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Moto 360 V2 Review!

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Moto 360 (2nd Gen) - My go-to smartwatch! Moto 360 2nd Gen Impressions: https://youtu.be/JWv3oRaZO9Y Video Gear I use: http://amzn.com/lm/R3B571T7PT4PWM?tag=m0494a-20 Intro Track: https://soundcloud.com/anti-11/unt1tled_5 ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MarquesBrownlee http://facebook.com/MKBHD http://instagram.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (1513)
Aditya Rayapureddy (10 days ago)
I'd like you making more smartwach reviews in future..
Rex Nanayakkara (2 months ago)
how do we get to moto maker?
curtfont (3 months ago)
The Moto watch is my favorite Android watch but I never got one because of the flat tire.
Yash Agarwal (6 months ago)
Can we have a comparison video , for the best smartwatches in 2017 and 18 ?
RIVIOX (6 months ago)
How well would this work with a Samsung Galaxy S8??
Eliecer .M. (7 months ago)
I hate leather it makes my stomach swirl
nitin teja (7 months ago)
@mkbhd I really want you to make a video for fitness bands
Monowar Mohinuddin (7 months ago)
Mkbhd do you like the leather band or metal band
Marc N (8 months ago)
Marques, any chance we could get an updated best of for smartwatches in 2017/18?
Amaan Ali (9 months ago)
shall I get this or Huawei watch
Ferzito Kamalito (9 months ago)
hello. can i connect to my iphone? i like this watch
Asa Snow (6 months ago)
yes you can.
Ramond Olive (11 months ago)
Someone should add a clamshell cover on it and a chain.
96 Kilobytes (11 months ago)
┳| ┳┻| _ ┻┳| •.• ) -Daddy,are all the spammers gone? ┳┻|⊂ノ ┻┳| /﹋\ (҂`_´) -NOT YET SON,THEY'RE GETTING STRONGER EVERYDAY !! AGHHH <,︻╦╤─ ҉ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - /﹋\
James (11 months ago)
I am planning to buy this because of pebble.
Chris Bananas (1 year ago)
Intro song jams tho
vias j (1 year ago)
what watch face was he using when talking about a black bezel
Mateo Real (1 year ago)
When did the sexy intros died? :c
Armando (1 year ago)
+Marques Brownlee how is to use whatsapp in the watch?? Im about to buy it and i can fin ANY video using / replying whatsapps o the watch!! Anyone have an idea??
Rainbow Queen (1 year ago)
I can't find the moto maker
Asa Snow (6 months ago)
its dead.
namefinder (1 year ago)
time for an update on smartwatches?
The Only Georgiephb (1 year ago)
i cant find where you design the moto 360 v2, i want to be able to customize my own but can find the watch on moto maker, any help?
Asa Snow (6 months ago)
its dead. the moto maker.
Tomas Perez (1 year ago)
I'm George Motorola removed it from their website, the only way to buy one is from Amazon (I think there will be a Gen 3 soon)
Conrad Fischer (1 year ago)
Hey Marques, is the Moto 360, 2nd Gen still worth buying in 2017 or should I wait a little till a newer version comes out? Or is there any other brand that is trending now?
True Gamer (1 year ago)
It has my computers specs
Pixel Car (9 months ago)
True Gamer wish I had my PC specs on this watch
Nicholas Boers (1 year ago)
Can you do a new (2016) smartwatch review?
Nick _ flicks (1 year ago)
what about the display resolution?
Swapnil Gholap (1 year ago)
hey MKBHD. will the moto 360 2nd gen get the android wear 2.0 .. love your content
byalexandr (1 year ago)
Is there an option for the watch face to be completely off unless I bring the watch up to look at the time? Or maybe wake it up by tapping? I like how it looks when the display is just plain black.
Kevin Anand (1 year ago)
byalexandr yeah there is. just turn ambient mode off
Samuel Coicou (1 year ago)
Does anybody have any experience with using either the viper app or DroneMobile remote starter with the moto 360?
Palash Desai (1 year ago)
cant make a decision! confused between moto 360,gear s3,s2 ! which one is the best to buy to use with nexus 6p!?
Archaic (1 year ago)
Victor Lindvall But what if I already own a Samsung phone? Which of the 3, then?
Victor Lindvall (1 year ago)
The moto 360 definately, a big reason is that the gear watches are mainly designed for Samsung and wont work as well with non Samsung phones.
