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Samsung will unlock access to the FM chip of its devices in the United States and Canada

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Some manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple have a reason that is none other than having a streaming music service. Samsung since a little more than a year ago, no longer has it, so in theory currently has no reason not to enable the FM chip of their devices, something that will begin to do in the terminals that are sold both in the United States and in Canada. The FM chip is integrated in all mobile devices available in the market as it is integrated into the mobile and wireless communication chip, making it an excellent tool to be informed at all times when natural disasters occur in which mobile communications They have stopped working. A few months ago the FCC urged Apple to enable the FM chip of all its devices so that in this type of event, people could have access to a means of communication and be informed, something that at the moment Apple does not foresee because " hits "with its streaming music service. Samsung will proceed to activate this FM chip in all the terminals that it distributes in the United States and Canada, but it affirms, it is because it wants to offer the NextRadio service through its devices, something that is perfect for it in addition to fulfill the request that kindly the FCC did to all the manufacturer a few months ago, after the last hurricane that ravaged the south of the country. Being able to enjoy the radio on our smartphone only offers us advantages, being the consumption three times lower than that offered by a streaming music service, it allows us to listen to local stations to be informed of what happens near us, as soon as it consumes data of our rate ... and of course it is the best way to be informed at all times when around us there is a natural catastrophe that cuts all mobile communications, and therefore, the Internet.
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