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iPad Pro 2017 (10.5") Review!

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iPad Pro is a spec bump, but damn is it a good one! Are Tablets Dead? https://youtu.be/2JlDVUcedbo Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD iPad provided by Apple for review.
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Text Comments (5531)
mrk107 (3 hours ago)
It looks like crap! 2018 iPad looks better.
William (1 day ago)
They should bump up the refresh rate to 144hz
Ashiq (3 days ago)
I’ve always wanted a iPad Pro :(
55 44 (4 days ago)
I will buy it, what about the quick charge what watt do you recommend
Willy -D (4 days ago)
Is that you house ??? its pretty sweet !!
OpTic (5 days ago)
U don't use theel send me 1 to Algeria pls I can't afford it :(
Saad Naveed (10 days ago)
Legend says if you like the video Marques will reply
Kaung Yan Kyaw (12 days ago)
should i buy it one now ? or wait for new ?
Pilot Ngake (13 days ago)
After watching this sometime back, I have bought it and I must say it’s absolutely brilliant. Thanks my man.
Play this game called critical ops go in seting and change the maximum fps to 120 and if it runs on 120fps its the best ipad
LyricalMajesty (14 days ago)
Paid $690CAD for my iPad Pro 9.7 about 3 months ago and now the A10 in the new $450 iPad is making me depressed about my A9X...
AZAUTOMAN Az native (16 days ago)
'its pretty dope" pleeeeease!
Neel Mistry (17 days ago)
Pls make for students with apps
William Ramage (18 days ago)
Remember when Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone and he didn't want a stylus?!
cast390 (21 days ago)
That was a great review
Khánh empty (21 days ago)
Watching this video on iPad Pro 😍😍😍 best iPad I have ever used
Extreme nine (21 days ago)
Hey hi actually i am plannkng to buy a ipad pro 12.9 version but recenyly i am hearing some rumour that there is going to be a new version of ipad pro sokn ... is it true
British_Boy9X (22 days ago)
I have this and the 12.9”, thanks for the review - helped me decide!!
CRZ 1021 (23 days ago)
I guess I don’t get why people get tablets. What does this do, that you’re phone can’t? If you’re only getting it for the big screen, just buy an Apple TV or a fire tv stick.
Riyal Kumar (23 days ago)
Pure 4k Goodness
Ala Ben (23 days ago)
It s great to dream😔😢
DONGGUN JO (24 days ago)
such a good video
Joel Almemdarez (25 days ago)
Where Going To China
SrSinDioses (25 days ago)
Pro but you can’t create folders
Angry TechAddict (25 days ago)
I don't get why nobody is talking about the lack of mouse support on iPads. It is so frustrating to use your iPad with a keyboard and then still have to touch the damn thing every time you want to open, close or switch something. I can't be the only one being annoyed about this... 😡😡😡
MrSkypony (26 days ago)
How much did you pay
Enrique Guzman (26 days ago)
Awesome review. Love your channel
Asad Abdullah (26 days ago)
Props to Apple
Felijah felijah 10 (27 days ago)
It's worth it my grandmother had one
Clydel James Benedicto (27 days ago)
Alex Ehli (27 days ago)
What is that photo editing app that you use?
Marco Alvarado (28 days ago)
What photo editing app is that
Dylan Power (28 days ago)
My birthday is 1 May. I am getting a silver 512gb iPad Pro 10.5. I can wait
Moesat Pwint (28 days ago)
Rizwan Haq (30 days ago)
I wonder how this oh "it's so responsive" will hold up 3 years down the line..... Especially after knowing now that apple deliberately slows down their former devices, no matter how powerful their hardware is.....
Junior Shepherd (1 month ago)
That wallpaper is epic. Where can I get it for my iPad pro?
Thành Đạt Trịnh (1 month ago)
This stuff is great but very unaffordable. I'm still happy with my iPad Air 2.
Melissa Bouffard (1 month ago)
It has quick charging with a 29W charger.
Sadnehs (1 month ago)
Why didn't you record in 60Hz
AK Gamer 321 (1 month ago)
Subscribe to me!
