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This is my dream car: Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Spyder | EvoMalaysia.com

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This is my ultimate dream car, the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Spyder by Touring Superleggera. The moment I heard it arrived Singapore, I had to travel down there to let you all witness why I love this car. It's currently for sale in Singapore for $1.68 million SGD before taxes. If a Singaporean were to buy it, it will be roughly RM9 million after Singaporean taxes. But if a Malaysian were to buy it, after taxes it should be roughly RM15 million after Malaysia taxes. The thing is this, it is legal to drive LHD in Malaysia and illegal in Singapore. So I urge Johor Sultan or JP Chin, please buy this up. www.facebook.com/aurizn www.aurizn.com www.evomalaysia.com www.estatemalaysia.com www.caratmalaysia.com www.idmalaysia.com
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Text Comments (91)
Zong Han (1 hour ago)
the most beautiful thing is the ending u did there
Frederick Dalusim (2 days ago)
This car is ugly...period..sorry
Jack Ooi (2 days ago)
I am confused Bobby, did u buy the Panamera? Saw one video where u said u bought it?
Jack Ooi (2 days ago)
Bobby Ang (2 days ago)
That one i showed you all my "dream" lol... where got same day go in same day go out one? Hahaha
Ric Vieira (3 days ago)
...I wonder how the Alfa dealer got involved? And how warranty/insurance go? Since its a car built by (non-Alfa/FCA)
Ric Vieira (3 days ago)
You drove all the way just to see a DV? That's devotion. I admire that ;) Alfa worshipper here...
trustgtr33 (3 days ago)
get a fiat coupe 20v turbo bobby..or a gtv 3.0
P D (4 days ago)
It is not the most beautiful car to look at but it is unique
Chee Hoe, Foo (4 days ago)
Proletariat?...how condescending!
Chee Hoe, Foo (4 days ago)
You sound orgasmic. Hahaha
Ang Z.K (4 days ago)
I tot youtube banned porn?
Julian Khoo (4 days ago)
Ehh ... you didn’t say it’s a fake exhaust tips... lol
Bobby Ang (4 days ago)
I myself have a very clear differentiation about fake exhaust tips. I don't regard disconnected exhaust tips as fake. As the real advantage is when you're rear ended ever so lightly, your bumpers will flex back, but if the rear fender bender got your real exhaust tips that stick out, it's gonna bend it. Refer to this image: https://www.facebook.com/aurizn/photos/a.448257786079.242412.44716916079/10155448757031080/?type=3&theater
Paresh Chelliah (5 days ago)
is it still in sg for public to view?
Bobby Ang (4 days ago)
yes i hope. provided no malaysians have snap it up yet.
Ong Zi Cong (5 days ago)
Lambo Ferrari Porsche McLaren GTR fanboys find this ugly
Tobias Ronnefeldt (5 days ago)
How much in US dollars? Let me know, I might consider buying the car
Ric Vieira (1 day ago)
yes, I meant Singapore! (for some reason I got carried away when you talked Malaysia)
Bobby Ang (1 day ago)
Its legal to drive LHD in Malaysia but not Singapore
Ric Vieira (1 day ago)
...there was story going around 'petrolheads', someone in Malaysia? bought one for $9M and cannot even take it on road as its LHD. Sigh
Bobby Ang (5 days ago)
More than a mill
L L (6 days ago)
Does the scrap rule apply to this beauty?
netmatrix75 (6 days ago)
The dealership should prank Bobby and let him hold the keys.....
Bobby Ang (4 days ago)
You mean this key? https://www.facebook.com/aurizn/photos/a.10155444105176080.1073742029.44716916079/10155444106871080/?type=3&theater
Saabfanboy (6 days ago)
Oh wow... what a beauty. Pity after all the hard work for the bodywork they largely left the interior alone.
Bobby Ang (4 days ago)
That's what coach builders do.
James Lee (6 days ago)
Really like 愛花囉命。。Unique car.
crazylogic (6 days ago)
this coming F1 Singapore 2018, this will be a very happening place!
WW Quang (6 days ago)
JP Chin just booked a Chiron, don't think he would invest again anytime this year lol
NFS Steve (6 days ago)
Alfa famous for its exhaust sound . Still remind me our police car used it before.
Comingsafra (6 days ago)
Welcome to Sg Mr Bobby! =)
Syaz Koay (6 days ago)
Bobby do you owns a Volvo car?
Dixie Warrior (6 days ago)
The design looks a little bit contrived. I don’t know how this is a bargain against a classic, authentic, refurbished e type jaguar.
Peter (6 days ago)
flying saucer.... maserati engine...
Fungus Foong (6 days ago)
Kinda ugly for an Alfa
jd fd (6 days ago)
The headlights reminds me of the 599. In fact the design seems to base on the 599, just more special👍
jui Jgen Tan (6 days ago)
Very jaguary.... shocked with ur taste in car design..
edmund09 (6 days ago)
Thought you were gonna take off your pants and start jerking off right there and then, haha.
edmund09 (6 days ago)
Bobby Ang (6 days ago)
Dont even need to jerk ... was leaking cum all the way
Yong Kah Seng (6 days ago)
Dear Mr Bobby,I'll appreciate if you could review the LEXUS NX 300. Thank you very much. Cheers!
