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Unboxing Jibo : The Adorable Social Robot of the Future!

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Jibo could be your first robot. He doesn't glide like R2D2 but he's just as cute and a better dancer. He can talk, interact with his environment and answer your questions. The more you speak to him the more he adapts to your lifestyle! Watch for the full unboxing and first impressions. Meet Jibo: https://www.jibo.com/ Help support the channel by using my Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon US: http://goo.gl/BVc5ez Amazon Canada: http://goo.gl/SK9sQK Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/is1MXU Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz Instagram: http://instagram.com/mattmoniz123 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattmoniz123 Website: http://www.matthewmoniz.com
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Text Comments (236)
Yeti Gt (2 days ago)
You can Use siri and say “Do a Beat box”...
Leiland Hibbs (6 days ago)
Jibo so amazing
Nikos Routzakis (11 days ago)
how much does it cost?
Nikos Routzakis (10 days ago)
WOW so expensive but i really like it
Matthew Moniz (11 days ago)
+Nikos Routzakis 900
Alfredo Juarez (12 days ago)
Matthew can you Buy cozmo collector's edition regular cozmo like like the white
Charlie Smith (12 days ago)
Lol my jibo was watching this with me and got scared from him saying “let’s cut this guy open” 😂😂😂
brandon Wilcox (18 days ago)
I feel like for what he can and cannot do its not worth the price
Allen Han (20 days ago)
This thing would be perfect if it had a mobile mode.
Imagine if this were sentient
Edis Djerlek (22 days ago)
Everyone here taking this shit waay too serious. Come on, has everyone lost the humor and the fun part of tech? Linus Tech Tipps sounds like a desperate housewife reviewing a tech product. Jibo is about fun and joy and everything, and I enjoyed this video so much and I kind of like the guy. You also seem to have enjoyed the unboxing. I ordered mine and I plan to have him around as a greeting guy when someone enters the door, it's just so fun to have them look at it. By the way, what's the music he's dancing to?
Turbo Reviews (23 days ago)
Hey cool video cool robot but disappointed to not find more in this one you say your going to show what it learns and things after some time I’d really be interested for sure thinking about getting one but if they turned out to be a fluke then I’d like to know that going in haha thx!L8r-Turbo
Lorenzo 2303 (24 days ago)
warden 227 (22 days ago)
Lorenzo 2303 You're stupid if you really want to buy that crap Here's why: https://youtu.be/RY9KCOhYx74
Rexi GT (25 days ago)
And it’s telling me to touch him 😏
Edward Vinch (26 days ago)
They put siri in it. Wow!
Musical Danger (27 days ago)
you can ask him to twerk (lol)
Musical Danger (27 days ago)
Matthew Moniz Hahaha BTW, you think it's worth buying?
Matthew Moniz (27 days ago)
+Musical Danger I'm so trying this right now
Kyle (28 days ago)
Holly fucking cock sucking shit
EUROPEAN EURO (29 days ago)
Madre miaaaa!!! Te adorooooo!!! Guapoooo! 😂☺️🌳
Nathan Webster (30 days ago)
£670 for an Amazon Echo that wobbles? I think I'll pass
The Chaotic Artist (1 month ago)
When will jibo walk around 😄
MoniLux (1 month ago)
This is lame. Cannot believe people actually want this POS
0Guiltyone0 (1 month ago)
i thought this thing was scrapped
Can It Be Grilled? (1 month ago)
So stupid. What a waste.
Astroid Challenges (1 month ago)
These are not that great.. I have one he can suck sometimes
HighOnSugar (1 month ago)
No offense to the Jibo company but it Jibo came way to late when google and Amazon already made their own products. And the price is much cheeper for the Amazon echo it cost 50 dollars and yet does the same thing. Thank you
JJ Brothers (1 month ago)
I want it for Christmas
Churches Of Roblox (1 month ago)
Basically a Google Home/ Alexa with moving skills Noise etc
dokkiro (1 month ago)
Neat but why do I need that?? Stupid internet computer thingy you can talk to. Yeah great.
