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How to Build a Gaming PC (2017)

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My 2017 gaming PC build guide - step by step on how to build a gaming computer! How to build the Photon 3.0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQvDbXsWmGw Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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Text Comments (6033)
Austin Evans (7 months ago)
If you guys missed it, I dropped the full video on the parts/performance of this build yesterday ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQvDbXsWmGw
Matthew Phillips (7 days ago)
Austin Evans with how many PCs you get/make I feel that a giveaway would be a really cool idea!
Lars Clerbout (16 days ago)
You used a pentium for a gaming pc why o why
Coconutt Box (23 days ago)
Austin Evans oooo
Cole Johnson (1 month ago)
Austin Evans f
Marwan Zakaria (1 month ago)
It helped me so much!! Thnks Austin!!!!
nj sherpa (1 day ago)
i lost u right after the unboxing
T1G3R (1 day ago)
I’m going to build a pc for the first time has anyone got any tips for me so I don’t fuck up😂?
SilverHelmet (2 days ago)
1-555-HEY-GUYS 1-555-439-4897
TRIHARD 7 (4 days ago)
General Esdeath (4 days ago)
Did he installed rams?
Spicy Chicken (4 days ago)
What were the specs?
DiddyLox (6 days ago)
Are any other kids watching this with me?
DiddyLox (2 days ago)
Corame I am 11 XD
Corame (2 days ago)
DiddyLox yeah I'm 12
akash uday (6 days ago)
I have a better plan go to amazon type PC press enter buy the one you like😂😂😂😂
Bulging Battery (6 days ago)
Doug Cannon (7 days ago)
*Bitwit* "Do not hold onto the CPU cooler when placing the motherboard inside the case. That's a bad habit." *Austin* PLACES THE MOTHERBOARD INTO THE CASE BY HOLDING ONTO THE CPU COOLER
Woaazh (7 days ago)
Get The stand off's is The Right locatioooooooonnnnssssssss...
T R A P D E M O N (7 days ago)
How do U install windows?
Don't fear me (20 hours ago)
T R A P D E M O N with a usb with windows on it
DiddyLox (6 days ago)
Just install mac
Spicy Chicken (8 days ago)
I'm not paying attention. I was reading the comments
Tom Coteman (8 days ago)
Austin im not joking i promise this is true i have watched this video 31 times its just so good i promise you im not joking
* LexDoesGaming * (9 days ago)
Wait so 'intel core i7' would be the processor in this case?
HuskyPlayzGames (9 days ago)
Ive been wanting one of these but im a 13 years old and theres not much ways to earn money i wish i could get a job
DiddyLox (6 days ago)
HuskyPlayzGames I am 11 and I am a dood earning money from chores
Scout786 (10 days ago)
NEEEEEEEERD!!! I’m kidding I am one aswell this was really interesting
Arshad Lateef (12 days ago)
Does that work
Arshad Lateef (12 days ago)
You are talented
dee (12 days ago)
I’m build my first PC. Any tips or things I should change? CPU: AMD - Ryzen 5 GPU: GTX 1060 6GB MOBO: MSI - B350 Tomahawk RAM: 16GB Power Supply: Sea Sonic -520W Case: NZXT - S340 5 Fans SSD AND HDD
nugget (13 days ago)
can you put the link to the sites where you bought the parts
Jeffy Paul (13 days ago)
Corame (2 days ago)
Jeffy Paul I think I know you. Are you friends with SML Reactions?
SPVCE WOLF (13 days ago)
Just going to buy all of these items and go from there seems easy enough to build with a guide like this
Luis Guzman (13 days ago)
Very informative *subscribed
Mike Korol (14 days ago)
Awesomecoollol (14 days ago)
How much does it all cost
MInecraftNinjaize (15 days ago)
very Nice
Ninja Kirby (15 days ago)
What is straight forward?
Kuyen Kaabi (15 days ago)
Does a good quality gaming PC need an Ethernet media converter?
