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edited by my homie - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK6lGUfHXJ4DOSozQ50wmxw
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Essy Chilcutte (6 hours ago)
You would do a combination of Roberto benigni Sally and Hank You would walk the chairs you would have an emotional catching phrase and then deliver one of the most true statements of all time And I already know what it would be "I did it so, can you" and because you're you there'd be clarifiers that it has to be you're it that thing you can't live without* not some Escape Route from some 9 to 5 job that you hate but something that you're willing to give up the stability of the nine to five for. Then you play the clip of you jumping off the cliff> telling people to take the risk make that leap*
CineAriThomas (14 hours ago)
"Was that good?" THAT was EXCELLENT.
Hendrix Studio (1 day ago)
It was extremely good.
LeonistaSocialClub (1 day ago)
Dope. I am very intimidated by all the effects in this... What's the best way to learn all that?
SHRAY TV (2 days ago)
RelationshipThings (2 days ago)
AwesomelyAggressive (2 days ago)
Wow, this video captures so much in so little time, so awesome!
Aakash Arora (3 days ago)
i am fucking excited.
Alex Baker (3 days ago)
So tired of everyone saying everything is a sport. Sports are sports. Filmmaking is filmmaking... that’s not to take anything away from either thing. But please, stop pretending everything is a sport, not a shot at this particular video... I’m just saying
TCoop (4 days ago)
NO it’s not
Steve Brown (4 days ago)
Hey are you going to South by South west
Soy Pakitto (5 days ago)
So Epic 🙌🏽
rao_adil_aslam (5 days ago)
You Nailed
tenzin dhondup (6 days ago)
Super inspiring Casey. I’ve been watching your Volgs for almost a two weeks (day and night ) and I can’t get enough. I’m singer/composer and life is hard ;( but your vlogs keeps on inspiring me. Thanks Casey
Juan Alonso Quesada (6 days ago)
Patrick Li (6 days ago)
Jeannette Estrada (6 days ago)
Love it! ❤️
Puneet Kaushik (6 days ago)
Fun Size Vlogs (6 days ago)
i have the same dreams so go support my channel with 350 subs
TheJH2M (6 days ago)
Who the f*ck on youtube gives a video like this a downvote? Seriously?
Officer Rob (7 days ago)
yes! THIS!
prltqdf9 (8 days ago)
Shitty ADHD editing style.
Marokajer (8 days ago)
Angelica Basubas (8 days ago)
Can I just say WOW? WOW
Francesco Fico (8 days ago)
Love how you put the contrast between who you thought you had to be and who you actually are! Awesome and inspiring <3
NORWICH TILL I DIE (9 days ago)
Good that was AMAZING
Soklux9 i (9 days ago)
Oh man you actually have the same dream as me
William Salazar (10 days ago)
Casey, the great film makers also had to go through struggles like everybody else, they didn’t become good overnight, no shortcuts. They made bad movies after bad movies until they became good. You wanted to be famous quickly and youtube became that fix for your instant fame. You’re a good youtuber, you know how to use camera angles, you know how to use Final Cut Pro well, you got great music selection that compliment your videos - you’re a great YouTube Vlogger. But to put up pictures of the great filmmakers in this video and compare youtube viewers with cinema audiences is quite a stretch. I know what you’re trying to do, you’re trying to motivate younger viewers, but not like this.
Nagarjuna Battula (10 days ago)
A big thumbs up casey love u man...😎
Shane Brewster (11 days ago)
Nailed it! Living the dream!
MaSter KaoudMatiC (11 days ago)
*'twas AWESOME*
Abhinav Patil (11 days ago)
No, its not good. Its AMAZING!!!
Nicole I. (12 days ago)
Check out my films, on my page !
Lord bobby (12 days ago)
Johan Little Vloger (13 days ago)
love you casey always brother
shakti shekhar panda (13 days ago)
You are awesome.
Rasmus Rafn (13 days ago)
Best Creative Motivation video out there, So AWESOME !
Can't believe how many times I'm watching this video. on and on and on. Loved every single part of it. Casey, please visit Korea. You're always welcomed.
Stingray b (14 days ago)
4 minutes of pure Casey going through my mind.
Joe hildreth (14 days ago)
What camera and stuff do you use?
Paul Kra (14 days ago)
I pee every time I watch this.
Konstantina (14 days ago)
Excellent work,this is what I exactly feel about filmmaking♥
Jackson Mountford (14 days ago)
what music do you use???
Jun Mark Talaman (15 days ago)
So inspiring... It motivates me more, thank you for this video.
Clancy Benedict (15 days ago)
Dude this video is fucking amazing
A F Thomas (15 days ago)
After months of procrastination, I just uploaded my first video. All because of the inspiration and passion that Casey brings to his videos. Long may he continue!
The Camera Guy (16 days ago)
Hey everyone! I hope you give a bit of your time to read this comment… I am a small Youtuber with a passion to get 1000 subs, i am just a couple of hundred off and i am uploading twice a week, if you are in to cameras and filmmaking then please let me know, anyone who subscribes will get a sub back, and a watch of their videos! I know there are posts like this all over the place but i’d appreciate it if you could like this so others can see it.  Thank you all so much, The Camera Guy.
The Shark (16 days ago)
Wow you crushed it!
