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Top 10 Craziest Moments in Tennis History (Part 1) | TOP TV

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TOP TV | Top 10 Craziest Moments in Tennis History (Part 1) WATCH MORE: - Football Referees • Best Funny Moments ⚽ | TOP TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnxicKZc7L4 - Top 20 Craziest Moments in Football History: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKhN18Wagf4&t=25s - Best NBA "RARE" Moves 🏀 NBA Craziest "GOD MODE" Moments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7ckTcqyLWs - Top 20 Craziest Moments in Tennis History (Part 2) Novak Djokovic & Roger Federer Funniest Moments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-_obuvrj_w - Top 20 Craziest Moments in Tennis History - Part 3 (Hitting The Opponent): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBIfowEPAa0 - Best Music Mix 2017 - Best Shuffle Dance Music 2017 - Best Bounce Party Mix Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQPpr5_xOMU&t=1356s - TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN? One hour everyday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfbzYVMlEcE Subscríbe ►https://goo.gl/MAqeZR More Videos ► https://goo.gl/7r9EwR Welcome to the "TOP TV" Channel, where you can watch, enjoy and entertain with the most exciting videos of the world by our edited. Bienvenido a el canal de "TOP TV", aqui puedes ver, disfrutar y entretener los videos mas emocionantes del mundo por nuestros editados.

