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PUBG MOBILE on Android - Disastrous or Revolutionary?

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Review of PUBG MOBILE on Android - PUBG is an incredible ambitious game in terms of graphics and gameplay, so with the transition to mobile, we're going to answer - Does it Suck? Download PUBG MOBILE for free: http://bit.ly/mwhb_pubgmobile Follow PUBG MOBILE for updates and news! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PUBGMOBILE YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/PUBGMOBILE Twitter: https://twitter.com/PUBGMOBILE Discord: http://bit.ly/PUBGDiscord Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBGMOBILE/" 😄 Subscribe (IT'S FREE) 😄 : https://goo.gl/pLg6fE It would make my day if you could also follow me on: 🌈 Instagram: https://goo.gl/OUqBBa 🐦 Twitter: https://goo.gl/EFhwqL 😊 Facebook: https://goo.gl/Aluzl1 Help support the channel when shopping on Amazon: Amazon US: https://goo.gl/3yS2aP Amazon UK: https://goo.gl/gvrsGZ Thanks to Tencent Games for Sponsoring this video. This has not influenced any opinions or facts stated in the video. My Filming Gear: https://goo.gl/5HKrBp

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Text Comments (1716)
Tsm IHypez (54 minutes ago)
I play it on iphone 5se
Asaf Gungoren (6 hours ago)
was i the only one that won it three times in a row on single the first time i played it? seemed so easy....now its harder
Shadow Ranger (7 hours ago)
ShadowRangrXRC add me in pubg
Bozata BG (7 hours ago)
when is it going to be supported for Lenovo Vibe C2
NIko Plays10 (8 hours ago)
Austin Evans should made this video, does it suck
QeXDee (15 hours ago)
i won on my first game lmao
Seylesh Vlogs (18 hours ago)
I won my first game.😅😅😅
Dairis Skopins (22 hours ago)
I wish to use a controller but they not support
Muby mubarak (1 day ago)
Does it S U C C
cod vids and more (1 day ago)
frl the ppl who gonna win. are ppl with a. iphone x. galaxy. s9 or s8 even. and. razer phone. whoever has 1 9f those. is ez wins. I. win on an s5 that lags and crashes the game. but. with. a new 1. I can't even imagine. how good ull b. compared to the competition
Tinje Rohlin (1 day ago)
I won my first 2 games. It was pretty lucky to be honest:)
00000BOB00000 Hajj (1 day ago)
Won my second game, lost my first because of lag(car stuck in tree out of zone)
I Want COOKIES (1 day ago)
What phone did u use in the video?
Jone Cuntapay (2 days ago)
it cannot be download to huawei y6ii.
Mikel Tioseco (2 days ago)
Just got a Rules of survival ad in this video
Aniket Chahande (3 days ago)
One word ....Bots.
ClashWith SKULL (3 days ago)
LoL like upto lvl 18-19 U mostly get bots in pubg those r not real player there sthpid bots who u can kill with ur eyes closed
4:25 in my country that is called *COMMUNISM*
sai Teja (5 days ago)
Survival royale is the best version and the oldest one , pubg is new and awkward version of it
Bruce Wang (5 days ago)
you can customize every single button to suit your own style
Michael Filippi (5 days ago)
Of course it dosn't suck, its the best game on google play. Its a lot better then the anime battle royal (ROS) in my opinion. Its not some dumb ugandan knuckles battle royal.
AliZocktHD (6 days ago)
i have a g5 too
boobbob 00 (6 days ago)
Ive Been hearing alot lately about this and fortnite. Thinking about trying this tho after seeing this video. Looks real immersive. Which is better?? This seems more realistic and fair, but have also been hearing nothing but fortnite lately. Idk lol.
Raymond Lee (9 days ago)
My name is dghhk
Raymond Lee (9 days ago)
I got 7 kills in a game and won that game
The Clasher (10 days ago)
I won at my first try lol
noob (11 days ago)
PUBG mobile is full of bots lmao
is it exynos or snapdragon ?