Marie-Rose Bruskiewicz (1 month ago)
What is the photo editing software of the runner in this video?
Berke Tütüncüler (1 month ago)
This or Samsung Galaxy Tab S3? Which one is better?
Rifky H Pirdaus (1 month ago)
Did whatsapp can be installed on ipad?
COLIDE KILLERS (1 month ago)
Ipad 1017 is great great at speed has more features than mini4 AND COMPLETELY COMPETITIVE WITH IPAD PRO
Gopro Vlogs (1 month ago)
Once my iPad (iPad Air) got so hot that it came up with a notification and then it shut off and would not turn on for a while but it did have a case on it and I was using in a kind of hot car.
Im’a Potato (1 month ago)
Ipad air ftw
This is amazing
Phoenix_ Is_A_Taco (1 month ago)
Nobody makes a tablet like apple
nickgreu4ever (1 month ago)
your voice is so soothing.....
Pyramid Head (1 month ago)
If it's not an iPad it's pretty much dead doubt that my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is great does everything I need it to plus free S-Pen vs having to buy it for the iPad Pro. Sure you can argue that the apps work better or whatever you want to argue but you don't have the one key thing that I require in a tablet that being control over how my homescreen looks and customization options that no iOS device has or will ever have. For anyone who wants to state that iPad is best I have this to say remember if you can that best is reletive and that's a fact you're just going to have to get used to.
Pyramid Head (1 month ago)
Destiny Waits Best is reletive.
Destiny Waits (1 month ago)
Pyramid Head the Ipad Pro is the best tablet specs wise ignoring devices like the surface book, which is huge and not exactly a laptop. Battery on Ipad Pro is also meant to be great, 120hz is great, colors are beautiful, and it can also multitask.
The Globalist (1 month ago)
I love this guy! He doesn't talk like the homies we have in Detroit. He has restored my faith in black people.
Crazy Myanmar (1 month ago)
1.45. Guys , whats the name of the app?
Cc Bb (1 month ago)
A whole layer of butter. LOL
Xy Mia vlogs (1 month ago)
I have to decide it by monday and its thursday i need to choose it and have nothing else or do something else
Emily Someone (1 month ago)
-watching this on the same iPad-
Habib Misbah (1 month ago)
If Apple ipade mini 2 is still on the market. I will be thankful when I tell you how much it costs
Sebas (1 month ago)
You can quickcharge, you just need te buy a 60$ powerbrick with a cable (lightning to usb-c)
Chu Chu Eat (1 month ago)
When Mkbhd just talks about the quad speakers I just put my iPad Pro 10.5 more louder
friedcelebrities (1 month ago)
Which photo editing app is called PHOTO was used by mkbhd in this ipad?
whoosh air (1 month ago)
which i pad would be good to buy in 2018?
King TJ (1 month ago)
right now im watching this on my iPad Pro
Tech Alloy (1 month ago)
plz review the tab s3
Saif Fahim (1 month ago)
No way :
*Secretly watching on iPad Pro 10.5*
tuxipops (1 month ago)
nice intro, not so long and tacky, and refreshing way to ease into the actual video
Minouche Rousseau (1 month ago)
Beela Hafeez (1 month ago)
I want one 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
The FlickZoom (1 month ago)
*what’s a computer?*
RJS films (1 month ago)
I am using I pad mini 4
Varun 7 (2 months ago)
This is my favorite tech gadget of 2017
KEM-APSU (2 months ago)
What storage should I get? I don't take pics or lots of videos...
The Joker (2 months ago)
First time seeing Marques completely satisfied with a piece of tech
The Joker (2 months ago)
Holly crap this is actually 10/10 amazing and it costs a lot less than I thought it would
The Joker (1 month ago)
AK Gamer 321 Kill yourself no!
AK Gamer 321 (1 month ago)
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Maksymilian Tomaszewski (2 months ago)
iPads are the best tablets ever and very good video
The camera is great for taking photos to add to a note. No one has time to take a photo on an iPhone then send it over to the iPad. That’s what I use the iPad camera for anyway 🙂
srinivas ranjan (2 months ago)
S3 tab is better as per user experience
Shubham Choudhary (2 months ago)
srinivas ranjan S3 is extinct!
