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Right of Hindu women: inheritance and succession in family property

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Muthuswamy Ragunathan (13 days ago)
Whether amended 2005 act applicable for since January 2005 or only 13 Dec 2005
Muthuswamy Ragunathan (13 days ago)
7510449333 tell me
VIVEK N (1 month ago)
Hello everyone, I appreciate your effort to make a video regarding Hindu succession act. But, I have an ambiguity of whether a daughter inherits property if her has died before the date of enforcement in 2005. I would kindly request to through some light upon, since there are multiple sources showing different things. Thank you.
According to zamindari act in Uttar Pradesh married daughter have no right in agricultural land of her father property
Santosh Bhosale (8 months ago)
Sir, even before 1956 Act the woman had right of 'Stridhan', which seems lost sight of panel.
Madan Patel (9 months ago)
Thanks Sir, at my area if brothers sell father land ex. 10 crores they given to has sister only 1 lakh only because sister don't know about has rights also she is poor no ability to fight with has rich brothers.
Om Parkash (1 year ago)
Sir, I.          A,B,C & D  were holding coparceners  property (joint property) 1.                A.  was having  wife but no children.However she was not wedded wife of A but as a result of friendship 2.                  B.   was having wife and three sons and two daughters 3.                  C.  was also have wife  and three sons and two daughters 4.                  D,  was neither having wife nor any children. II.         After the death of “D” correction in the land record was made as under ¼ shares was given to “A” and 2/3rd to “B” & “C”    III.        A.died intestate. After the death of “A” correction in the land record was made as under:              Widow of “A” was given 1/4th share in the joint property and reaming 2/3rd to “B” &   “C”  III.       Widow of “A” subsequently   made  a Will  allotting her 1/4th share of joint property which was un divided in favour  of Sons   of “C” alienating  other coparceners. Sir  my queries are as under: 1.                  Whether the widow of “A” was entitled to 1/4th share in joint property? 2.                  Whether she was entitled to make a will in favour of sons of “C” above ignoring the interest of other coparceners. I shall be grateful if necessary clarifications to my above queries is given .            regards, Sincerely yours,   OP Sharma

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