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Smartphone Trends of 2018!

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Last year, we saw some great smartphone trends. Bezel-less phones, dual camera phones, phones with no headphone jack, phones with AR capabilities. Well, it's a new year and there will be no smartphone trends. In this video, we talk about the technologies that we think will become smartphone trends in 2018, be it AI, the in-screen fingerprint scanner or the face recognition tech. Check out our video gear here: https://kit.com/BeebomCo/beebom-video-gear Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beebomco/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/BeebomCo Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/BeebomCo/
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Text Comments (333)
tabish haider (2 days ago)
Just watched after Q&A video
Desika Sree Vathsa (3 days ago)
I don't understand why this channel is still at 710k subscribers. You are amazing.keep it up
Kavita Chatterjee (4 days ago)
Best intro ☺
Rishi bhatia (5 days ago)
quality content proud to be Indian
fahad ahmed (5 days ago)
Sir just few subscribers and u will join the one million gang.....guys if u haven't subscribed yet then subscribe!!!
Chirag Chamariya (5 days ago)
Safi Meymon (5 days ago)
Beebom is a best YouTube channel in india 😘
Umesh (6 days ago)
Hey rupesh you explain very well 👌👍
Vikas Sharma (6 days ago)
Lot love and respect for u.
JD Jaydeep (6 days ago)
I am desperately waiting for the Apple' s iPhone which would launch in 2k18. Like as u said for the Galaxy 10 and probably for the third smart phone from Google
New 2018 trend: no charging port, only wireless 😂😂😂
Manish Raaz (6 days ago)
Beebom is awesome....
Burhan Uddin Prodhani (7 days ago)
arey bhai koi to bata do Vivo ka on screen finger print scanner smartphone ka model kya hai... sab log Vivo vivo kar rhe hai... model kisiko nhi pata...
Leonine (7 days ago)
Well i guess after pixel success going with urtechdose we can see only a single cam
Aman Chandra (7 days ago)
Whatever everyone say!! Beebom's INTRO is the best on YouTube 😍😍🔥
I think more flagship phones with featured connectivity to pc or laptops. Like razer and Samsung dex
Manoj Subedi (7 days ago)
i would like to hear lots about galaxy X..
Aditya Roy (7 days ago)
The audio on your videos are very quit now
H4U TM (7 days ago)
0:20 *Plz Improve Your Eye Contact*
Anonymous Synonyms (7 days ago)
*Beebom your animation and presentation make your channel special tech channel*
Techdroid Yash (7 days ago)
Or Make A Review On Samsung Galaxy View Which Is A Very Huge Tablet But Its Costly
Techdroid Yash (7 days ago)
Hii Beebom Please Make A Unboxing Review On Samsung Folder2 Mobile Which Is A Flip Phone But It's Running Android And Touchscreen Also! Please Make A Review On It
Abhishek Kumar (7 days ago)
What a video sir U r great..
areeb1296 (7 days ago)
Please never change your intro. It's beautiful!
Yedam Rajesh kumar (7 days ago)
Can you do a video on Stock Android pros and cons please .......
Hologram phone coming
Vijay Chaitanya (7 days ago)
# i want a phone Bessel less.... but in a trianglar shaped⚠😁
Vijay Chaitanya (7 days ago)
I hope we get a...... phone without a processor 😅😅!
Cheng Naksang (7 days ago)
Was waiting for this kind of video 🤗
Multi HM (7 days ago)
Nice video BeeBom.😃😉.. Good trends... Let's see what happens... Waiting for something good.😊😁 Congo for 703K subs and u will grow well.😁..
Jiten Sejwal (7 days ago)
great job Beebom but bhai Kabhi to Apni Hindi Language Ko use kro,, India me hi 125crore log hai yha se bhi bohot subscriptions mil jayenge
Himanshu Singh (7 days ago)
Please tell me your intro song
Lohith Ashwa (7 days ago)
What about the ear pice tech used on mi mix. What if we get our screens vibrate and hence acting as speakers so that there is more space for a larger battery or even an extra camera.
Narpatdeep singh (7 days ago)
If anyone wants to buy a drone can contact me at 9643019035
Riya S (7 days ago)
shawn s (7 days ago)
I hope u will cross 1M sub
Tech Today (7 days ago)
a trend about headphone jack should start . i want every phone with a headphone jack .
WaigVogue (7 days ago)
It would be great if you can upgrade your microphone.
Pawan Jalendra (7 days ago)
Have u heard about on screen speaker ??? This will be google’s next innovation... blv me...
Gurkirat Singh (7 days ago)
Type C headphones will be a blessing
Gurkirat Singh (7 days ago)
Yo, how about that fingerprint sensor on the power button. I know that the on screen one is better, but hey it, it's not made to be ignored.
manish arora (7 days ago)
Definitely 2018 is a time of AI
Abdul Sameer (7 days ago)
Drone phones
R. PAWAN KUMAR (7 days ago)
The only technology #apple come up with since it's inception is only that advanced facial recognition technology in iphoneX.... Remaining all technologies copied, like fast charge tech. Copied.... Believe it, apple gonna bring on screen finger tech. In 2019 or 2020
R. PAWAN KUMAR (7 days ago)
#shit @rupesh.... LeEco introduced first typeC headphone by removing headphone jack, apple followed... Apple is always delay in technology atleast by an year ....
