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5 BIGGEST Problems With The Galaxy S8!

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Buy The Galaxy S8 Here: http://amzn.to/2osS3YZ Grab Your Slickwraps today! http://SW.life/DMX Use Promo Code DMX for $5 OFF your purchase! No phone is perfect, and while I am not seeing many problems with the Galaxy S8 I have heard others complain. These are the top complaints and problems with the Galaxy S8. Song by: Joakim Karud: https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud/love-mode Watch 500+ live channels and Free PPV on any Android, iOS, or Windows device. http://affiliate.setvnow.com/scripts/c38uy344?a_aid=DMX FREE 30 Day Amazon Prime Trial: http://goo.gl/xhFJ1e To support DroidModderX bookmark this amazon link. It won't cost you any extra, and I get credit every time you use it. I can use this to purchase equipment to make my videos better. Thanks! http://goo.gl/H2Aec6 Currently working on a new mic. Links To All The Gear I Use To Make Videos: http://goo.gl/GZtNE6 http://DroidModderX.com (news and downloads) I write for http://News.HighonAndroid.com (Check it out) I also write for http://DroidForums.net (lots of mod and hack news) Twitter @DroidModderX SUBSCRIBE to this channel coverage on all the latest Android devices! If this channel has helped you in any way you can help me by LIKING and SHARING every video! It helps me more than you know! and I will Forever Owe You! How To Root Any Android Device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MiZtZCqu4k How To Root Any Android Device Updated 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QicDqTKb_sU How To Turn Your Phone Into A BlackLight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m8AJoWs7Vg How To Boost Speed On Any Android Device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YezlJ7WWduc CM12.1 Full Rom Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Guo7h-YRVrA FREE Movies and TV On Any Android Device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaEllia1qCU How To Unroot Any Android Device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_viwAMoIcJM Be sure to Click the ThumbsUp Video It helps me more than you know! Royalty Free Music by http://www.audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Olixar Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Glass Screen Protector (Case Friendly) Installation Guide and Review" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hp_dmcQ5ZwQ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (1471)
Manuel Antonio (3 days ago)
fingerprint scaner its an issue for you because its to close the camara?Buy an backcover that split camara and fingerprint.I have one S8 with that back cover and i havent problems at all with fingerprint and camara.
Not an issue for me
Elijah Diamond (11 days ago)
i would like to mate with the Galaxy S8.
Jonathan reid (1 month ago)
Only problem the battery is absoulty shocking
Michael Vin (1 month ago)
I have a Galaxy S8. It's not a bad phone, but it is annoying AF. Accidental pushes galore, Bixby is shit, the phone is slow to switch to horizontal view. It's hard to copy/ paste ( for me). I'll probably go back to iPhone next year.
Regan Havens (1 month ago)
My issue with the edge screen is that its very hard to protect. On the S7 edge, there weren't any cases that protected the screen, and screen protectors didn't cover the screen securely around the edges, so if you dropped the phone, you were pretty much screwed. Unless they've done something radically different with the edge screen for the S8, I expect it to be just as vulnerable no matter what accessories you buy to protect it.
Edelyn Jenny Solis (1 month ago)
My S8 always overheating though I'm not using it for long😠😠😠
Chris Vapes (1 month ago)
but iPhone has better benchmark scores then s8 and s8+ and iPhone has no lag problems like the s8 and s8+ lagdroid and batteries are draining faster in does s8 and s8+
Daniel Mate (1 month ago)
iphone 7plus 3gb ram but better then s8
Liston paul (1 month ago)
What ever s8 is far better than iphone x........
I phone 6-8 almost these same I don't like that
Zigar Yar (2 months ago)
S8 is best and not have problem but the s8+ have
Sunny Kapoor (2 months ago)
Bla bla bla
Yoyo (2 months ago)
But the note 8 is better 😎
khashraf123 (2 months ago)
Shake the phone to fix camera blur.. pos that no reviewer mentions
arania exumail (3 months ago)
samsung s8 in my country very expensive to buy😭
Carolyn Grant (3 months ago)
This phone sucks had it for 2 months now n can't upload pics on Facebook I had the same problem when I had the S4 bummer
Joshua Torres (3 months ago)
I thought that too about the finger print sensor but i was wrong I always touch the camera
Jaime de Espana (3 months ago)
The Galaxy S8 is a terrible phone. Apple iPhones are superior devices in EVERY way!