Ferry Ansony (12 days ago)
It sucks. Awkward and ugly
NAZ ALI (13 days ago)
Ultra HD on my s7
Alex clark (13 days ago)
My Moto g4 runs it well
Bruh you gotta make friends and consistently play with them
Add me on PUBG mobile Kerpunk
Juan Zuniga (14 days ago)
It sucks
steve natsume (14 days ago)
it is revolutionary but it quickly became disastrous for mobile users because PC players using emulator flooding in.
Kucik Kucik (14 days ago)
When it will global release on playstore?
The tulón (14 days ago)
The game needs optimization and, that's really much lol
Remix gold (15 days ago)
Yes it suck there are too many fucking bot
Xx Sly Gaming xX (15 days ago)
It dosent suck bro
Abhiraj (15 days ago)
my phone cant run it properly :( when is your next give-away !!
Roc Poc (15 days ago)
I won my first game playing
Hritik Ghatge (16 days ago)
It took me around 2 days to get used to the control.....after that it was awesome and very enjoyable.
Sohan Amin (16 days ago)
Who else have reached platinum tier✋🖐️🖐️
bio serk (16 days ago)
hes bad iv won every game iv played which is about 100 and i have an average of 15 kills a game
ANDROIDKILLER 2.0 (17 days ago)
give me youre username to play whit you
The_LG_V20_User (17 days ago)
PUBG Mobile sucks, I can't wait til Fortnite comes to Android
Josh S5 (17 days ago)
Beef dinner
Josh S5 (17 days ago)
Revolutionary. It's a great mobile game.
Ditrix Genesis (18 days ago)
For those who haven't started playing, definitely look at the tutorial and controls. And I know it's a pain to look at, but the gyroscope helps so much
Lion IphoneGamer (18 days ago)
I have an iPhone 6s it runs fine and *Smooth*
Ralph J (18 days ago)
damn that background music shocked me because that's what my school would play when it's time for class.
Drexter Charles (19 days ago)
3:43 u have bad teammates never go with random players in squads and expect them to be good or helpful ur just playing urself if u think that i never have that issue
HARSH (19 days ago)
what up buddy
kai yin (19 days ago)
Am I too young to play dis game? I’m 12
Mr Wolf (19 days ago)
You are too late
TheoV YT (19 days ago)
Missing features my dude.
Flameways 777 (19 days ago)
You can change the control if it feels awkward
Forsaken Fenix (19 days ago)
You can move ui I too would shot by mistake too but I moved the shot button up. And as for the light sensor, you just have to remember to turn it off before playing
KRAZE (19 days ago)
Does it succ
Kaleb Hancock (20 days ago)
How do you get 1st person
Gamer_Boiii 77 (20 days ago)
Playing PUBG or fort nite on an iPad is amazing! Like if u agree!
Harsh Rai (20 days ago)
I m addicted to this game even my eyes are paying for playing too long
Ash Ketchum' (20 days ago)
Just a tip to new players: Go to settings and set Gyroscope to Always On. This allows you to look around/aim by moving your phone around, and it's subtle enough not to be buggy but sensitive enough to give you very precise shots. Before using it I was having trouble in matches. With it on, making it to top ten is almost guaranteed. If you've ever wondered how someone killed you with a headshot from afar, they probably have their gyroscope enabled. Trust me, it makes all the difference. I've noticed a lot of people complaining about aim mechanics have it disabled, and they're missing out on a super cool feature! Note: only some phones have gyroscopes, but most midrange phones have them these days. Also note: I'm fairly sure most of the player base knows this stuff already, but quite a few new people are joining and hopefully someone who needs to know will see this. :D
1955s (20 days ago)
anyone add me im 1955s and honestly im a pro
TECHNO BUFF (21 days ago)
Its simply revolutionary
Andrew philip (21 days ago)
Can you save progress of the game through GOOGLE PLAY GAMES, from what I heard you need to have facebook in order to play this game and save your progress. Thank you in advance for who so ever can answer my question.
