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Huawei also prepares a foldable screen smartphone

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It seems that Samsung and Apple are not the only ones aimed at conquering the future smartphone market with a flexible and foldable display terminal, as Huawei is also betting on it, although no one expected them. Huawei CEO Richard Yu has revealed in an exclusive interview with CNET's friends that his company already has a working prototype smartphone with foldable display. But that's not all, since apparently this terminal would also be pure screen. Yu did not offer any further details about the smartphone, as it all said in a brief interview following the presentation of Huawei Mate 10, but his words have been enough to raise the expectation. At the end of the talk, the executive assured that, with the rhythm to which they are going, his current catalog of devices and all those who come in the door, he is certain that there will come a time when they surpass Apple and Samsung. The stage for the fight is fully set, and it seems that the two top leaders of the market have a serious competitor who is growing stronger. The big question now is whether that foldable smartphone will go on sale in 2018.
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