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Customizing the Pixel 2 XL - making it mine

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Check out my customization of my Pixel 2 XL! Want to sponsor the next Android Police video? Get in touch: videosponsor@androidpolice.com. ▶ Circle us on Google+ https://plus.google.com/+AndroidPolice ▶ Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AndroidPolice ▶ Subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.androidpolice.com/feed Lean Launcher - http://bit.ly/2tu0EOd Duotone Icon Pack - http://bit.ly/2FqAuxy Delta Icon Pack - http://bit.ly/2kCxBi6 Quantum Dots - http://bit.ly/2tr843j CandyCons - http://bit.ly/1PCSFBl Those Wallpapers - http://bit.ly/2DddH69 KWGT - http://bit.ly/2uoj6Dy Frosbit KWGT - http://bit.ly/2yt4Ef4 Stock KWGT - http://bit.ly/2HjriLK Month Calendar Widget - http://bit.ly/1KpDtle Lens Distortions - http://bit.ly/2G7b35d HALO - http://bit.ly/2tub4NJ My Subscriptions - http://bit.ly/2jfHB5x Cytus II - http://bit.ly/2p0Kwy7 Walloop - http://bit.ly/2DsQ4aK AmoledWalls - http://bit.ly/2G8wmDg Background Tracks by DJ Grumble: http://bit.ly/2hShtN1
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Text Comments (174)
Daniel Christenson (1 day ago)
God I wish I went pixel instead of iPhone 8.... Think its dumb to use swappa and trade my iPhone for a Pixel or just wait for the Pixel 3?
Iker Castillo (2 days ago)
Can you make a tutorial on how to do this? Especially with the Google Now. I have the GPXL2 but everything says PRO nor do i get the Google now.
Master Ekram (4 days ago)
Can you tell us the wallpaper you are using in the video
Spita Marius (4 days ago)
2:01 wallpaper?
Non saprei (5 days ago)
Thanks . That's the launcher I was after for my pixel as nothing is, at the matter of fact, better then stock launcher for me..
Renan Batista (6 days ago)
You meant P-OLED wallpaper app kkkkk
Prajeth Nagaraja (6 days ago)
Android has changed a lot since I had my nexus 4 with Kit Kat. After experiencing the slowness and bugginess of iOS 11 on my iPhone 6, I honestly really want to go back to Android. Ever since Lollipop was released, Android looks and feels a lot more "high-quality" than when I last used it. I'd really love to switch to a Pixel, but that Apple ecosystem is really hard to get out of and I don't really have any money at the moment. :(
HardboiledHarris (6 days ago)
I recently got off of social media which I love but I don't get all the news that I used to get now that I'm not on those platforms. can you recommend some news apps that I can use to keep up with what's going on? love your content, keep up the good work
Michael E (6 days ago)
Sweet thanks man giving this launcher a try sounds like it's everything I wanted!
Ananth Krishna (6 days ago)
Y is the wallpaper not high quality
Andy Raman (7 days ago)
Please do video on on lock screen setups... klck
Spooky Mulder (7 days ago)
Damn that is an ugly screen
dèËpÃk (8 days ago)
What's wallpaper your rocking with app name please
Cade Carterville (8 days ago)
I wouldn't dare change my pixel 2 stock launcher. It's just so clean and perfect
Tony Smith (9 days ago)
Icon packs, wallpapers and widget's all from Zedge, simple.
Dante Corbett (9 days ago)
Gonna go for a hybrid between your last video with Nova and mix it in with Lean to create a nice look.
Rachel Yang (11 days ago)
EasyAcc 20000mAh Power Bank USB C can keep your phone always on the line!
Rijul Radhu (11 days ago)
I'm getting the older Google now. I want the new translucent pane. What to do?
Raymond Laracuenta (12 days ago)
How did you get Google Now to show up when you swipe right? It stopped doing that for me after I installed LL. What app did you download to fix it?
Reaves1994 (12 days ago)
I think you and I are very similar, I can hardly go a full day with the same wallpaper. I'm always wanting to change it and make it better. Same with all my home screen layouts, I think I have an obsession
Rebekah Kersey (12 days ago)
What is the "hotseat background" setting? I don't seem to notice what it does.
frootEpebbles (12 days ago)
Thanks for your Lean Launcher recommendation, I've been looking for a new launcher due to issues with Nova. Loving Lean Launcher so far!
