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TOP 5 Most beautiful smartphones

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Hello friend's here is the top 5 most beautiful smartphones.All smartphone have good very good look and stunning design build quality and unique design and better performance and good battery backup. all the Sorted by the Specs of the Phone. These Phone has Great Physical Appearance, Build Quality, Longer Battery Life, Awesome Camera,etc.All smartphone work very well. i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe my channel Share, Support, Subscribe!!! check this video also:- TOP 5 Most popular smartphones in 2016 Globally:-https://goo.gl/GzEPGf Top 5 most stunning smartphones ever:-https://goo.gl/T4Kn2w TOP 5 New Upcoming smartphones in 2017:-https://goo.gl/QMsxjR TOP 5 best New Amazing smartphones:-https://goo.gl/RS09yo Upcoming Amazing Nokia smartphone :-https://goo.gl/sogHGB Top 5 best smartphone with 6 GB Ram :-https://goo.gl/UkmQe1 The Smartphone Pc :-https://goo.gl/a9f4ol Top 5 best smartphone with 4 GB ram under 15000 :-https://goo.gl/FA5GjW Top 5 best budget smartphones:-https://goo.gl/xksg08 Top 5 best smartphone under 30000:-https://goo.gl/P5oEwt Top 5 best smartphone under 20000 :-https://goo.gl/vBOvL7 Top 5 best smartphone under 15000 :-https://goo.gl/5xYgbV Top 5 best smartphone under 10000:-https://goo.gl/YjtgQv Top 5 best smartphone under 7000:-https://goo.gl/p3XW02 Top 3 best 4G/LTE smartphone under 5500:-https://goo.gl/iIxuP4 Subscribe :- http://bit.ly/2e1ZOkE Facebook:- http://bit.ly/2dXOzoV google plus:-https://plus.google.com/u/1/111669875983746769268
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Text Comments (537)
Santosh Rai (1 day ago)
Galaxy note 8
ABESHKLIN R. D (2 days ago)
Where is honor 9 lite
Lord Vader (3 days ago)
*Im looking for a Phone with 5000mAh Battery with Wireless Charging* *Please Suggest*
Nita Gaikwad Life (5 days ago)
One plus 6 infinity edition pata nahi bata raheho x ke bare mei
Ahmad Bilal (6 days ago)
kia ye Pakistan mai available he
Kyaw kyaw Naing (14 days ago)
How much is S9
Grey-cCc- Wolf (14 days ago)
Old Phon best S6 Edge S7 Samsung do not you esy game
kim lean hew (16 days ago)
Nova 2I leh
L Yura (16 days ago)
All of made in china
Rizz Thailand (17 days ago)
i like sony xperia
Unique TechChip (26 days ago)
Kwansik Kim (27 days ago)
Hmm, these are mostly lookalikes IMHO.
baneen87 (30 days ago)
great looking phones
Mohammad Zaid (1 month ago)
Bette iPhone falcon hhhh
soumya ranjan Biswal (1 month ago)
I suggested every body to buy Nubia N1 absolutely stunning performed in price range and a best camera with no hang also challenge to one plus
Vijay Maurya (1 month ago)
Ramen Dvrma (1 month ago)
There's nothing like the samsung... .. I don't care of all this.... Useless
123 Allen (1 month ago)
only oneplus is beautiful
Ali Sakti (1 month ago)
Motification N' Specitasiun!
Amitava Majumder (1 month ago)
I don't no aanything guys.I prefer lg also to be a good gaaming mobile.I hope
S S YADAV (1 month ago)
hii friends
DIMITAR MERACHEV (1 month ago)
every phone is copy of the iphone
miska1983 (1 month ago)
Is it just me or is anyone else feeling like all the phones are the same s... with different colors, button placement, camera and same old rectangle shape? In these videos those phones look amazing but when you get one in your hands it's the same thing you had a 7 years ago. I understand the hype about the cameras but I'm not into those.
Antônio Carlos Rosa (1 month ago)
Maze Alpha X. ?
Krzysztof Kaj (1 month ago)
I like any phone 's ,i won't bulder nostromo telefon .meyby sam body tell .praise dazynmeter.monster.whot Cain
Arch Angel (2 months ago)
1:44 Whats the song? im hearing somethin like "i see the corner"
Said Choukir (2 months ago)
Pierce Montgomery (2 months ago)
indian people more like
Joaquinn Fernandéz (2 months ago)
Iphone is Better.
Damian P (2 months ago)
Element 3D ?
Allan Mpofu (2 months ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $5416real money from this amazing website>>>>freepplmoney.win/?cUhmKB Try once.
Ayhan Dindar (2 months ago)
Yash Nathwani (3 months ago)
Soji Thomas (3 months ago)
where is s7 edge and mi mix 2
Mac Koda (3 months ago)
Sponsored by China .......😒
I just have a LG and a apple iPad 😂😂😂😂
TARAN KHATTRA (3 months ago)
Demag hill gye mnu lgada ehda china made sare dikha dithy s8 s8+ s7 koi ni dekhayea fudu banda
Cosmic Pulse (3 months ago)
Very slow moving top 5.
Nadia Ghulam (3 months ago)
For me mi note 4 ,the best smartphone ever
John Bulmer (3 months ago)
Each to there own tastes of style.
TheBrother (3 months ago)
no huawei honor 9 2k18
Cosmin Chiriac (3 months ago)
Bullshit! Damn useless Chinese phones! I will never ever ever buy a Chinese phone again.