Tela Chuunga (16 days ago)
where do you buy it
Starstruck (16 days ago)
1 step:Money lots of money
The Czech Jet (17 days ago)
Also i currently have a i3 toshiba laptop with around 4-6 gigs of ram how could i add more ram and replace my currently gpu with one more fitted for gaming because since this is a laptop i am completely inexperienced
The Czech Jet (17 days ago)
For arguments sake lets say i built an exact replica of this how could i and a hard drive along with the previously installed ssd? And what would i need?
Dan Dan (17 days ago)
Kuyen Kaabi (17 days ago)
Do standoffs come with the motherboard, case, or is it sold separately?
king brodan (17 days ago)
can i get a list of the components he used in this?
Noah Emmert (18 days ago)
Can you maybe lank me the Resecures? please
Kris Hughes (18 days ago)
When he pulled up that pentium I turned it off
Asar Suhail (19 days ago)
Mini Militia Killerz (21 days ago)
I am having same build just graphic card is amd radeon r5 230 is it worth playing gta 5 on it
Daniel (22 days ago)
ive seen this more then ten times, but the thumbnail keeps atracting me to watch it again.
thunder king gaming (22 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂🖥haahah thos
thunder king gaming (22 days ago)
iam a mc yiuuber i have a decent pc intel i3 4150 gtx 960 450w psu 8gbram i get like 100+fps in 1080p ultra
SuperNoob 333 (22 days ago)
Hey Austin, please show us beginners how to install Windows and the latest drivers
Craig Nowell (23 days ago)
Need help with a pc building question, can you help?
Bipin Singh (24 days ago)
How much this PC worth?
NikkoPH (24 days ago)
What makes the fps better? The graphics card or rgb ram
Marcus Casarez (27 days ago)
Can someone please help me get some ideas for a pc build I don't know nothing about building a pc but my max price for a build is $1000-1500 thank you so much guys it's just I don't personally know anyone who builds pc and was hoping the people from the internet can help me and thanks so much guys!!!
Magnus Rasmussen (25 days ago)
I could help you. What games do you plan on playing, on what resolution and settings? I could help you, jusk ask :-)
howtobebasic1 (1 month ago)
u know that its safe to touch the bottom of an lga cpu since theirs no pins its makes some sense to have the pins on the board instead of the cpu so yeah it will stilll work if u touch the bottom pads of a lga chip
Magnus Rasmussen (25 days ago)
But not too much, I think a lot of grease could harm the flow of current.
Banonda - Tech & Games (1 month ago)
Intel Pentium... ok.
Samantha Wiliam (1 month ago)
*installs intel stock cooler
Kyzre555 (1 month ago)
Funniest vid ever “let’s move the fan cable out of the way” again moves it 2 mm
Kyzre555 (1 month ago)
Haha just noticing next step we move our case out of the way (moved it 3 inches) I’m dead haha
Foreign M. (1 month ago)
What’s the difference between ssd and hard drive?
Magnus Rasmussen (25 days ago)
An SSD is composed of 3D FLASH VNAND and a memory controller, which basically functions like very slow ram, and a HDD is a package with a lot of spinning disc. One is mechanical and the other is not, so there's therefore a significant difference in latency, transfer speed and noise between the two.
MarisaSNIPAGE!!! (1 month ago)
what about installing the disc drive? isn't that important too?
MarisaSNIPAGE!!! (25 days ago)
can i still use the disc drive if i want to?
Magnus Rasmussen (25 days ago)
Not if you can download the drivers and windows via the net or a USB.
AlexGaming-HIV (1 month ago)
Magicnation/Magi (1 month ago)
Is it cheaper than a gaming pc from store?
Magnus Rasmussen (25 days ago)
Depends on which parts you choose, but because mining have havocked the GPU market, I think a prebuild PC would be cheaper most of the time.
AHMAD MANSOOR (1 month ago)
How much it costs
AHMAD MANSOOR (25 days ago)
Magnus Rasmussen sure?
Magnus Rasmussen (25 days ago)
Around 500-600 dollars.
Ty Rennie (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does something about this guy just make u mad.
Ivan Vitales (1 month ago)
i have a gaming pc
Magnus Rasmussen (25 days ago)
Me too.