Doing All Wright (1 year ago)
keen to hear a 2016 smartwatch review 😀
Sumukh Chandra (1 year ago)
Whats that watch face you are using here ??
Ronald McMillian (1 year ago)
Still looking out for that round up video.
Cristian Ruiz (1 year ago)
can you make a best wearable video?
Alan Rubens (1 year ago)
wich size is yours???
Arturo Almanza (1 year ago)
Quick question? I'm getting the 42mm but i have a big wrist. I really dont care how big the watch itself is, i just would like to know if the bands will wrap around my wrist? How long are the bands on the 42mm inch wise? If you know!
what's that black band in your hand???
what's that black band in your hand???
Blake Truax (1 year ago)
Where's the top 5 wearables for 2015 video?
Paul Anderson (1 year ago)
Time for a new Wearables video! :)
HereGadgets (1 year ago)
Hey Marques! Which size of Moto 360 did you get?? 42mm?
Sukalpa Kundu (1 year ago)
Hey MKBHD is it waterproof?
It's Chance (1 year ago)
Sukalpa Kundu it's water resistant not water proof and I think it's water resistant up to 50 meters
Dylan Wilding (1 year ago)
meh... Ill take a pass. maybe if the 3rd Gen has a bigger battery and is a tad slimmer, okay but for now... peace out
Does it have speakers
Andrew Smith (1 year ago)
Does this work with a tablet? A tablet that is not able to use data and needs wifi?
Amrit K (1 year ago)
probably if it has bluetooth
pocho Vlogs (1 year ago)
wheres the moto 360 sport review
pocho Vlogs (1 year ago)
+Cthulhu nop
Dylan Wilding (1 year ago)
it's the same
Angelo (1 year ago)
is this the 42mm or 46mm?
Dylan Wilding (1 year ago)
Joel Cieslar (1 year ago)
Could anyone tell me a list of apps that come pre-installed with it, such as system apps?
Amiel DC (1 year ago)
Gift me one senpai :<
Ben McCluskey (1 year ago)
What is the watch face?
Yash Mehta (2 years ago)
I know it's a bit late but can you give some comments or a review video on Samsung Gear S2 and/or Huawei Smartwatch?? +Marques Brownlee
Jack Rhodes (2 years ago)
I watch mkbhd videos, and then months later I see the thumbnails and I have to watch them again
Yuriy Zinchenko (2 years ago)
Beautiful Intro!!! I appreciate the fact that you use interesting cinematic techniques in your videos even though you are a tech review channel. Very artistic of you :)
Lynne Cotter (2 years ago)
So the watch is great but I can't read any news on it. Why doesn't it have any good apps like the Samsung watch has?
ManNexusX (2 years ago)
if i get a smart watch, then will people be able to read my messages that get sent to my phone then sent to my watch???
lamuisca (2 years ago)
nice music
Greta K. (2 years ago)
Gear s2 review? Can it call separate from your phone with cellular data like the gear s2? I'm having a hard time deciding between the two:/
Anurag Tarmaster (2 years ago)
Moto 360 Gen2 is my dream smartwatch!
x5v3n (2 years ago)
Thanks for your review on this watch. I kinda sorta want one, not really sure if I "need" one of these watches. I am seeing them on Craigslist for fairly cheap now. $300 to $250 for the bigger 46mm one. I'm sure there is some extra bargaining room too. Price is a bit high compared to Gen1 360 watch, $250+ ouch to my wallet. I do like the style of a rounded watch over a square watch. They still seem a bit chunky and clunky IMO. The flat tire on the Gen2 is a bit of a letdown, but I can get used to it. I am a tech and I work with my hands, I am a bit worried of the face of the watch getting scratched, do these watches get F'd up easy? They sure seem to be getting popular now too, I have seem many people wearing them now in NYC. Even if I don't wear it to work ( worry about scratches ) I would like to rock this on my days off.
Berean Smith (2 years ago)
0:21 reminds me of those ant man scenes with Louis and his stories
Jake Maningding (2 years ago)
Make sure to check review the blocks modular watch when it comes out
SoulEvanz (2 years ago)
I would rather Get Samsung G2 Classicrather than Moto 360. Because it has more Apps and more things you can do with it...