RobertsDigital LAX (3 months ago)
monetizing idiot.......all you are doing is showing advertisement
JohnLloyd2 Lajallab2 (3 months ago)
Razer phone is the most expensive phone
Fani Papadopoulou (3 months ago)
Awful!!! Forever apple!!!
Tita Romero (3 months ago)
John Hodge (3 months ago)
Have you also notice that each of these phones wont work all that well in the US. Most are not even CDMA compatible. Some on this list you wont even get signals in most rural areas etc.
Rathi Ramachandran (2 months ago)
John Hodge 0apppapas8ng
Hamza Fareed (3 months ago)
Dude these phones are really good but.......Samsung is samsung
backspace4093 (3 months ago)
Garbage phones .
Badatya Manjeet (3 months ago)
You have made a video for cheapest and beautiful phones.
Ali Zeen (3 months ago)
Fuck you man where is Samsung s8?
RAZVY BLUNK (3 months ago)
Wtf dude? Where is s7?
Vladimir-DX DX (3 months ago)
Dear friend! I have a dream to have a simple smartphone or tablet. I'm a group II invalid. I had a severe head injury. I got under the train. In Ukraine, a very low standard of living. I have a disability pension of $ 48 per month and there is no way to fulfill my dream. Please, dear friend, give me an old smartphone or tablet. Maybe someone has an old, unwanted laptop. You can even have screen defects or a bad battery. The laptop can be with a bad HDD or a bad battery. I hope that at least someone will respond. My e-mail address angliya@ukrpost.ua My address Volodymyr Koval P.O. Box 6888, Lviv, 79058, Ukraine
ab cd (3 months ago)
Where’s the iPhone? Jesús it could be a shit but it’s pretty
Slow_Mo (3 months ago)
Does anyone know the song @ 05:05?
kinga I. (4 months ago)
I have a question : what`s a brand of the phone which you put on the main photo on the page started this film. I mean this a black one with red strap around it on the side of cell phone and same red one around the cam eye. Can you write me the name of the brand and the series number. Thank you much !
Qu TONY (4 months ago)
nubia? LoL kidding me..
L (4 months ago)
I am a proud nubia z11 mini user
maccyver beast (4 months ago)
no i-phone
Rafat Kinvadanti (4 months ago)
no xiaomi redmi note 4 ?
AmnessiaHazee (4 months ago)
ehm wher is the iPhone ? :D
arthi arthigeethanjal (4 months ago)
nokia 1 how much price it is smart phone?????
THE BEST BOY (4 months ago)
And Huawei y 6 pro no?
Q belleza de xiaomi
Kitty love (4 months ago)
htc desire Android
Stanciu Alex (4 months ago)
Allview X3 Soul Pro is the best.
ANG productions (4 months ago)
The best company is NOKIA ,all these fucking companies are nothing on front of NOKIA
HISPEEDLEVEL (4 months ago)
all this garbage with glass back
Punjabi music (4 months ago)
it looks like vivo v5
Lars-Douglas Hedberg (4 months ago)
Where is Mi max 2?
Hv Hv (4 months ago)
السلام عليكم
Raven Fantasy (4 months ago)
Have you heard of sony?
Akash Malik (4 months ago)
MI 3000
August De Guia (4 months ago)
'could have been "a bang for my buck" considering its technical and aesthetic features, if not for the "touch screen -turned-touch move" function that can't hardly finish one complete task like a simple text message. Only 10% of the screen area respond to touch actions. Well,,,,,,,,it's been almost a year ;though, and in fairness, I find It bearable. What is not is the 3.5k the Service Center is charging while still under warranty.
Haze (4 months ago)
nubia z11 has foking 6gb ram and snapdragon 820 rip oppo
Maaz Baltee Production (4 months ago)
Dawid Szamreta (4 months ago)
Thank you for not showing this shitty iphone, it's ugly as fuck.
just______ memes (4 months ago)
Nubia z11 copied from huawei
SeboPl (4 months ago)
Ever neer bu xd
this video is a lie
Mohammad Fuad Bin Thian (4 months ago)
Where ia Honor 8.. dont u know how gorgeous it is..
Roy S (4 months ago)
Adding Mi not 2 which same as Samsung edge in thus list is ridiculous
Marci (4 months ago)
In Huawei ad why isn't sound?
Amer Shabana (4 months ago)
and then no sound thnaks !
Kőrösi Lőrinc (4 months ago)
honor 9, sony xperia xz premium
Imam Zarkasyi (5 months ago)
the most"china"beautiful" hp
cedric dellafaille (5 months ago)
Leeco le 2? le 3?
nathan wong (5 months ago)
Note 5?
N D (5 months ago)
rang saur
Eda Kid to watchYT (5 months ago)
Thiago Tochetto (5 months ago)
EU. tEno. un 你。 我难题凑。
Szalaiabi (5 months ago)
I have OnePlus x
double Nickel six (5 months ago)
What's the matter no galaxy s8
Rupesh Chaudhary (5 months ago)
One of the beautiful smart phone is J5 prime
АСОХА (5 months ago)
oneplus 5 i think the most beautiful phone xd
Serbian Phoenix (5 months ago)
Roma Bhattacharya (5 months ago)
Serbian Phoenix
Awesome Dude (5 months ago)
No apple phones
Dj _Priest (5 months ago)
S8 is the best Handy of the World
Subaru RallyTeamFr/FAN (5 months ago)
No Meizu pro 7?
うほうほほ (5 months ago)
Sony Xi HTC Apple...

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