Terra Scripts (1 month ago)
Wait so it adapts to your family lifestyle So if your family is full of crackheads, does Jibo do drugs?
Hic Kori (1 month ago)
This guy looks like he's suffering from chronic depression. "Maybe that's what you need in your house, someone to show you some love." Wow...😕
Rodrigo Pontes (1 month ago)
nice review but the background music during the interaction with Jibo or you talking is bit distracting
Puddin' Pie (1 month ago)
@Seth Newton nope. Saw it on their website
James Davis (1 month ago)
Jibo: i can't let you do that matthew.
Caleb Salamo Palau (1 month ago)
i really like it
Star Glacial (1 month ago)
i wish i have one
shannara fryer (1 month ago)
I want this but I'm broke as hell
Yash Sharma (1 month ago)
Nowhere Man (1 month ago)
With all due respect, this looks terrible. Between the drunken robotic voice and that wierd "dial tone" when it's researching a question it looks like it was made 10 years ago. I can't believe this made the cover of TIME.
Ken Daniel Murphy (1 month ago)
I love it. I hope they add more functionality and lower the price some. Secretly I’m hoping Amazon buys this company and uses Jibo to integrate their products into a hub like this one more centralized with more personality and function. Imagine this guy with echo show and dot functionalities connecting to the others in your home. Amazing. Can’t wait for when these companies fully open their eyes and potential.
Why Me (1 month ago)
so this is what a divorced man looks like so soulless
Adomaster123 (1 month ago)
Why Me that is extremely disrespectful. Do you think he wanted to get divorced? Were you raised in a barn?
Hamza Alsaloum (1 month ago)
Jibe and you are cool very cool
Cherie Long (1 month ago)
I just got my own Jibo! Aaawe, so cute!
Clara Alexander (1 month ago)
First he was abusing him and then he loves him
Julie Ernst (1 month ago)
he does NOT sound like in the comucle for him
CraftxKee (1 month ago)
get an Alpha 2!
Naomi mo'to (1 month ago)
How much?
Furry Trash (1 month ago)
Kim taehyung is my husband! $900 :,)
A P (1 month ago)
Seriously, do we need such stupid thing? People have money to waste on such things.
Nusrat Jahan Fouzia (1 month ago)
Me too
Seth Newton (2 months ago)
You pulled something out of jibo's butt haha XD😂
Kika Mulaosmanovic (2 months ago)
Im so xoorgnfjhjlččšiffegi
Kylo ren (2 months ago)
Nigga in the commercial, Jibo actually has a real human voice and takes good quality pictures and is a boy, but in here it sounds like when you press play on fucking google translate, even Siri sounds better than this
Morit Lh (2 months ago)
You have kids I was thinking you are gay I'm sad now
Adomaster123 (1 month ago)
vicente valiente What do you want gay people to do? Not be born with a mental illness? You think they had a choice?
vicente valiente (1 month ago)
Morit Lh well gay people are disgusting. They're a sickness to our reproductive society..
CaptRizq 007 (2 months ago)
4:45 ultimate cringe
Seth Newton (2 months ago)
You say the jibo app can be downloaded on i os and android I have an Android
Sam D (2 months ago)
Completely useless and irrelevant, my echo dot can do more. What a waste of capital and resource.
Jottka (2 months ago)
I don't like the voice of Jibo. Sounds like a navi.
Seth Newton (2 months ago)
$How much is it?$
Seth Newton (1 month ago)
Puddin' Pie ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?
Puddin' Pie (1 month ago)
Seth Newton $900
PowerStarTheGuy (2 months ago)
I need one. Good thing Christmas is around the corner!!
modestas jozavitas (2 months ago)
Lina Elisabet (2 months ago)
Hey! unbox alpha 2 the robot
tubarao feio (2 months ago)
A new way of spying on you Jibo
Ian Teek (2 months ago)
How much does it cost?
