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How to Build a Gaming PC (2017)

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My 2017 gaming PC build guide - step by step on how to build a gaming computer! How to build the Photon 3.0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQvDbXsWmGw Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (5632)
Austin Evans (5 months ago)
If you guys missed it, I dropped the full video on the parts/performance of this build yesterday ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQvDbXsWmGw
Crew Crafters (1 day ago)
Austin Evans I Have a Quick Question Any Monitor Can Be Connected To The PC?.. Or is there a specific Monitor to be used. Thank You
Raven DoTA 2 (2 days ago)
Austin Evans Steve Nash has glasses?
wedum boise (2 days ago)
Austin Evans so i bought everything u said and it added up to 700$ not 500 and not only that it doesnt even run anything. I got windows 10 for it and it runs like shit. Hope u get aids u piece of shit.
Matthew McClellan (6 days ago)
Where do I get it ar
TapZ X (10 days ago)
Austin Evans I
kinguinpenguin (1 hour ago)
and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go and you're good to go
BLAKE PENWELL (6 hours ago)
It took me 3 days and multiple 3 hr trips to build my gaming pc
junior Lifenya (9 hours ago)
What about the cooler i dont understand why theres often a cooler involved
TheCanadianRocket (1 day ago)
I need a checklist for pic builds I just tried building one and forgot the case lmao
Jaeden Rothrock (1 day ago)
Someone tell me how many times he said “pretty straight forward”
Leon Vuković (1 day ago)
Can i use the gigabyte b250-d34 mATX motherboard?
Puncake Mang (1 day ago)
cool but how expensive tho?
johan g verdi (1 day ago)
Hey austin,can you do a tutorial how to build a high end gaming pc
junior Lifenya (1 day ago)
Where is the PSU?
junior Lifenya (1 day ago)
nevermind, got it
Adolf Hitler (1 day ago)
why the GTX 1050 Ti SC is for 324$ is so expensive man for all of that will be more than 700 dollars
Crew Crafters (1 day ago)
Have a quick question any monitor can be connected to the pc or is there a specific monitor to use. Thank You
LUKA (2 days ago)
U helped me a lot to make my first pc make more vids like this👍
Charlie Flood (2 days ago)
I just ordered parts for a new gaming pc and I was just wondering that if I transferred my old hard drives to the new computer would the OS be transferred over? Or would I have to install another copy of windows and boot it off a usb drive.
Madara Uchiha (2 days ago)
What and how much is that PC case? Thanks
Mike (2 days ago)
What screwdriver is he using?
clixles (2 days ago)
straight forward this is easy its straight forward you have to plug this into this and this is straight forward
mezre (2 days ago)
Do you aboslutely need a CPU Cooler and thermal paste when you build a pc ? (I am planning on getting a i5-7500 and a 1050 )
UrgottaBKidding Me (2 days ago)
Wait is ure channel a meme ure literally saying bullshit myths every 5 seconds i mean i love you and your videos but come on do a little bit of research <3
Charles Woolfork Jr. (3 days ago)
Do the screws and things come with some things or do you have to buy them seperately?
gameplays n emulator (3 days ago)
Amazing video bro
Enes Baskut (3 days ago)
can u build a 3000$-3500$ gaming pc that can run gta 5 at 4k resolution?
Haken Panoma (3 days ago)
Didn't breadboard.
Tepidbore Rock (4 days ago)
What was your budget for this gaming pc?
Jokernaut (4 days ago)
Bitwit explains it a lot better
Sonia Mahajan (4 days ago)
PS4 is best
TheDeviceWolf79 (4 days ago)
Where is the How to Build a Gaming PC 2018 Edition?
