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What's in our Backpack? Stuff Worth ₹7,00,000!

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Check out Carriall smart backpacks here: http://beeb.om/Carriall-Backpack Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/BeebomCo/ You guys have been asking us what are the gadgets that we keep in our backpack. Well, we show you what's in our backpack, the Beebom backpack, which everyone at Beebom uses when they go to different events. Here's everything that we keep in our backpacks: 1. Carriall Backpack - https://amzn.to/2EjY5yE 2. Panasonic GH5S - ₹ 1,74,900 (http://geni.us/2zDnqpw) 3. Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 - ₹65,439 (http://geni.us/CPAMJOX) 4. Metabones Smart Adapter - ₹51,962 (http://geni.us/hciT) 5. Sennheiser EW 112P G3-A - ₹44,000 (http://geni.us/O4tBo) 6. SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro - ₹6,549 (http://geni.us/loZVId) 7. Samsung T5 1TB SSD - ₹29,500 (http://geni.us/AqVkm) 8. MacBook Pro 13-inch 256GB - ₹1,26,499 (http://geni.us/thxFBG3) 9. iPhone X - ₹83,499 (http://geni.us/6jolN) 10. Galaxy S9+ - ₹64,900 (http://fkrt.it/Cmm7KKNNNN) 11. Nintendo Switch - ₹28,500 (http://geni.us/Q57dwv) 12. Sony MDR-XB950B1 - ₹11,990 (http://geni.us/VwQcKZ) 13. Jaybird Freedom F5 - ₹11,999 (http://geni.us/U8BcEKO) 14. Mi 20000 mAh Power Bank - ₹1,499 (http://www.mi.com/in/20000mah-mi-power-bank-2i/) 15. International Travel Adapter - ₹230 (http://geni.us/Kwn1H) Check out our video gear here: https://kit.com/BeebomCo/beebom-video-gear Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beebomco/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/BeebomCo Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/BeebomCo/
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Text Comments (475)
Narendra N (1 day ago)
Use xps 15 😍😍
nainglintun123 i (2 days ago)
I like yours styles because I think you are very smart
Angad Bulani46 (5 days ago)
You should even add 4-5 books in your backpack for reading!
Daksh Modi (5 days ago)
Bad audio
Prasanna Kimmatkar (6 days ago)
hey beebom, teach devendra some english so that we can understand it also add some background music
Rishabh Goel Official (7 days ago)
Please give me all that!! Otherwise i will steal them😂😂😂😂
Quick Solve (7 days ago)
Only ur channel.is lucky on whoms videos i comment like.and.share.
Fan OF Zeppelin (7 days ago)
Why A GH5s Eww!! Should have Gone For A Sony A7R iii
Alan Saj (7 days ago)
audio is not good... come on Beebom?!
Mahesh Guptha (8 days ago)
U won't pack clothes yaar
Zain Tuber Gone Viral (10 days ago)
You guys are saying " Hey we have lot of Costly stuff in our bag, come and steal us " .
Yo Day (12 days ago)
Arjun Krishna (12 days ago)
After days of Searching,finally found the music behind beebom intro https://youtu.be/3K93s3crmyk A like for my effort?
Vatsal Sanwaria (13 days ago)
Kitna Paisa Kharch Kiya Hai !!!!
Sarhan Bakshi (13 days ago)
Life💔💔 I am stuck with a core i 3 laptop and you are just making me jealous with your bloody Doraemon's pouch.
sanjay sebastian (13 days ago)
In all the products shown I can only afford that travel adapter 😂😂
Jyoti Kumar Singh (13 days ago)
Can someone plzz tell which one is better a8+ or s7 edge ?
PRRAJ BOKEY (13 days ago)
Please give me the link of your music which is played at beginning and the end...🙂🙂🙂
shashank kathuri (14 days ago)
Only if i could afford that tech😔😔😔
Arjun Krishna (14 days ago)
After days of Searching,finally found the music behind beebom intro https://youtu.be/3K93s3crmyk A like for my effort?
Jaskirat Singh (14 days ago)
Which game were you playing
DHANUSH REX (14 days ago)
Please suggest a best SlowMo app
Akshay Abhang (15 days ago)
Kidar se laayya itna paisa kon hey tumara sponser
Vivek Tigga (15 days ago)
Fahad Ahmed (15 days ago)
I think it is time to steal your bag : )
Rahul Kushwah (15 days ago)
So expensive 😱😱😱😱
Tech lover (16 days ago)
What if the thief is watching this
aryan raghuram (16 days ago)
You guys working with the Dubai king or what ??
Tecktoid gamer AnimeSH (16 days ago)
No one asked By the way!
Ahammad Nihal (16 days ago)
he has forgot the chargers for camera and powerbank when he travel around the world .LoL
Ahammad Nihal (16 days ago)
its a paid promotion for the bacckpacks
kawashogun (16 days ago)
Beebom has got the camera setup right but the content.
Bishnu Garang (16 days ago)
Can you tell how disable ship mode in lenevo 320s laptop.
sanjay kumar (16 days ago)
Bhai Mai to bag churane chla
Kingshuk KsS (16 days ago)
What about your personal beebom headphones....did you forget them??
Aftab khan (16 days ago)
They forgot the MacBook dongle 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
theMobilesApp (16 days ago)
are yo india se...kyo jata bta rhe ho..gadho koi leke bhag jaega haahha remember hehehe
Techno Geek (16 days ago)
Prateek Nangare (16 days ago)
who funds u bro!!!!
Sameer S.S (16 days ago)
sAhil patil (16 days ago)
What's the sense of writing all prices in description and not off Bagpack ?
fantastic Songra 18 (16 days ago)
That was of only 6000 not 7 lac
Aravindan .S (16 days ago)
hey you guys are doing great videos with unique concepts...I love your videos...keep it up bebop team...!!!