Christopher Stevenson (3 months ago)
The phone I had prior to this phone was a Nexus 5X which is probably considered a utilitarian and quite outdated phone. Considering this should have been a huge upgrade, even though I didn't want a new phone (I water damaged my Nexus and needed an immediate replacement), I can say this phone isn't at all as great as I thought it should be. It doesn't seem all that much faster. The Bixby thing bothers me, accidently pressing that button or swiping into it. Maybe Bixby is some great feature that people use, but I'm not interested in it, and even after disabling it, it still gets in the way and the process is running. Apps seem to crash all the time, even with the latest updates for the phone. One app that constantly crashes is Google Maps. There are others but I won't list them, there are a lot. Though I will be getting a case, the phone has a super low coefficient of friction. It slides off my lap in the car, slides all over the seat, ... given the chance or slight nudge of momentum this phone will move around a lot. While being comfortable to hold, it is by far the easiest phone to drop I've ever had. I never had to restart my Nexus on a daily basis to get things to work right. I have to restart this phone daily to make things operate correctly. Now, my phone is a from T-mobile. Perhaps if I had the chance to buy the phone on its own without a contract so the phone didn't have all the T-Mobile bloatware, it may be a different story. I needed a phone right away, so I got this from my provider. Anyway, it just doesn't seem to be that great. Samsung seems to have a lot of proprietary programming on the OS. The nexus was just a cut and dry straight up android phone. This, not so much. Just my opinion, but this phone is not all it's cracked up to be. Ohh and one very disappointing thing this phone does is, it gets screen burn-in easily. If you use the same app constantly, like maps, it will absolutely leave ghost images on the screen. Just like early plasma televisions. I know there are apps that will fix this, it's not permanent, unlike the old plasma tvs, but really? I was kind of stunned to have this happen. And with no Samsung app to fix it, when they know it will happen, that's pretty disappointing.
Haley Jen (3 months ago)
No offense but you are stupid as hell if you actually like the curved edges. I don't care if it looks cool, when it makes my phone unfunctional in so many ways then it is not worth it. I still accidently press things - this problem is improved when I have a case on my phone. And worst, my screen is not responsive to touch almost at all when things inevitably end up on the curved edges, particularly when I am playing games on my phone this is a huge problem for me. Not to mention my finger often slides down the edges, part of this is thanks to the weird ass aspect ratio of this phone. Like wtf As for the fingerprint scanner, yes it's annoying where it is. I can't reach it that well, it's too small to respond to my print half the time.. it would have been better put underneath the back camera, and made round not skinny and rectangular. It's faster for me to use my pincode to unlock than it is to use the finger print reader, that's how retarded the reader is. Don't even get me started on the fact that this phone is encased entirely in glass.. seriously? Overall, I really think Samsung super missed the mark design wise here. Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful to look at. But in many ways, the design of this phone makes it less functional as a phone for an everyday person. This was my first Galaxy, and I probably won't buy another one. I wish I had gone with the Pixel instead. As someone who used the Nexus line for a long time, I wanted to change things up but it didn't work out for me. Google makes things more clean and streamline and they win more points for having the best voice assistant and for not including a shit ton of bloatware. Samsung made things too complicated and idiotic just to seem cool and pretty.
Sabir Khan (4 months ago)
S8 is awesome mobile 📱
DroidModderX ROOT Master (4 months ago)
+Sabir Khan yes indeed
Lily Campos (4 months ago)
Just got mine and is overheating!
Veronica Hernandez (4 months ago)
None of this is a problem. My problem is my phone pauses every 5mins no matter what I'm watching or listening to. Also when I'm watching a video on fb it keeps playing back to the beginning, while the audio plays on normally. And nothing is wrong with my Wi-Fi or internet...
Mercury (4 months ago)
Samsung is idiot, edge looks like cheap appearance ...
