button is dedicated specifically for GoogleHome, not for a LG assistant. I loved all the G phones from LG, but my LG G5 had a power cord hickup, but luckily I can swap out the entire charger port in under one second. That makes the LG G5 still one of the best phones out there, because it's modular to some degree.
Michael Gerrard (21 hours ago)
ThinQ is a terrible name.
Kok Fong Chow (1 day ago)
AI will only works if it can read our mind and execute what we wants. Humans are too lazy to talk to the AI all the time.
Kok Fong Chow (1 day ago)
LG G7 No ThanQ
kt9l (1 day ago)
I hope we are being punk'd. I will be switching over to the V series if the G7 is this shitty.
ngznz (1 day ago)
LG V30 still the best!
Viktor Vinicenko (3 days ago)
Ståle Helvik (3 days ago)
Mrwhosetheboss Have you ever used a LG G phone for a long time? if not i can tell u that they have always had a fantastic problem free phone with great user experience, i never had any problems with any phones from LG G2 up too today, So im looking forward too LG G7 and what it will bring. Are you paid by samsung or Apple? too make a video about a phone that is not out and critize it like this is just stupid. ThinQ about it
brady50429 (3 days ago)
Ew a notch
Charles Alden (3 days ago)
No one is going to buy this travesty. When will phone companies learn that copying Apple is not guarenteed success. Especially using something that Apple users hate, the notch. Not just that but there is even a huge bezzel on the bottom, talk about ugly. I will never buy a phone with a notch, without an audio jack, without an SD Card and without AMOLED. Which gives me a pretty clear picture of what and who I am buyng from. Which is great, makes it easier. LG has failed yet again.
mark902 (3 days ago)
i'd rather bezels than a notch. it's not a huge deal either way. i'm sure you grow accustomed to the notch, i'd just rather not. it feels like growing accustomed to things being worse.
Brian Sinclair (4 days ago)
Aron lg had the firt wireless charging phone and largest screen aspect 8 years ago so dont doubt that the software is not written and that the note has also paved the way in programing the full screen for the plus size devices and soon to come updates
Abood 302 (4 days ago)
I don't care about lg g series But I care of LG V series I am waiting for LG V40
k_Jay (4 days ago)
Galaxy s9 plus
『Blank』 (4 days ago)
Just a bezel please
Kiwi (4 days ago)
The phones have the bezel at the bottom, because that's where the display connects to the circuit board. In order to remove the bottom bezel, they need to do something that apparently costs a lot of money so companies won't do that, but actually Apple did that.
Lucifer666 (5 days ago)
R.I.P LG... serves them right for copying Apple.
Peter Arnold (5 days ago)
I have a feeling that ThinQ is probably pronounced as "think".
Christian Tab (5 days ago)
Your style is horrible
Rinbow 6 BR (5 days ago)
Noooooo LG is my favorite company .why the notch?just why?
Faythe Fury (5 days ago)
Be sweet if if were a dedicated camera button ⭐😉💛
Brandon 45 (5 days ago)
Samsung is better man
Kimo Komoto (5 days ago)
This was good. You have a good smooth way of talking and presenting things. Subscribed.
Tour Tool (5 days ago)
Im happy with google assistant on my g6+
Moh A (5 days ago)
They need to optimize their firmware properly before thinking about adding new features on it
Goran Novakovic (5 days ago)
Use a s8 approach with minimal bezels no notch, keep the software up to date with a minimal but useful updated lg skin on top of android oreo, keep the specs and the camera in pair with the competition, etc you can do something like using the ear piece as a second trebale speaker, give us a larger battery, wireless fast charging, portrait mode, 60 fps 4k recording, 5G, face unlock, oled screen, maybe even a 120hz panel etc. Any of these features would be a good selling point providing theyre well executed instead of pushing unreliable forced sketchy ai stuff.
SNIPEKNIFE x (5 days ago)
3:07 someone drawing on the left
Goran Novakovic (5 days ago)
Fucks sake lg, come on! You can do it guys
txmoney (6 days ago)
Can everyone say, “FLOP”?
iltyd (6 days ago)
That thing is almost as bad as one of the earlier iPhone X clones with a software notch plus bexel. What is the point?!?
ivanlazarevic78 (6 days ago)
I think LG lost their way...dont see future for them.Such a shame I used to have G2 and LG G Flex 2.First was perfect value for money,second would have been if there were no motherboard bootlop isues.