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Text Comments (497)
TOP TV (2 months ago)
WATCH MORE: Football Referees • Best Funny Moments ⚽ | TOP TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnxicKZc7L4
Mariusz Kornacki (18 days ago)
TOP TV nnjbghc
Mrunal Ahire (22 days ago)
Where the fuck it's the thumbnail girl motherfucker???
H aluragjg Hong (23 days ago)
TOP TV viernes
Son of Pathan (3 hours ago)
From son of pathan
KayHo Music (4 hours ago)
Clickbate :(
Rare Other (8 hours ago)
Yr dumb, suck off with yr clickbait
Michelle Oliveira (16 hours ago)
#8 pretty sure that was a bug
John Castle (1 day ago)
Who clicked for the thumbnail?
rebas04 (2 days ago)
And again the pic has nothing to do with the video
White Fang (6 days ago)
Perfect comeback from Steffi, does make me wonder though. Is it more creepy when it was to Steffi or Nadal or neither?
Tomika Stretton (6 days ago)
I think Venus was louder idk 🤔
Alishba Khan (7 days ago)
6:03 Okay.. Okay that's exactly I sound like, when I'm playing tennis or even badminton. And my brother laughs at me. That's cruel.
Joseph Ferraro (8 days ago)
Adrian P (8 days ago)
1:41 Johan Konta was either looking for her balls...ahem or making sure she had shaved properly that morning
happy24 (8 days ago)
I didn't get the no.5 and the no.3 😕
SK sahid (8 days ago)
Ooh my god .....at no.2 she needs a tight hug..and lots of love
White Hammer (9 days ago)
2:02 she's making sure her vagina is still attached
automaticchic (10 days ago)
Sharapova fucking annoys me with her moaning
2007zodiac (11 days ago)
Just pause at 5.44 and thank me later!!!!
Sanaz Hunter (11 days ago)
1:49 a flying insect
Trent Logston (12 days ago)
Worst nightmare 😂
taimur tarik (12 days ago)
the background music where can i found this. can anyone tell plz.
Uma Pathi (13 days ago)
number 1 is shouting competition.😱
Eddie Henriquez51 (13 days ago)
So click bait
wiseman 1965 (13 days ago)
Tennis audiences would laugh at shit
Marjo (13 days ago)
08 was looking for that bee flying around her😂😂
Parwinder Dhaliwal (14 days ago)
Kian Chong (15 days ago)
2:00 a bug
mahraz artist (15 days ago)
هذو حيوانات
Swagata Mukhopadhyay (16 days ago)
4.47 what happened?
Jai Pal (16 days ago)
How much money 💰 do you have?😜😜
Silent Refusal (16 days ago)
God! Steffi's reply was pure gold. And when you listener say it
INFO SATU (16 days ago)
Hehe menghibur gan, jangan lupa mampir ke chanel q gan, paket udah nempel lengkap
SerlokovSin (17 days ago)
4:01 MRS habahahahhahahahag
瘋中文曲 (17 days ago)
第5個是發生什麼事 有大大能幫我解釋或翻譯嗎
muhammad ali (18 days ago)
what happened to refree
Moose Di Pirates (18 days ago)
Williams and sarapova's match look like a scene from DBZ
Shivani Narendran (18 days ago)
Steffi savage af!!!!😂😂
Hemsha Mal (18 days ago)
Being Jeelu (19 days ago)
Safavis are viruses (20 days ago)
The last one just like dogs! Those women exaggerat!
Kevin Spee (20 days ago)
5:35 Well who wouldnt look at her like that? She could be a miss Universe!
Adrien Blaze Green (20 days ago)
Sharapova vs William wtf:-D
Santhosh Kumar GS (20 days ago)
8 Is best
orgia with sharapova and serena jeje
Darryl Donnelly (21 days ago)
5.05 when your manager ask you to do overtime with 2mins left of your shift
Christian Onoh (21 days ago)
Click bait
clementine fans (21 days ago)
Money can find if u have a jobs. But Loyalty is hard to find
Banqkai Qai (21 days ago)
Fuck this youtuber..all clickbait...suckmommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Jesus is Lord amen (21 days ago)
No 6 was a gold digger
Manuel Majlat (21 days ago)
4:04 mrs, who understand it? :)
haashik ph (22 days ago)
Marcus Engstrom (22 days ago)
Yep tennis is still boring
Con Joe (22 days ago)
The commentary when the ref gets hit in the face is fucking hilarious😂
VISHNU VS (22 days ago)
10.Bow bow bow ....
Calendar Logic? (22 days ago)
the girl in top 2 was fucking weird
Lekna Rewtee (22 days ago)
Anjana Bong (23 days ago)
Fuck off
Gian de Bruin (23 days ago)
Roger Federer🇨🇭
Ayan Khan (23 days ago)
How much money do u have? 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Sapoj Gahatraj (23 days ago)
Hey whats the name of the gul She is adorable man
BORN FOR DESTROY (23 days ago)
What is in 5:35
classic kool (23 days ago)
@ 5:50 - A couple of shrieking vaginas smacking around a fuzzy little ball... how entertaining....😎
Freaky Facts (23 days ago)
Girls at number 2 is very cute
kethan gatty (23 days ago)
3.19 gold-digger Alert
Никуя не сообразил
Pushyamitra Gurethia (23 days ago)
Chetd from odr clip.
cyko raider (23 days ago)
Anom nous (24 days ago)
6.27 girl fucking girl
David Alvarenga S. (24 days ago)
Que malos subtitulos
TOP TV (24 days ago)
- Most Craziest Kisses in Sports: https://youtu.be/rAE0Ge2_hAU
Nirdosh Yadav (24 days ago)
Andre & Steffi were best!!!!!
Harish Rathor (24 days ago)
How much money do u have hehhehehhehehe
Carla Bates (24 days ago)
Jose Lokesh (24 days ago)
Federer imitates agassi and nadal smiles for that reply. Oh my god love ittt😘😍😍
Pavel First (24 days ago)
Шараповой бы порно озвучивать
Dubby Plays (24 days ago)
1:39 i don't understand
Dubby Plays (24 days ago)
What was the 8?
Dima Windasari (24 days ago)
Badminton, please
Sandro Cedeno (24 days ago)
Yeah Canada 🍁
lewis murray (24 days ago)
All this needed is the video of the kid running into the wall while retrieving the ball
Wide Awake (25 days ago)
The worst nightmare?? He got hit by a tennis ball, I’m guessing theirs far worse nightmares one could have!
Paul Esteban Soledispa (25 days ago)
Be careful with the clickbait MOTHERFUCKER
rongermanjr (25 days ago)
clickbait thumbnail... lame... that’s how much your videos suck (and you know it), when you have to falsely advertise to lure pl in to watch, cos they wouldn’t otherwise waste their time on your dumb shit
TIRVAX (25 days ago)
clickbait !
Chicken block (25 days ago)
I just fell in love with tennes because of this video lol
王成宇 (25 days ago)
how much money do you have?
Loony Linn (25 days ago)
I don’t like the background music
Evans Bezil (25 days ago)
Cut it with the stupid clickbait look 4 another way to make people watch your videos
Ryan De sense (25 days ago)
will you marry me!!! how long do you have!!!
Crown Commando (25 days ago)
Number 10 sounds like a porno
Yyone (25 days ago)
Such a cancer channel, where we can see the women and the guys in the first photo? Anywhere lol
Nalin Patil (25 days ago)
What happened at 5:20
Savita Bhabhi (25 days ago)
Williams sister are trans.
Arathor82 (25 days ago)
Still a lame sport.
Tony Chen (25 days ago)
Give the elder 1st class seat or give the rich young bitch a parachute. That is it.
Marcos Oliveira (26 days ago)
Sharapova grita demais...
Greg Manukjan (26 days ago)
Agassi is from Armenia
Couch Guy Yn (26 days ago)
Click bait. What a surprise.
Malika Ayari (26 days ago)
puta click
Greg Reyes (26 days ago)
How big is your p.....?
jacy phoenix (26 days ago)
johanna has a god given pair of legs <3

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