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How to Build a Gaming PC (2017)

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My 2017 gaming PC build guide - step by step on how to build a gaming computer! How to build the Photon 3.0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQvDbXsWmGw Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Austin Evans (11 months ago)
If you guys missed it, I dropped the full video on the parts/performance of this build yesterday ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQvDbXsWmGw
Pets & Stuff (1 month ago)
Austin Evans sooooooooooo.............my budget is $200 and I only want to play Fortnite. Can I just somehow use a USB to connect to my laptop and use the keyboard and mouse?
Matthew Phillips (3 months ago)
Austin Evans with how many PCs you get/make I feel that a giveaway would be a really cool idea!
Lars Clerbout (3 months ago)
You used a pentium for a gaming pc why o why
Coconutt Box (3 months ago)
Austin Evans oooo
Cole Johnson (4 months ago)
Austin Evans f
GAMER KORAY (1 day ago)
Austin, a 1050 ti will bottleneck that pentium
gtx 1060 gamer (2 days ago)
nice video thanks for teaching me
Ajay Alcos (3 days ago)
This feels strangely like cooking...
Mustafa Moizahmed2017 (4 days ago)
how much cost
Turin Turambar (8 days ago)
Does anyone have a good reading and video list for what I should learn about computers before building one? I want to get into this seriously and be a competent PC builder.
MojangYang YAN0014 (9 days ago)
The hardest part is finding the right parts that are 100% compatible with each other, not putting them together. Like if you agree.
leMikix (11 days ago)
good to go blahblah
Sir Octopus (12 days ago)
umm, where's the gold arrow he talks about, I legit cannot find it
Digusting Tuber (12 days ago)
How much is expense for building this
JakeGames (13 days ago)
how much did all of that cost
R Rodrigo (13 days ago)
Thank you No annoying music in the background like some of these dudes play !!!! Annoying stressful horrifying
leMikix (14 days ago)
stupid nerd
Kyle Carr (16 days ago)
nitsuA si siht ,syug yeH
Vergel A. Gameng (17 days ago)
Sir can i put my extra sata cable inside my cpu case? because i have 2 sata cables and only one sata cable is used for my Hard Drive i don't have any optical drives, SSD, Internal Card Readers plss.. Answer my question:)
JakePaulSucks 100 (17 days ago)
What is the budget of this Gaming PC, I’m going around $900 - $1,000. Please answer.
Emmanuel Kandavalli (22 days ago)
with all the parts how much did this cost you?
Mine_Zone (22 days ago)
$500 That was a year ago though.
Trenton Nash (28 days ago)
I was already like awww helll nooo after i saw intel pentium for a gaming computer.
AFTERTHEBLOCK (27 days ago)
Trenton Nash anything above pentium g4560 is good
Tech Toolbarsa (28 days ago)
Ganesh jha (30 days ago)
wow man...u made it real easy
Uncle Grandpa (30 days ago)
Hi sir why you didn't put a Thermal Paste? does it really matter?
Uncle Grandpa (27 days ago)
oh okay :D thank you.
AFTERTHEBLOCK (27 days ago)
kakoy111 motit111 it comes with the stock cooler
Kyle (1 month ago)
I wanna get into PC gaming this upcoming summer. I wanted to just build one but then it seems too complicated for me right now. Lmao so I'm just going to get a prebuilt one until I'm more into it. Can anyone recommend some? Budget is 1k
GD Colin (1 month ago)
His watch is on backwards
AFTERTHEBLOCK (22 days ago)
so how?
GD Colin (22 days ago)
AFTERTHEBLOCK on the other side
AFTERTHEBLOCK (24 days ago)
GD Colin well how do you wear it?
GD Colin (24 days ago)
AFTERTHEBLOCK yes I do, I have one myself
AFTERTHEBLOCK (24 days ago)
GD Colin do you know how to wear a watch
Chaoticmikey407 Gaming (1 month ago)
How much did all of these parts in total cost?