Cat23 (4 months ago)
I‘ve read so many bad reviews concerning the display.. does it really break that easily?
Bige Vona (2 months ago)
gerson movers Orellana (4 months ago)
Cat23 yes 😡
Kent Acuin (4 months ago)
Watching on my s8+
BUX (4 months ago)
You don't even have the S8 and talk about problems, fucking paid shit by apple.
ockert kruger (4 months ago)
Galaxy s8 brand new but already having an issue - touch screen completely unresponsive everytime I try to browse contacts. Any advice?
DroidModderX ROOT Master (4 months ago)
+ockert kruger this is a known issue with the note 8 Samsung is working on a fix, it looks like maybe it’s an issue with the s8 too then?
ژاله ل (4 months ago)
fuck you man I have no problem with my S8 it's amazing
Colette Williams-Coaxum (4 months ago)
When talking on speaker phone, volume is on the low side, even though volume buttons are turned up, is this preset or can be resolved?
usman khan (4 months ago)
My hdr videos shows 30fps instead of 60fps
James Slaughter (4 months ago)
My 2nd problem is the text keyboard the 🗣🎤👈👉 every word u say don't come out right and fast like the s7eage does u reallyreally needsto try it out pls and giveme some feed back on that Y should I have to change the keyboard for a $850.00 phone That SUCKS to me Samsung needs to test put there phonesbefore putting put on the market just my opinion just like the new Xbox does if I Am going to put out a good phone iam going to make Sure it's working perfectly 4real 👍🏾👌🏾🤙🏾🤘🏾✌🏽😁😎
Mr Reckless (4 months ago)
I love my s8+!
John Casey (4 months ago)
try to message a video, ...looks like crap
John Casey (4 months ago)
S8 still have the wifi bug. WILL NOT STAY CONNECTED TO WIFI. I am a 30+ years in IT. I am raising hell with samsung and Xfinity. the voice to text, you can fix, change it to google. I sit under a GOOD access point, phone will not connect automatically and will not stay connected after you manually connect. Which for me is important to save $60 a month, cause I do not want mobile date, it costs money...I have to work for money. Anyway, i figure this is programmed into the phones to not stay on wifi (it lowers sales of mobile data) very sad. ALSO, can't figure out how to send a video that does not look like a 1950 TV. sure, can send video, looks completely unacceptable, and I am easy to please.
MonkeysAreLyfe (4 months ago)
Newsflash: Nothings perfect.
Shantia dehvari (4 months ago)
Shut up Samsung s8 is best
Luis Galvez (4 months ago)
The damn phone won't connect to my car Bluetooth smh
enzo nuestro (4 months ago)
my phone is old and broken thats why i need a new phone damn
Amanda Karen Roth (4 months ago)
I have an S5, so thanks for the advice. Considering it 😊
ProudRu55ell 122 (5 months ago)
Can't believe people can't be enough with that phone like common billions of people don't have Any food :(
James Bond (5 months ago)
The new Samsung S9 Hz will have the fingerprint scanner right in the display now that's really cool Samsung is the only one knows how to make a good device and makes it looks really cool
James Bond (5 months ago)
It's the best smartphone out there at this time the note 8 the The S8 the S8 plus are the best devices out there way to the 9 comes out is supposed to be really good the S9 it's awesome I'm gonna get it
James Bond (5 months ago)
The only problem with the S8 is that if a drops it Briggs even when a good case
James Slaughter (5 months ago)
Droid mother X the problem I have is when a person call u and u put the 🤳👂 while u talking to them it's not loud how can I make that part happened Instead of putting it here peace inside your ear just to talk to now I'm trying to figure out how to when you put the phone to your ear and why you talking to now you can't quite hear them what they say please do tell me ASAP if u know thanks 👌🤘✌😁😎
ryan dedl (4 months ago)
James Slaughter turn the volume up turn extra loudnese on turn on speaker
LiM (5 months ago)
so what are the problems?
