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edited by my homie - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK6lGUfHXJ4DOSozQ50wmxw
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Kyle Murphy (1 minute ago)
I feel like I’ve seen this before
Max B (6 minutes ago)
This is just a YouTube advert.
Alexa Padilla (6 minutes ago)
I am currently trying to rise up my youtube channel and this definitely motivated me. Thanks Casey!
Angad Ravikaran Singh (19 minutes ago)
Hands downs casey you r the best 😀💥🌟🔥🔥
code6400 (23 minutes ago)
So where is regural daily vlog? :)
Stonesorrow (31 minutes ago)
That editing gave me anxiety and a headache. The pace is so fast and cut with disjointed clips that takes 1-2 ms extra (due to varying types of quality, color, focus) to decode in my brain that the flow is lost. Repeatedly. And the message could've been distilled into the last 40 sec of the movie: "You have the power to create what ever you want. Do it, improve, do it passionately. Boom".
Caleb Twombly (36 minutes ago)
I absolutely love these videos Casey!! Thank you for putting your journey out there and inspiring so many people every single day.
Pato DLM (43 minutes ago)
Amazing Casey. Man I love your content.
Nathaniel Cole Alexander (44 minutes ago)
I swear this is such a dense, kinetic, and effective editing job, it felt like I was watching an ad. One of those amazing ads from big companies meant to excite and inspire, except this video doesn't have a logo plastered on at the last five seconds. It manages to contain so much energy, message, and polish within a mere 4 minutes. Brilliant.
Film Reveal (48 minutes ago)
Who's gonna make a film now??
hasan (56 minutes ago)
idonotmakevidsyet (1 hour ago)
ddudepeterson (1 hour ago)
Epic, love this!
OtherwiseKnownAs (1 hour ago)
i think i love you
Ze French Accent (1 hour ago)
Funny Camera (1 hour ago)
Yash Rajput (1 hour ago)
That was awesome..
OSOCITYNATION (1 hour ago)
Hands down one of the best videos ive ever seen! I watched this legit a 100 times by now lol
Ashmit Firoz (1 hour ago)
Holy shit.
That was some extreme editing right there!
Susanna Besier (2 hours ago)
Amazing video. Great content. I'll start remembering now... The Casey
ben harmer (2 hours ago)
Casey I love it totally inspired
Ahmet Uygar Akgöz (2 hours ago)
So true
pj pj (2 hours ago)
Getout and do something guys. visualize and achieve whatever the fck u need. cheers
Extra Sessions Media (2 hours ago)
Great motivational video for us content creators! Awesome job.
Fluro Flash (2 hours ago)
No it's not
Antonio Valdez (3 hours ago)
Editing is Fuego 👍📷
Sometimes you make some really damn good points Casey
3SGetcha (3 hours ago)
She’s good.
Craig Hughes (3 hours ago)
Casey you need to check out Jay Swanson, an American writer living in Paris...he has been vloging for years and has posted consistently for almost 550 days...check him out 📸🇫🇷📽📝
ashish tiwari (3 hours ago)
That was insane energy pumped in to the universe in just 4.5 minutes! thanks Casey for the inspiration.... grind is not glamorous🏃
UN MANNED (4 hours ago)
skrrrrr....pa pa pa pa la..guru gumb ....skiyyyaaaa..
Jeff Hall (4 hours ago)
KING KWAN (4 hours ago)
Wow ok I wasn’t expecting that...
Film Reveal (4 hours ago)
This looks like a Re-Edit of Do what you can't , but made for Samsung. These things have been said so many times before, but still worth listening. TBH I was expecting something grand because we have seen her doing this for such a long time.
T. F. (4 hours ago)
19sc0tt (4 hours ago)
You are an inspiration to not only me, but to everyone that watches you. I've come to my fork in the road. And I've chosen to travel the world rather than stay here and work a 9-5. All the best to you. Keep these inspirational videos coming. I'll watch you on the road !! Wherever that is....
Ari Goulder (4 hours ago)
Great editing! Great video
Tampatec (4 hours ago)
inspiring, liked 👍
AKNB Productions (4 hours ago)
Casey it was amazing I have the same dream and I’m only twelve
utseay (4 hours ago)
What’s it called when someone uses text in a video like this? Looking for something to search on YouTube for similar videos.
Jacob Hough (4 hours ago)
Holy shit. This is fucking awesome
Tessa Liu (4 hours ago)
The edit is too chaotic - it's distracting but i'm no film maker
Abe Ott (4 hours ago)
Nailed it, who gives a shit if it doesn't go viral, the people who matter are the ones seeing it.
StarVasq (4 hours ago)
Casey your just like me Im currently in my teen years and becoming a filmmaker has been one of my dreams for the longest time thank you for inspiring me with this video.
dewlover420 (5 hours ago)
I've been creating, and posting a video for almost two years, every day, without missing a day!
Jazzy Crescendo (5 hours ago)
This is really inspiring, especially as film can be so competitive and discouraging at times. Thanks :)
Samman :P (5 hours ago)
He know da wey? Sorry, anyway great video. Keep uploading Casey! More frequently if you can :)
Alrucards (5 hours ago)
What I got from this is life can throw you a lot of shit. You can let it break you or power through it to achieve your goal but don't let your goal be the end. It might not be what you think so you make another goal and another until it the ultimate end. Bottom line do what makes you happen.