Skipper (12 days ago)
debating big time on whether or not to upgrade from the Moto Z Droid.
Manuel Wrage (12 days ago)
Every pixel 2 user should use this app:D https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ivianuu.nowplayinghistory
Nora McFarland (12 days ago)
Thanks for posting this. Just got my pixel 2 XL and came across your video. Super helpful! I'll be going through your other videos about customization!
Michael Johnson (12 days ago)
Walloop is the worst app I've downloaded. You have to buy keys to unlock wallpapers, and that's just to view them.
Milos Mijajlovic (12 days ago)
Where is phone icon in dockbar?
Sourabh S Nath (12 days ago)
Drag and drop the apps you want over there.
TheMatixw (12 days ago)
i cant install leanglance debug app on nexus 5 android 8.1 ;/
What is the grid size of desktop?
Robert Velez (12 days ago)
Is there a way to get "At a glance" working with this launcher on the pixels
Chimezulem Wabali (12 days ago)
How do i change the icon pack
Ash Ketchub (12 days ago)
Your Samsung s8 plus making it mine is still my favorite!
Prince Yanel (12 days ago)
Great video!, Absolutely awesome.
Anurag Deshpande (12 days ago)
Dope Wallpapers
ThatOneJpopLover (13 days ago)
Honestly thanks so much because I love the pixel launcher but I need some customization (that at a glance thing) thanks so much!
Hirako Shinji (13 days ago)
aman kumar rajak (13 days ago)
Please give me Google Pixel 2XL
ender pigcow (13 days ago)
Hell yeah cytus 2 is super fun
YDINO (13 days ago)
What is that dot icon pack in the beginning???
Android Setups (1 day ago)
Candycons Icon Pack, Actually Those Icons Are From Drawer Section.
James Wells (13 days ago)
Great video
sunny david (13 days ago)
What phone case is that?
Tom L (13 days ago)
You promote your channel way too much. Keep it subtle. Otherwise, great video.
Tom L (10 days ago)
Zachary Anderson I don’t mind u promoting your channel once in all your vids. Just not too many times in one vid. PS: subscribed ;)
Luz Applications (12 days ago)
can you link that black mountain red sky wallpaper please?
Zachary Anderson (13 days ago)
Tom L Within a year and half of producing videos for this channel, this is about the first time I've promoted my channel here.
craig bryan (13 days ago)
With Lean do you still have access to the Google news feed?
Zachary Anderson (13 days ago)
craig bryan Yes, but you have to install an add-on. It's very easy.
Tarun sankar Perumal (13 days ago)
awesome video quality but yet low subscriber count. damn!
Tentacular (13 days ago)
Good video, but it really shows how colourless the screen on this phone is. Looks so muted. One big flaw on an otherwise great phone.
ffs (13 days ago)
The pixel launcher is really quite shit, I'm really glad things like nova launcher exist.
Aaron Arguelles (13 days ago)
ffs Nova Launcher hasn't been updated to have the latest Pixel effects like spring effect and app drawer gradients.
Luz Applications (13 days ago)
Thanks for sharing Walloop again... you are our savior
Fraom Design (13 days ago)
thanks for sharing Duotone Icon Pack ♥️
Fraom Design (2 days ago)
if the launcher isn't in the list try to go in the launcher settings then apply it
Gochin21 (8 days ago)
How to install it? I download but cannot use, Lean launcher is not included in the list of supported launcher in apply section
Fraom Design (12 days ago)
thanks :) look also for frozy if you like material design icon pack ;)
Zachary Anderson (13 days ago)
Fraom Design Great job with it!
JAMES COX (13 days ago)
Shore Amaze (14 days ago)
just got the phone today, looks way better in person
Hassan Mohsin (14 days ago)
Hey I didn't expect this video on this channel!
Zachary Anderson (13 days ago)
Hassan Mohsin Yup we've been doing these here n there for a while now.
joel allwyn (14 days ago)
Hey Zach, Can you suggest a good case and screen protector for the pixel 2 XL ?
Zachary Anderson (13 days ago)
joel allwyn Well, right now I'm using Google's Fabric case and the Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass screen protector. Nice combo
MrRiggyRiggs (14 days ago)
Making it mine, buy an s8+.
