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Samsung Galaxy Note9: Official Introduction- leaked, specs, Price and Release Date, bezel less, 4K

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Samsung Galaxy Note9 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch has been a phenomenal success for Samsung and it has also proved that the consumers still have great trust in them even after what happened with Note 7. Now the success of the Note 8 has inspired us to imagine what would the next generation Note the Galaxy Note 9 would look like ,and we this concept according to our imagination and the direction in which the smartphone market is evolving. The most important design improvement we put on the Galaxy Note 9 concept is the screen to body ratio which has now increased to 95% while we also added the In display fingerprint scanner which is expected to be the next big thing in smartphone evolution. Apart from these we also expect to see the retina scanner coupled with face recognition while on this concept we have retained the rear high accuracy fingerprint scanner for more secure app while the in-display fingerprint scanner would be only for unlocking the device. As far as the specifications are concerned our Galaxy Note 9 concept has 6.5inch AMOLED display ,4/6GB of RAM, and will be powered by Snapdragon 845chipset . The camera department will feature 12+12MP primary camera with Samsung's own ISOCELL dual sensor which is expected to deliver brighter and sharper images and faster focus than its competitors while the front camera is expected to 8MP itself which will be accompanied by a retina scanner 3D face recognition sensors. The body construction will done with metal and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 while the whole device will be water and dust proof with IP68 certification. For more videos : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnXQ2TKNG3FPV-iUoLXH1IQ?sub_confirmation=1 Main Concept : https://goo.gl/WwKqmA

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Text Comments (9)
Kamalakrsna Devi (29 days ago)
Koto taka diitey hobey !?!?
James Phipan (5 months ago)
I dont like note 8 So im wating note 9
TUHIN SANI (6 months ago)
এর দাম কত হবে????
T-Cloud (6 months ago)
maybe $900-1000
TUHIN SANI (6 months ago)
এটি কবে থেকে বিক্রি শুরু হয়েছে? ????
T-Cloud (6 months ago)
It's announced May-July 2018
TUHIN SANI (6 months ago)
এর কী দুটো fingerprint? ???
T-Cloud (6 months ago)
single fingerprint for Galaxy Note9
Karim Sumar (8 months ago)
Good heavens a 6.5" would be huge. I think the max limit of 6.3" should not be exceeded. Samsung needs to innovate on other aspects like Stereo Speakers, IR Blaster return, Rear Screen, FingerPrint on the FRONT, etc

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