Tinesh Kumar Pubalan (6 days ago)
Headlights looks very similar to a 599 or a f430
Sean Koh (6 days ago)
Watch jeremy clarkson's review to fall in love with it all over again
Chris Wee (6 days ago)
Sorry @Bobby... I couldn't hold my laughter at the very end cos I didn't know u were gonna do that as a closing... epic! 🤣
lawrence liew (6 days ago)
Your taste damn bad...omg
Bobby Ang (6 days ago)
Oh well, wait till i get the chance to lick the Alfa Romeo SZ Zagato. That thing is the ultimate ulgyiness that i absolutely love.
Flik Cof (6 days ago)
Looks so dated la
H Hong (6 days ago)
RM 15 millions? Rather take either the Porsche 918 or Laferrari or McLaren P1, heck, or save it for the upcoming Tesla Roadster or even the Rimac C_Two
kubi brahmananda (6 days ago)
soulful car, amazing Bobby. Next time you feel like cumming again and do decide to drive down to SG, pls ajak, thank you :)
fauzi hassan (6 days ago)
hrrrrrrrggggghhh... next
henry heng (6 days ago)
Well done 👍
ViNCENiO VL (6 days ago)
I dun know what so nice.. I prefer the AR SUV..
nigel Lee (6 days ago)
Review the giulia bobby!
Jac Hey (6 days ago)
Looks like a f430 from the front
Betty Yeoh (6 days ago)
Most of the car brands are along this road!
Ian Fiqri (6 days ago)
If win Toto i will buy this and transfer it to you Sir for your birthday! If that ever happens, i'll update you 😁 cheers!
Aaron Benjamin (6 days ago)
Hi Bobby wellcome to singapore
Kenneth W (6 days ago)
That last part is GOLD.
Kenneth W yeah
khalis711 (6 days ago)
Care to do walkaround on the alfa giulia next to the guilietta? P/s: Italian is really bad at naming their car.. Easy to pronounce the name but had to Google to see how it is actually spelt.
Ric Vieira (1 day ago)
No, I'm not Italian, but can spell Italian names w/ my eyes closed! You could to... Just keep an open mind.
khalis711 (3 days ago)
Ric Vieira Wow.. Somebody feeling the heat! If you're Italian, then I'm sorry. Not tyring to offend anybody but it is what it is, hard to spell the name and I'm no illiterate. Should have emulate the French (read: PSA) and the Germans in giving easy to remember and spell name.
Ric Vieira (3 days ago)
khalis711 then it's you, who have a spelling problem!
Bobby Ang (6 days ago)
Oh no bro .... Italian car names are beautiful.
Alvin Chuang (6 days ago)
I think Bobby just jizz all over the showroom by now..
Radzi Ridzuan (6 days ago)
You really did email them huh??!! hahaha :) anw thanks for the video. Such a beauty. Im gonna go to Singapore for raya!! If the company that build this modified proton cars also can make people drool you know. They are just full of soul in making cars
Radzi Ridzuan (6 days ago)
Okay bebeh I’m coming!! Btw Selamat hari raya to you and the team.
Bobby Ang (6 days ago)
Haha i learned that theres one down south so rushed down
khalis711 (6 days ago)
This alfa looks like a remodeled ferrari 599 gtb. The headlight has high resemblance to that ferrari,perhaos they were using old ferrari parts.
tenison 6549 (6 days ago)
Hi Bobby. Just wondering if you could make a comparison video of the 318i and the c180. Would really appreciate it. thanks
Julian Khoo (4 days ago)
C180 now comes with 9sp ... :)
Peter (5 days ago)
xiper86 agree on the rear seat part.. also if u are big size like me.. 181cm..90kg.. driver footrest will be abit of an issue. F30 will be changed soon, so value wise.. c180 better
tenison 6549 (5 days ago)
xiper86 I'd agree with that. Thanks mate
xiper86 (5 days ago)
In terms of comfort and drive, the 318i will be better than the C180, especially the rear seat. But it has a 3 cylinders engine which is not better than the 4 cylinders Merc. In terms of gearbox, ZF is definitely better than the 7G-Tronic. Better to test both out before making decision.
tenison 6549 (5 days ago)
Peter Lucky you
Izrin Hassan (6 days ago)
That is actually very ugly
FarhanAxiq (6 days ago)
Or the old disco volante
FarhanAxiq (6 days ago)
It's more of a homage to alfa romeo spider i guess.
zero true (6 days ago)
Izrin Hassan yah.... It look very classic... Sport car.... It is not modern look spot car...but nice 😁
Basil Fabian (6 days ago)
Wow, you drove all the way to Singapore for the car. That’s what you call perseverance.
Farhan Zafuan (6 days ago)

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