Home Leung (14 days ago)
I really think wallpaper apps deserve a video
Diego Juan (14 days ago)
So basically what i can do with Oxygen OS, I use walli really good wallpapers and Amoled live wallpaper free from maxelus.net you should check them too :)
Andrew Taylor (14 days ago)
Nice set up. Clean and organized.
tf lz (14 days ago)
Looking at this brings back good memories that I had with my Android (Nexus 5X) Apple is so f*cking boring
Dennis Shows (14 days ago)
These are not for me. I prefer stock with a solid black background. No distractions!
fightnight14 (14 days ago)
Oh shit, downloading thicc launcher right now
That title. That's what happens every time I take a woman to my home.
Nick Nice (14 days ago)
As always great video Well, if you change your wall very often you have to check out my collection on Google+ Absolutely Wallpapers Collection New Wallpapers every day https://plus.google.com/collection/Q-WeV
Nathan Jolly (14 days ago)
Not gonna lie, I miss Android customisation, and that P2XL looks hot. And yes, I thought the two KWGT widgets were one widget. I know KLWP. I assume KWGT is more of the same, but widgets, rather than live wallpapers. One of the first things I'll be buying when I come back to Android. Which I most certainly will, whether it's this year or next or possibly 2020. I got an iPhone 6s in 2016, and while I don't love iOS, I've carried two Android phones to the 22 month mark and couldn't wait to trade up, and only one to the 23 month mark, which is where I'm at now. And now I would love to go back to Android, but my phone is still running great, and frankly I can't afford to just drop a G on a phone because I like the OS better. I don't think the Pixel 3 will have 5G. I think it'll use the SD845, which is looking to be a great chip, for only having an LTE modem. I'm hoping, I think we're all hoping that SD855 will have 5G and that'll be in the Galaxy S10, LG G8, and Pixel 4/XL. Tentatively, Pixel 4 XL is what I'm considering to be my next phone, unless P3XL blows me away and I cave. I've just never had a smartphone be usable and good this long. Again I don't love iOS, but it works for me. It's tolerable. It's not my first choice, but I'm not gonna toss a perfectly good phone for one with a better OS. I'll wait until it's no longer a perfectly good phone.
Derek Drummond (14 days ago)
So what, is stock android toooo stock so you need to customise it ,hmmm
Zachary Anderson (13 days ago)
Derek Drummond Everyone has their preferences.
Pavitra Sahai (14 days ago)
Which month calender theme is that ?
Tweaks4u (14 days ago)
Great video love the new launcher. My only question is how do you get the Google now cards on the left most home screen?
Ryon McAuley (11 days ago)
I believe it's on a guthub page, not officially on the app store. Probably something along the lines of Lean launcher Google companion
Raymond Laracuenta (12 days ago)
What is the name of the app? Thanks.
Ryon McAuley (14 days ago)
requires a separate app for the time being
Darwin Cruz (14 days ago)
Do you use a case on your phone?
ʝαcƙ ωooժheαɗ (14 days ago)
Making it mine bitcoin
Walid Zitouni (14 days ago)
i hate that this launcher don't let you add pages in the left side of the main home page
Leo Y (14 days ago)
Can't replace it with Nova ;-(
MobisTech (14 days ago)
Great Quality, Great Content ! 😎
Zachary Anderson (13 days ago)
MobisTech Thank you!
vipul meena (14 days ago)
Awesome vid 😍
Neil Sargeant (14 days ago)
I currently have the Pixel 2 XL and I love the lean launcher gives me more customisation 👌 thanks got making the vid
Neil Sargeant (6 days ago)
Yes I know but it's still more customisation then the original Pixel launcher. Anyhow I did give it ago and then got bored and ended up going back to the original launcher lol. Do you have the pixel 2?
Ananth Krishna (6 days ago)
Neil Sargeant not a lot All u can do is change grid size,icons ,theme Nothing else
Neil Sargeant (6 days ago)
Yes I used the lean launcher because there is more customisation then original Pixel launcher.
Ananth Krishna (6 days ago)
U hav a pixel and u use a launcher. Woww
jason caldwell (11 days ago)
Ok thanks. You like the lean launcher app
Zander Snow (14 days ago)
How u got the dark google feed on 0:49 ?