Sudip Biswas (6 days ago)
New trend Making the notch more smaller
Diddy mohd (6 days ago)
LG's retarded level over 9999!!!
Abdullah Rahimi (6 days ago)
Download most popular Android apps from here http://www.androidappsapks.com
portedbikes (6 days ago)
I am sorry, but any phone with a notch is a no go for a lot of people, and I mean a lot of people. And a notch plus bezel? LG really?
gordy G (6 days ago)
Will it have misco sd and headphone jack
Mx Jonson (6 days ago)
Let's just hope the V40 will be something nicer
AusDaes (6 days ago)
They took the worst about the S9 and a mix of the part with more bezels of the S9 and iPhone X
Kevin Monka (6 days ago)
Iphone x not lg g6
momo simo (6 days ago)
pourqoi tu raconte n importe qoi il est meme pas sortit que tu pb
Rigo Martinez (6 days ago)
Screw the notch I would pick the larger bar. It looks better. The screen next to the notch is useless to me #whyIwillnevebuyanIphonex
consu mérisme (7 days ago)
Reaper of Pandas (7 days ago)
Look like Samsung and iPhone had a baby
A. Hussain (7 days ago)
LG is bad these days, their last good phone IMO was the G2.
Douglas Smith (7 days ago)
Love my LG G6 (needs updated though on the OS from 7.0)...but, will be going Pixel next time later this year if LG pursues these strategies.
Douglas Smith (7 days ago)
Look, just look at the Samsung 9's...c'mon, we don't need notches. Don't use them until the hardware is perfected to put those items UNDER the screens.
lol where did u get that 0:16 its an israeli news site the biggest in the country
Pie Crust (7 days ago)
LG has been on the downhill since the g4
abdullah hamadeh (7 days ago)
not the notch ........... NOT THE NOTCH i don't want the notch
Ridho Y.B. Pratama (7 days ago)
Lg is literally sinking
Tsukasa Love ABC (7 days ago)
*HAH*..goodluck.. With that phone lg.. Hahaha.. Why.. 😢
Muhammad Furqan (7 days ago)
0:39 which phone is this?
Jon W. (7 days ago)
You can shine up a shitlog, but it's still a shitlog! You get a thumbs down from me for saying the notch is better than having a bezel! I'd rather have a whole screen for viewing than some stupid unibrow cutting off some viewable area!
jean françois (7 days ago)
Isabella Collins (7 days ago)
Milk respond quantity lobby progress complaint manufacturing outside emission design gravity.
cruz (7 days ago)
fuck the notch and any company that has implemented it on their phone,also fuck the companies that removed the headphone jack,definitely will not see my money
Asphalt (7 days ago)
Rip lg mobile
inspired528 (7 days ago)
Sigh. They took it down a notch. Whew!
Mr Logitech Channel (7 days ago)
good job bro
Norris Thomas (8 days ago)
It looks exactly like the Pixel 2 Xl minus the notch.
Hydra Games (8 days ago)
do i buy the 1+ 5t or wait for the 6?
Uchiha Sasuke (8 days ago)
Does anyone know the ending song? i really like it
Kim Williams (8 days ago)
LG X - a clone of iPhone X
Rishikesh (8 days ago)
That P20 Pro launch video tho 😂🤣
King Wiwuz IV (8 days ago)
Not only G7 has thicker bezels than V30 as it is, it also adds a notch on top. It looks worse than V30 in every possible way and that makes me concerned to the direction LG is taking.
Akshar Thakuria (8 days ago)
Are you from india
Tigerex966 (8 days ago)
After refusing to mention the LG V30 or review it, you sure seem happy to mention the LG G& when LG is down on their luck. Please just stick to apple and samsung and others, as usual
Your wise cousin Joe (8 days ago)
Notch is an abomination.
CDN R (8 days ago)
That's your preference. Dont knock people for hating the notch.
papa jan shatner (8 days ago)
Shut up fucking gay
Loreto Moscosa (8 days ago)
Watching on my LG G6.. What the!! even the G7 copied the what they called "notch" oppo, vivo, huawei, asus sucks!! Now they are all having identical appearance 😒 we'll wait for a true all screen phone then.
