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10th Class Biology book 2,Mendel's Law of Inheritance -Biology Chapter 15 Inheritance

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In this online lecture, Sir Usama Qamar explains 10th class Biology Chapter 15 Inheritance. The topic being discussed is Topic 15.3 Mendel's Law of Inheritance. In this video following sub topics have been taught: -15.3.1 Mendel's Law of Segregation punjab text book board/Sindh text book board/KPK text book board 10th Class book 2 lecture is conducted in Urdu/hindi/English. This lecture for 10th class Biology chapter 15 is created for all students who want to prepare this topic in detail. For more videos of Usama Qamar visit https://www.ilmkidunya.com/study/10th-class-biology/inheritance.aspx If you have any questions about this lecture on 10th Class Biology ch 15, you can go to https://www.instutor.com/10th-class/biology/inheritance
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Text Comments (40)
Shahid Khan (2 months ago)
you are very expert
Hair Air (3 months ago)
Thanks aloooooooøoœöt sir
Abhiyanshu Agrahari (3 months ago)
Segregation mai height ka traits liya tha Mendel's sir nai
Abhiyanshu Agrahari (3 months ago)
Fake hai tumhara
Hamza Ali (3 months ago)
osm teaching
FASIUDDIN KHAN (3 months ago)
thanks sir
saquib siddique (3 months ago)
thanks sir....very nice explanation...
Roopak Chaudhary (3 months ago)
Ek dm bhadda lecture
Haroon Khursid (4 months ago)
Thank you sir
RK VEERACH (4 months ago)
Thankyou sir
Usama Khan (4 months ago)
Sir Is topic ki sahi samj nhi ayi
Tʜɘ FIGHTER (4 months ago)
plzzzz uplode chemistry videos
Nawaz Ali (4 months ago)
javeria noor (5 months ago)
thankxxxxxxxxxcxcxxxxxxxxxxxxx for this such a besssssssssst lecture
saniya Shweta (5 months ago)
vey nice sir
samina qasim (5 months ago)
sir he was not scientist. he was mathematician......
being human (4 months ago)
samina qasim later he turned into scientist idiot
hira shahzadi (5 months ago)
Nce job
hira shahzadi (5 months ago)
Thnks a lot sir I like ur videos plzzzz upload physics and chemistry lectures plzzzz I request uuuu
Mdmahtav Alam (5 months ago)
i really appreciate ur work
Mdmahtav Alam (5 months ago)
sir ur teaching style is awsm
Upendranath Pathak (5 months ago)
awesome teaching
Upendranath Pathak (5 months ago)
awesome teaching. your Urdu ki quite goog
Upendranath Pathak (5 months ago)
awesome teaching. your Urdu ki quite goog
Fahad Choudhary (5 months ago)
bhaot khuub...👍
Agent Fantom (6 months ago)
Very good one sir!!
Gurleen Kaur (6 months ago)
phhysic 10 class
Gurleen Kaur (6 months ago)
upload physic plzzzzz
sohail aslam (6 months ago)
tnx alot sir.. soo helpful and pls upload more vedio like that.
Mohd Khuwaib (6 months ago)
Thanks awesome
Akshita Soni (6 months ago)
Nice thanks for such vedio
Noor Hafsa (6 months ago)
Very helpful thanks alot..keep uploading the videos
Mohammad Waseem (5 months ago)
Thanks alot
Afsir Ali (6 months ago)
Noor Hafsa Hy
Suruchi Saini (6 months ago)
Kanhaiya Choudhary (7 months ago)
Thanks sir
sggsg hsbshs (7 months ago)
nice method
Ammar Tauqir (7 months ago)
Thank you....😊
Rameen Munawar (8 months ago)
thank u so much sir....
Fadu Khan (7 months ago)
Rameen Munawar wellcome

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