Viraj Pawar (16 days ago)
So basically you guys just trying to copy MKBHD
Time Pass With Mrinal (16 days ago)
7 lac stuff ke sath bhi...1m subscriber hi nhi hai....bb ki vines just use his smartphone 😂😂 with more than 5m subscriber 😂
Rohan Reloaded (16 days ago)
Damn I'm not interested in buying them 😳
P.V.S. Ashish Kumar (16 days ago)
I really loved this one beebom
sumeet bansal Rahul (16 days ago)
4:00 i can literally hear a noise of a waterfall in the background....
Pradip Saha (16 days ago)
Make video on windows 10 PC please Beebom
Pradip Saha (16 days ago)
Make video on windows 10 PC please Beebom
shyam patel (16 days ago)
Can u make a video on the backpack
Auvishek Chakraborty (16 days ago)
Wowwowowo... So much Money 😨😱😱
Bhramar Bar Dalei (17 days ago)
Sreenath Paramasivam (17 days ago)
Dell gaming laptop are amazing. They going to launch thier new budget gaming laptop and please make the review as soon as possible when it hit the market.
Bhramar Bar Dalei (17 days ago)
Sohan Bhattacharya (17 days ago)
Now I found a youtube channel whose backpack videos can compete with UrAvgConsumers Backpack videos Guess which channel is that? Beebom😀😘
m4 mann (17 days ago)
Banks need to implement bag insurance
Aman (17 days ago)
You forgot the tripod 🤣
Chester Paul (17 days ago)
Your approx expense on those is 682,761.42rupees or $10, 497 i think its not 7 lakhs
syed masroor (17 days ago)
my bagpack has worth 12000, if i keep my note 5 in there 😂
yogananda hommargalli (17 days ago)
Where do u guys get so much money?? Where do u work ?? Is beebom ur part time or full time??
Vishnu Babykumar (17 days ago)
Loved that back pack!!! Had this video come out sooner, I would have gone for a Carriall instead of a Ghost backpack!
Pay Pal (17 days ago)
reech fegg :c
CLASH DIAN (17 days ago)
Omg 7lak bag
Desi Sweg (17 days ago)
all stuffs are too expensive... make a video on Budget backpack.. that would uder 1lac
HP Videos (17 days ago)
which antivirus is best for mac
piyush sharma (17 days ago)
What is up with that audio? Am I deaf😂
Sandy (17 days ago)
It feels u guys are faking it and trying hard .... And audio is a bad ....its look like u just talking and is not excited at all .... Be loud .... I love ur content u should improve
GENERAL CUBER (17 days ago)
6:38 he was playing PUBG Mobile
roni paul (17 days ago)
audio quality kind of off
Shivam Kurzekar (17 days ago)
I want that bag 😍😍
abhishek dixit (17 days ago)
Total light bill of this bag is more than total cost of my bag ....
RPM Tech Tips (17 days ago)
5:13 Are you really using After Effects for Editing, not PP. WHY?
Manas Hejmadi (43 minutes ago)
+RPM Tech Tips at 5:13 on the screen there is come motion graphics. For Motion graphics AE is the best. But for pure video editing PP is good.
RPM Tech Tips (17 days ago)
Hit like if you agree...
Pushkar Bhatt (17 days ago)
Bhai kal ko to log Kahenge ki underwear Ka review do....tum to patloon chol doge......xd
Hrisav Saha (17 days ago)
Woww ❤️
Simarpreet Singh (17 days ago)
bagg vach ke navi swift lyi ja sakdi aa...😂😂
EJIKEL jackson (17 days ago)
Wow 😵
Tausif Khan (17 days ago)
plz sir make a depth review of #NOKIA7PLUS !!!!!
Trishanku Bora (17 days ago)
Hello beebom please correct the information regarding the card. It's a SanDisk ultra card c10 u1 90 mbps card that is shown in the video
Arjun Krishna (17 days ago)
After hours of hard searching in youtube,found the original music behind beebom intro https://youtu.be/3K93s3crmyk Give a like for my effort
Logmemoi (17 days ago)
Flexing !!
tech-veck (17 days ago)
Abhi tak tub sirf sinha the new member
vaibhav Media (17 days ago)
What is name of your video intro song?
Shubham Ray (17 days ago)
Tech Forum (17 days ago)
Where is rupesh
FUNZUS (17 days ago)
My school bag Can Do Everything😂😂😂
navin babji (17 days ago)
Maaaannnnn, my kidney won't sell for 7 lakhs...😢😢😢
Trikstar (17 days ago)
Best tech channel in India...❤️
Debajyoti Biswas (17 days ago)
Apart from making youtube videos what do you do??
Loshi Studios (17 days ago)
7,00,000???! Hmmnm... I think you mean 700,000 lol.
Avinash Shandilya (17 days ago)
This is my favorite channel!!!
vamzi johnny (17 days ago)
Apple watch series 3 plz 🙏
IAmWillSoYeah Boi (17 days ago)
can I just ask what the heck the purpose of this video was
vamsi krishna kotha (17 days ago)
What's the software u use for adding those beautiful transitions 🤔🤔
Arpan Kumar Moharana (17 days ago)
Beebom team please work on audio quality ,I know you guys are using best quality of speakers but we all viewers are not able to listen you clearly . I recommend you guys to change your speaker. From your little fan Arpan class 9th
PAPPU RAZ (17 days ago)
Fuck off my dad has 70,00000 Lakh 3 Truck 😝
Sumanta Sikdar (17 days ago)
Sahil Verma (17 days ago)
Optimus Prime (17 days ago)
I want to join Beebom 😁

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