DontKnow DontCare (4 days ago)
Bought a large table just to make a gaming pc
Robbie Walters (4 days ago)
I know not many people will help but, I need some help on my PC. I connect it to my monitor mouse keyboard etc. the PC starts fine. Fans are working but it just won’t display onto my monitor. I’m using an HDMI cable to connect it to my pc can somebody help me plz? Thanks
Alex Farrell (5 days ago)
Lego for adults 😂
DragonNomak (5 days ago)
i build PC's for a living i,m fairly new i mean from 3 months now and everytime i get to the part where i have to plug the Connectors i get terrified
EStarstruck (5 days ago)
"That sounded way more violent than it was." Always does when putting a computer together. If it sounds like you're breaking it, you're probably doing it right. (Sometimes.) Also when I encountered a case with easily removable PCI covers, I was genuinely surprised. I'm so used to pushing them out like a savage.
lx gmr (5 days ago)
Take a shot every time he says “basically.”
Toxic Spectrums (5 days ago)
How much was the whole thing?
I'm Envy (6 days ago)
I built the exact same computer and nothing turns on besides the blue Power light. PLEASE HELP ME!
CykelPotatis (6 days ago)
Can you download MacBooks operation system on a gaming pc?!!
ilikegirl (6 days ago)
Thanks a bunch! Helped me a lot.
LightningTE (6 days ago)
are u able to remove the wires from the motherboard without damaging it? Maybe to disconnect it so you can do cable management?
Yuri Plisetsky ツ (6 days ago)
I still have a pc with windows 91 in my basement. I occasionally open it, to see if it has dust.
TheChief052 (6 days ago)
If I want to upgrade my cpu later on will I need to buy a new fan for it or can I use the old one
Elliott Black (8 days ago)
How Much Did That All Cost??????
ilikegirl (8 days ago)
give me quick run down on the motherboard fam
THEJESTER (8 days ago)
Lizard (7 days ago)
It's called being informational, watch me for example, it's too* not "to" you idiot!
Greyson Kerksieck (8 days ago)
By the way, make sure you remove the correct slot covers, otherwise you might take out tthe wrong ones that your graphics card needs
Raj lonewolf (8 days ago)
Overall how much it cost ?
Instructions unclear. Error message 702: dick got stuck in gpu
Zack Rincon (9 days ago)
Yeah, but can it run Crysis?
Eitvidas Šemežys (9 days ago)
So all you need to do is allyou need to do and then all you need to do when doing all what you need to do.
Juan Grajed (9 days ago)
for all those hateful comments fuck all of you the hell you think coming up in here and talk shit about Austin Evans like seriously he is just there to help you if you need help so if it did int help you MOVE TO THE NEXT VIDEO STOP SPENDING YOUR TIME WRITING SHITTY COMMENTS
Solivagant Ivan (9 days ago)
The whole thing is, at no delivery or state taxes, $711.20.With amazon's 6.001% tax, its at $753.90. This build is now a forth(1/4) more expensive than it was at the time the video was made.
Lyle Mayes (10 days ago)
Sooo where do i put all my wires and everything
SuperMineMatteo (10 days ago)
WHYY??? WHY PEOPLE ASSOCIATE A PENTIUM WITH A 1050 TI!?!?!?!?!?! there is a giant bottleneck in a lot of games! you can make the machine more powerful with an i5!
Theodore Ferro (10 days ago)
How do I know if my graphics card is cheap enough to not plug in the cord to it?
bryan776 (10 days ago)
Does it have wifi?
do u know a really good cool looking white gaming case
But only prop is that it has a box type look I guess it's fine
Wahu The Wahu (10 days ago)
NZXT S340 White
Fahd Fahd (11 days ago)
Halo. What meaning Memory Sluts and PCI Sluts? We no have in my country. Also, why you say "this guy is not going anywhere"? Which guy please? Thanking you
Electric V (11 days ago)
gaming pc, uses a intel petnium
LightningTE (12 days ago)
If u reset the pc you have built, maybe to sell it, will it remove the drivers? Because it would be easy for people who have bought my pc would not have to install the drivers but just plug it in and play
What to do after I’ve done building? What do I do in BIOS or can I just skip it?
Blast (12 days ago)
My PSU didnt included me the molex adapter, my case included 3 fans with 3 pin female😧
Andrew (12 days ago)
I accidentally smeared some of the thermal paste on the cooler. Is this fine? Should I apply new thermal paste to it? Or just leave it.
