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Flappy Bird Unity Tutorial for Android in 10 Minutes

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Adam shows you how to build a full Flappy Bird clone in Unity in just 10 minutes. Read the full tutorial: https://www.andauth.co/adyfdP How to set up Unity for Android development: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/android-GettingStarted.html Download the Android Authority App: https://andauth.co/aa-app Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://andauth.co/subscribe ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected to Android Authority: - http://www.androidauthority.com - http://facebook.com/androidauthority/ - http://twitter.com/androidauth/ - http://instagram.com/androidauthority/ - https://snapchat.com/add/androidauth - http://google.com/+androidauthority Follow the Team: Josh Vergara: https://twitter.com/jvtechtea Joe Hindy: https://twitter.com/ThatJoeHindy Lanh Nguyen: https://twitter.com/LanhNguyenFilms Jayce Broda: https://twitter.com/jaycebroda Gary Sims: https://twitter.com/garysims Kris Carlon: https://twitter.com/kriscarlon Nirave Gondhia: https://twitter.com/nirave David Imel: https://twitter.com/durvidimel Bailey Stein: https://twitter.com/baileystein1
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Text Comments (67)
doni mart (10 days ago)
hi Android Authority. is it possible to build android webcam app connected via usb port using android java code. thank you
Luca Knight (11 days ago)
branch clean custom lawsuit punish explore suppose laser.
Joseph Lloyd (11 days ago)
European deck psychologist remind beg arm on meaning kid closed principle dress eye.
Ian Blanco (11 days ago)
Both bar wow shooting recognize professor PC.
Anna Maes (11 days ago)
Under investigate practical African tribe declare smoke particular married
ccjh0806 (11 days ago)
Great more flappy bird clones in the app store.. LAST thing we need!
Stefanos (12 days ago)
We are waiting more videos with this content.
Shreel Trivedi (13 days ago)
is there no sunday giveaway??
Panchnaama tv (13 days ago)
Josh xperia (13 days ago)
What language did you use in this video? And can Java code done in Android studio be used with A project in unity3D?
Zandred Toribio (14 days ago)
now this is educational need more videos like this.
Is this the guy who loves Sanic ?
the health is wealth (14 days ago)
Fappy birds😂😂😂😂😂
prashath hs (14 days ago)
Instead doing it in 10 mins kindly do go slow so others will understand more
Lost Gamer (14 days ago)
Learn the basics of c#
djroyel (14 days ago)
it's not really under 10 minutes if you fast forward the process..
Crazywaffle5150 (14 days ago)
I have a 150 score of flappy birds.
akis (14 days ago)
You are great
SomePlaceForVideos (14 days ago)
Not enough jump and gravity.
Zubair Desai (14 days ago)
Not really the guy killed himself
Richard Sequeira (9 days ago)
Christian Renz he did go insane, but you are right, he did not kill himself.
Christian Renz (14 days ago)
no he didn't
tim dook (14 days ago)
Wtf is that bird in the thumbnail
Aviral Omar (14 days ago)
Kheng (14 days ago)
11:55 bugs
DDG (14 days ago)
Wow so ez af
Black Knight - GAMING (14 days ago)
aren't there enough clones of that game already?
Lost Gamer (14 days ago)
Black Knight - GAMING He is using this as a teaching tool. But yes you are right
Hitesh vishal (14 days ago)
crimsonblad5 (14 days ago)
Does anyone even care about Flappy Bird anymore? Lol
Lost Gamer (15 days ago)
You could make this better by adding your own camera follow script
Yeah Tutorial again, thankyou....
the one you dont see (15 days ago)
games like this drive me nuts becouse its adding up to making all the games on android to simple. why take the time to put a team together to make a game thats like resident evil and comparable to the ps1 version. its why i dont play mobile games its like a timewarp to the 1980s and 1990s before Sony PlayStation redifined quality game witch it did. i figured when i got my first android phone after android and arm became 64bit but all these years later google play store struggles to make games comparable to even late 1990s consoles.
SOBERABSORBER (14 days ago)
there's a lot of games that better than 1990s consoles on Play Store. Modern Combat, W40K Freeblade, MKX, etc to name a few. this video just to teach you how to code and create a basic app. yes it annoying when you have hundreds of this crap on the store. but that's more the Play Store policy. they should probably filter games based on the quality.
nima hasanpour (15 days ago)
i'm work with eclips
Ura Nium (14 days ago)
nima hasanpour You are work from eclips 😆
nima hasanpour (15 days ago)
nice coder man
Zyrel Lee (15 days ago)
Not again Seriously flappy bird
Tech villa (15 days ago)
Fappy birds*😂
UNBOXINg dude (15 days ago)
thats great
Mich Tv (15 days ago)
boring !
A Google User (15 days ago)
Fappy dick. 😊👌
CRAZY kid's blog (15 days ago)
Who's from India?
DankMagician 846 (14 days ago)
Feed Myster 🔥👌👌👌
jaiveer Singh rekhi (15 days ago)
Feed Myster 🤣
Feed Myster (15 days ago)
CRAZY kid's blog indians
StrikeFreedom1920 (15 days ago)
Adam and Gary should open their own Android University lol Love the vids from both of them =)
Dmytro Bogdan (14 days ago)
StrikeFreedom1920 I have a related question: Adam, can you put your face on the thumbnail so its easier to locate your videos among other AA stuff? Garry doing that, btw :)
LZ (15 days ago)
Awesome, this will be my late Friday project.
Y Balakrishna Rao (15 days ago)
Sup 💗
Captain Skull (15 days ago)
Łukasz Sieradzki (15 days ago)
Another great video Adam, keep it up :)
Diego Ballesteros (15 days ago)
Arjun Sen (15 days ago)
Is the original version still on the Play store?
Axel Stone (15 days ago)
no, the apk is very easy to find tough
Friedrich Miller (15 days ago)
Arjun Sen No
MOBILE FREAK. (15 days ago)
Help mi
humza kakar (15 days ago)
Pay Pal (15 days ago)
cancer game
Im Arabic !!
Jietzo Rawit (5 days ago)
m1ksu (5 days ago)
Jietzo Rawit down guys! A racist!
A Google User (13 days ago)
Jietzo Rawit lol
Jietzo Rawit (13 days ago)
down guys! a terrorist
A Google User (15 days ago)
Haalla hullaa wallahillhii

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