TCKedza (2 years ago)
I was using Sony smartwatch 3 so i'm familiar to android wear system. But now i have very hard decision to make Moto 360 2gen or Gear s2 classic who is better? I'M searching for fitness and casual day to day usage.
TCKedza (2 years ago)
+Gamerdude360 whit what better? Ijust dont get it..
Gamerdude360 (2 years ago)
It's just better :)
TCKedza (2 years ago)
+Gamerdude360 only for designe? or for some other reason?
Gamerdude360 (2 years ago)
moto 360
Mayank Sinha (2 years ago)
Do LG watch R
Bright Soundz (2 years ago)
mkbhd i need hel deciding between the huawei watch and the moto 360 2nd
Faris Ariaputra (2 years ago)
that freaking arm tho
OVOXO (2 years ago)
who's watching this in 4k?
Syed Masroor (2 years ago)
Can you please review the gear s2?
X88X (2 years ago)
So this watch apparently fits the min specs for the full-fledged, mobile and desktop game, SimplePlanes. (1Ghz CPU and 512 MB RAM)
Sarat Chandra (2 years ago)
Whats that watch face at 2:30 ???
Anja Neidhardt (2 years ago)
you say you’re less a smartwatch guy than one year ago. how come?
Mustafa Hamouda (2 years ago)
does it have games
Ben McCluskey (2 years ago)
What is the watch face at 2:30? anybody know?
Gary Pickrell IV (2 years ago)
Black Bands and Bezels Bought off the Box
Terrence Sadler (2 years ago)
should do a review on the new fossil smart watch. q founder
Long John (2 years ago)
I got the original a week ago and am gonna try my best to not watch this video.
HyperNova (2 years ago)
I want to see some huge smart watches like some Ben 10 type shizz or s pip boy
Matt Barker (2 years ago)
can you do a video on sport smart watch videos? every video I find is geared towards runners and covers steps taken and stuff. what about gym use? or using a watch to listen to music on Bluetooth headphones?
Abbas khan (2 years ago)
looks great
Mike Oxlong (2 years ago)
No Marques, you don't "just get used to it being there"...
kierenkd (2 years ago)
do you clarify a "full day" as 24 hours or a work / wake day of between 8 - 12 hours
Sumair Bawa (2 years ago)
The processor in this is better than the one in my smartphone XD
Joshua Arulsamy (2 years ago)
this watch has more ram than my first laptop, geez im old
Rivers Hilweh (2 years ago)
the mostest important lesson iv ever learned is peanuts make peanut...BUTTER!duh duh duhhhhhh!my bestest friends told me dat
Shivam Malluri (2 years ago)
what song is that in the intro?
Spencerwalker21 (2 years ago)
Please review Huawei watch
Adi GuRu (2 years ago)
cool man u explained it very well
Claudio Catarino (2 years ago)
Hello, What its the name of the watch face that you use on the vídeo at 3.50 min
abhimanyu mhatre (2 years ago)
Now that you have a second gen can I have your old one
Atif Zia (2 years ago)
what do you think is better this or the huawei watch
Jared Brown (2 years ago)
es so pretty
Bandar Otayf (2 years ago)
Does this version have notifications for incoming calls and whatsapp messages?
Abishek Paul (2 years ago)
is moto maker available in India ??
darkdancerman (2 years ago)
still has the flat tire? shit.
Phi Nguyen (2 years ago)
is this the 42mm or the 46mm? And was the Moto 350 1st gen 42mm or 46mm?
James Sweeney (2 years ago)
glad I purchased the 1st gen.
Sagar Sutar (2 years ago)
awesome shots😍😍
MotoHavoc (2 years ago)
What straps do you use.
Jayanta Maitra (2 years ago)
Hi There - Great review! Could you please tell me if the upcoming Moto 360 sport(i.e. the gps version) can automatically sync the time with any given location(without the need for a smartphone) ? similar to other GPS HYBRID WAVECEPTOR watches like the Casio GShock GPW -1000 , Casio OCEANUS OCW-G1000, MRG-G1000 Atomic Solar hybrid etc.
Evaldo Pedrosa (2 years ago)
What smartwatch i buy? Moto 360 1gen or 360 2gen ir another one?
RedNine (2 years ago)
I don't think the smartwatch market will go higher any time soon. Limited battery life plus touch features on such a small screen is really not useful. They have to improve hand gestures/ voice gestures to control the watch. Plus hell who wants to charge their watch everyday..

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