Molly Larson (1 month ago)
Literally watching over and over because of how satisfying all of the clicks are.
n310ea (1 month ago)
When you install the operating system, does the license key get locked into the BIOS?
DZEyoyo123 (1 month ago)
No. That's only for factory pre-built systems like Hewlett Packard, Dell, Lenovo etc. that uses their own proprietary parts. When you buy a motherboard to build your own system, they don't know what OS you're going to run, the BIOS is already written.
Isaac Williams (1 month ago)
is it just me or does he look like that sloth from ice age ?
Mark Hausfeld (1 month ago)
I keep getting Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key If anyone can tell me what this means that'll be great
Gerome ESKETIT (1 month ago)
Does the IO shield come with the motherboard?
Egglord (1 month ago)
opposite cuoner
Dharren Playz Gamez (1 month ago)
I'd rather buy a pc rather then building one because this is too complicated and too much for me
Magnus Rasmussen (1 month ago)
It really isn't. You just need to ensure that everything is compatible, and assemble it correctly. For this you can use PcPartPicker.
Wood Ant (1 month ago)
I don't think you mean cross threading Austin, that wouldn't be good, just screw the board screws opposite and equal tightness😁great vid by the way
Skritzz_E (1 month ago)
I just realized he wore his watch upside down
J Valentine (1 month ago)
I am looking through amazon and having trouble finding the 450b power source Would a 500b work
Zombie Candy66 (1 month ago)
This is gonna sound stupid but can you take apart a PS4 or XBOX ONE and replace the graphics card? I know you can replace the hard drive.
Dat Boi (1 month ago)
*makes video on how to build a gaming pc* *picks up Intel Pentium*
BlackOpsLegend (22 days ago)
No Scope Plays And Vlogs *pulls out Celeron cpu*
James Reynolds (1 month ago)
Why not just build a PC?
Angelo (1 month ago)
Hol up
AHMED SM (1 month ago)
Is it that easy or is he good?
UltimateRobloxer (1 month ago)
Love it
Saurabh Tapkir (1 month ago)
your awesome
Saurabh Tapkir (1 month ago)
your awesome
Saurabh Tapkir (1 month ago)
hey Austin hi
Lumix Dubstep (1 month ago)
super helpful
Logan Xavier (1 month ago)
Dud thanks but it is a little confuseing
Insane :3 (1 month ago)
Wow thanks.... i found my harger watching this
BHawkZ (1 month ago)
can someone link me where can i get that screwdrive?
Dimitri blyat (1 month ago)
pentium... are you kidding me?
TECH DON (1 month ago)
Can u give me a pc
Waan (1 month ago)
the next one
MrWasp (1 month ago)
It Was Really Easy To Build. I Can Play Most Games At 60Fps.
SmashedWorm64 (1 month ago)
I had a hilarious ad, it was for like a tv series and it said: "Shortly after birth, a memory chip is installed to recall your every memory" Skips ad "Hey guys this is austin"
Young Vamp Official (1 month ago)
I don't like the way your talk. The way you extend and say the last word slower than all the other as if your explains something very interesting to us, but with every single got damn sentence!
Tomáš Grendel (1 month ago)
I mean that this cooler for CPU is too low for gaming pc.
Nope No (1 month ago)
You switch camera angles to much hard to focus on what your doing
Nice Guy (1 month ago)
Camera guy, my man!
Isak Lindén (1 month ago)
god eftermiiddag
Isak Lindén (1 month ago)
im watching this for school
KC Euna Kim Shin (1 month ago)
Is this vr ready
Eggpie_614 (1 month ago)
Yeah but on low end vr games like job simulator
Attackop (1 month ago)
Is ok that I’m let’s say young and actually understand this
sniperpanda 101 (1 month ago)
You forgot about the wifi adapter
Kamal Khllak (1 month ago)
will the b250 gaming m3 work with all of it or do i have to change something?
Rohit K (1 month ago)
How much does all of it cost
Magnus Rasmussen (1 month ago)
Probably around 550 dollars.

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