LKK LivE (5 hours ago)
This is like part two to Do What You Can't! (at least, to me it is...) 👌🏾 excellent 👊🏾
Nikki Andal (5 hours ago)
Made me wanna get up and inspire the world!!! DAMN CASEY
Nikki Andal (5 hours ago)
I can't believe that you edited this for months. 4 MINUTES IS WHAT IT TAKES FOR THE REAL STORY 👏👏👏👏
Nikki Andal (5 hours ago)
Marcos Collado (6 hours ago)
Thanks for the inspiration, Casey!!!
Dane Scott Creative (6 hours ago)
I want this to play every morning i wake up!
Tobey Rose (6 hours ago)
that was very good
Game Channle #1 (6 hours ago)
Can u come to Skillman Sunnyside in new york
Matt K (6 hours ago)
I really want to start making more films now
josh humphreys (6 hours ago)
that was damn good, epic
René Mf (6 hours ago)
Why this video don’t have like I don’t know 10,000,000 views
DJAWESOME44 (6 hours ago)
what the fuck am i doing with my life
DJAWESOME44 (6 hours ago)
thanks Casey
Yes!! Thank you casey! The game is on!
Steph Lesmes (7 hours ago)
Your personality, drive, ambition, etc is so infectious Casey. Thank you for being you.
JABUNK (7 hours ago)
That was the most motivational thing I have ever seen... Online filmmaking is the best way to have your audience give direct feedback.
Natedog2400 (7 hours ago)
Casey is becoming Gary Vee and I like it
Nick Barrett (7 hours ago)
*but do yu kno de wae?*
Cristoffel Bonorand (7 hours ago)
Very cool! Supersmooth edit, Ann!
Shazayum (7 hours ago)
I didn't understand the editing in this video.
joel otero (7 hours ago)
I agree.
Satoss صاطوس (7 hours ago)
Yeah Casey that's correct because vlogging every day is work *.^
Off Script Films (7 hours ago)
I CAN NOT stop watching this
William Singer (7 hours ago)
I’m sorry to say this, but filmmaking IS NOT A SPORT. For something to be a sport, it must be a competitive physical activity or game. Look it up if you don’t believe me
Bec P (7 hours ago)
Smashed it!
cus-spec (8 hours ago)
@CaseyNeistat you do vlogs and videos for company’s but have you ever done a secret video message for your kids so that they could watch it in the future if you were to unsuspectingly pass away? We will all die one day and thats the only thing certain in life. Wouldn’t it be nice to do a video for Candice and kids for future value?
Angel Almaraz (8 hours ago)
I love this guy!
dragon83455 oo (8 hours ago)
How about travel in every island around the world?
dernell murray (8 hours ago)
B-REEL Productions (8 hours ago)
Since day one ! Casey Has been an inspiration. I remember vlogging before youtube exist. i have taken a long break from vlogging. Every time i watch his videos it reminds me when you would watch a skateboard video right before hitting the streets, you get pumped, i love it ! after seeing this video im that much more sure this is the life for me. Thank you Casey for being a HUGE Inspiration!
Djamila Monteiro (8 hours ago)
Yes, it was pretty damn good.
Joe Smith (8 hours ago)
Same old, same old. Boring. Surprised you didn't say Samsung, YouTube or CNN. Didn't they pay you enough yet?
Specter1065 (8 hours ago)
PeaJayTheGr8 (8 hours ago)
Amazing video! Extremely motivational and inspirational. Makes me love creating content even more! I'm a super fan of yours for a reason. Thanks Casey!
Malte Wiemann (9 hours ago)
Watched it twice Thinking about watching it a third time while writing this comment. I'll go to sleep.
the magician (9 hours ago)
Thumbnail scary as fuck
Chaunation (9 hours ago)
0 Dignity (9 hours ago)
MFW Jake Paul made nearly as many vlogs as Casey and Casey has been doing it for like 1 year longer
Jhonatan Moran (9 hours ago)
I love it. Just that. I LOVE IT. Keep creating 💪
Sebastián Martínez (9 hours ago)
Wow uno de tus mejores videos, sin duda!
chico11mbit (9 hours ago)
You, Sir are beyond that shitty Hollywood productorama. Wuuf, the best vlog from you since now. You own me.
Dareis (10 hours ago)
Nice video Casey. :) You have inspired me and I have started making videos of my own. It’d be nice if you guys checked it out. THANKS! :)
MudsOne (10 hours ago)
Woah. You said “fuckin”
Hench Marcin (10 hours ago)
One of the best video i ever seen
Will Bal (10 hours ago)
Thanks champ! I'm gonna go smash it today ;)
Sam Daza (10 hours ago)
I LOVE THISSS! Thank you incredible human
Molly Clouse (10 hours ago)
Julian Meehan (10 hours ago)
Holy shit that was good.
Parker (10 hours ago)
I have the same dream!
Anna Kaiye (10 hours ago)
Gotta train just like with any other sport.
JJ Bello (10 hours ago)
I understood everything except the sport part, prolly because I'm taking it too literally, lol
marcus tait (10 hours ago)
who edits caseys vids?

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