75ur15 (5 months ago)
not a fan of the s7 edge display, i bought it to get bigger screen/battery, hated the edge and the spurious input
Kumar Ghising (5 months ago)
S8 have no any problems problems is with this video maker
DroidModderX ROOT Master (5 months ago)
+Kumar Ghising 😂😐
Joe Martinez (5 months ago)
still holding on to my S7 ... I don't really like the rear sensor.. and yea, if you look at the battery comparison charts from Samsung, the processor sucks up more battery time, up to an hour in some cases... it's on the site. and come on dude, a quick ten minute charge? shouldn't have to do that, i never have battery issues on my S7 but family has them all the time on their S8's ... but the prices.. it's not that bad, not compared with Apple, who still think they own the market share and the most technological device on the market at $1000 on up ... can't wait for the S9, the rumor mill is already trending on some sites .. some with facts others wishful thinking.. will get face tech, but still get the finger pad, back or front, oh well ... i'll adapt.. just not yet .. dual cams, well... idk, they say the S9 appears to have them, then again, they said the same with the S8 in early showings.. who knows, but you're correct, Samsung has the best camera out there.
Bogdan Cozma (5 months ago)
You sound like a fanboy
Dan Tuff (5 months ago)
at least TRY and BE HONEST in your review! you took valid complaints from millions of customers .....are you sure you don't want to pat us on the head???
Beenthere Donethat (5 months ago)
The S8 does not have the best camera.  It sucks even compared to the iPhone 5C's camera.  I had a S7 and that is why I sold it (that and the crappy speaker sound).  Samsung is a major fail in phones.  It should stick to making components.
S8+ is now 650 euro's, if the price is falling so fast, it will be free for christmass :/
Chris B (6 months ago)
Im not a fan of my s8+. Lots of small annoyances with it
Beenthere Donethat (5 months ago)
Amen to that!
anthony 123 (6 months ago)
I am in need of buying a phone (got in mind s8 or huawei p10) idk wich one to choose
Conejito Zombie (6 months ago)
Thumbs up if you're waiting for the new iPhone
Sarah Grace Andaya (6 months ago)
At last. A review that makes sense.
Travis (6 months ago)
Most of these issues are not that complicated and easy to fix.
DDF GhostHunting (6 months ago)
Lol I just seen Tech N9ne
Elias Insen (6 months ago)
Bullshit piece of shit phone and the people at Samsung should fucking die I hope they all get cancer and die slowly
Labonte Louise (6 months ago)
I find the things that people are complaining about are ridiculous. I upgraded from the S5 to the S8 and I have 0 complaints about it.
DroidModderX ROOT Master (6 months ago)
+Labonte Louise at this point I can only complain about battery life, occasional lag, general durability
Benjamin Lafour (6 months ago)
Oh, and I shaved the Bixby button off of the case outer rubber layer hahaha
Benjamin Lafour (6 months ago)
Otter box case helps with finger placement. Edges are sick. Battery lasts a long time with juice defender, which disables unused apps' data usage. As for the camera, I'm sure some of us could afford to chill with pictures of every damn thing.
Beenthere Donethat (5 months ago)
How is the speaker sound?  How is the overheating?  How is the lagging?  How is the battery life?
Jonathan Elliott (6 months ago)
I'm guessing most of the dislikes are from people who didn't watch the video.
lindytex (6 months ago)
Thanks for your thoughts. I just received my S8 , but had not seen the S8+ until your video. I currently have been using the S6 and have gotten used to the size and think the S8 may be too small for me. I am thinking about trading for the S8+ I have not set up or even turned on the S8 as yet. I was wondering your thoughts on the difference between the S8 and the S8+ , is the size the only difference or is there other things to consider? Thanks
Jason Worden (6 months ago)
I still feel like the removable battery and it being waterproof would always be more logical. Trying to find a place to recharge or having to carry a large clunkey external charger is just rediclous compaired to a few thin batteries you may not have to replace and are still are able to recharge the phone.
DrSid42 (6 months ago)
All what you said .. reasons I will not buy S8 or N8 or I guess any next Samsung. I can accept compromises, but not for extra money.
MacDaddyMatty 69 (6 months ago)
Whos Watching On The S8 Or S8 Plus 👌
Beenthere Donethat (5 months ago)
No one.
