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Unboxing The $4000 Razer Gaming Laptop

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Razer Blade Pro (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2rpdOJK Razer Blade Pro (International) - http://geni.us/mQ9TPI Razer has created a sleek 17-inch gaming laptop that packs GTX 1080 graphics and 4K display. Will the Razer Blade Pro be your next gaming laptop? FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - http://twitter.com/unboxtherapy Facebook - http://facebook.com/lewis.hilsenteger Instagram - http://instagram.com/unboxtherapy Google Plus - http://bit.ly/1auEeak
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Unbox Therapy (7 months ago)
Razer Blade Pro (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2rpdOJK Razer Blade Pro (International) - http://geni.us/mQ9TPI
ZaneTori Smith (5 days ago)
Unbox Therapy can you send the same laptop to me
Naser Salam (10 days ago)
Naser Salam (10 days ago)
Unbox Therapy
monster skills army (22 days ago)
Luis Ayala (27 days ago)
Unbox Therapy please
when you said 4k video my computer was just like "nope not doin' this I'm done"
gen chua (1 day ago)
fiscal greatest struggle save conservative admit seriously purchase park plastic.
Conner Green (2 days ago)
Hello if anyone is reading this first off I hope you are having a wonderful day! But really I'm looking into getting a gaming laptop And I have two options my first is an Origin gaming laptop my Second is Razor gaming laptop witch should I get witch one is overall better at handling games while looking amazing at the best it can? Witch one should I get?!
Petr Holusa (2 days ago)
Dude, I want to smoke some pot and sit with you... Whooaaa!!! :D
samar Shah (2 days ago)
ubox thereapy please nay i have the laptop i have subscribed and turned on notifications plz XD my dad cant afford it he has a brain problem which stops him from working so plz ive never won please make me happy which will also give you a good sin thank you
MrDai (3 days ago)
4000 $ ?! Fck it
Lian Zhu (4 days ago)
a gaming laptop which goes for 4k instead of 1440P 144hz. single laptop GTX1080 just cant handle 4k
s b (4 days ago)
I want That...
Pilot 3270 (5 days ago)
I’m a gamer!!!!!
Mute َ (6 days ago)
This world isn’t for left handed people 😂
Carl Maddox (6 days ago)
The most famous question for any pc or laptop : But can it run CRYSIS?
Carl Maddox (6 days ago)
Keith Pramaputra (7 days ago)
I have keyboard issues with my rbp. Some times I press once it input twice like this: rr when I only press r once. Anybody else? Fix?
NEW bornspice21 (9 days ago)
Am moist
Marcus (9 days ago)
Hope you will raffle it to me haha
Naser Salam (10 days ago)
Naser Salam (10 days ago)
Naser Salam (10 days ago)
Naser Salam (10 days ago)
P. Pons (10 days ago)
OMG this porn for me
Cristo Ava (11 days ago)
9.6 M oooooooooooooooo where are you jack ? 😈
ULTIMATEVortex127 (11 days ago)
so it took 4000 razer blades to make that laptop?
Nexo _ (12 days ago)
I bet he’s exactly like my little cousin. Buys something but then later on leaves it alone and never touches it again. Except this time it’s a $1000-$2000 laptop.
max max (14 days ago)
bit ?
JohnLloyd2 Lajallab2 (15 days ago)
I wish i have one 😂🙁😢😭😭😭
JohnLloyd2 Lajallab2 (15 days ago)
I wish i have one 😂🙁😢😭😭😭
xm- lxh (15 days ago)
I am fucking poor for this
Fuzz (16 days ago)
Hit me harder daddy~~~ 😵💦❤️😫
̈Fillip Langhoff (16 days ago)
Who is this for? Rich 14 y/o gamers.
benjamin graham (16 days ago)
im watching this video with my razer blade pro
Prince Ahsan (17 days ago)
And I'm so Poor
Prince Ahsan (17 days ago)
U r so Rich
Avrop Gaming (17 days ago)
Noob (17 days ago)
Daaannnnnggg *add to birthday wish list
gergesha gerge (18 days ago)
omg :O dream laptop
Pravit Reddy (18 days ago)
I rather buy a full fledged gaming PC which is millions times better. ( Come on gamers back me up)
Sale TAKLU.........
GameStar Nick (18 days ago)
I wonder if it Can play Minecraft?
XLandBroZ (19 days ago)
tfw a laptop is better than your actually decent pc
ariful haq (19 days ago)
Hello UT who gives you money for buy lot of gadget
I remember the Left Handed people, in how they will use this
lgnfve (19 days ago)
razer makes junk. 1 out of 3 laptops they make don't work right and need service out of the box. and razer cust service is well known as one of the worst in the industry. save some money and buy dell. I learned from experience.