TheRealMikeShea (8 days ago)
Notches are just lazy design. That concept phone that slides the screen down to reveal the camera and sensors is innovative. Also very good for security. Taking away that much bezel is pretty silly as you lose functionality. I'd like to see a company step up and start making different phones with a different design than the garbage they make now and sell them for a lower price. I'm talking about something a little thicker to house a bigger battery. Metal frame, durable plastic back (removable?!?!) and some cool colour combinations. Front facing speakers, great cameras, and last generation's processors as there's basically no difference in day to day use compared to current chips.
keiming 227 (8 days ago)
Think Q? Think again LG?
Zishawn Malik (8 days ago)
Remember when lg made good phones? When was that? Like, 10 years ago or something?
Brad Nerdy Nay (8 days ago)
I absolutely, positively, do not want a device with a notch... I'm sad that's LG is making the G7 with a notch...
James 1:19 (8 days ago)
Well unfortunately the tech world has plunged deeper and deeper into politics why losing focus on innovation and productivity. Ever since the original iPhone came out phones have innovated every year taking huge step forward and both software and Hardware. Reducing size increasing power all while conserving battery. But unfortunately over the last 5 years or so there has really been nothing spectacular. There's been some incremental changes bezels have gotten smaller screen size and brightness has increased. But there have been no big advancements in fact one could argue and the areas that are most important we have actually regressed. Storage has actually gotten smaller. The chipsets have really not increased significantly in at least 4 years. Memory size and speed has actually slowed and gotten bigger. And none of this has stopped any of you from running out every year and paying top dollar for the newest latest greatest version of the same phone you had 2 years ago. It may have less scratches but it's basically the same thing. And as long as you keep paying for these refreshed old Tech that's exactly what these companies are going to keep producing. I know it's a little long but just something to think about
ichiban2point0 (8 days ago)
Maybe LG should just stick to what they do best... making budget phones for no contract carriers. Boom! Drop the mic.
ichiban2point0 (8 days ago)
LG's defining moment... next year no phones. Lol.
alex chamber (8 days ago)
Hand at 3:04 on middle left
ichiban2point0 (8 days ago)
Lg executives have diarrhea of the brain when coming up with the next phone. Keep it up LG and I'll leave you for Samsung. Just make the best phone you can make, don't try to copy someone else.
12 ab (9 days ago)
L’G G’7 is here plz LG...😂😂😂😾
Janelee Keller (9 days ago)
Returning to add, until which time, they do come up with a winning alternative, there IS a MEANTIME ! And in the MEANTIME, NO NOTCH !!! NO way on GOD,s EARTH ! STILL ANGRY, JL, 😠 2nd comment.
Janelee Keller (9 days ago)
Vehemently disagree with your take, and apparent acceptance of THE NOTCH ! It's, J-U-S-T P-L-A-I-N U-G-L-Y! They need to come up with SOME ALTERNATIVE !!! A Very Angry, JL 😠 1st comment.
Kris (9 days ago)
the phone itself is a problem
Rico g (9 days ago)
Lg sucks. That failed presentation was awkward and embarrassing 😟....to say the least.
Deep Rakesh (9 days ago)
This guy is working on memes XD
keroroslayer (9 days ago)
Thanks for Sharing. #LG doing it wrong once again...been waiting for 7 series but this? sorry but no: bezels, bad design, fusing it with some platform just nope.
keroroslayer (9 days ago)
Thanks for Sharing. #LG doing it wrong once again...been waiting for 7 series but this? sorry but no: bezels, bad design, fusing it with some platform just nope.
alimimza051208 (9 days ago)
Stop fucking nugging with lg
Go Getter (9 days ago)
please don't consistently use to comedy bits. we appreciate your channel because you get straight to the point without all of the silliness
Alex Calhoun-Davis (9 days ago)
Landrio (9 days ago)
From G6 user : bye LG
JackOps (9 days ago)
Hmmm. Guess I wait fir the V40
Ilich Ramirez Sanchez (9 days ago)
NO, DON'T FUCKIN' bring the AI into our lives !!!!!!!!!
Ilich Ramirez Sanchez (9 days ago)
I would NOT pick the notch...
Tech blaze2 1 (9 days ago)
Who is in the background?

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