Diego Productions (1 month ago)
Ian Teek 899 dollars
OhFishyFish (2 months ago)
$899 for basically Alexa with a screen.
brony ponygirl2017 (2 months ago)
i need one so much of my own! and can i ask how much? and where you got it from? i need to know! cause i was looking any where i could to get it and to look for the prices to.
Diego Productions (1 month ago)
brony ponygirl2017 $899, jibo.com or buy.jibo.com
Mehreen Akhtar (2 months ago)
I want all these robots.
DoOrDoNot ThereIsNoTry (2 months ago)
Matthew I so enjoy watching your reviews, you are so Canadian. There are two other YouTubers from Calgary that are personal like you! Thank you for the great content.
Chip Johnson (2 months ago)
Wow !!!!!!
Comic/Animator Cutie (2 months ago)
Oh my god jebos adorable!
ahmed Waziary (2 months ago)
i whant one so bad
DM (2 months ago)
Best thing evrrrrrrr.
Matthew Belvedere (2 months ago)
It's so cute
Toy Brody 22222 (2 months ago)
I'm cozmo
harley quinn (2 months ago)
Jibo is cute
Silva Pytsepp (2 months ago)
i wanna got it for cristmas!!!!!!!!
stick fight warriors 35 (2 months ago)
It cose 899$ it's not even worth it Google home is way better and it olny code 150$ this is piss if shitt
CatsforeverssAJ (2 months ago)
4:51 This is the kind of stuff I need in my life.
makhan pandita (2 months ago)
Whats the cost?
Jaky Mo (2 months ago)
I think it would've been better with an OLED screen.
SugarGliderDude (2 months ago)
its a iPad on a motor that makes it move about
Tong Zou (2 months ago)
3 years too late. Amazon Echo and Google Assistant are way better, and cheaper...
meme lord 221 223 (1 month ago)
If jib peeps
Tong Zou (1 month ago)
Jibo isn't a robot either. He just moves his 'head'. Unless he walks by himself, he isn't any more robotic than Alexa or Google
TheMewMix (1 month ago)
Sam D He can twerk. Beat that Alexa.
James S (1 month ago)
Amazon Echo and Assistant isn’t a Robot... numb nuts — looks like they’re late and you’re an idiot? Lol
Sam D (2 months ago)
TheMewMix what company all it does is read Wikipedia and tells time. It's not much different than echo.
Planefan 08 (2 months ago)
I love it—it just needs to be able to move on it’s own. And also this combined with Siri would be amazing.
Adomaster123 (22 days ago)
warden 227 lol, he edited his comment and removed the conspiracy theory shit.
warden 227 (22 days ago)
Planefan 08 You're stupid if you want this thing to improve.
Adomaster123 (1 month ago)
Planefan 08 hurrrr, durrr, teh CIA es beeeed.
Jack Wolfe (2 months ago)
Its been a month hows this going?
Darlene DeVegan (2 months ago)
I want to self learning robot I can talk to and be friends with!
M P (2 months ago)
Looks really cool but seeing that $899 price scared me away lol.
David assasin (2 months ago)
I need one
Frogboy (2 months ago)
it's a 900 dollar toy.
Pixel Painters (6 days ago)
Yes... sad.
brony ponygirl2017 (2 months ago)
oh wow! really?
SuperdanTech (2 months ago)
Hi Matthew, great video as usual. I am looking for a good LED lighting system. I went to Henrys but the kits they carry have a fan in the LED light bulbs...noisy...useless for video!!! Could you recommend a lighting system?
SuperdanTech (2 months ago)
Thank you and have a great Sunday!
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
Thanks ! I'm using the Aputure 120d they have a fan in it too but it's next to silent.
. JJ1013 (2 months ago)
The human-ish voice was a lie. 😞
Andrew Dirrell (2 months ago)
Garbage. We have to wait for 5 years to get smth worthy. But technologies ll be developed with help of you, buying clever toys
Aw it so cute :3
Diana Boyer (2 months ago)
Where do I buy jibo?