Matthew Sussens (19 days ago)
Wish I could get one! This laptop is amazing
hendon ixasedron (20 days ago)
i don't think you're gonna take a 17 inch, $4000 laptop into a coffee shop to play some games.... This is just getting ridiculous lol
iliketurtlesalot (20 days ago)
also you can add monitors to the laptop
rokadas 668 (21 days ago)
Sticker (21 days ago)
Yo Apple where u at with dis price bro
Gucci Gang (21 days ago)
NICE DUDE can i get it? LOL i need A LAPTOP xd
Michael Pagz (21 days ago)
Pretty Happy with my dell insiron 15 5000 series, *Clicks on video ehhhhhhhhh
Zubair Ahmad (21 days ago)
You should try playing CANDY CRUSH..😂😂😂
Mine Blown (21 days ago)
But can it run roblox tho?
Mr. Dara (22 days ago)
the best
Teddy 5K (22 days ago)
For the love of God, I can't even sell my kidney to get my first PC :D I am dreaming about getting this laptop though. I believe I deserve it. Any help or tips from anyone?
likegames33 (23 days ago)
I want that so bad but its so expensive
James Fraser (23 days ago)
If you're left-handed like me I feel your pain.
Andrew Lofthouse (23 days ago)
best place to have the pad ever...
REENA VERMA (23 days ago)
the display looks crappy
L Beltz (24 days ago)
I just got this laptop..... just pissed myself when i played warface....
Leggettboi (25 days ago)
Rajiv Dadke (25 days ago)
Can we use this for Oculus Rift?
Rachel Whitfield (2 days ago)
CocutFX (13 days ago)
Probably VR ready.
SlimTheGreatTV (25 days ago)
I'm watching this on my 2013 apple iPad Pro
shadow's clan (25 days ago)
con eso maravilla veria porno en tres pantallas primera pantalla chicas blancas y en segunda una chica negra y en la otra lesbianas jaajajajjajjajajajajjajajajajajajajajajajajaja
Sasuke. (25 days ago)
So, who's it for It's for my old babushka trying to get her shopping done in Biedronka.
Waleed Khalid (26 days ago)
my mouth is drooling
Eternal Element (26 days ago)
Strange how the ad for this played right before the video.
Little Jake (26 days ago)
this is a good channel
Vhorhees 再願 (27 days ago)
Download Fortnite 😎
Yudi Uup (27 days ago)
While me, watchin this video with the $600 laptop..... LOL
Moskri prtibeegee (27 days ago)
Why is this brand so underrated
Conner Stern (27 days ago)
I just came
Alex (28 days ago)
That thing is a fucking weapon
Ryan Gollihar (28 days ago)
The price on such cool system like so would be?
Frozen Artic (28 days ago)
D-vision (28 days ago)
Does he get to keep all of this stuff??????
franz joseph lucena (28 days ago)
how about a laptop that so Priceless.
Dead_Fox /De4Th (29 days ago)
i wish
Smogan (29 days ago)
I cant even afford a 500 dollar laptop/Pc i am currently on a 80$ Dell PC
Welp it cant run roblox on highest graphics LOL
Cool k (29 days ago)
why i have to watch ads in all videos
benjamin graham (30 days ago)
When yours is arriving in a week
scull fire tv (30 days ago)
oh well anyways i cant get a proper phone for me what will i be able to do with this potato laptop of my i cant record anything my channels will die soon
TheBiggest1Just4you (1 month ago)
What if your left handed
Unbox Madness (1 month ago)
MSI is better
George (1 month ago)
But can it run minecraft?
Shaurya M (1 month ago)
RCA and Lenovo flex 5
Shaurya M (1 month ago)
Unbox Dell Inspiron 11 and 13
Mohamed YAish (22 days ago)
Brother:I jus bought a $4K gaming laptop lil bro Me:Huh..dude why spend 4k when u can get more for 600 bucks? Brother:Pshh...nah!!There is no way that 600 dollars could come near to this Me: X box One X Brother: WHY U !!GIMME THE SPECS!! Me:You know its connected to a 64 inch LG and it gotta Scorpio and 6 terafl--- Brother: X_X
CocutFX (13 days ago)
Xbox? Damn 30Fps games.
Chris (1 month ago)
In response to the music producer comment.. If you're a musician this is a ludicrous choice for that. You're better off investing in an external sound card that you can use with an inexpensive laptop that has enough processing power to run your software and handle the sound card.
Luqman Hakiim (1 month ago)
Give it to me please. Thank you
J K T (1 month ago)
Hey bro can you donate me 1 of your laptop I can't even buy a cheap laptop even a good phone xd Thank you merry xmas everyone
SLOVENSKI TROLL (1 month ago)
Huuuh I want it
Humberto Aleman (1 month ago)
Why does every computer nowadays have only one Jack port, makes thinks difficult for me since I like to you use my computer as a pedal connected to my guitar, 2 ports are necessary, I mean sure there are adaptors, but why?
Rajiv Dadke (1 month ago)
So is this ideal for gaming?
Jack The Wizard (1 month ago)
Shamboozler (1 month ago)
Terrible Unbox, didnt show off the Razer slogan on the box that says "~Welcome to the Razer Cult~"
the turtle squad (1 month ago)
How do you afford these stuff
CocutFX (13 days ago)
Razer probably send this to him.
Enrique (1 month ago)
thats a cool gameboy, grandson.

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