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The Property Show 28th Jan 2018 Episode 245 - Property Show Impact

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Glory Architecture (4 months ago)
Nice sharing
94110mission (4 months ago)
You always mention the "back-up generator" in a building. Is there a solar energy industry anywhere in Kenya? Why aren't builders taking advantage of the abundant sunshine by adding solar panels to roof-tops? Air-conditioning, washing machines and much more can be run off of solar energy, but I've yet to see a single solar panel in any of the featured real-estate.
wanjiru ndungu (18 days ago)
94110mission majority of the up coming developments have solar energy.
Penny Stang (4 months ago)
show as the houses not food what you eat or not .we want to buy houses not food
Amos Anlov (4 months ago)
very great. i always love this show

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