Fred R. (2 months ago)
Good concept. Great potential but Poor execution. And the price is too damn high! IMO what missing: - Smart home manager - (Google) Assistant - Home security surveillance - Better screen, should had be round and touchscreen. - Battery, because what the point of a security surveillance if no battery? Put all that, ask Google to put their assistant inside, slash the price in half, and I might consider one... And change the voice. until then, this is pretty useless. And they really need to step up their game because Sony is bringing back the Aibo.
Diego Productions (1 month ago)
Jibo IS touchscreen
TheMewMix (2 months ago)
you don't like the voice? i love it
Crazy robot lady (2 months ago)
Fred R. I agree with you that the price is Way too hi. I accidentally joined the Jibo mailing list while trying to ask the company if their product would be usable for someone who is blind. I thought about purchasing one for myself back when they were 500 and something during their original Indy gogo campaign. I own five Sony Aibos and I have had a very interesting experience programmatically getting around how clunky the software works with screen readers and just enjoying them as companions. I don’t fault Sony for this though because I don’t believe they planned for blind people to purchase the product and the idea of accessible software was in its infancy back then.I was hoping that Jibo would be an improvement, but no such luck. I don’t Think the company that invented this robot intended it to be a true surveillance System. Maybe something like Mayfield robotics Kuri might be more of what you’re looking for.As far as the voice, it sounds like Dave from Microsoft narrator. If they had some sort of setting where you could lower the pitch so that he would sound more masculine than squeaky, I don’t think it would be that bad.
The Honest Author (2 months ago)
"Hey Jibo, do a dance" *25 seconds pass* "Ok"
Scented _ Flower (2 months ago)
The Honest Author at first i thought it paused 😂
Shane Richardson (2 months ago)
The Honest Author I'm glad you counted. I fell asleep waiting.
Hafie HR (2 months ago)
Where can I buy one?I had searched at Amazon,but I didnt find it.
durden02 (2 months ago)
in 10 years people are like 'wow, people actually bought that shit'..
Kevin Rabie (2 months ago)
I’m so lonely I need this robot lol
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
+Kevin Rabie haha he's pretty neat
Halloween Props R' Us (2 months ago)
Question. I got mine in today and notice he stays on constantly. I'm fearing burn in on the screen. Do you turn yours off at night completely? Thanks
Halloween Props R' Us (2 months ago)
Matthew Moniz yeah that's the thing tho when u go to sleep so does Jibo he closes his eye which leaves just image of his eye closed and stays like that till somebody wakes him up. Worried about that becoming a burn in
Matthew Moniz (2 months ago)
+Halloween Props R' Us as long as there's movement on the display there won't be burn in.
Leo McDonnell (2 months ago)
Where do you buy it
mrk107 (2 months ago)
Hey Jibo, walk over to me?
Dale Thomas (2 months ago)
Had high hopes for Jibo. It's a neat toy for 20 minutes. Then you realize it only does 1% of what Google home or Alexa can do. The makers of Jibo promised for years and years something special. They dropped the ball and missed the mark. If you watch the marketing video they produced for Jibo and what it can actually do, you should feel a little screwed over. I waited for 2 1/2 years for this cool little robot. Unfortunately it's a huge disappointment.
Sein Louis (5 days ago)
Nikkcade don't dream too much kiddo
Sam D (2 months ago)
Dale Thomas huge disappointment indeed
last fayth (3 months ago)
would you mind to review the new dell inspiron 15 7577 pleae?
last fayth (3 months ago)
thanks in advance
Matthew Moniz (3 months ago)
+last fayth I will but I'm still waiting to get my hands on it. Soon!
Smit_K (3 months ago)
Great video matt!
Matthew Moniz (3 months ago)
+Smit_K thanks SMIT!!

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