Austin Henry (21 days ago)
I hope u realize ur youtube name is wrong grammatically....
Android 7.0?
Amon The Great (21 days ago)
The reason it works so great is becous it wasn't made by bluehole.
Amon The Great (21 days ago)
I use an Nvidia shield k1 with claw and wone my first 9 games sooo....
jose pena (21 days ago)
I hade 14 kills and won my first game
TheGamerJohn (21 days ago)
Who else got a PUBG ad before watching the video?
luis arndell (21 days ago)
I play it on my note 4
sky people (22 days ago)
U need mate 10 pro
Peeter Tsanev (22 days ago)
My phone cant run it
Hugo Landeira (22 days ago)
I play this game on a Moto G4 Play, and it doesn't run as smooth as yours. I need help.
Atanu Biswas (22 days ago)
Is galaxy s9 plus run this game in 60fps..?
Kanishk Bhatnagar (22 days ago)
You didn't mention 30 fps lock
BAKASUR gAming (22 days ago)
Be a regular gamer then comment about controls you are noob
SID GAMER (22 days ago)
I won on my first try
The Pocket Gamer (22 days ago)
But ros sucks tho
What's my name? (22 days ago)
Lol the title xD, PUBG mobile on android xD, it's made for mobile why put android smh xD
TARS (10 days ago)
Because it's made for IOS too, maybe he wanted to show the more diverse range of android phones playing it specifically.
archie biss (22 days ago)
I love pubg on mobile.
7EPro (22 days ago)
Step 1: Get PC Step 2: Download BlueStacks Step 3: Download PUBG Mobile Step 4: Dominate with mouse and keyboard
Henit Mehta (22 days ago)
This game works so smooth on s9.. n it lags so much on s7.. cant wait to upgrade to upcoming note 9
Hazmat bunny (22 days ago)
Never play ros the graphics are so bad
Ong Mathias (22 days ago)
The first battleground game I played is free fire, I got bored on it after playing for a few days as the map weren't as big and it's hard to aim and kill someone, you could empty your magazine on someone but that guy is still shooting you, and it's extremely easy to avoid enemies thus it's less exciting when you are travelling around alone
DemonicMooseGD (22 days ago)
Guys you wanna play together? If u want add me my pubg nick is DemonicMoose
DaClatso (23 days ago)
My Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 handles it quite well....
Dabby boi (23 days ago)
Yes It sucks
NM V (23 days ago)
I have an iPhone 5s (the last device which can handle this game) and to my surprise it runs astonishingly well and the graphics look stunning
NM V (19 days ago)
Ayy Lmao haha lmao
Ayy Lmao (19 days ago)
NM V thanks to its 64bit processor. I remember when it was one of the only smartphones with 64bit processor and it ran all games smooth back in 2013. Games like asphalt 8 was considered best looking games back then lmao.
Bro ,can you say what kind of mobile theme you use .
ZenTunE (23 days ago)
You can change the controls..
MK. (23 days ago)
It is sort of crossplatform dude PC using Android emulators.
hello Lads (23 days ago)
Atleast it's better than rules of shit
Arghadeep Pal (23 days ago)
It has bots And you can win your first game
Mr Anonymous1113 (23 days ago)
Been playing for close to 2 weeks & I find it boring. Some games I make it all the way to the last 5 ppl b4 I get killed & don't run across anyone.
Born Cynic (24 days ago)
Awesome game but it's a pure frustration to control the numerous on screen buttons and it makes me crave for a mouse and a keyboard. Long live good old CS 1.6 days!
DissTrackReaction (24 days ago)
My s6 with a exynos 7420 and 3GB of ram runs it pretty good but the highest I can go is medium framerate and balanced graphics and my phone becomes pretty warm when you finish a game
Anuj Kumar (24 days ago)
Good game or not, you absolutely nailed the review.

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