TonSZN (8 days ago)
Zander Snow which one did you download for Google now?
Oliver Harrison (13 days ago)
if you uninstall google then reinstall updates it should show the new design
Sarfaraz Shaikh (13 days ago)
it's white n it's like how we use to have Google now launcher kind of while colour feed.....it's not showing how it's in the video like black with some white also like the actual pixel 2 launcher.... don't know why....n even after saving event on calendar thr is to see at the glance up top on day n date....
Kartik Soni (13 days ago)
M not getting Google now feed when I swipe to left
Oliver Harrison (14 days ago)
Uninstall google then reinstall
SloppyEngineer (14 days ago)
Try Microsoft launcher, it's much better than Lean launcher.
Saptadip Basak (13 days ago)
SloppyEngineer I'm not using 'lean launcher nither i will use shitty Microsoft launcher... But listen you bullshit i have no time for 'boobs and vagana' and suggesting you to make a gf instead of watching porn ;)
SloppyEngineer (13 days ago)
HAHAHHAHA You Indians are quite feisty. Go search for bob and vegana kid instead of sit like a virgin with your lean launcher hahahahha
Saptadip Basak (13 days ago)
SloppyEngineer go and masturbate and spend romantic time with your 'Microsoft launcher' . Don't disturb me anymore.
SloppyEngineer (13 days ago)
Lmao. You're stupid af.
Saptadip Basak (13 days ago)
SloppyEngineer hahaha very funny ! Are you think I'm girl🤣🤣 I can f*** your mum
LaShun (14 days ago)
U should give rootless launcher 3.2 a try. it's the Pixel launcher that u can use icon packs.
LaShun (14 days ago)
Akash Gopakumar good to know
Akash Gopakumar (14 days ago)
LaShun Lean launcher is built using the rootless 3.2 launcher.
yatin mulik (14 days ago)
That blue wallpaper from one plus 5t please! On your last to last vid
Dough Nuts (14 days ago)
I customized my Galaxy S8. I uninstalled everything, disabled everything, and used a package blocker. My phone no longer is able to do anything. Not message, no calls, definitely no internet. I am able to get 20 plus hours on one charge though.
Dough Nuts (4 days ago)
Why wouldn't you do that? I have the best battery life EVER.
Rev Up (12 days ago)
potato mod
Ibraheem Al hadede (12 days ago)
xRaun he's joking
xRaun (12 days ago)
Why would you do that?
Abhi Dahiya (14 days ago)
Dough Nuts Well, there is anyways no need of messaging, calls and internet in the space 👍
DIvyansh Raghuwanshi (14 days ago)
Where is your s9 video? Waiting!
Te5ter (14 days ago)
Couldn't help but notice the dropped frames when you were interacting with your phone. Not sure if this was due to the way this was filmed, or if the launcher is lagging the phone
Ryon McAuley (14 days ago)
A large amount of third party launchers are poorly done. Nova and stock are pretty much the best ways to go for speed and stability, and stock is better stability and battery life than Nova. I use the pixel 2 XL, love it, but use the stock launcher for the fluidity and battery life. No stuttering.
chancy319 (14 days ago)
The lagging launcher.
Jordyn LaRee (14 days ago)
Sweet I'm gonna have to try this lean Launcher.
xRaun (12 days ago)
Vin S yo mum still live in a tent (Yuh)
Lance Dreher (14 days ago)
speak english
Vin S (14 days ago)
But it cost more than ya rent (it do)
UNBOXINg dude (14 days ago)
oh waw what an sound quality ....i love quality videos....so am following you and MKBHD ..
Naveen Dewangan (14 days ago)
duotone icon pack♥️🔥🔥🔥
Aditya Jindal (14 days ago)
UNBOXINg dude (14 days ago)
great bro
Tech Thusiast (14 days ago)
Can you a video with the S9 and how to have a more stock Android experience?
Evilseed (8 days ago)
buy pixel fuck Lagsung be happy
Cody Bishop (11 days ago)
Sorry bro but you can't ever run away from that Samsung bloatware
James Haughty (11 days ago)
Want stock android? Don’t get a Samsung 😂
Neil Sargeant (12 days ago)
You could just download the pixel 2 launcher APK
Mario M (13 days ago)
Yes. Here is how: Get a Pixel 2 XL.
BonziVids (14 days ago)

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