Edward Bishop (2 months ago)
Best tablet in the world
John The Gamer (2 months ago)
you did't talk about TrueTone
ARMAGEDDON (2 months ago)
I'm going to be ordering one today with an apple pencil. Can't wait, hype!
Brandon Caleb (2 months ago)
2018 iPad wishlist: 12.9” and 10.5” Bezel-less displays More accurate Face ID Fast charging w/ 29-watt USB-C charger included in the box More battery (10% more mAh), 12-13 hour battery life A12X ??? Chip (more power efficient) iPhone X camera w/ improved Portrait Mode & Portrait Lighting Front Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting (more accurate) Animoji Thicker design (i don’t care about thinnovation) Stainless steel sides Stronger front glass (I don’t want glass backs, that’s stupid) Prices: $699 for 128GB (10.5”) $799 for 128GB (10.5”) + cellular $849 for 512GB (10.5”) $949 for 512GB (10.5”) + cellular +$150 for all prices for 12.9” model IP67 water and dust resistance Louder speakers Stacked logic board
Dylan Taylor (2 months ago)
I’m watching this on my 10.5 great tablet the 120hz refresh rate is beautiful
Ihtisham Khalid (2 months ago)
Can we watch 3D movie on iPad at 120Hz with active shutter glasses?
Harry Leahey (2 months ago)
I’m really liking that blue wallpaper, anyone know where to get it ?
Tino Petersson (2 months ago)
Then the next model comes out, and this iPad magically becomes VERY slow.
OG Big Worm (2 months ago)
anyone know the name of that race car game?
Denise Ceja (2 months ago)
I have the iPod pro it’s pink and it’s and I’m the first one to get it
RJM (2 months ago)
Don't now if somebody is still here but I'm in doubt between the 10,5 and 12,9 I want to use it mainly for Netflix, YouTube and a bit of gaming
Facchetti Ali (2 months ago)
RJM 12.9 then if that's what you're using it for.
Adil Alkanzy (2 months ago)
Basically it’s the best tablet in the market period.
Jack Inglis (2 months ago)
I just gotta say - I thought tablets (especially iPads) were worthless and gimmicky... up until a few months back when I got issued an iPad pro 10.5 for medical school. IT IS SO FRICKIN COOL. It has the processing power for really robust anatomy apps, makes PDF markup a dream, functions as a decent scanner, and WOULD fully replace my computer other than the fact that I often need the two screens for lecture. As a former iPad skeptic, don't let the stupid commercials turn you away, this thing is for sure worth the price tag!
Perplexed Sage (2 months ago)
Is it just me or does everyone think Apple's prices for products is just too damn high... Hence, the case for the Apple pencil is almost 1/3 of the price... Usually this wouldn't be a big deal but considering it's only a case for the pen. It's so expensive...
TCPUDPATM PORTS (2 months ago)
Thank you for explaining the 120Hz experience. Most people just don’t even talk about important changes like that.
srinu Gurram (2 months ago)
Good one bro
marc rendon (2 months ago)
If i buy now, what can i expect after 2 years of use?? What do you think
Acroze (23 days ago)
Shawn Xu the one with no home buttons that’s gonna cost $1000
g4meboy13 (27 days ago)
marc rendon I love it still I rarely turn on my PC for alot of things (obviously some things I still need my computer but it's a nice in between device)
Shawn Xu (2 months ago)
marc rendon don’t buy it right now. New iPad Pro is coming out this spring
Apple Girl (2 months ago)
I want an iPad Pro !
Mike Jeshurun (2 months ago)
Great review! Marques is de best! He knows his tech . . . .
Anand Sunku (2 months ago)
What's the car game that you played
Pepe (2 months ago)
My mini 2 is starting to show its age....
Daan de Wilde (2 months ago)
Lol all these apple fanboys drooling in the comments ... love watching sheep

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