DroidModderX ROOT Master (6 months ago)
+MacDaddyMatty 69 ✋
Bay Arona (6 months ago)
Mate10>note8>I phone8
Hamiltong Rodriguez (7 months ago)
Do not buy this phone I just bought it last week and I'm having a lot of problems with it overheating. The Galaxy s8 is too expensive I regret that I spent a lot of money on this phone which I can not use for over 20 minutes without it overheating.
Beenthere Donethat (5 months ago)
*It's a known problem.  Here's some helpful advice.* Guide: How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Overheating Issues? Avoid Direct Heat Avoiding direct heat can fix Samsung S8 overheating issues. If your device is exposed to natural or artificial light for too long then it can very hot. This is a simple solution that you should bear in mind whenever you use your device. Find a cool place to store your device. Don’t Use The Phone While It Is Charging We know that the Samsung S8 is a great phone but try to give the phone a break especially when you are charging it. If you are addicted to your mobile device this can be very difficult. Try to do something that you love when you put your phone to charge. You will forget about it eventually. In addition to this, don’t overcharge your phone. The battery should take approximately 1 and a half hour to be completely charged. Remove Phone Case If you are experiencing overheating with your Samsung Galaxy S8 then remove the phone case. This is a simple diagnosis which will help to cool your phone and reduce overheating. Close Running Apps Another solution is to close applications that are open. If you are not using open applications then close it. Try not to overwork your device. You can also perform a soft reset to close open applications running in the background. Press and hold the Power button (located on the right edge of the device). Tap Restart. Tap Restart again to confirm. If the device is unresponsive/frozen, press and hold the Power button for approximately 10 seconds or until the device power cycles. Reduce Brightness You can dim display on Samsung S8 to reduce overheating. Please follow the steps below to reduce brightness. From a Home screen, touch and swipe up or down to display all apps Go to Settings Select Display Adjust the Brightness level by using the slider control at the top of the screen To adjust automatically, tap Auto adjust brightness fix Samsung Galaxy S8 overheating cnet Optimize Battery Settings Samsung S8 overheating can be reduced by optimizing the battery settings. This will prevents apps from leeching on the phone’s battery. Overheating tends to take place when your phone is overworked. Go to Settings Tap on Battery Tap on Battery Usage and then tap on More Search for Optimize Battery Usage and tap on it You will get the list of apps on your phone Tap on All Apps and make sure that it is switched On for all the apps on your phone Update Software Samsung is aware of the Wi-Fi issue that users are facing. It was announced that a software update will debug and resolve the issue users are facing. This will be available in Korea. If you have issues try to update your device. From your home screen navigate to Settings Scroll down and tap About phone Search for the software update or System update at the top. Tap on it. Your device should be updated Toggle Fast Cable Charging Fast cable charging helps your device to charge efficiently. The device is turned off when you charge the battery. The fast cable charging may not be working so you can toggle it and the problem should be resolved. Go to settings Search for Battery settings Click on battery Search for fast cable charging and switch it Off. Wait for five seconds and switch it On. Uninstall Third Party App Removing third-party applications may be contributing to Samsung S8 overheating. If you have recently installed any application prior to this problem then uninstall the app. Go to menu Select Setting Tap on More Click on Application Manager Select Downloaded section Then select the app and tap uninstall Perform A Factory Reset If the previous solutions don’t work then you need to do a factory reset. This should be your last resort. Ensure that you back up important data because they can be lost after a factory data reset. Turn off your device Press and hold “Volume Down” and “Power“ Keep holding the buttons until you see the Recovery screen Using the volume button, tap “Wipe data/factory reset“ Press the “Power” button to select the highlighted option. Wrapping Up The solutions above should help to reduce overheating on the Samsung S8. If not please comment below and we will help you.
Godson Eh (7 months ago)
$750.00 for a great machine like that is much, really? what about that dinosaur pixel that's selling for even higher or the iPhone 7 and Hauwei p10?
Vasavi Reddy (7 months ago)
wat you are talking is bull shit
purity nyagah (7 months ago)
My S8 plus is bae😍 keep your opinions
SUBZEROUK (7 months ago)
Dont know why people complain i got my samsung s8 plus a few days ago and it's amazing. I've never been a fan of sumsung phones before because i didnt like touch wizz. But the s8 plus convinced me to switch back to samsung. The s8 plus is amazing i love it!