Matt Cappellaro (17 days ago)
James Dolman (17 days ago)
Hey, anyone know the track that interrupts when CN says ...' then I was on an airplane'...2.35 mins. Ta very much.
Jose Angel Films (17 days ago)
If a movie studio came to you now and asked you to write, direct or produce the next big film what would you say to them?
Jonek (17 days ago)
In the oid Videos you always look like an umpa lumpa :D
Robin Smith (18 days ago)
Please sponsor me a camera, i really need one to improve my skills as a professional photographer, atm im using a nikon D3100
Uri Serrano (18 days ago)
Whats the name of the last minutes song?
Rodz Rodriguez (18 days ago)
Great video Casey , just like movies is your sport. Music is my sport !!! Check my YouTube account 👌👍🎶🎥
Jo Dwyer (19 days ago)
Another amazing video keep it up!
Anthony Austifan (19 days ago)
I'm doing an informative speech on your story tomorrow morning, and im using this video in my speech
aphil066 (19 days ago)
Slow clap... .Bravo
Casey, help the air gun community. Thanks to you tube. Great channel, by the way. So creative.
Roel DayMoon (19 days ago)
Elle Gonzales (19 days ago)
Awesome...best encouragement hands down!!
Qing Liu (19 days ago)
thank you!
Slidead (19 days ago)
Thanks for the videos Casey. you are an inspiration... are you writing a script for each video?
Wiz Tahlifa (20 days ago)
Order 66 on gun channels huh. I know this one little person this one little guy ain’t gonna mean shit to you but your full of BS
rileigh marie (20 days ago)
we have different goals but you definitely put my thoughts into words, i wanna start a channel this summer hopefully (saving up to buy equipment) but thank you for this, i feel motivated to work harder at achieving my dream. I definitely want to act and put a smile on peoples faces.
Von Gaming101 (20 days ago)
Probably the BEST Video on YouTube so inspiring
A. Nestor (20 days ago)
Simple & brilliantly presented!
Casey this is the best damn thing you ever made!
Kanchan Verma (21 days ago)
Goshhhh that editing dude. The class that you have in your editing is beyond imagination. I have never seen a youtuber do this sought of editing theirselves. This is really an art.
Leonardo DiCaprio (21 days ago)
Congratulations on 9 Million Subscribers, Casey!!! ╰|-ı╯ 2.23P0900
Leonardo DiCaprio (21 days ago)
Leonardo DiCaprio (21 days ago)
Congratulations on 9 Million Subscribers, Casey!!! ╰|-ı╯
Leonardo DiCaprio (21 days ago)
Congratulations on 9 Million Subscribers, Casey!!! ╰|-ı╯
Leonardo DiCaprio (21 days ago)
Congratulations on 9 Million Subscribers, Casey!!! ╰|-ı╯ 2.23P0900
Rakshit Khajuria (21 days ago)
Thats a next level film making.
Southpaw Frames (21 days ago)
Petinas Boutique (21 days ago)
Bloody Brilliant.........TY
Stephan Myburgh (21 days ago)
Epic editing sir!!!!!!
MockingBird 9000 (22 days ago)
Casey is the embodiment of white privilege
maqu666 (22 days ago)
Take a look at Chris Gonciarz channel, maybe you gonna like it
Leon W. (22 days ago)
"blabla... bla... to me there was no higher achievement than that" yea im sure thats what you thought as a kid. plus your not even making films or telling stories your making crappy short videos that revolve around just you literally 99% of the time. and paying someone to give them a nice edit, well i dont need to say anything i think. its like steven spielberg decided to do short stories and they were all featuring him in the main role. like wth dude
Queen Namaste (22 days ago)
THAT WAS AMAZING!!! How did I just find you now!!!!
Ech0 Nek0 (22 days ago)
This video actually really inspired me... Everyone's invited. That means I'm invited. You're invited. All of you and us are invited. Welcome to the party.
Rohit Choudhary (22 days ago)
Probably the best video on the internet today
Nerd Central (23 days ago)
if anyone happens to know the music that was used in this video please reply to this comment and tell me please
Jesse Visser (23 days ago)
holy cow this inspired me so much!! really needed this wow
ToddleyProductions (23 days ago)
This is so true
Simone Frantellizzi (23 days ago)
Great Casey!
Giovanni Sanfilippo (23 days ago)
this is inspiring as the old Casey was
Cash Schroeder (23 days ago)
.......id say your an AMAZING filmmaker.
Sonu Mathew Ninan (25 days ago)
Anyone watching this still in 2018 like me ?
#1MostLitChannel! (25 days ago)
You're so cute on your thumbnail! 😍😍 A real Cutie!!
Jack Daniels (26 days ago)
bro it isnt a sport. its an art.
Maylson Silva (26 days ago)
I love the cannal.♥♥♥
Ash Films Universe (26 days ago)
I have the same dream! Being a film maker is everything to me! My camera sucks but I work with what I've got and try my best. It's not much. But it's a start.
Kevin Chen (27 days ago)
Since you’re so great and done so much cool things where’s your own film?
Mr. Kitty (27 days ago)
I feel like it is a documentary about Casey ,still one of the best vids I seen!
Rojer Max (27 days ago)
WOW! 😎
Motivation x 10000 !!!!!! I just want to vlog everyday and have a big platform to share it with !!!!!!
Shreeya Tyagi (27 days ago)

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