Feardae N79 (1 month ago)
You suck lol
ArkaSEN (1 month ago)
Why pc cases are had a pci-e covers,can you guys explain me please?
God Gaming (1 month ago)
where do you get sponsored my dude????
Mund y (1 month ago)
michael mesfn (1 month ago)
Doesnt the pentium cpu bottleneck the 1050ti
AFTERTHEBLOCK (27 days ago)
michael mesfn no
DFuison (1 month ago)
Lol the ssd costs more than the processor
Sayek Rahman Khan Khan (1 month ago)
If my house has carpets in every room, how can I manage to build my computer without worring about the static electricity? What can i do
darksonic 592 & Bendy (1 month ago)
muham morpi (1 month ago)
Idk anything about building a gaming cpu. I have an ancient windows xp (idk what model is mine). It is soooo old. Idk can i just use some shit in there and add something, u know. Idk what to do lol
Aidan Moore (1 month ago)
I just love this video!
ThavThavGaming (1 month ago)
i think my brain is dead
Ali S. (1 month ago)
Hey guys, this is Aaaustiiiinnn
Ivan Salvatore (1 month ago)
"Hey guys " SOOO GAY
Gaurav Foujdar (1 month ago)
He make it seem it too easy to be true
Gaurav Foujdar (1 month ago)
Too fast-paced and less detail
xxkiller tiger (1 month ago)
Used your exact build... Everything is hooked up how you said step by step. Its on and all the fans are running but no video is appearing on my moniter. Plz help Austin!
matt leiss (1 month ago)
Can’t find the motherboard, any substitutes you recommend?
Charlie Taylor (1 month ago)
jelly ness (1 month ago)
He is the best
Kor do (1 month ago)
I bulided my first pc😊
Supreme Bee (1 month ago)
Im 15...help
James Haywood (1 day ago)
Supreme Bee I built his Boson PC (by myself) when I was 11. You can figure it out.
Supreme Bee (1 month ago)
Charlie Taylor aye thank you
Charlie Taylor (1 month ago)
You will turn 16 in under a year... you're welcome!
Great Gon (1 month ago)
ooo me likie, so much info
KAJINGA VJJ (1 month ago)
The camera guy looks like a stalker
BoxyBoy (1 month ago)
Pentium.... why
AFTERTHEBLOCK (1 month ago)
BoxyBoy pentium g4560 and up are actually pretty decent
CRAZY_ BOT (1 month ago)
I'm just building a new computer and your video really helps me thanks a lot
dan McClaren (2 months ago)
You have good shoulder muscle genetics. You should consider working out
I Baron (2 months ago)
how much is this computer
Can this computer you built run Fortnite?
Charlie Taylor (1 month ago)
Not without legs.
Chubnubbs (2 months ago)
Thanks I just got the money to buy a gaming pc and this really helped
Cen Vlogs (2 months ago)
If you realize Austin you put the IO SHIELD the oppossite way!!! BUT GREAT VIDEO!!!It really helped me out!
alex the modder (2 months ago)
Whats the case?
Zombiewizard (2 months ago)
I just built my pc and it isn't sending any signal to the monitor can someone help?
Logan Harper (2 months ago)
*How to assemble a gaming PC*
Beefy Tingle (2 months ago)
Can someone recommend me a goood power supply?
W3aK P0inT (2 months ago)
Vary helpful
nikshep bangera (2 months ago)
how much does the finished pc cost
Castorm 2140 (2 months ago)
sometimes i cant tell if its a click or a crash.
Wong Jess (2 months ago)
Kickassman 4 (2 months ago)
Honestly It is so satisfying knowing that you created something yourself - For Example - I am currently Building my own PC - But sadly I lack the money to do so : However There is a few things that are intense to create a computer - But the best part of creating a computer is that you won't have to worry about buying parts for a long while - Until they come out with new ones and it is a skill you will learn and its something Immensely Useful - Hopefully I can use this information to improve my Computer build
Radu Rusie (2 months ago)
Pentium ???