Izriboss (7 months ago)
I smell extreme bias
Papa Mo (7 months ago)
i l,like where they put the finger print scaner it works perfect for me ,i had a s5 before and prefer having it on the back
Navkaran Singh (7 months ago)
Samsung galaxy S8+ is the best.And I have Samsung S8 I donť any problem. I love my phone. This Vidio is fake.
Big Boi Steele (7 months ago)
I'm still using my galaxy note 2 upgrading next month to galaxy s8+ my note 2 battery last until around 5 in the evening hope the s8+ is about the same Samsung lover here lol TV phone tablet etc.
TheKatz2u (7 months ago)
Crap screen is the worse thing on this PHONE!! SO many already BROKEN!
TheKatz2u (5 months ago)
Don't even have to be concrete or tile. The shape of the screen leaves it open to break. First phone that I ever had break. It's NOT gorilla glass as advertised. Read Samsung's forums...hundreds of people have dropped and broken this phone, situations that other phones would survive....and this one SHOULD!
Beenthere Donethat (5 months ago)
Drop it on concrete or tile and it's game over.
Algirdas Stasiukaitis (7 months ago)
My S8 mutlti Window working is not good👎Camera and apps working is perfect 👌
Rinesh Khadka (7 months ago)
F**k !! I love my galaxy s8+ 😘
Beenthere Donethat (5 months ago)
Then marry it.
Hollow (7 months ago)
I like that fsu hat I'm a fan all day
DroidModderX ROOT Master (7 months ago)
+Hollow Soul can't wait till 9/2
screwface989 (7 months ago)
I subscribed to your channel because you don't complain a lot. Just noting what other people are complaining about. Thank you!
Yesenia Mtz Ruiz (7 months ago)
i love my s8 but... it stops when im playing something..music youtube netflix pandora ext..can some one help?
Beenthere Donethat (5 months ago)
Is it overheating?
Vikash Kumar (7 months ago)
Fazil Saif (7 months ago)
S8 is still the best than any phone on earth
Fazil Saif (7 months ago)
S8 is still the best than any phone on earth
Narda Sharpe (7 months ago)
I have a note 3, so EVERYTHING is an update for me
dksaha 1973 (7 months ago)
you are fake samsing s8 plus is best
Nabil Farah (7 months ago)
Since I bought my s8 I keep getting notifications sounds without actually having received any!! I turned Notifications reminder OFF but still there!!
Ahsanul Reza (7 months ago)
Samsung fanboy
Daryll Cartlidge (7 months ago)
I have the Samsung s7edg new for 6 month's and it has a problem with shutting off and reboot itself back on when on the phone steaming on videos or calling took it back to T mobile and got another s7edg and it does the same thing shut itself off and reboot itself back on this is a problem for me. What should I do take it back and get another s7edg or get a galaxy s8
Fruity Vlogs (7 months ago)
Love your hat
DroidModderX ROOT Master (7 months ago)
+Fruity Vlogs thanks
rachie ng (7 months ago)
so i just switched to s8 plus yesterday and why doesn't my phone have call forwarding? like there is no setting for it in the phone menu? but other s8 phones have it..
Conejito Zombie (7 months ago)
Galaxy S8 is a piece of shit. Shame of make a so shitty phone
slab dimitrov (7 months ago)
rofl , u dumb
EHAB 2016 (7 months ago)
Srikar Mupparthi (7 months ago)
I was never into Samsung, went through HTC Sensation, HTC one plus, Sony Z2, Sony Z3,Sony Z5 Premium, Apple 4s, Apple 5S, Apple 7 but after having S8 plus 128 gb version, I see who is the boss now :-)
Beenthere Donethat (5 months ago)
Don't drop it.
Valito Cardoso (7 months ago)
Samsung is having sound problems! 😢😢😢
Beenthere Donethat (5 months ago)
The speaker sound on the S7 and S8 is abysmal.
chrisevv98 (7 months ago)
Ayyeee, Tech N9ne!!

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