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Unboxing of Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos SM-G900FD + QI Wireless Charging Pad + S-View Flip Cover

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos model SM-G900FD + Samsung S-View Flip Cover model EP-VG900 with Inductive Charging + Samsung QI Charging Pad model EP-PG900

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Text Comments (16)
Laur M. (1 year ago)
este dual sim activ sau pasiv? Multumesc
yotti82 (1 year ago)
Can i use 2 Sim Cards AND an SD Card ?! Does it have 3 Slots?!
Video Blocks (1 year ago)
Yes, it has 3 slots: 2 SIM cards and 1 dedicated microSD card slot. Samsung should bring back this!
Marcus gd (2 years ago)
mine doesnt work
Eduardo Galdino (2 years ago)
O s5 duos tem MHL? ??
Badis Bouchaala (2 years ago)
does it have microSD support
FirZTep Bruh (2 years ago)
mega pirat (2 years ago)
Hello i have an Question ... Whats the Name of the Sound in this Video ? Greatings Mega
Matthew Cuyugan (3 years ago)
Can LTE support for both SIM 1 and SIM 2? Thanks!
Vile Tys (2 years ago)
Hello, you know if it support the LTE to the both SIM ? THX
Kedai Baju (3 years ago)
How long to charge using that wireless charger?
FirZTep Bruh (2 years ago)
1% por minuto (hablo español)
Marlon Alvarez (3 years ago)
Excellent video, I need help, you know how to root this smarphone? how to install the recovery? I have a phone like and do not know where to do it ... Please help me
Sadoveanu Mihai (3 years ago)
Multumim Clujului pentru video unboxing ! :) Thumbs up !  
gran puuuttt como quierooooo
Tuckers (3 years ago)
Very interesting! I didn't even know that you could buy certain cases just for wireless charging! Great vide mate!!!

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