Hussein Shamoosi (2 months ago)
I saw camera man
xXWFLXx (2 months ago)
Does the pci- e need to b plugged in? Or is that for the graphics card. Pls help
Trivictus (2 months ago)
Is this a tutorial for any case and any parts
Richard Head (2 months ago)
Fairly crooked backwards.
RENCRAY_HD (2 months ago)
you funny i like u XD
The Hunter (2 months ago)
Everything Fit Fine.
H3R0D4CTY1 (2 months ago)
Can you play fortnite on this
Jovany Martinez (2 months ago)
what screwdriver is he using can someone send me the link to hos screwdriver
xXMatt PlayzXx (2 months ago)
He wears he apple watch backwards no joke
EggWhiteSoup (2 months ago)
Is that Wes from “Nailed It”?
Mamta Shukla (2 months ago)
Pentium for gaming in 2017?
AFTERTHEBLOCK (1 month ago)
Mamta Shukla yes
andrei strateanu (2 months ago)
Hey Austin I am building my first computer I am not sure what I’m doing wrong I put all the parts together but I am not getting any picture display what am I doing wrong?? Please help
Klajdi Milan (2 months ago)
But can it run Crysis?
Spider (3 months ago)
I need a gaming pc so is this a good one?
Mute Bolter (3 months ago)
where can I get all this stuff
Ricky Krahn (3 months ago)
What kind of settings would this play Total War games at?
Rayhan Etwaree (3 months ago)
Count how many times he says straight forward (no hate)
nj sherpa (3 months ago)
i lost u right after the unboxing
T1G3R (3 months ago)
I’m going to build a pc for the first time has anyone got any tips for me so I don’t fuck up😂?
SilverHelmet (3 months ago)
1-555-HEY-GUYS 1-555-439-4897
Yato Kun (3 months ago)
General Esdeath (3 months ago)
Did he installed rams?
Spicy Chicken (3 months ago)
What were the specs?
DiddyLox (3 months ago)
Are any other kids watching this with me?
DiddyLox (3 months ago)
Corame I am 11 XD
Corame (3 months ago)
DiddyLox yeah I'm 12
akash's world (3 months ago)
I have a better plan go to amazon type PC press enter buy the one you like😂😂😂😂
Bulging Battery (3 months ago)
Doug Cannon (3 months ago)
*Bitwit* "Do not hold onto the CPU cooler when placing the motherboard inside the case. That's a bad habit." *Austin* PLACES THE MOTHERBOARD INTO THE CASE BY HOLDING ONTO THE CPU COOLER
Chipwood (3 months ago)
Get The stand off's is The Right locatioooooooonnnnssssssss...
T R A P D E M O N (3 months ago)
How do U install windows?
Don't fear me (3 months ago)
T R A P D E M O N with a usb with windows on it
DiddyLox (3 months ago)
Just install mac
Spicy Chicken (3 months ago)
I'm not paying attention. I was reading the comments
* LexDoesGaming * (3 months ago)
Wait so 'intel core i7' would be the processor in this case?
HuskyPlayzGames (3 months ago)
Ive been wanting one of these but im a 13 years old and theres not much ways to earn money i wish i could get a job
Confused Heavy (1 month ago)
HuskyPlayzGames im 13 too and i just finished my Build
DiddyLox (3 months ago)
HuskyPlayzGames I am 11 and I am a dood earning money from chores
Scout786 (3 months ago)
NEEEEEEEERD!!! I’m kidding I am one aswell this was really interesting
Arshad Lateef (3 months ago)
Does that work
Arshad Lateef (3 months ago)
You are talented
Sobers (3 months ago)
I’m build my first PC. Any tips or things I should change? CPU: AMD - Ryzen 5 GPU: GTX 1060 6GB MOBO: MSI - B350 Tomahawk RAM: 16GB Power Supply: Sea Sonic -520W Case: NZXT - S340 5 Fans SSD AND HDD
nugget (3 months ago)
can you put the link to the sites where you bought the parts

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