420vini (7 days ago)
Not good
Rohan Singh (7 days ago)
Surface phone ???😵😵
Budget reviews hd (7 days ago)
Purchase phones here with the coupon code below Up to 30% OFF for ALL cellphones with coupon: GBMBP Gearbest: https://goo.gl/BG2awj
The Geeky Guy (7 days ago)
Video Editing On Point 😍
Black tiger (7 days ago)
Sir how to make your intro plz make a video and which software you use on edit?
Vivek Ranjan (7 days ago)
Can't you do any video on laptops ,hey i am student and i am confused which laptop to buy.i will be waiting for your response.
Sandeep Harod (7 days ago)
Hi bro.. should i buy iphone8 or not.... I like small size mobile.
Shaurya Prajapati (7 days ago)
All over Indian YouTuber your video quality is awesome 😉
Abhishek Jain (7 days ago)
Nice video sirji.
Abhishek Rawat (7 days ago)
waiting phones with pre applied screen guard 😂
yogan konvict (7 days ago)
#Beebom please give me link of music that you using between beebom logo in your videos
Praneish Viswanath (7 days ago)
Where is Whatsup Notification Squad?
Sampreeth B Nadig (7 days ago)
Ass scanner
Ambergris Caye (7 days ago)
Someone please tell the name of intro song
Piyush Tech Tips (7 days ago)
Great video
kiran rathod (7 days ago)
Plz make portrait comparison of pixel 2xl and a DSLR camera plzzzz...
sanjay kalaiyarasu (7 days ago)
I like your intro video
Dev Patel (7 days ago)
Bro you guys missed 18:9 display
Arun Kumar (7 days ago)
Can someone tell me the name of the Vivi phone he first showed?
Dinesh Ramina (7 days ago)
Invisible Phone
Tanweer Alam (7 days ago)
Ya...on screen Fingerprint scanner is really a Futuristic tech and if worked properly it will go a long way in future. Triple cameras r No use...Dual cameras r Enough. Dedicated AI chips r great for better performance in some specialized areas. AR is the future. And yeah its time for USB-C. 8GB/10 RAM is Marketing gimmick... Companies need Better RAM Management. :)
ch Rajesh (7 days ago)
I simply love u the way of presentation background vd quality a lot im Audio engineer
Ajay venkatsai (7 days ago)
I recently buyed mi a1 mobile.. I just want to know that.. it supports NFC or not if support how to enable it bcz NFC option is not showing
Techknowledgy (7 days ago)
You guys deserve more than the best
Clshmania Ansh (7 days ago)
Varun Pabbisetty (8 days ago)
essential phone
shaikh sayeed (8 days ago)
Aap na hindi me bhi video baanao
neeraj pandey (8 days ago)
Rupesh you losing weight?
Aman Kumar (8 days ago)
Shailesh Kamble (8 days ago)
Future is coming ✌
Nitish Sharma (8 days ago)
look At this..http://nimbleinity.com/6WGD
yash raj (8 days ago)
Name of intro song plzzz
Mr.Disfigure (8 days ago)
Intro music name please
Sivanesh Dsp (8 days ago)
Palm scanner???
priyesh pushp (8 days ago)
Triple camera shouldn't be counted as a trend as many of the flagship may try the pixel formula...and galaxy X is not going to launch this year, I PRAY TO GET WRONG...love your videos.
Ankit Patel (8 days ago)
Yr inteo is fucking awesome man...!!!
Saurabh Jha (8 days ago)
i m interested to use under display fingerprint, but also have many questions related to the working principle of it..sir, please try to make a dedicated video on that !
Bharath Kumar (8 days ago)
The intro music and clip was awsome👌👌😋😋
Tarush Jain (8 days ago)
AI would be the biggest thing this year
bhoomit ganatra (8 days ago)
bro why there is no bg music in this video
sidharath bansal (8 days ago)
Beebom=Amazing Intro
Sudhanva A SAI (8 days ago)
Fully featured smartphone with affordable price
Techspiration (8 days ago)
That moment when u look at two cameras at the same time..
Zishan Sidd (8 days ago)
Sooner or later we'll all be doing breakfast on Earth and dinner on Mars 😂
Iam vaddy (8 days ago)
*you are an inspiration Bro keep it up🙌 God Bless You *
Prathamesh Chaudhari (8 days ago)
Firstly, Apple bring a feature in iPhone and then others (like OnePlus) show how they also can do (copycat) it and Apple is not special. This makes Apple special ultimately.
rohan gupta (8 days ago)
Congrats beebom for 700k subscribers🎉
shubham thakur (8 days ago)
review on sony Xperia phone..want to know more about them..help me out
Abhijeet Karmakar (8 days ago)
Hii Rupesh bhai I like ur videos and r very useful Kindly plz u can tell me the name of ur Intro music ???
Awesome info , gained 101010101010101 Love ai , future POWER by 1010101010101peace ✌️🐝💣😎✌️
Gaurav Gayatonde (8 days ago)
I guess apple will also try to launch iPhone 9
Mandar Gosavi (8 days ago)
Beebom have really great background music.
rajnikant rajput (8 days ago)
Work effectively on your words . You say same word multiple times and so hyped resulting in getting bored
Andros (8 days ago)
Beebom fam!

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