Jibby 974 (12 days ago)
Can it run fortnite
Dustin Baker (12 days ago)
When connecting wires to the motherboard does the order of connection matter? As in which things you connect to it first?
TheNotKoolKat (12 days ago)
What is that case
Killer Badger (12 days ago)
Can u add multiple memory cards
trigger happy (13 days ago)
Is it cheaper to buy the computer or build it
DANKED BOI (13 days ago)
If you pay attention, you see that this dude watch is a processor..
Boredomkid13 (13 days ago)
Do I need to connect to a monitor for the fa s in my PC to run I just want to know if my PC works I don't have a monitor yet but my PC is done, I turn it on and nothing happens
David Yanguez (14 days ago)
I NEED HELP!! I am certain that I have built the pc correctly but when I plug my hdmi cord from my monitor to my pc it just says no signal? Please help
That Guy (1 hour ago)
The same thing happened to me and I plugged the hdmi cord into the graphics card
S 100K (5 days ago)
David Yanguez conect it to the graphics card not to the case
RushZone (14 days ago)
I find this absolutely fascinating!!! It's totally mind boggling to think about the fact that someone came up with/found out how to make all these parts work and how to make them... DAMN SO COOL!!!!!
CarJab (14 days ago)
Does the power supply require a separate plug for an outlet?
Galaxy Gamer (14 days ago)
ive watched this 10 times!
MrAzteckgamer (14 days ago)
How much would it cost to build a pc powerful enough to play Falllout anthology and like gta v
yellowdoesgaming (14 days ago)
Take a shot everytime he says "Its pretty straight forward"
Klippy (15 days ago)
Is it just me or is Austin pretty buff now
Lengu (15 days ago)
I build one in 2018 :0
Caden Parsons (15 days ago)
If you insert two graphics cards into your computer, do you need a second motherboard?
Caden Parsons (15 days ago)
Dumbass question, but is the disc drive what you eject and insert discs into and if so, does it go into one of the drive slots in the case? Im 13 so im stupid.
Arnav Patri (15 days ago)
I guess this is outdated...
VT Brenton (15 days ago)
you should how to install Windows or Linux because maybe some people don't know how.
CharadeWeAre (15 days ago)
Manbear pig (15 days ago)
Gt1630 wtf does all this mean im new to PC I don't know wtf to get.
TheHumanCurse (16 days ago)
Hey Austin what parts did you use please write them in the description
Jimmy Moody (16 days ago)
Now I regret buying my pre-built HP PC :(
Axis (16 days ago)
Can you do a full cable management tutorial?
Jordan 3D (16 days ago)
after i made this i used that one thing that kill the pc
Reverz (16 days ago)
I like bananas.
linkzellda (16 days ago)
What's the best motherboard for a Thermaltake Versa N21 mid-tower that allow me to do gaming and video editing?
Hans Mayr (16 days ago)
I thought your suppose to download the drivers after windows?
Nicholas Kimbrough (16 days ago)
I called that number
Mino Xo (16 days ago)
Y the fuck would 1000 ppl dislike it
incentive (16 days ago)
instructions unclear got dick stuck in cooling fan
Sloth Mc (17 days ago)
Is it just me or his voice inflection is hard to listen to? It's like everything he says is a question
Is it always as simple as that or it depends on the parts ??
MoneyShot34 (17 days ago)
What do I do with the little sticky out metal bits on the IO shield?
Alex Pentchev (17 days ago)
Do I have to use Ethernet to connect to the Wi-Fi
anushka nayana (17 days ago)
Hai Ai want gaming pc but I have no many because to much gaming pc in srilanka
Dazedd (17 days ago)
Logic? 👀👀
YoutuberWannabe (17 days ago)
Hey guys this is Austin
Daniel Elson (17 days ago)
Doesn't matter if it's intel or amd cpu because the amd will set on fire in a few days

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